Rainbow Tears

Jul 16th, 2013
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  1. Dash falls back onto the bed.She was crying the whole way home. You lay down next to her, propping yourself up on your elbows. Dash wraps herself around you effectivly keeping between her legs. You reassure her that the soccer game wasn't lost because of her. That their's always gonna be someone better and to not take it so hard. "B-----but what if I ran faster ?, what if i kicked the ball harder?, what if---" You silence her with a kiss on her forehead.You remind her that she was no where near the ball when the other team scored the winning goal and that there's no way she could've made it in time to block.
  3. She grabs the collar of your shirt and buries her face into you chest, bursting into another fit of tears. "The crowd........ they were booing me. They shouted to get me off the field that I suck. You heard them. dash sucks, Dash Sucks, DASH SUCKS!." she cries into your shirt. You flip her over and let her lay on her chest and let her cry it out. There's nothing you can say now. So you just let her have her moment. You know the wall she puts up during the day to make everyone think she's tough. You barely got her off the field before she broke down. Besides her other five friends you think you're the only one she let's her feelings out too, and you feel honuored. You rub her back and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. She seems to calm down a bit but you can still hear her shuddering. "Anon" she whispers lifting her head to look at you . You return her gaze with a loving smile. " please " she moves her head closer to yours. "Make me forget. At least for a while" Dash says laying her head under your chin.
  5. So you pull out the big guns. You sing "I Will Not Bow by breaking benjamin", one of her favorites. She giggles and wraps herself tighter around you. As you continue the second verse her sniffles and shudder decrease until she's completely still on top of you. By you finishes the song she is lightly snoring on top of you. You chuckle silently, she's going to be here awhile. You manage to pull the blanket on top of you both and try to catch a quick nap yourself.
  7. When you awaken the sun is starting to go down. You also notice Dash is absent from your bed . Sitting up, you see a note sitting on your nightstand. You pick it up and it reads " Hey Anon, sorry for leaving without saying goodbye but you looked tuckered out so I let you sleep. Listen, I really appreciate what you did for me and not taking advantage of the situation. Although, I may have not minded if you did. Oh, crap did I write that?! You better burn this letter after you read it or
  8. i'll never forgive you. See you at school tomorrow ok?. Rainbow Dash. P.S Oh dont mention me sleeping at your house to my friends ok? They may take it the wrong way."
  10. You light the letter on fire and throw it into your empty metal waste basket. You smile watching the burn to a crisp. A breeze comes in from the window and you figure she left that way. As you lean on the window sill watching the last of the sun vanish behind the horizon you know tomorrow's gonna be interesting.
  12. It's early the next morning when you reach the school. Checking your watch you realize you've got about have an hour before class. So you go to your usual spot by the music room and talk to your idiot friends. They're going on about how Sunset Shimmer's so damn hot and blah blah blah. You really weren't paying attention as you glance up and down the hall with no real interest.
  14. Eventually the hall starts to become more crowd and you excuse yourself for your friends as you start walking towards your class. You round the corner and see Rainbow Dash standing in front her locker, looking very disheartened . Her locker's been vandalized with phrases such as ' you suck', dumb whore', you ruined the game' and other slander. Your hear several students whispering taunts at her as they pass you by.
  16. Reaching into a nearby custodial closet you pull out a spray and the cleanest rag you could find. By the time you reach her she looks about ready to beat the next heckler she see's into a bloody pulp. You whisper a greeting to her and gently push her to the side as you begin cleaning her locker.
  18. She's stunned at your sudden appearance and can only stand there as you wipe the graffiti off. By the time you finish a small crowd as formed around you both but she doesn't seem to care anymore. You place the cleaning supplies on the ground and reach into your backpack an pull out one of the those spicy breakfast burrito's you know she likes and hand's it to her. She mumble's a thanks. The bell rings and the crowd quickly begins to disperse. Eventually you too are the only ones left in
  19. the hall. Pulling her into an embrace you kiss the top of her forehead. "Stop idiot what if someone see's us?" She growls but makes no attempt to pull away. You tell her let them watch and she buries her face into you chest with a contented sigh." Uh, Rainbow darling what are you doing?" A voice calls out form behind you.
  21. She goes stiff in your arms and you know what happens next. Not a moment later you're on the ground clutching your stomach. Looking up you can see Rainbow Dash explaining away why she was hugging you to her friend Rarity. Something about distracting you to grab your burrito. You know she's making up an excuse but does she have to hit you so hard? By the time you're back on your feet she's ushering Rarity around the corner stopping only a moment to silently mouth a sorry. You dust yourself off and make your way towards class, rubbing your stomach her whole way.
  23. Mrs. HarshWhinny goes on an on about some equations you just can't bring yourself to care about. You draw idly in your notebook when a note lands on your desk. It seems Brad has wrote you something as he's waving discretely at you. You sigh with contempt. You hate this guy. He's a goddamn prick when he's not around his fan's AKA the whole school. You open the note and it read's."Hey anon saw you copping a feel off Lesbo Dash. Did you feel anything on that bony body of her's lol. If you manage to lay that thing you got more swag than me. and that's saying something. Me I'm trying to get my hand's on that new student Twilight or some gay shit like that. Anyway's give me the juicy details later dude."You growl. The balls on this A-hole. You scribble something and have it passed back to him. His cocky smirk turns into a frown at your message. Its a very crude picture of dickbutt. He looks back and flips you off, which you return gladly
  25. The rest of the day drags on with the exception of music class were you out do Brad with your own rendition of Stairway to Heaven. Soon enough the day ends and you trudge your way home. You decide to cut across the field since its cuts out a few blocks on your route. However the fates seem to hate you as Brad is standing in the middle of the field, he knew you came this way sometimes. He's walks up with q smile on his face before giving you left hook across your jaw. This sends you to the ground and he repeatedly kicks you. " So Anon you think you could just show me up in front of the class?" he spits, while pressing his show down on your face. You dont even get a chance reply. "I dont need some upstart green skinned shit like you trying to take my crown form me. If you EVER try to show me up again you'll end up like Twist. Are we clear?" You remember Twist she was once one of the most beautiful girls in school someone kicked the crap out of her. She ended up with brace to fix what was left of her teeth and had to wear glasses since her eyes became too damaged to wear contacts anymore.
  26. You nod and he kicks you in your face, knocking you out.
  28. You awaken to find yourself in the hospital. You sit up and an ice pack falls onto your lap. You rub your face and wince at the pain. "Oh good you're awake" A nurse says pulling the curtain from around the bed. You greet nurse Redheart with a simple nod. "You had quite the beating it would seem. A black eye,and a concussion. Lucky she found you when she did. being out with a concussion is very dangerous." She says sweetly.
  30. As if on cue Rainbow Dash walks in looking very scared. "ANON!" She screams rushing over to you and hugs you tight. You wrap your arms around her as Redheart excuses herself, making sure to close the door. Rainbows Dash a broken mess she heaves and sobs into your chest. You try to comfort her but she rambles on about finding you in a bloody mess in the middle of the field. How she had to run and call and ambulance. The ride to the hospital. She continues on lightly punching your chest. You shush her with a kiss on her forehead and she quiets down a little. When she asks you what happened you make up a lie about some imaginary group of people you had beef with. There's no way she'd believe the all powerful Brad did this to you.
  32. Eventually she calms down and sits in the bed next to you while you wait for the nurse to come back. Its way past 8pm when Redheart returns. Unfortunately she informs you that you'll be spending the night for observation before walking out again.
  34. Rainbow Dash tries to keep your spirits up with jokes and such but your mind is on Brad. You cant let him get away with this. Suddenly Rainbow Dash turns your head towards her." Hey Anon, I know this is kinda outta of the blue and all but why dont you ever kiss me on my lips" After the momentary shock of the question you reply saying you didnt think she'd allow you too. You knew she wasn't for all that mushy stuff. To which she respond by putting herself in a huff. "Hey! I like the mushy stuff sometimes" She crosses her arms like a child. So you lean in an plant one right on her lips. It last a few seconds an you pull away with a smile and she looks at you with a mysterious stare. One she's never given you before. "Again............ please?" She whispers. You plant another on her, this time the kiss doesn't last as long. "Again" she whispers, her voice laced with something you can't describe. This time you give her the longest kiss you've ever given her.
  36. She works herself onto you lap, never breaking the kiss. She place both hands onto you lap and gently prods your lips with her tongue. You allow her entrance and her tongue plays with yours,mingling and twisting around each other.Your left hand moves to her waist as the other rubs her leg. She arches her back, putting more into her kiss as she lets out a moan with each quick break for air. Things are getting hot. Her hands move down and under your shirt. She moves them across your chest and stomach. You lightly cup her bottom and give it a light squeeze making her shudder in your grip. She breaks the kiss for a moment only to grab the curtain an closes it around the bed. You know exactly what she wants and scoot yourself back so you're against the headrest. She slowly takes her tank top off and you find she's wearing a sports bra.
  38. "You better not saying anything about their size." She says embarrassed. You pull her back onto your lap and lick her neck while reaching back to undo the straps. The bra fall free and you see her chest in all its beauty. She's a B-cup at the least but that doesn't stop her from covering them with her arms
  40. "Don't look at them she whispers" a red tint appearing on her blur skin. You plant kisses across her arms till she eventually drop them to her sides. A quick lick from your tongue on her nipple makes her jump and wrap her arms around your head, effectively forcing you mouth around her left breast. Not that you're complain as you begin to suckle at the sensitive flesh so graciously offered to you. She bites her lip so she doesn't make to much noise. Switching nipples gives you a chance for air. There's a fire burning in both your loins. Rainbow Dash is unknowingly rocking her hips into your. Grinding her lowers lips on your very hard erection. You push yourself out of her grasp. Time to get aggressive. In a flurry of movement you find yourself and her completely naked. She sits back on your lap and slowly rubs your cock against her nether's coating it in a light glaze made from her fluids. She pants like a dog begging for a treat that you are more than eager to give. You lift her slightly and lowers her onto you waiting member. It's a tight fit. She grabs your shoulder in an attempt
  41. to hide her pain. But she cant cover up the blood. You kiss her eyes and let her adjust to your size. You know you aren't the biggest guy out there but then again she her body is smaller and slimmer so you guess it evens out nicely. After another moment she begins to rise up and push herself back down. Her grunts and sigh of pleasure are driving you insane. But her pace is to slow. You grab her by the waist and force her to pick up the pace.She throws her head back and lets out a loud groan while giving your shoulders a death grip. Throwing her hips more into it allows you to reach her inner most depth. Her breast bounce in front of your giving you motivation to ram it home. She clamps down on you and hunches over. She bites your neck to silence her shout as she cums on you ,spraying your pelvis. You flip her over and begin pounding into her for all your worth.
  43. She grips the headboard and bites her lip. You can tell she still riding out her orgasm as you reach you own. You blow your load inside her and you lock your arms straight below you to keep yourself form collapsing on her. You're both panting for the next few moment. Mumbling incoherent words of love. You look down at Rainbow Dash. She seems like an angel under you. You both share another kiss. Everything seems perfect in this moment. Suddenly the bed curtains are yanked back revealing a very pissed of Nurse Redheart "NO SEX IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!!"
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