HnH: A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename

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  1. A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename
  3. By Codename D
  5. These are the oral traditions of the Codename family since coming to Haven. The legends contained herein are true.
  7. Chapter 1, The Crossing
  9. Long ago, long before anyone the memory of even the oldest people alive today, there was a land. The route to this land has been lost to history, though some say it still exists. This land was truly great, and its technology was unrivaled. The true name of this land has been lost, though some say it was called the Earth Republic, or Erepublic to its citizens. The land was so large and prosperous that it was divided into many territories called countries. Though they fought against one another on occasion, wars were bloodless, fought economically and through power games instead of through death. One of these territories was named Venezuela.
  11. The people of Venezuela were peaceful, but they faced constant threat of political takeover from the people of the rival territory of Croatia. Many Venezuelans fought against the Croatians, but one in particular was a priest named Padré “Codename” B. He was the head of the church of an obscure sect known as La Septimo Catedral de las Hojas y Amor Nacido, or 7CHAN. Its members were known as 7channers.
  13. They believed that the number seven was the most holy number, and the universe was structured around it. They believed that there were six gods in addition to the God of Abraham, who all fought for control of the mortal realm. The mortal realm was divided into seven Great Lands, each divided into seven smaller lands. The problem most people had with the religion was that not all of the sevens were known. It was known that the Great Land of Erepublic had its seven lands (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and the unsettled Antarctica) but no one knew the other six Great Lands, nor which of the many gods were of the seven real gods (though many suspected God King Dio Brando of Iraq was number two).
  15. Padré B preached to his flock about the dangers of the Croatian menace, becoming extremely popular among the people. His church became the largest in Venezuelia, and he even won a one term seat in the government. The Croatians insidiously snuck into the country one by one and put themselves into positions of power, trying to take the nation over from the inside. Indeed this is the origin of the phrase “GREETINGS FROM CROATIA!” It is said that these were the words that would be uttered by a Croatian spy when he revealed himself to betray the Venezuelans. The phrase alone would strike fear into the hearts of the bravest men.
  17. Though he was one of the many leaders of the resistance, Padré B grew tired of the strife and sought a simpler life. Many of his church had the same feeling, and began to leave Erepublic to seek new lands, where they could live quietly away from all of the political strife. This is how the land of Haven was discovered.
  19. One day a parishioner came to Padré B to tell him of Haven. This man’s name was Shake. Shake helped Padré B leave Venezuela and come to Haven, even going so far as to offer him a home to stay in once he arrived. It is likely that without Shake’s hospitality, the Codename family may have never taken root in Haven. Padré B worked to bring as many of the 7channers to Haven as he could, and soon Erepublic was abandoned by most 7channers.
  22. A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename
  24. By Codename D
  26. These are the oral traditions of the Codename family since coming to Haven. The legends contained herein are true.
  28. Chapter 2, Foray into a New World
  30. The Venezuelian refugees built a small encampment once they arrived in the land of Haven. This was where Padré B landed. The name of the camp was Nighogger’s Fortune, presumably after the man who discovered it, though the actual reason for the name was never recorded. It was built on the river near a farmer across the river and southeast of the great capital city of the Holy Roman Empire.
  32. Life was hard in the new world. All of the technology and infrastructure that allowed for the ease of life in Venezuela didn’t exist here. Haven was a wild, untamed land. The refugees needed hard workers, so Padré B decided that in order to help his people best, he would give up his career as a priest and instead try to do the works of the Gods by helping out his people more directly. He picked up and axe, and from that day on, Padré “Codename” B became simply Codename B.
  34. As more refugees arrived Nighogger’s Fortune grew; many small houses were set up. That is not to say things got easier however. The Venezuelans learned all about the dangerous wildlife that lived in Haven. Of particular threat were the wild, shoe-eating boars that roamed the countryside. When one broke into town, it maimed several villages before it was finally chased away. The farmer across the river wasn’t too friendly either, and because of a miscommunication, a fight broke out between him and the 7channers, while no one involved knew enough about combat do seriously harm one another, both camps were badly damaged, and the 7channers lost all of their chickens. The farmer’s name was Robin Hood. He was a Russian, the first of many that would be encountered by the Codename Clan. The band that was rapidly becoming the leaders of Nighogger including Shake and Codename B decided that it would be best to find a new place to set up a real town.
  36. Much exploring was done, and eventually Shake found an area to the east by a lake and surrounded with cliffs. It was a natural fortress. This place was voted to be the new residence of the Venezuelans. They named their new town after a combination of their old traditional religion and their new world, it was to be called Seventh Haven.
  42. A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename
  44. By Codename D
  46. These are the oral traditions of the Codename family since coming to Haven. The legends contained herein are true.
  48. Chapter 3, The Best of Times
  49. Thus began the great exodus of Nighogger. The 7channers gathered all of the goods that they could carry and left to build their new town. What was left at Nighogger was left to rot.
  51. The choice of permanent location allowed the refugees to begin building in earnest. In a day an area would go from virgin forest to a paved housing district. Though Codename B established lines within which the city was to be built, Seventh Haven was constantly expanding faster than the walls could be built, and eventually the project was given up. By raiding ruins for supplies, the 7channers got established much quicker than they would have on their own.
  53. There were many great men in that city. Among the most famous were Shake the Explorer, Codename B the Cartographer, Daniel Plainview the Baron, Satan the Farmer, Walton Simons the Scavenger, Crfernald the Destroyer, Deadlift the Warrior, Wilko the Bro, Chainsaw Expert, the Chainsaw Expert, Tobias the Faggot, ALWAYS the seamstress, Fappo the Faithful, and Overload the Guardian. Many were 7channers brought over by Codename B, and many were new converts who joined along the way. Things really took off when Seventh Haven was joined by a hermit known as Vladimir Putin the Hunter.
  55. Putin was able to gather the necessary supplies to build Seventh Haven’s Village Banner and official found the village. Daniel Plainview became the First Lawspeaker of Seventh Haven, and Codename B became Chieftain. The 7channers were convinced they found the second of the seven Great Lands, and were determined to make a peaceful life for themselves; so they explored, they built, and they learned.
  57. To the east was the town of Silent Hill, to the west was the Holy Roman Empire city of Deephold, to the south was the Russian city of Xytop, and to the north was the remains of the city of New Brodgar, claimed by the Holy Roman Empire. The people known as Russians were an interesting people, they were strong and hard workers. Their hard work however could be turned against their enemies just as easily as it could be used for expansion. They were so numerous that they had long expanded beyond one city. They were mostly divided and left one another alone. In fact, some estimated that Russians made up almost a third of the entire population of Haven.
  59. The 7channers learned of other major cities in the land, including the trading city of Constantinople, the distant settlers of World’s End, and the most powerful of all the cities in the world, Sodom. It was also learned that most of the people in this land worshiped a god named Jorbtar, and so they learned of the second of the seven gods. These were good times, but trouble was soon to darken the door of Seventh Haven.
  62. A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename
  64. By Codename D
  66. These are the oral traditions of the Codename family since coming to Haven. The legends contained herein are true.
  67. Chapter 4, The Worst of Times
  69. At its peak, Seventh Haven had as many as twenty people awake and active at the same time. The problem with having so many people in one city is that different opinions began to form, and as with any city large enough, fools began to emerge.
  71. The first crack was when Shake grew tired the number of people bustling around, and moved out to a hermitage on the lake shore. After that, a man named Blaze also voiced that he hated the number of young people, and took several followers with him to build the city of Seventh Edge to the west of Seventh Haven. Then came Tobias.
  73. Tobias is remembered even today for his deeds in Seventh Haven. First was his discovery of q25 water. He bragged about this discovery for the rest of his days. He is better known for greed however. While Tobias wanted to help out the town, he couldn’t help taking whatever he wanted from the village stores for himself, and not leaving it for more important uses. He famously stole all of the leather out of storage in order to make a full leather outfit for himself, rather than saving it for the walls or backpacks for more new villagers. Tobias even took the first bear skin that Seventh Haven obtained, and started drying it on his personal property. It was decided, Tobias had to go, and indeed he did. He was driven out of town, and his name sent to all the nearby villages telling of his crimes so that no one would take him. Eventually, he disappeared into the forest. Some say he died there, others say he changed his name and moved to World’s End, it is unknown.
  75. Walton Simons became the first 7channer to be murdered. He looted some metal tools from nearby ruins, and some traveling ranger tracked his scent and killed him in his sleep. His farm was taken over by Nanomachines.
  77. Satan built a massive farm, Putin went on hunting trips to bring food to town, but there were troubles. Seventh Haven had no mines. Back in those times metal was much more rare as modern techniques of finding it didn’t exist. In fact, it was determined that all of the mines within miles and miles were already taken by cities or claimed. No metal meant no metal tools, and that meant there was so much that the people could not construct. The lack of metal lead to many fights among the villagers, so the leaders of Seventh Haven decided to trade to obtain some. There came many rumors of great wealth from the north, but no one wanted to travel so far from home to find it.
  79. Putin made contact with a young Russian named Thundercat. He was a villager in a city to the far east called A.D. Several trades were made for more metal, mostly bricks for metal. Thundercat even threw in the only metal meat grinder that Seventh Haven ever had, which ended up making most of the food from that point on. Codename B other the other hand made contact with the Holy Roman Empire’s leader Greigor. He made several trips to Deephold for trades, and that is where he met a Roman woman whom he got pregnant. Some say that woman was Nan Foodle, Lawspeaker of Deephold herself, but that theory is not commonly accepted, and it is more likely that the woman was a minor citizen of the HRE.
  81. Then came the betrayal of Crfernald. There were two issues splitting the population. One was the lack of metal, and some 7channers believed that they were too good to have to scrounge clay to trade for metal and wanted to move and steal a mine. The other half said that trading was fine and perfectly acceptable until the city became powerful. The second issue was about the constant flow of new people into the city. Older members who came during the great migration from Nighogger hated supplying new people with goods when so many of them would leave town or die in the wilderness. Many of them would steal from other villagers. Crfernald woke up one morning to find some of his things taken, and it took him over the edge. He took his axe and went to the village storage, destroying all of the cupboards and ruining all of the goods that had been saved. Everything was lost. Codename B chased him, hoping to kill him, but due to a boar attack he escaped.
  83. This is not to say that there were not good events left. One generous individual named Edible founded Nicecity northwest of Seventh's Edge. She had a well protected little fort and gave out free goods to starving noobs. Even she however was plagued by the idiots at Seventh Haven, one named Penisface built a Meancity right next to her attempting to do ill to the people who came to visit her. Codename B stopped by once and gave her some free stuff, calling himself "The Wandering Mapper." Cartography had become a hobby of his, and he mapped out the whole area around Seventh Haven. Sadly, he never managed to become a true wandering mapper, due to events that were about to occur.
  85. The last straw for the town was when Flame asked to borrow the few metal tools that the city had, and then absconded with them. At Putin’s behest, the most trusted and talented members of Seventh Haven left to form their own town, free from the stress of the likes of Tobias and CRF. Rodrigo took a few people with him and formed his own village to the north. ALWAYS took another portion of the town south and built a training camp, hoping to avoid the same fate of Seventh Haven. A few remained behind however, and Satan took over as Lawspeaker.
  88. A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename
  90. By Codename D
  92. These are the oral traditions of the Codename family since coming to Haven. The legends contained herein are true.
  94. Chapter 5, Of the Past History of Haven
  96. Long before memory, Jorbtar created Haven. The inhabited land was small then only the size of a single supergrid, and inhabited by very few people. These people were very primitive, lacking even the most basic tools and necessities that we enjoy today. A few people today can trace their ancestors back all the way to those beginning times, and it was called World 1.
  98. World 1 saw the advent of many things, it was there that farming was discovered based on taking wild crops from patches in the land and planting them. World 1 was so small that virtually everyone worked together, and life was good. One exception was a man named Shocked Frog, believed to be the first griefer in Haven. It was his deeds that lead to the creation of the land claims we enjoy today. Back then Jorbtar himself manifested a physical form and visited the people.
  100. As the known world expanded, people decided that things had changed so much that people began calling it World 2. World 2 was unlike World 1, it was a very dangerous place to live. A group of players made the city of Wayneville, and raided everyone they wanted. They were far too powerful to fight. That is, until a second violent power emerged. Because of their frequently boorish behavior, they were called the Goons.
  102. The Goons weren’t much better than the raiders of Wayneville, but they were many, and quickly were able to fight Wayneville on their own terms. The battle between them lasted for generations, until intermarrying and interbreeding between members lead the goons to mostly die out or become members of Wayneville themselves.
  104. Also of note in World 2 was the arrival of people from a land called Bay 12. They formed the city of Bottleneck and were the third power back then. Their weapon of choice was an axe, and Bay 12 axes were the most powerful weapons ever smithed. The rich of today still use axes based on Bay 12 designs. Brodgar was also a large city, but it never became truly powerful, simply highly populated. The stone circle known as the Ring of Brodgar still stands today in the center of the world.
  106. The famed Pumpkinhead griefers also existed in World 2. They dressed in a uniform of Jack ‘o Lantern masks and went around chopping down trees and harassing young people. They were utterly wiped out by the powerful people, but kept cropping up again and again. Soon, anyone with a pumpkin mask was marked for death, and that trend has continued to this day.
  108. At was a great deal of time into World 2 when the people called Russians began to arrive. Unlike most of the people of the world who spoke English, Russians spoke a different language. This drove a wedge in between their people and the existing people. This wedge quickly gave way to fear, and so it was decided by the many powers at the time that the Russians couldn’t be allowed to stay, lest they organize and strike first; and so the great genocide of World 2 began. Anyone who spoke Russian was killed on sight. There were many newcomers who said that they were not Russian, but had split off from them long ago and spoke an entirely different language and had a different culture call themselves things like Ukrainian. That didn’t matter to the English speakers, they saw anyone who used a language based on the same Cyrillic characters as Russian as a threat.
  110. People started to turn their backs on Jorbtar. While once he was very active in their lives, he came to visit less and less, and punished the vilest criminals less and less. Though he had the power to destroy an entire fortress with one punch, he started to care little that people build great island forts called hearth vaults. While they were still destroyed when they were found, it was the beginning of a downward slide.
  112. Following the wars and the genocide, so much of the world had been destroyed that there was little left, and most of the great people had died. It was decided to start anew, and so the land was rechristened World 3, and the ruins of once great cities turned back into forest and new cities were built by the next generation.
  114. A History, as Passed Down from Codename to Codename
  116. By Codename D
  118. These are the oral traditions of the Codename family since coming to Haven. The legends contained herein are true.
  120. Chapter 6, Greetings from Croatia
  122. In a secret meeting, Codename B, Daniel Plainview, and Putin decided who they would take with them to attempt to build a better society. Deadlift III, son of Deadlift Jr, who committed suicide by drowning and grandson of Deadlift who was killed by a Russian hunter in the woods, Fappo, Mouser of Seventh’s Edge, Nanomachines, Overlord, Shake, and Wilko were selected, so they and their families took what goods they could carry and traveled north, to the lands they had heard contained so many riches.
  124. Putin travel ahead, and with luck discovered the ruins of a town. The whole place was derelict, the walls were falling down, and the houses were on the verge of collapse. It had been long abandoned, and the gates were left wide open. In the middle of the town however, there was exactly what the 7channers had been searching for, a mine. It was barely used and full of tin ore. The rest of the group traveled directly there.
  126. This was the longest journey since the original trip to Haven, and this time things were even tougher. The group of travelers carried boats on their back filled with goods, and there were few rivers to speed their travels. Wild animal attacks were frequent, and sadly Shake and Mouser, traveling too slowly were separated from the group. They were never seen again and believed to have died in the wilderness.
  128. The survivors of the great journey arrived in their new town, and quickly began to set it up. The buildings that could be repaired were, and all of the walls were fixed up. The town was claimed and new gates were built. The place was perfect. Once everyone had arrived and supplies were gathered, the village idol was constructed, and all that was needed was for the town to be given a new name. Given that they had betrayed Seventh Haven by leaving it mostly leaderless, the group decided on the only logical name, Croatia was born. Putin was the Lawspeaker, and Codename B was the chieftain.
  130. As they cleaned up the broken supplies and paved new roads, the Croatians as they called themselves learned more about what had happened to the town before they had gotten there. It was once called Tinseltown, and had been the eastmost of part of an alliance of three villages. Copperfield, which had a copper mine and no walls had been destroyed by raiders, Tinseltown which had a tin mine and palisades, but raiders still broke in and looted the place and Ironwell, with brick walls and still stood with an iron mine and single hermit who lived there.
  132. Former Tinseltown still had runestones warning the doomed inhabitants not to open their gates, as raiders had been camping outside them. The large pile of skeletal bodies outside of town showed how well their defenses worked however.
  134. To the northwest was another ruined town, full of bodies, and to the south were very old ruins, those of the ill fated 420chan settlers. To the northeast was a small village of Russians. Directly to the north was the city of Riverflame. Riverflame was a minor city, only notable for the fact that it had unknowingly harbored Cake-Tan for a time, slaughterer of 420chan.
  136. It was not long after settling Croatia that the chieftain of Riverflame came to visit. He wore a wrought iron helmet and arrived with a sword wielding party to threaten the Croatians. He claimed that they had stolen his mine, though it had been left with the gates wide open. The Croatian settlers ignored him, and he returned home accomplishing nothing. A rivalry was born, and both sides knew one would have to go.
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