Slave Pony: Twilight (Hiatus)

Dec 16th, 2015
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  1. >You are Anon
  2. >You have just bought a pony slave
  3. >Hooray!
  4. >Finally, someone who will put up with your bullshit!
  5. >Oh god almighty you're so alone.
  6. >You set down the carrier cage thingy for cats and open the hatch.
  7. >Slowly; hesitantly; a purple unicorn steps out.
  8. >She's bruised and you can see scars in the patches of fur that are missing.
  9. >Her horn, unlike many other unicorns, is intact.
  10. >That's why she was so cheap; she had the potential to hurt her master.
  11. >But you weren't going to be her master.
  12. "Twilight?"
  13. >Her head snaps to you and you can see a mixture of caution and terror in her eyes.
  14. >"Y-yes, master?"
  15. >You grimace. Oh god, you're trying to HELP her; you don't need her to fucking call you 'master'.
  16. "Just...just call me 'Anon', okay? None of this 'master' crap."
  17. >Twilight tilts her head, trying to process what you said.\
  18. >"Alright, Anon. I will call you that from now on."
  19. >Sounds like Siri.
  20. >A robot with no personality or will of her own.
  21. "Twilight, I want to say this outright. I'm not going to hurt you. I will not 'punish' you for your misbehaviour. I bought you because you were suffering, and I don't want to see another breathing, thinking, feeling, dreaming creature suffer."
  22. >Twilight says nothing.
  23. >Is that a glimmer of hope in her eyes?
  24. >....
  25. >Nope.
  26. >"I hear and understand, Anon."
  27. >God dammit.
  28. >What did they DO to her?
  29. "Let's just start the tour of your new home."
  30. >"Yes, Anon."
  31. >Fuck, the way she says it, it may as well be "master".
  32. >Once you walk her through your home, you leave her to her own devices.
  33. >Like you said; you are NOT her master.
  34. >Fucked up as it may be, you bought a FRIEND, not a slave.
  35. >"Anon?"
  36. >Twilight is now sitting at your feet.
  37. "Yes, Twilight?"
  38. >"What do you plan to feed me? I have been trained to consume and digest a wide variety of substances, so you may feed you what you wish."
  40. >........Jesus fucking Christ.
  41. "I.... what do you want to eat?"
  42. >Twilight doesn't say a thing; she looks at you with a cocked head.
  43. >"I'm sorry, Anon. I don't understand."
  44. "Look, just- What is your favourite food?"
  45. >After a brief pause, you quickly add
  46. "Your answer will not result in punishment, no matter what you said. Consider this permission to speak freely."
  47. >You feel sick after saying that.
  48. >Twilight pauses, deep in thought.
  49. >"I... I like salad with flowers and hay..."
  50. >Twilight cringes and braces herself like she expects to be hit.
  51. >Like HELL she will be.
  52. "I have those. I can make it for you, Twilight."
  53. >Twilight looks up at you in surprise, but that emotion is quickly masked with neutrality.
  54. >"Thank you, Anon. You are a most considerate and generous master."
  55. >Oh god you are NEVER going to get used to this.
  56. >You were an idiot. You wanted to be the big-dickingest manly man white-knight and save a pony from enslavement, but you didn't even consider that she might have psychological issues.
  57. >You know.
  58. >From the TORTURE.
  59. >Fuck you and everything about you, Anon.
  60. >You wanted to feel important, and this is what you've got.
  61. >A mare who is in serious need of.....
  62. >You don't know.
  63. >Something that isn't this.
  64. >White-knight bullshit aside, you legitimately feel for her.
  65. >You want this to stop.
  66. >So you make her dinner.
  67. >You make the best fucking salad with flowers and hay that you can.
  68. >And despite her expectations, you give her a plate on the TABLE like a PERSON, not the bowl on the floor that came with her.
  70. >Fucking dammit, you are NOT prepared for this.
  71. >As you prepare for bed, you see Twilight sitting by your pillow.
  72. >"What will you have me do, Anon?"
  73. >Like the stupid idiot you are, you don't understand.
  74. >Fucking autist.
  75. "....what do you WANT to do, Twilight?"
  76. >Is this a test?
  77. >Twilight doesn't waste time in answering.
  78. >"I would like to pleasure you before you sleep, if you will allow me."
  79. >aaaaah
  80. >With a heavy burden on your shoulders, you sit on the edge of your bed.
  81. "Twilight, I really do mean it when I say that I don't want you to do anything to me."
  82. >You glance over, and she's giving you the same look as when she was offering her body to you.
  83. >"I am willing to do whatever you need to do."
  84. >You miserable cunt, what have you gotten yourself into?
  85. "Just..."
  86. >You cradle your head in your hands.
  87. >This is too much.
  88. >How are you supposed to deal with this?
  89. >You're out of your league.
  90. >You aren't ready for this.
  91. >You need an adult.
  92. "Twilight...?"
  93. >She perks up at her name.
  94. "...Go to sleep. You may sleep in my bed. You and I will do nothing but sleep. Is that understood?"
  95. >Please, God, you can't deal with this right now.
  96. >Just say yes.
  97. >"I understand and obey, Anon."
  98. >You don't sleep well that night.
  100. >It's four in the morning when you decide to give up on sleeping that night.
  101. >On the pillow next to you sleeps Twilight, curled up in a ball and completely still.
  102. >Dead-still.
  103. >Honestly, if it weren't for the rise and fall of her chest, well...
  104. >You've seen pony-pets before. One of your neighbours even had one.
  105. >They seemed to you to be really happy. Always a smile on their muzzles, always excited to see their masters.
  106. >Until you bought Twilight, you really only thought of them as intelligent dogs; Lord knew they ACTED like it.
  107. >You sit up in your bed, and your old mattress squeaks loudly.
  108. >Had it not been for the complete silence of your room, you never would have heard a tiny, stifled gasp coming from behind you.
  109. >Twilight was still curled up, but her eyes were wide open, and the fur on her haunches stood on end.
  110. >You weren't prepared for damaged goods; you just wanted a friend.
  111. >You overreacted yesterday, but you really don't know what to do.
  112. >Can you fix her? Is she beyond fixing?
  113. >HOW do you fix her?
  114. "Go back to sleep, Twilight. I'm going to go watch TV in the living room."
  115. >"Yes, Anon. I will make sure to be well-rested for tomorrow."
  116. >Twilight obediently closes her eyes, but her posture remains stiff.
  117. >She won't relax and fall asleep until you're out of the room.
  119. >In the living room, things look dark and scary.
  120. >Your TV is only on right now to provide some background noise, so you've set it to the news.
  121. >You flip through your phone, looking on forums for how to treat special cases of abuse.
  122. >You'd gone through some pet-pony stuff before you bought Twilight, of course, but you never expected her to be the way she was.
  124. >Nothing.
  125. >There were only second-hand reports and stories from "a friend of a friend".
  126. >Seems Twilight just got real lucky and landed herself with some sick fuck before she came to you.
  127. >Maybe she needs to be pampered? You know, to show her that she can trust you.
  128. >It's a better plan than no plan at all, you guess.
  129. >Looks like you'll be heading out to the store soon.
  131. >By seven o'clock, you've decided that you've waited long enough to get to the stores.
  132. >You've already prepared breakfast for Twilight; the same as dinner, only with scrambled eggs.
  133. >The pony forums said that most ponies loved eggs, so...
  134. "Twilight?"
  135. >You poke your head into your room to call her for breakfast and spot Twilight sitting on the pillow she slept on.
  136. >"How can I help you, Anon?"
  137. "Breakfast is ready, Twilight. It's a salad like last night, but I put some scrambled eggs on the side."
  138. >Twilight's eyes light up for a split-second, before they return to their dull, neutral state.
  139. >"Thank you very much, Anon. I don't deserve such a delicious meal."
  140. >This mare is killing you.
  141. "Twilight, you haven't done anything NOT to deserve it. You don't have to earn your meals in my house, okay?"
  142. >Twilight cocks her head, and confusion is plain on her face.
  143. >"I... I don't..."
  144. >You don't let her finish. Instead, you wave her over.
  145. "Breakfast is on the table, Twilight. C'mon over and eat."
  146. >Twilight hops down off of your bed and stiffly walks past you towards the kitchen.
  147. >Breakfast is a tense affair.
  148. >You had to instruct Twilight to sit on the chair to eat her food, which surprised her.
  149. >God's sake, she nearly had a nervous breakdown when you told her that she was free to use her magic to feed herself.
  150. >The look on her face was a mixture of terror and elation.
  151. >You don't think she EVER expected to be allowed to use her magic ever again.
  152. >Why not just chain her to the wall, while you were at it?
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