Isuzu Ren Swimsuit Story - Sugar and Strawberry

Aug 25th, 2018
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  1. Phone: *~~♪~~♪*
  2. Ren: “Eh...... To the ocean...?”
  3. Rika: “Ye, let’s all go together!”
  4. [We see a beach]
  5. Ren: *The ocean... When was the last time I went there? It’s been so long I’ve almost forgotten how it’s like*
  6. *But I instantly replied ‘I’ll join’*
  7. *Because I wanted to fill another white page in my diary with glimmering colours*
  8. “Ah... But... Then I’ll need... A swimsuit and...”
  9. Rika: “Ah, well then should we go shopping?”
  10. “Apparently Myako-senpai found some new store!”
  11. [See the inside of a shopping mall]
  12. Emiri: “Ohh, the customers are all pretty young women!?”
  13. Hinano: “Fufu... It might still be a bit too early for you all to come to this store?”
  14. Store clerk: “Oh my, young miss are you an elementary schooler?”
  15. “We have a lot of kid’s size swimsuits over there!”
  16. Hinano: “WHO’S A KID!!”
  17. Rika: “... Looks like Myako-senpai is going to take a while to find a swimsuit”
  18. Ren: “So am I... There’s so many... I’m not sure I can choose...”
  19. “Rika... -Chan...... Which do you think I should go for...?”
  20. Rika: “A swimsuit for Ren-chan hmm...!”
  21. “... I feel like you would look good in anything!”
  22. “Since you’re so so cute! And you’re tall!!”
  23. Ren: “T- That...... Doesn’t help me choose one...”
  24. Emiri: “Mmh, Ren-pasu like, don’t you have a favourite colour or something?
  25. Ren: “... Eh... Colour...?”
  26. Emiri: “Right right!”
  27. “Cause it’s in now to use swimsuits of your favourite colour...”
  28. “Rika-ppe’s good at that kind of advice right”
  29. Rika: “Aahh! If we do it like that I think we can find something!”
  30. “Ren-chan, what swimsuit colour would you like?”
  31. Ren: *What instantly came to mind was the still untouched, white diary page*
  32. Rika: “... Right, white haa!”
  33. “Ye, I’m glad I asked!”
  34. “If I was going just off my taste I’d be like ‘this pink one is soo cute!’...”
  35. “Which would just make things even more complicated for you!”
  36. Ren: *All the swimsuits Rika-chan picked out for me was lovely, but amongst them there was one particularly cute one-piece swimsuit*
  37. “...Ah! This one is... very cute...”
  38. “Also, it looks like... Something even I could wear”
  39. Rika: “Ah sorry, do you not like two-piece ones?”
  40. Ren: “No! ... I thought it would be nice... But... It really is embarrassing...”
  41. Store clerk: “If you wish, you can try it on over here”
  42. Rika: “Remember you can keep your panties on!”
  43. Ren: “... Y-............. Yes!?”
  44. [Black screen]
  45. *Thank you... For waiting*
  46. Rika: *............*
  47. *... Ren-chan, you look so cuute!”
  48. *Ah I know! Close your eyes*
  49. Ren: *Hueh...!?*
  50. [Back to mall, Ren has changed to her swimsuit]
  51. Store clerk: “Waa, it suits you very well!”
  52. Rika: “Ye right!”
  53. Ren: “Ah... This hairdo, did you...?”
  54. Rika: “Yea! I thought something like that would look good with that swimsuit!”
  55. Store clerk: “You match”
  56. Rika & Ren: “Ah...”
  57. Phone: *~~♪~~♪*
  58. Rika: “... Looks like Myako-senpai and Emirin are still looking, should we wait outside?”
  59. Ren: “Ye!”
  60. Store clerk 2: “Two shaved ice coming up. Which kind of syrup would you like?”
  61. Rika: “Strawberry!”
  62. Ren: “... I- I will have... Eh... That... Clear one...”
  63. Store clerk 2: *Thank you for waiting*
  64. Rika: “Ah! Cold! So tasty!!! It feels just like eating strawberry!”
  65. Ren: “... You really like strawberry, don’ you?”
  66. Rika: “Ye, I love pink so I’m absolutely a strawberry person!”
  67. “Ah... But when it might be a problem when it comes to cherries and those berries... Because of the colour!”
  68. Store clerk 2: “I am sorry to burst this for you but...”
  69. “The taste and colour of shaved ice are unrelated, they all taste the same”
  70. Rika & Ren: “NO WAY!?”
  71. Rika: “Strawberry... And melon...?”
  72. Ren: “And lemon... And Blue Hawaii...?”
  73. Store clerk 2: “At least that goes for this store. I cannot speak for all stores but”
  74. Rika: “I had no idea... I’m so shocked I’m not sure I can fall asleep tonight...”
  75. Ren: “........... Fu... Ufufu”
  76. Rika: “Ahaha...!”
  77. “... Ah”
  78. “Ren-chan, you’re smiling a lot more now than when we first met aren’t you?”
  79. Ren: “Ah....”
  80. (......... Well that’s, without a doubt)
  81. [We see Ren’s diary]
  82. *That is because
  83. In the diary of I who had no colour
  84. The page of my colourless heart
  85. Has been filled with glimmering colours
  86. By your smile*
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