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Jul 10th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. *****************************************************************
  6. Version 1.20.1
  9. *****************************************************************
  11. Index:
  12. 1. Description
  13. 2. Manual Installation
  14. 3. NX Installation
  15. 4. Manual Upgrade
  16. 5. Change List
  17. 6. F.A.Q.
  18. 7. Troubleshooting
  19. 8. Compatibility
  20. 9. Credits
  21. 10. Uninstallation
  22. 11. Permissions
  25. *****************************************************************
  27. 1. Description
  29. *****************************************************************
  31. The East Empire Company commissions the Dragonborn to slay a dragon that is interrupting trade
  32. routes throughout Skyrim. But is the dragon stirring up trouble with a particular reason and
  33. what sinister motive does it have for its actions?
  35. Wyrmstooth adds a new quest that takes the Dragonborn to the island of Wyrmstooth situated north
  36. of Solitude across the Sea of Ghosts. Battle across new landscapes and through new dungeons in
  37. this expansion-sized mod. The task may seem simple enough: slay a dragon that's stirring up trouble.
  38. But things never quite go that easily...
  40. Key Features:
  42. * A New Land to Explore: Travel north across the Sea of Ghosts to the island of Wyrmstooth in
  43. pursuit of a dragon. Delve into one of the largest dungeons in Tamriel with a cadre of mercenaries
  44. at your disposal.
  46. * Your Home is Your Castle: Purchase an abandoned imperial fort from Lurius Liore, make it your own,
  47. hire new staff, and defend it from unwanted visitors.
  49. * New Weapons, Shields, Spells, and a new Shout: Treasures sequestered across the island reward those
  50. with a keen sense of exploration...and a keener ability to fend off danger lurking in the depths of
  51. the many dungeons found across the island.
  54. *****************************************************************
  56. 2. Manual Installation
  58. *****************************************************************
  60. 1. Unzip the contents of to your Skyrim data folder. Below is a list
  61. of the default Skyrim installation locations:
  63. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  65. or for 64-bit Windows:
  67. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  69. 2. Confirm you have the following files in your Skyrim data folder:
  71. Wyrmstooth.esp
  72. Wyrmstooth.bsa
  73. Video\WT_Title.bik
  75. 3. Run the Skyrim Launcher and make sure Wyrmstooth.esp is loaded after the official DLC and
  76. unofficial patches.
  78. 4. Start the game.
  80. 5. To begin the quest, wait for Theodyn Bienne to find you or speak to Lurius Liore at the
  81. Bannered Mare in Whiterun once you meet quest starting requirements.
  84. *****************************************************************
  86. 3. NX Installation
  88. *****************************************************************
  90. Many thanks to folz42 for the following instructions:
  92. 1. Unzip the contents of to your Skyrim data folder. Below is a list
  93. of the default Skyrim mod installation locations:
  95. Unpatched Unit
  96. SDMC:/atmosphere/contents/01000A10041EA000/romfs/Data
  98. SXOS Unit
  99. SDMC:/atmosphere/titles/01000A10041EA000/romfs/Data
  101. 2. Confirm you have the following files in your Skyrim data folder:
  103. Wyrmstooth.esp
  104. Wyrmstooth.bsa
  105. Wyrmstooth - Animations.bsa
  106. Wyrmstooth - Meshes.bsa
  107. Wyrmstooth - Voices.bsa
  108. Wyrmstooth - Textures.bsa
  110. If you are not using SkyrimPluginsPatch get it here:
  113. 3. Open your Plugins file located in SDMC:/atmosphere/contents/01000A10041EA000/romfs/ with
  114. Notepad++ and add Wyrmstooth.esp and make sure it is listed '*' after unofficial patches(USSEP).
  116. At this point I recommend renaming the .bsa's located in the Data folder.
  118. Wyrmstooth.bsa into WT.bsa
  119. Wyrmstooth - Animations.bsa into WT - A.bsa
  120. Wyrmstooth - Meshes.bsa into WT - M.bsa
  121. Wyrmstooth - Voices.bsa into WT - V.bsa
  122. Wyrmstooth - Textures.bsa into WT - T.bsa
  124. Note: Each line in both Skyrim.ini files cannot exceed 1024 characters in length or the game won't
  125. launch.
  127. For each .bsa listed you add a comma and space to list another. Do not add a comma when youve listed
  128. your last .bsa. Keep a text or note of what you rename or risk becoming trapped in acronym purgatory.
  130. 4. Open your Skyrim.ini file located in
  131. SDMC:/atmosphere/contents/01000A10041EA000/romfs/
  132. and edit the following lines to list your corresponding .bsa's:
  134. sArchiveToLoadInMemoryList:(Animations.bsa's are listed here.)
  135. sResourceArchiveList:(base.bsa's, Animations.bsa's(again), Meshes.bsa's are listed here.)
  136. sResouceArchiveList2:(Voices.bsa's, Textures.bsa's are listed here.)
  138. Example:
  139. sArchiveToLoadInMemoryList=Skyrim - Animations.bsa, WT - A.bsa
  140. sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes0.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes1.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa, Skyrim - Hyrule.bsa, Skyrim - Patch.bsa, WT.bsa, WT - A.bsa, WT - M.bsa
  141. sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim - Voices_en1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures2.bsa, Skyrim - Textures3.bsa, Skyrim - Textures4.bsa, Skyrim - Textures5.bsa, Skyrim - Textures6.bsa, Skyrim - Textures7.bsa, Skyrim - Textures8.bsa, WT - V.bsa, WT - T.bsa
  143. 5. Open your Skyrim_en.ini (or you games assigned default language) file located in
  144. SDMC:/atmosphere/contents/01000A10041EA000/romfs/
  145. and edit the following line:
  147. sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim - Voices_en1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures2.bsa, Skyrim - Textures3.bsa, Skyrim - Textures4.bsa, Skyrim - Textures5.bsa, Skyrim - Textures6.bsa, Skyrim - Textures7.bsa, Skyrim - Textures8.bsa, WT - V.bsa, WT - T.bsa
  149. 6. Start the game.
  151. 7. To begin the quest, wait for Theodyn Bienne to find you or speak to Lurius Liore at the
  152. Bannered Mare in Whiterun once you meet quest starting requirements.
  155. *****************************************************************
  157. 4. Manual Upgrade
  159. *****************************************************************
  161. * * * IMPORTANT! * * *
  162. If you currently have an older version of Wyrmstooth installed, it's recommended you either
  163. finish the quest 'Barrow of the Wyrm' first before upgrading or start a new game due to the
  164. numerous quest changes included in this update.
  165. * * * IMPORTANT! * * *
  167. 1. Backup the existing Wyrmstooth.esp and Wyrmstooth.bsa files in your Skyrim data folder.
  169. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  171. or for 64-bit Windows:
  173. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  175. 2. Extract the new Wyrmstooth.esp and Wyrmstooth.bsa file to your Skyrim data folder and
  176. replace the existing files.
  178. 3. Backup your current save(s). They should be stored in the following location:
  180. C:\Users\<Your Username>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves
  182. 4. Start the game.
  185. *****************************************************************
  187. 5. Change List
  189. *****************************************************************
  191. 1.00 - Initial Release on Skyrim Nexus
  193. 1.01 - Added an SEQ file to fix dialog bug. No longer need to save and reload a save for
  194. dialog to function properly.
  196. 1.02 - Removed an errant script on the dwemer elevator in the dragon's den that prevented
  197. it from being used.
  199. 1.03 - Numerous object placement and lighting tweaks.
  200. - Fixed the roombound issue in the Hall Of The Dead.
  201. - Fixed an issue preventing the use of crafting benches after controlling the draugr.
  202. - Added voice acting for Lurius Liore.
  203. - Added a jail interior to barracks.
  204. - Added an imperial camp to imperial landing area.
  205. - Fixed door to The Hermit Inn not appearing once the questline is complete.
  206. - Goreduster now resurrects more powerful NPCs.
  207. - Added a new world map for Wyrmstooth with new map markers.
  209. 1.04 - Added new NPC specific armors and clothes.
  210. - Fixed a problem that caused idle lines to override quest specific dialog.
  211. - More object placement and lighting tweaks.
  212. - Added the new location Cragwater Camp to the island.
  213. - Redesigned the Wyrmstooth mine interior.
  214. - SEQ file is now loaded from the BSA and not from a loose file.
  215. - Added voice acting for Alberthor.
  216. - Mercenaries now stay away from the player while Alberthor is casting the spell.
  217. - NPCs no longer loiter at The Hermit inn indefinately.
  218. - Athir, Daenlit and Shargam can now be hired after defeating Vulthurkrah.
  220. 1.05 - Added voice acting for Vulthurkrah and Theodyn.
  221. - Added three new respawnable dwemer dungeons to Dimfrost.
  222. - Fixed Dimfrost location and encounter information.
  223. - Fixed more object placement problems.
  224. - Various tweaks to quest scripting.
  225. - Farm animals are now replaced once the town begins to rebuild.
  226. - Daenlit is back to being a Wood Elf.
  227. - Tweaked facegen data for the mercenaries.
  229. 1.06 - Added a new forest zone to the island.
  230. - Added a new swamp zone to the island.
  231. - Added a new glacier zone to the island.
  232. - Added quest stage journal descriptions.
  233. - Expanded the Wyrmstooth Mining Settlement.
  234. - Added a new fort 'Fort Moonwatch' to the island.
  235. - Added a new upgradeable player home 'Fort Valus' to the island.
  236. - Fixed an issue that caused Vulthurkrah to return to Ancient's Ascent.
  237. - Fixed more object placement problems.
  238. - Fixed a potential crash at the Solitude docks caused by invalid navmesh.
  239. - Fixed various other navmesh problems on Wyrmstooth.
  240. - Fixed an issue that prevented Shargam from being recruited.
  241. - Split Wyrmstooth Barrow into three separate interiors to resolve a memory issue.
  242. - Fixed an issue that led to a trespass warning on the Red Wave.
  243. - Fixed Dimfrost LOD land textures. Ground LOD was purple due to missing textures.
  244. - Fixed Wyrmstooth object LOD textures. Some objects had incorrect an LOD texture.
  245. - Fixed an issue that prevented Lurius from speaking after arriving at Wyrmstooth.
  246. - Fixed an issue that prevented Vulthurkrah from exiting his den properly.
  247. - Fixed various AI scheduling issues.
  248. - The Dragonborn is now added to the East Empire faction before recruiting.
  249. - Fixed an issue preventing Vulthurkrah from using shouts.
  250. - Initial release on Steam.
  251. - Added Fort Valus staff to unique faction to prevent possible conflicts.
  252. - Fixed an issue that prevented Vulthurkrah from attacking during the final battle.
  254. 1.07 - Ambient music now plays correctly on Wyrmstooth.
  255. - Added new music tracks for Wyrmstooth, Dimfrost and Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  256. - Added a new side-quest 'Someone with Backbone'.
  257. - Added a new side-quest 'A Howl Load of Trouble'.
  258. - Added a new side-quest 'Retrieving Embersunder'.
  259. - Added a new side-quest 'Robbed Blind'.
  260. - Added a new side-quest 'Unwanted Guests'.
  261. - Added a new side-quest 'Wrap Me Up'.
  262. - Added a new side-quest 'Repaying a Debt'.
  263. - Fixed an issue that caused the guards at Fort Valus to become hostile.
  264. - No longer need to be bloodkin to recruit Shargam.
  265. - Inserting goreduster into the slot now properly updates the journal.
  266. - Additional quest markers for 'Barrow of the Wyrm'.
  267. - Expanded Alberthor's role in 'Barrow of the Wyrm'.
  268. - Added new shout 'Fiik Lo Sah' (Phantom Form) and 3 new word wall locations.
  269. - Removed 'Boss' and 'Container' references to prevent radiant story assignment.
  270. - Fixed a problem that allowed players to start the quest below level 10.
  271. - Athir, Daenlit, Shargam and Elmera now have unique voice acting.
  272. - Idle dialogue is now correctly configured.
  273. - Reworked the Dimfrost worldspace.
  274. - Added new Wyrmstone and Brimstone mineables.
  275. - LOD resolution performance tweaks.
  276. - Added map markers for travelling between Skyrim and Wyrmstooth.
  277. - Fixed a camera issue when loading a save taken while controlling the draugr.
  278. - Added update.esm dependency.
  279. - Complete redesign of Fort Valus.
  280. - Alberthor now ignores hostiles while casting the control spell.
  281. - Tweaked occlusion around Wyrmstooth.
  282. - Fixed a rare crash in Castle Dour Jail.
  283. - Fixed a rare crash at Ancient's Ascent.
  284. - Renamed script files with WT_ prefix to prevent clashes with other mods.
  285. - Deleted redundant script files.
  286. - Mod cleaned with TES5Edit.
  287. - Added custom cloud layer to world map and tweaked camera positioning.
  288. - The mercenaries now ignore all friendly fire from the player.
  289. - Added playable instruments.
  290. - Added new beverages.
  291. - Added new harvestables.
  293. 1.08 - Fixed a navmesh problem near Cragwater Camp.
  294. - Removed unused script references from Vulthurkrah and Thelma.
  295. - Fixed issue with missing script file for playable instruments.
  296. - Fixed several other papyrus errors related to errant script linkages.
  297. - Added dialogue to skip mercenary recruitment stage.
  298. - Gave Lurius several new lines of conversation dialogue.
  299. - Fixed possible AI conflicts with Lurius when arriving at Wyrmstooth.
  300. - No longer need to sleep on Red Wave to travel to Wyrmstooth.
  301. - Fast travel map markers are now enabled upon arrival at Wyrmstooth.
  302. - Fixed a problem with the water level activator in the Luminatory.
  303. - Added a variety of new spells.
  304. - Reduced audio distortion on Elmera and Shargam's voice acting.
  305. - Fixed an issue preventing follower dismiss dialogue from appearing.
  306. - Added random encounters around the island.
  307. - Added a new camp 'Wanderers Camp' to the island.
  308. - Added a new camp 'Chillbone Camp' to the island.
  309. - Added a new camp 'Stormcloak Camp' to the island.
  310. - Added several new roads around the island.
  311. - Added more new harvestables.
  312. - Reworked the glacier zone.
  313. - Reading 'History of Wyrmstooth' now triggers Vulom's sidequest.
  314. - Added a new dungeon 'Krakevisa Midden' to the island.
  315. - Added a new dungeon 'Bloodfrost Burrow' to the island.
  316. - Added a new grove 'Gronndal Grove' to the island.
  317. - Added a new cave 'Blind Robbers Bluff' to the island.
  318. - Added a new side-quest 'Blind Robbers Cache'.
  319. - Added a new side-quest 'A Priceless Commodity'.
  320. - Added more music and follower comment triggers.
  321. - Fixed named reference that might've caused a crash in Luminatory.
  322. - Polycount optimization in Luminatory to improve load times.
  323. - Silver weapons can now be crafted and improved at a forge.
  324. - Added nirnroot around the island.
  325. - Added dragon events around the island.
  326. - Removed duplicate and unnecessary references to improve performance.
  327. - Solved bug associated with reading music files from archives.
  328. - Custom music has been added back into Wyrmstooth.
  329. - Added 4 new miscellaneous objective quests.
  331. 1.09 - Fixed issue preventing new cure spells from appearing in spell list.
  332. - Fixed erroneous script properties on playable lutes.
  333. - Added a new dungeon 'Hermans Hold' to the island.
  334. - Fixed issue with an unlootable steam centurion in the Luminatory.
  335. - Removed cell ownership in Hall of the Dead to fix coffin labels.
  336. - Removed silver weapon smithing and tempering that were added in 1.8.
  337. - Removed unused effects.
  338. - Fixed the scripting on and the contents of Fjeimir's Note.
  339. - Fixed issue with a chair not upgrading properly in Fort Valus.
  340. - Some more performance tweaking in the Luminatory.
  342. 1.10 - Wyrmstooth.esp is now a master file.
  344. 1.11 - Fixed Lurius Liore's say once dialogue bug.
  345. - Adjusted alchemy ingredient weightings.
  346. - The Fort Valus cook, blacksmith and gardener now trade.
  347. - Wyrmstooth music now plays inside Fort Valus, not dungeon music.
  348. - Removed some ambient dungeon sounds from Fort Valus.
  349. - Lorumend and Gundlof should now perform as bards.
  350. - More locations are subject to random dragon attacks.
  351. - Wyrmstooth.ini removed from package (Nexusmods/Moddb Only).
  352. - The Fort Valus Common House interiors are no longer joined.
  353. - Removed the prison rotunda from the Fort Valus barracks.
  354. - Removed the unnecessary dwemer section from Frostvein mine.
  355. - Implemented a prison system on Wyrmstooth.
  356. - Removed errant door transition from the Mining Settlement.
  357. - Some locations around Wyrmstooth are now clearable.
  358. - Radiant quests can now be assigned to Wyrmstooth locations.
  359. - Fixed errant location information on some cells.
  360. - Most houses around Wyrmstooth now have shadowmarks.
  361. - Added ambush behaviour to the dragons in the steampools.
  362. - Reduced Imperials involved in final battle to improve performance.
  363. - Wyrmstooth Barrow now has a named boss.
  364. - Fixed Lurius and Theodyn sometimes not appearing in Bannered Mare.
  365. - Reduced mob size in the Refectory to prevent possible crash.
  366. - Followers may now be able to follow you into Dimfrost.
  367. - Reworked some areas of Wyrmstooth Barrow, especially the refectory.
  368. - Saeglopur farm is no longer totally abandoned per se...
  369. - Hid a few treasure chests around the island.
  370. - Added more follower comment triggers around the island.
  371. - The miners at Gronndal Grove are now hostile to the dragons.
  372. - Named unnamed relationships, deleted unused relationships.
  373. - Fixed a few more navmesh and door portal issues.
  375. 1.12 - Door to Luminatory water elevator no longer slightly askew.
  376. - Set minimum level for Wyrmstooth encounter zones to 10.
  377. - Reduced Nighthunter's Locket value to make it easier to pickpocket.
  378. - The Severed Leg can now be improved with Human Flesh.
  379. - Added a second elevator to Dimfrost.
  380. - Faelor should now be able to enter buildings.
  381. - Fixed spell absorption on Wyrmstooth's new conjuration spells.
  382. - Reworked some portions of the Dimfrost sub dungeons.
  383. - Goreduster can no longer be sold or dropped.
  385. 1.13 - Fixed issue with Vulthurkrah's raise dead scene not triggering.
  386. - Bloodfrost Burrow's boss vampire no longer enabled by default.
  387. - Added additional enable trigger for Wyrmstooth map marker.
  388. - Fixed script-related issue with a dead horse at the settlement.
  389. - Fixed issue with legion carts not moving during final scene.
  390. - Fixed issue with dragon aggression during final battle.
  391. - Fixed issue with town not rebuilding after Barrow of the Wyrm.
  392. - Added a thieves guild fence to The Hermit Inn.
  393. - Added a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary player home.
  394. - Fixed issue that could prevent the mercenaries from appearing.
  395. - Reclaiming The Past starts if you enter any building at Fort Valus.
  396. - Added new random events for the Wyrmstooth worldspace.
  397. - Vampires no longer receive sun damage in Dimfrost.
  398. - Arvak can now be summoned on Wyrmstooth and in Dimfrost.
  399. - Residents now properly lock and unlock their doors.
  400. - Sigur now walks to the correct bed when renting a room.
  401. - Bulak now trades potions and ingredients.
  402. - Fixed issue with spriggan matriarch not becoming hostile.
  403. - Removed unused location: Cutpurse Crevasse.
  405. 1.14 - Fixed issue with random encounters returning NPCs to holding cell.
  406. - Fixed issue that may prevent random encounter NPCs from travelling.
  407. - Fixed issue with ship at docks disappearing.
  408. - Fixed issue with new elevator shaft to/from dimfrost disappearing.
  409. - Added a few new points of interest around the island.
  410. - Added more conjure draugr spell tomes inside Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  411. - Wyrmstooth now has (miserable) climate and weather most days.
  412. - Added Crimson Nirnroot to Dimfrost.
  413. - Fixed random event crowding.
  414. - The mercenaries now sandbox-follow during Barrow of the Wyrm.
  415. - Increased wordwall word pickup distance.
  416. - Added sporadic lightning to the northern marsh.
  417. - Lurius Liore is now excluded from bard audiences.
  418. - Lava now does a heck of a lot more damage.
  419. - Vulthurkrah now uses his own storm call instead of Alduins.
  420. - Replaced generic Bandits with Marauders.
  421. - The draugr could be killed by accident before Alberthor's spell.
  422. - Fixed issue that prevented soldiers exiting the imperial carts.
  423. - Vulthurkrah now resurrects the imperials that die in battle.
  424. - Elmera no longer follows so closely during final battle.
  425. - Added more new spells. Check Krakevisa for new spell tomes.
  426. - The Marauder boss at Cragwater is no longer enabled by default.
  427. - The draugr can now strike and kill things while controlled.
  428. - Set up regions around the island.
  429. - Added relationships to help mercenaries ignore friendly fire.
  430. - Added Theodyn to random events to help him find you.
  432. Big thanks to Arthmoor for the following:
  434. - Fixed a bunch of papyrus spam due to bad trigger config.
  435. - Fixed issue preventing weapon retrieval from plaques and racks.
  436. - Fixed missing quest link on word walls.
  438. And Sheson for the following:
  440. - Fixed problem with wrong texture used on Emperor Parasol LOD.
  442. 1.15 - Fixed a couple map marker typos.
  443. - Added lock lists to Fort Valus to support NPC schedules.
  444. - Cure Poison is now an Adept level spell (as requested).
  445. - Cure Disease is now an Expert level spell (as requested).
  446. - Fixed Cure Poison and Cure Disease casting effects.
  447. - Added Artisanix's Paintings and Frames resource.
  448. - Added Blary's Ingredients Wall Art resource.
  449. - Added new regional ambient sounds.
  450. - Added a bunch of new custom modeled clutter assets.
  451. - Added voice acting for many mining settlement NPCs.
  452. - Fixed collision mesh on the Emperor Parasol mushrooms.
  453. - Reworked the distribution of the Elf Cup harvestable.
  454. - Did a bit more performance tweaking around the island.
  455. - Fixed issue with door marker to The Hermit not on navmesh.
  456. - Improved UVs on Emperor Parasol mushroom.
  457. - Helmets worn by Marauders no longer labeled Helm of Yngol.
  458. - Added more fire emitters to the mining settlement.
  459. - Leone was incorrectly named Vontus. She wasn't happy.
  460. - Added a few new dwemer convectors across Wyrmstooth.
  461. - Added a new merchant with a large amount of gold to trade.
  462. - Dead named NPCs now properly moved to the Hall of the Dead.
  463. - Dead named NPCs will now be cleaned up properly.
  464. - Added debug door to holder cell in case scripted moves fail.
  465. - Lurius & co getting hit repeatedly no longer results in crash.
  467. Important:
  469. - Lurius & co now in the DunPlayerAllyFaction instead of the
  470. Player faction. This *may* fix issues caused by other mods
  471. preventing Player faction members from speaking or that
  472. make members of the Player faction hostile to each other.
  474. 1.16 - Bog Beacon ingredient renamed to Bog Beacon Asco Cap.
  475. - Fort Valus staff are now marked as protected.
  476. - Fixed inventory art for Cure Disease/Poison spell tomes.
  477. - The 'floating' door at the imperial camp has been deleted.
  478. - Slightly increased mercenary follow distance.
  479. - Made the draugr overlords tougher.
  480. - The new bird sounds should now have more volume variation.
  481. - Phantom Form subtitle 'Lo...Sah' changed to 'Lo ... Sah'.
  482. - The wall safe in the Fort Valus muster is now accessible.
  483. - Fort Valus guards should now be more inclined to help player.
  484. - Recompiled Ynglod Ironbender's barter script.
  485. - Fixed unlinked weapon rack activators in Fort Valus.
  486. - Added Lock List to Holder Cell to better track Lurius & co.
  487. - Added a couple new triggered events around the island.
  488. - Trespass dialogue has been fixed.
  489. - Shouting at the 'sun' in Dimfrost now triggers enemies.
  490. - Added a few Ayleid ruins around the island.
  491. - Added a certain ingredient with its associated recipe. ;)
  492. - Added something kinda creepy to Herman's Hideout...
  493. - Added a unique sunrise/sunset weather.
  495. 1.17 - Removed Boiled Manure recipe. Way too much immersion.
  496. - Added Autosave points at key parts of the quest.
  497. - Made a few cosmetic changes to the temperate region of the island.
  498. - Made a few changes to the weather effects and lighting on the island.
  499. - Added more unmarked points of interest around the island.
  500. - Added a few transforming werewolves.
  501. - Chillwater River now flows in the right direction.
  502. - The northern swamp now uses proper marsh water.
  503. - Added more harvestables around the island.
  504. - Added underwater details around the coast.
  505. - Reworked the design of a few locations.
  506. - Rescue quests should no longer be assigned to Wyrmstooth locations.
  507. - Added a second note to start the Blind Robber's Cache side quest.
  508. - Added a fast travel marker for Dimfrost (enabled on initial entry).
  509. - Properly aligned the Dimfrost worldspace with the rest of the island.
  510. - If another mod deletes XMarker 0008F648, the mercenaries will now try
  511. to wait for you in The Deadman's Drink in Falkreath.
  512. - If Lurius and Theodyn can't get to the Bannered Mare they will now
  513. try to wait outside in Whiterun market.
  514. - Erroneous death items removed from NPCs.
  515. - NPCS now use a unique voicetype to help solve the silent NPC problem.
  516. - Cleared unused actor base selections and regenerated Facegen data.
  517. - Widened hallways where possible in Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  518. - The mercenaries will stop following the player if the player leaves
  519. the island before finishing the Barrow of the Wyrm quest.
  520. - Added more traps to the dungeon and made them do a bit more damage.
  521. - Fixed noticeable shadow banding on some shadow casting lights.
  522. - Fixed misaligned roombound in Wyrmstooth Barrow crypt.
  523. - Fallen Adventurers are now more varied in class and equipment.
  524. - Proper persistence locations added to Wyrmstooth NPCs.
  525. - Boss reference type removed from NPCs in non-clearable locations.
  526. - Twinpeak Tower is now a clearable location.
  527. - Dunyick now forcegreets the player when the player is nearby.
  528. - A scene between the mercenaries about the shaft in the crypt now
  529. triggers correctly again after talking to Alberthor about it.
  530. - Fixed a problem where sometimes Suleyk would be weaponless.
  531. - Suleyk's mask is now a playable item with a unique effect. If a
  532. draugr is already aggro when you put it on just sheathe your sword.
  533. - The guards at the mining settlement should now respawn if killed.
  534. - Relocated the orcs from the mining settlement to improve fps.
  535. - The Imperial Mining Settlement has been renamed 'Stonehollow'.
  536. - The new location sound no longer plays when entering houses.
  537. - Added a new orc stronghold 'Kazmalgur' to the island.
  538. - Removed the playable instruments feature.
  539. - Added a few new weapons and shields.
  540. - Tweaked Vulom's repertoire of spells and fixed the visual effects.
  541. - Rebuilt object LOD with TES5LODGen.
  542. - Added more treasure to the Blind Robber's Bluff treasure room.
  543. - Balmir now uses the Chillwater sawmill properly.
  544. - Reduced the volume of regional ambient sounds a tad.
  545. - Elmera's sidequest has been enabled. Spiddal stick growing near
  546. an old Oblivion gate can be found somewhere on the island.
  547. - Lurius no longer says 'meet me above deck' upon first arrival.
  548. - Fixed the glow map on bog beacon and blue beacon plants.
  549. - Vulthurkrah now has slightly more balanced level scaling.
  550. - The Red Wave interior is now accessible from Wyrmstooth docks.
  551. - Wyrmstooth no longer needs to modify anything in the Tamriel
  552. worldspace. This should improve compatibility with other mods.
  553. - Players can no longer collect Lurius' reward multiple times by
  554. exiting dialogue before selecting the next response.
  555. - Made a few more tweaks to the world map camera to match Solstheim.
  556. - Fixed a problem ending A Priceless Commodity when killing the
  557. spriggan matriarch after vowing to kill the miners.
  558. - It should no longer be possible for the Strange Mannequin to
  559. follow the player outside Herman's Holdout.
  560. - Fixed a problem where sometimes the Wyrmstooth day/night soundtrack
  561. would play in Wyrmstooth Barrow and Dimfrost.
  562. - Added a new intro scene that plays when you first arrive.
  563. - Objective 'Defend Stonehollow from Vulthurkrah' now becomes active
  564. as soon as Vulthurkrah flies away.
  565. - Holmar no longer shows up on the deck of the Red Wave at Solitude
  566. before you've started Barrow of the Wyrm.
  567. - The steampool dragons now level scale a bit more fairly.
  568. - Rebuilt land LOD at a higher resolution.
  569. - Added a couple more load screens, tweaked models and conditions.
  570. - Meshes checked with NIF Healer.
  571. - Added a new island to the north-west with a few new locations.
  572. - Radiant quests should no longer be assigned to Wyrmstooth locations
  573. before you've been to Wyrmstooth.
  574. - Added an unmarked quest of sorts that starts at the new dockmaster
  575. house and eventually leads to a new location named Frostwind Folly.
  576. Follow the journals for clues.
  577. - Built .gid files so grass renders correctly if bAllowCreateGrass is
  578. not set to 1 in the user's Skyrim.ini file.
  579. - Fort Valus exterior pieces now have LOD properly configured.
  580. - Made a couple changes to the book History of Wyrmstooth.
  581. - Added more regional ambient sounds.
  582. - Removed the Ayleid tileset.
  583. - Removed duplicate and unnecessary Location Ref Type XMarkers.
  584. - Regenerated SEQ file with TES5Edit.
  585. - Fixed some land/ocean z-fighting along the coast.
  586. - Fixed problem with mystery skeletons appearing in random locations.
  587. - Added a new book 'Explorer's Guide to Wyrmstooth' that adds a few
  588. map markers for interesting locations.
  589. - Rebuilt max height data for Wyrmstooth and Dimfrost worldspaces.
  590. - Fixed a couple spots where you could get stuck.
  591. - Fixed a problem where the mercenaries could keep following you even
  592. after the dragon has been defeated.
  593. - NPCs that raid Fort Valus will no longer go into the muster, instead
  594. they now engage the guards (if any) in the courtyard outside.
  595. - Removed spell resistance on Call of the Wild/Dead spells, improved
  596. range but reduced effect duration to 30s.
  597. - Removed the Conjure Dragon Priest spell.
  598. - Wyrmstooth interiors with sky now use Wyrmstooth region weather.
  599. - Adjusted music durations to prevent tracks from fading out early.
  600. - Fixed misaligned roombound in Frostvein mine.
  601. - Random encounter zones no longer use the full pool of vanilla
  602. random encounters.
  603. - A random encounter zone near Stonehollow could interfere with the
  604. final battle. It is now disabled until the dragon is defeated.
  605. - Lightning strikes in the swamp are now a bit more randomized.
  606. - Removed the Pitcher Plant asset.
  607. - Fixed a problem where the controlled draugr would sometimes not be
  608. in position.
  609. - The Stormcloak Camp in the swamp has been renamed Abandoned Camp.
  610. - Unaggressive adventurers added to Wyrmstooth Crime Faction.
  611. - Made some slight adjustments to marauder leveled gear.
  612. - Cleaned up a few left-over navmesh islands.
  613. - Wyrmstooth Barrow's side exits now use min-use doors to prevent quest
  614. markers from choosing paths that may not yet be unlocked.
  615. - The door to Dimfrost from Frostvein Mine is also now a min-use door.
  616. - A marauder in the refectory now takes the Rusted Dragon Claw and will
  617. attempt to retreat to Herman's Holdout.
  618. - Added inventory filters to item counting quest scripts.
  619. - Removed unnecessary keywords from NPCs.
  620. - Fixed a couple bad script references in Dimfrost.
  621. - Removed references that had somehow been orphaned by their parent cell.
  622. - You can now enter the dungeon via the crypt entrance using the Rusted
  623. Dragon Claw.
  624. - Fixed some papyrus spam on script initialization.
  625. - Fixed an issue where Twinpeak Tower was labeled Waylayer's Watch.
  627. Also thanks to AndrealphusVIII for the following:
  629. - Fixed numerous typos.
  630. - Alberthor's equipment now has proper ownership.
  632. 1.18 - Removed spells from Alberthor's falmer to prevent accidental fights with
  633. the mercenaries.
  634. - Fixed 'Phantom Form' missing menu art.
  635. - Fixed an issue with Bolmar remaining essential when siding with the
  636. spriggan matriarch during 'A Priceless Commodity'.
  637. - Elmera now gives her reward for completing her favor quest.
  638. - Added a pedestal near Alberthor where you can leave the Rusted Dragon
  639. Claw when you're finished with it.
  640. - Done what I can to reduce reverb on Lurius Liore's dialogue.
  641. - Added water currents to a couple small streams that lacked them.
  642. - Added thick fog draugr swarm encounters. Enjoy.
  643. - The Giant's Club can now knock enemies into the air.
  644. - Hulgard should be less likely to engage in combat, which could potentially
  645. turn Stonehollow hostile.
  646. - Getting the Rusted Dragon Claw puzzle door wrong now activates a trap.
  647. - The marauder that steals the Rusted Dragon Claw is now likely to die to
  648. a nearby trap.
  649. - Fixed a few subtitles that had incorrect apostrophes.
  650. - Fixed a whole lot of papyrus spam.
  651. - Removed a couple redundant trigger boxes.
  652. - Added Theodyn to bard exclusion faction so he leaves the Bannered Mare
  653. when Lurius does.
  654. - Haetar's Cave and Tomb of Vulom were missing encounter zone data.
  655. - Fixed broken merchants and increased open hours.
  656. - Removed a couple redundant factions.
  657. - Fixed AI packages on a few Stonehollow residents that weren't mining.
  658. - Removed some navmesh islands.
  659. - Fixed a potential crash after draining the lake at Frostwind Folly
  660. caused by a script disabling a water plane.
  661. - Fixed a potential crash in Bonechill Passage caused by too many NPCs
  662. using an autoload door at the same time.
  663. - The imperial carts retether correctly (in most cases) if the player loads
  664. a save while they're enroute to Stonehollow.
  665. - Fixed an issue where sometimes Vulthurkrah would fly away while talking
  666. during your first encounter on Ancient's Ascent.
  667. - A variety of minor cosmetic changes and additions around the island.
  669. 1.19 - Generated TVDT occlusion for the Dimfrost and Wyrmstooth worldspaces.
  670. This should improve performance around the island.
  671. - Removed some occlusion planes around the island that are no longer
  672. necessary. Having too many can actually degrade performance.
  673. - Optimized performance at Wyrmstooth Docks and Fort Moonwatch a bit more.
  674. - Reduced the size of the battles in the refectory to reduce likelihood
  675. of crashes on low end systems or systems that are maxing out VRAM.
  676. - Removed a couple traps that were in obnoxious spots.
  677. - Repositioned the secondary lever for the pressure puzzle in the
  678. refectory so it's more visible.
  679. - Added a hint for solving the pressure puzzle in the refectory.
  680. - Built up the ruins outside the entrance to Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  681. - Fixed a minor issue with weather in sub regions not set to override
  682. main region weather.
  683. - Removed a merchant chest and faction assigned to Elmera that she was
  684. not using.
  685. - Made a few more changes to the book 'History of Wyrmstooth'.
  686. - Thickened the cloud around the island.
  687. - The Marauder Footman who steals the claw no longer flees to Herman's
  688. Holdout.
  689. - A second trap has been set up to kill the Marauder Footman if he
  690. somehow survives the first trap.
  691. - Made a minor change to the way the steampool dragon encounter starts
  692. so the second dragon triggers after the first.
  693. - Reduced the glow intensity of bog beacon and deep beacon.
  694. - Expanded Coldwave Crescent.
  695. - Day/Night soundtracks should no longer play over dungeon soundtracks.
  696. - Expanded Haetar's Cave.
  697. - Fixed an issue with some dungeons not having music.
  698. - Adjusted acoustic settings for several interiors to better match the
  699. type of location.
  700. - Expanded Krakevisa.
  701. - Added 3 dragon mounds corresponding to the 3 dragons you fight on the
  702. island.
  703. - Expanded Wyrmstooth Barrow Temple and Wyrmstooth Barrow Refectory.
  704. - Made the button that opens the elevator in Vulthurkrah's room in
  705. Dimfrost Luminatory easier to reach.
  706. - Expanded Frostwind Folly to make it a bit less linear.
  707. - Optimized performance in Belonir's Borg.
  708. - Removed a couple script files that weren't being used.
  709. - Recompiled all scripts. Included script source in the release.
  710. - Reduced duration of draugr swarm and made them slightly less likely
  711. to occur.
  712. - Resorted dialogue views and included the .xml files in the release.
  713. - Renamed the starting quest 'Dragon Hunt' to 'Wyrmstooth'.
  714. Note: Internally it's still called WTDragonHunt.
  715. - Quests that should only be run once are now specifically set to only run
  716. once.
  717. - Wyrmstooth NPCs are now placed into their positions only once you meet
  718. quest start requirements. Lurius and Theodyn should no longer be seen
  719. idling in the Bannered Mare before the quest starts.
  720. - The quest 'Barrow of the Wyrm' no longer starts in the background
  721. when the mod is loaded. It is now manually started when the intro quest
  722. 'Wyrmstooth' finishes.
  723. - Similarily, WTRebuild now only starts when 'Barrow of the Wyrm' finishes.
  724. This should help alleviate some stuttering caused by a bunch of large
  725. quests starting all at once as soon as the mod loads.
  726. - Fixed a scripting bug that caused Stonehollow to rebuild too quickly.
  727. - Added an MCM that allows you to change Wyrmstooth quest start conditions.
  728. This feature will require SKSE and SkyUI. The mod will still function
  729. fine without them.
  730. - Wyrmstooth now starts by default at the end of 'Way of the Voice' rather
  731. than at the start of it.
  732. - The quest 'Barrow of the Wyrm' now shuts down properly and no longer
  733. stays running in the background after you complete it.
  734. - Quest items associated with 'Barrow of the Wyrm' are therefore now also
  735. droppable once this quest is finished.
  736. - Adjusted Vulthurkrah's leveling to scale a bit better with the
  737. player.
  738. - The steampool dragons should now be a bit tougher too.
  739. - Random encounters involving multiple NPCs now follow a leader.
  740. - Vulthurkrah may now appear in a random encounter in Skyrim with a burning
  741. merchant cart before you confront him at Ancient's Ascent.
  742. - Made a few cosmetic changes to Fort Valus to mostly to make the exterior
  743. better match the interior.
  744. - Moved hellos from WTDragonHunt to WTDialogueIdle.
  745. - Regenerated SEQ file.
  746. - Reversed the skin tone change on Jonsi and Signy to make Wyrmstooth a bit
  747. more compatible with mods that make children look human.
  748. - Fixed a roombound issue in Bloodfrost Burrow.
  749. - Excluded the mannequins in Fort Valus Muster from bard audiences.
  750. - You should now be able to trade with Ja'Shavi-Dar as soon as you arrive
  751. on the island.
  752. - You can now leave the mercenaries behind during Barrow of the Wyrm if you
  753. want to do the dungeon on your own.
  754. - You can now sleep in the dockmaster's house if you need to.
  755. - Elmera should stop tending to Ja'Shavi-Dar once you enter the barrow.
  757. I was 3/4 through this update when my power supply exploded and took
  758. my hard drives with it forcing me to restart.
  760. 1.19.1 - Fixed a collision issue in the pillar puzzle room of Wyrmstooth Barrow
  761. Temple.
  762. - Removed an icicle that was blocking one of the doorways outside the
  763. entrance to Wyrmstooth Barrow Crypt.
  764. - Adjusted the position of a few very slightly mis-aligned dungeon
  765. tileset pieces in Wyrmstooth Barrow Temple.
  766. - Faelor is now set to ignore combat when you initially meet the wolf
  767. to try and prevent a dialogue issue from occurring.
  768. - Faelor's AI is now forced to re-evaluate immediately after being
  769. dismissed.
  770. - Removed a Falmer Hut that couldn't be entered in Dimfrost Animonculatory.
  771. - Added an option to turn off Autosaves in the MCM. If your game is freezing
  772. at certain parts of the dungeon, the game is trying to make an Autosave.
  773. - Added a location encounter to bring Theodyn Bienne to the nearest
  774. town you visit when you meet quest start requirements so Wyrmstooth can
  775. start quicker.
  776. - Added conditions to prevent Wyrmstooth's custom music tracks from
  777. playing while the player is in combat.
  778. - Remade the WTFXVolumeMist.nif file using FXVolumeMist.nif from SSE to
  779. try and fix a graphical issue that only manifests on Xbox (SSE only).
  780. - The Phantom Form actor should now have a female body if the player
  781. character is female.
  782. - The Phantom Form actor now performs an idle animation wherever it's
  783. spawned in to distract enemies.
  785. 1.19.2 - Fixed a minor lighting issue in Fort Valus muster that occurs before
  786. purchasing upgrades.
  787. - Fixed a performance issue in the dockmaster's house.
  788. - Repositioned the bounty note in Stendarr's Outpost to make it a bit easier
  789. to spot.
  790. - Fixed a minor issue where the mercenaries would sometimes rush to the
  791. player during the draugr control sequence, sometimes getting in the way of
  792. Alberthor's spell.
  793. - Fixed some missing voice acting for the new wait/follow commands for the
  794. mercenaries that was accidentally left out of the SSE port.
  795. - Fixed a few mistakes in Alberthor's subtitles. If anyone else spots any
  796. more mistakes, please let me know.
  797. - Fixed another issue where sometimes phantom form would spawn in with a male
  798. body if the player character is female. See WTPhantomFormLoad.psc for more
  799. info.
  800. - Removed Lorumend from a few factions she shouldn't have been in.
  801. - Fixed an issue with the wispmothers not being aggressive when they load in.
  802. - Fixed a minor lighting issue in the new ice cave section of Haetar's Cave.
  804. Huge thanks to León van der Stadt for the following:
  806. - Remastered the Dimfrost track.
  807. - Added 4 new dungeon tracks.
  808. - Added new music for the intro boat ride sequence.
  809. - Re-rendered the intro .bik video with new music.
  811. 1.19.3 - Fixed a flickering light issue in Fort Moonwatch Muster.
  812. - Adjusted the position of a few mis-aligned dungeon tileset pieces in
  813. Wyrmstooth Barrow Temple. Again.
  814. - Dawnguard should no longer choose Stonehollow for radiant quests before
  815. you visit the island.
  816. - Getting Goreduster and opening the barrow entrance before reading the
  817. bandit journal no longer adds a quest objective for getting the sword
  818. that you already have.
  820. Huge thanks to León van der Stadt once again for the following:
  822. - Remastered the day and night exploration tracks.
  823. - Added a new night exploration track.
  824. - Added 2 new dungeon exploration tracks.
  825. - Added 20 new day and night exploration palette tracks.
  827. 1.19.4 - Fixed conditions on new day and night tracks.
  828. - Palette tracks now play much less frequently.
  829. - Ulfgar now sandboxes in the Silverblood Inn to accomodate folks using
  830. Open Cities.
  831. - The enemies spawned at Ancient's Ascent should now engage the player
  832. before the player reaches Vulthurkah so they don't interfere with his
  833. dialogue.
  834. - Started recording new dialogue for background NPCs using Tacotron 2
  835. speech synthesis.
  836. - Hunters on Wyrmstooth should no longer refer to a Jarl.
  837. - Fixed a couple more lighting issues in the barrow.
  838. - Fixed a couple more scripting issues.
  839. - Shargam now always spawns in with a Steel Battleaxe as his default
  840. weapon.
  841. - It should no longer be possible for Daenlit to run out of arrows.
  842. - The mercenaries now only give you their sidequests when they're on
  843. Wyrmstooth.
  844. - Moved the Fort Valus staff over to PlayerFaction from WEPlayerFriend
  845. to try and fix a weird issue where the player would be flagged as
  846. trespassing when trying to sleep in Fort Valus Muster despite that
  847. cell being marked as a public space.
  848. - Ulfgar's crime faction wasn't properly assigned.
  849. - WTMUSDungeon06 has been repurposed to play during Vulthurkrah's
  850. speech in his lair in Dimfrost.
  851. - Fixed an issue where autosaves could potentially be triggered by
  852. NPCs.
  854. More awesome content from León van der Stadt:
  856. - Remastered a couple more tracks.
  857. - Added a new Dimfrost track.
  858. - Added several new reveals.
  859. - Signy (the blacksmith's daughter) now has new dialogue and a new
  860. sidequest available.
  861. - Re-recorded Theodyn Bienne's dialogue and gave him more to say.
  862. - Remastered Alberthor's dialogue.
  863. - Re-recorded Shargam's dialogue and gave him more to say.
  864. - Lorumend now has 17 new unique instrumental performances.
  865. - Added more reverb to Vulom's voice.
  866. - Added more reverb to the refectory marauder's voice.
  867. - Added a new track that plays when Vulthurkrah is defeated.
  868. - Recorded dialogue for Ulfgar.
  870. 1.19.5 - Random encounters involving the mercenaries no longer occur if
  871. they are your current follower.
  872. - Fixed an issue where Shargam wasn't being dismissed properly if
  873. the player dismissed him on Wyrmstooth.
  874. - Fixed a few incorrect apostrophes in Theodyn's new dialogue.
  875. - Bolmar now forcegreets the player when approaching Gronndal
  876. Grove.
  877. - Elmera's AI now updates immediately once Vulthurkrah has been
  878. defeated.
  879. - All the spriggans now need to be defeated at Gronndal Grove when
  880. siding with Bolmar during A Priceless Commodity.
  881. - Similarily, all the miners now need to be defeated when siding
  882. with the Spriggan Matriarch.
  883. - Fixed Signy's new trespass and flee dialogue.
  884. - Fixed an animation issue where Lorumend would occasionally fail to
  885. play the instrument animation immediately when a performance starts.
  886. I think.
  887. - Lorumend now charges 10 gold per song request.
  888. - Disabled trespass dialogue for Stonehollow residents where a
  889. guard is called when there are no guards around yet to call.
  890. - Added a couple new random encounters.
  891. - Added ownership to the refectory adventurer's gear. Except the
  892. bedrolls, in case the player needs to sleep there.
  893. - Added a Wyrmstooth Paper Map based on the one by Duncanlarsen1,
  894. replacing the default Skyrim maps found around the island.
  895. - Replaced the marauders in the pressure plate room of the refectory
  896. with adventurers. One of them has a hint for getting the gate open.
  897. - The adventurers in the refectory should now pack up their camp and
  898. move on once the settlement begins to rebuild.
  899. - Legate Hamlin now has a few things to say after the dragon has been
  900. defeated.
  901. - Fixed an issue with the Giant's Club where it didn't have enough
  902. charge to knock targets into the air.
  903. - Added some extra lines to Faelor's dialogue when speaking to her
  904. for the first time.
  905. - Faelor no longer replaces your current animal companion when she
  906. starts following before A Howl Load Of Trouble has been completed.
  907. - Faelor's AI now updates immediately once A Howl Load Of Trouble has
  908. been completed.
  909. - All the bandits responsible for killing Dunyick are now marked as
  910. quest targets in A Howl Load Of Trouble.
  911. - Faelor now plays an animation when given an instruction.
  912. - Lurius should now travel to the interior of the Red Wave during
  913. Barrow of the Wyrm if another mod erroneously deletes the
  914. TGTQ02SabineSandbox0x0 XMarker on the deck outside, assuming he
  915. can still successfully path there.
  916. - Roosting dragons should only be re-enabled after Wyrmstooth if
  917. they were previously already enabled through the main quest.
  918. - Reclaiming the Past is now listed in your journal as a
  919. Miscellaneous objective. Speaking to Lurius about the fort will
  920. clear the objective, if you don't want to actually purchase it.
  921. - Made a few changes to the lighting in Fort Valus muster.
  922. - Added a toggle in the MCM to automatically reset Faelor after
  923. combat to fix the issue where you aren't able to speak with her.
  924. Ideally you should keep this off until you need to speak with her.
  925. - Faelor now ignores friendly hits.
  926. - Faelor now does a bit more damage to enemies in combat.
  927. - Removed Yngfa, Balmir and Lalaine from the Lumberjack factions
  928. because it was giving them dialogue they didn't have voice acting
  929. for.
  930. - Removed Hulgard and Ynglod from the JobBlacksmithFaction because
  931. it's unnecessary for them to be in it.
  932. - The rumbling that starts when Vulthurkrah raises the dead in his
  933. lair should now stop immediately if the player skips the battle
  934. with the raised dead and goes outside.
  935. - Added an option to the MCM to scale up the health of bosses if the
  936. player can kill the boss in 4 hits or less. Currently applies to:
  937. Vulthurkrah, Vulom, Valstadt, Malentis, Suleyk and The Valedrynn.
  938. Scaling is based on the damage output of the player's currently
  939. held weapon.
  940. - Vulom will now teleport around during his fight if he has 10%
  941. health remaining or more to be a pain in the ass.
  942. - Having Vulom teleport around also helped fix an issue where he'd
  943. stop casting spells at the player after awhile.
  944. - Gave Vulom a package to pursue the player as long as the player
  945. remains inside his tomb. So no more hiding.
  946. - Fixed an issue where sometimes Vulom didn't play the animation
  947. where he'd rise up out of his sarcophagus.
  948. - Added a couple more warlocks to Malentis' library.
  949. - Malentis' simulacrum is now named Malentis' Simulacrum rather than
  950. just Simulacrum.
  951. - Increased the level scaling of Malentis' Simulacrum.
  952. - Added an option to the MCM to alert you when Wyrmstooth starts up
  953. in the background.
  954. - Removed the restoration perks from Vulom as he no longer uses
  955. healing spells aside from Drain Life. Made his Drain Life spell
  956. stronger to compensate.
  957. - Reworked the first encounter with Vulthurkrah atop Ancient's
  958. Ascent. Vulthurkrah now shouts the player to the ground with a
  959. 'Dragonbornrend' shout before speaking.
  960. - The other wolf that was still at Ancient's Ascent should now also
  961. be found in Bonechill Passage during Wyrmstooth, so it doesn't
  962. potentially interfere with Vulthurkrah's new scene.
  963. - The mercenaries now accompany Lurius as he travels to the Red
  964. Wave at Solitude docks, rather than them all traveling separately.
  965. - Wyrmstone and Brimstone ore veins have been replaced for now
  966. until new armor and weapon sets can be made for the mod.
  967. - Added states to a bunch of papyrus scripts to prevent them from
  968. potentially triggering multiple times under odd circumstances.
  969. - Reduced the saturation slightly on Elmera's armor texture.
  970. - Lurius is now teleported to the Red Wave interior if the player
  971. sleeps at the start of Barrow of the Wyrm, just in case a mod
  972. breaks pathfinding to the Red Wave.
  973. - Valstadt can no longer be staggered in combat.
  974. - Valstadt can now be found sitting on his new bone throne in
  975. Cragwater Cavern. He also has a few new things to say.
  976. - The marauders at Cragwater are no longer immediately hostile. You
  977. can pay a toll at the gate guard to enter the camp. Sneaking past
  978. without paying will make them hostile.
  979. - Added a new blacksmith, apothecary and mage vendor to Cragwater
  980. Cavern.
  981. - Made a slight adjustment to the roombounds in Cragwater Cavern
  982. to improve performance.
  983. - Donnar's corpse should no longer be visible at Cragwater Cavern
  984. until after a specific journal has been read.
  985. - Added a notice board outside the tradehouse with notes pointing
  986. to some of the sidequests available around the island. New notes
  987. will be posted as you progress through the main quest and as
  988. certain things happen.
  989. - The steam centurion in Vulthurkrah's lair now leaves the ambush
  990. state properly again upon being triggered by its lever.
  991. - The mercenaries will now be teleported to the top of the shaft in
  992. the Luminatory if they are really far away when entering the
  993. dragon's lair in Dimfrost Luminatory, if they are currently
  994. following.
  995. - The mercenaries should now wait in the room at the entrance to
  996. Dimfrost if they are not currently following you, after the long
  997. drop in the Wyrmstooth Barrow Crypt.
  998. - Gave a key to the generic miners at Stonehollow so they can enter
  999. their barracks to sleep if someone has already locked the door.
  1000. - Followers should no longer be able to follow you into Herman's
  1001. Holdout.
  1002. - Added bed ownership to the double bed in the tradehouse, and
  1003. added a few spare beds for the NPCs that sleep there.
  1004. - Ja'Shavi-Dar and Hulgard are no longer open 24/7 anymore and
  1005. can now be traded with during regular business hours only.
  1006. - Removed the swinging blade trap in Wyrmstooth Barrow Crypt.
  1007. - Removed the dead adventurer outside the nord puzzle door with the
  1008. bloodstained note.
  1009. - Removed the quest marker pointing to the marauder's journal at
  1010. the entrance to Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  1011. - Lurius should no longer talk about the island while enroute to
  1012. the barrow if the player is too far away to hear him speak.
  1013. - Reduced the chance of Shargam saying 'You're next, play-thing!'.
  1014. - The objective 'Enter Wyrmstooth Barrow' now only becomes active
  1015. after speaking to Lurius at Stonehollow, not before.
  1016. - Fixed a potential lighting issue after the round door in the
  1017. refectory.
  1018. - Added an option in the MCM to disable quest markers on Wyrmstooth
  1019. quests.
  1020. - Added some extra silence after the Wyrmstooth Barrow track.
  1021. - Restored Athir and Shargam's comment scene about the town ablaze
  1022. as the mercenaries enter Stonehollow for the first time.
  1023. - Rose should no longer speak about Nalion before Nalion and Gildan
  1024. move to Wyrmstooth.
  1025. - The Golden Urn in Blind Robber's Bluff had no value.
  1026. - The objective to unlock the door to Blind Robber's Cache now has
  1027. a quest marker pointing to the door.
  1028. - The door to the Red Wave should now be unlocked when Barrow of
  1029. the Wyrm starts up.
  1031. - Remastered some of Shargam's new lines of dialogue.
  1032. - Remastered Signy's new lines of dialogue.
  1033. - Recorded unique dialogue for Lorumend.
  1034. - Remastered the Mudcrab Merchant's dialogue.
  1035. - Remastered 14 tracks.
  1036. - Re-recorded Bolmar, Geitrich and the Spriggan Matriarch and gave
  1037. them more to say.
  1038. - Reduced the volume of the new flute performances.
  1040. 1.19.6 - Increased the priority on Theodyn's sleep package.
  1041. - Jónsi has been renamed to Jonsi to support in-game font
  1042. replacement mods that use a more limited unicode set.
  1043. - The Bloodletter dagger had 0 enchantment.
  1044. - Replaced a Skyrim map that was left behind at Imperial Landing
  1045. with the new Wyrmstooth Map.
  1046. - Added region names.
  1047. - Alberthor's falmer should no longer follow the player out of
  1048. Dimfrost.
  1049. - Added Vulthurkrah to a friendly faction for the first encounter
  1050. to try and fix an issue caused by shout overhaul mods that make
  1051. the Clear Skies shout a hostile action.
  1052. - Added a condition check to WTDisableVulthurkrahExit to prevent
  1053. Vulthurkrah from being disabled prematurely if a mod is
  1054. preventing him from spawning in on his perch on cell load.
  1055. - Made a duplicate ShoutFromPerch package template for Vulthurkrah
  1056. to work around problems introduced by other mods changing the way
  1057. the original package template functions.
  1058. - Fixed an issue where the switch that the draugr needs to activate
  1059. in Wyrmstooth Barrow Temple could potentially be activated before
  1060. Alberthor puts you in control of the draugr.
  1061. - The Spriggan Matriarch is now flagged as essential until you side
  1062. with the miners.
  1063. - A cell near the coast north of Fort Moonwatch had one too many
  1064. land textures in two quads.
  1065. - Added more cover at the steam pools and along the path leading to
  1066. Wyrmstooth Barrow to help low level players get past the dragons.
  1067. - Gundlof Windsinger can now be found performing for the marauders
  1068. at Cragwater Cavern before purchasing the main hall upgrade for
  1069. Fort Valus.
  1070. - Vulom no longer leaves ash piles behind when unsummoned.
  1071. - Elmera now joins up with you outside the entrance to Wyrmstooth
  1072. Barrow crypt.
  1073. - Made a minor level design change to Wyrmstooth Barrow Crypt.
  1074. - Set up relationships between the mercenaries.
  1075. - Increased the encounter zone min level for Wyrmstooth Barrow and
  1076. Dimfrost to 24 to make it a bit harder for low level players.
  1077. - Fixed an issue where Vulthurkrah wasn't leaving the Luminatory
  1078. if the player pressed the button to open the elevator before he
  1079. could fly away.
  1080. - Increased Vulthurkrah's level scaling and damage resistance.
  1081. - Made some adjustments to Vulthurkrah's combat style.
  1082. - You can now invest in Hulgard's shop if you have the Investor
  1083. perk.
  1084. - The guard barracks at Stonehollow are now flagged as a public
  1085. area.
  1086. - Fixed an issue where sometimes the day exploration tracks would
  1087. play during the intro boat ride sequence.
  1088. - Added an extra bed and a bedroll to Fort Valus common house.
  1089. - Fort Valus staff are now set up to ignore friendly hits.
  1090. - Elmera wasn't taking the spiddal sticks from the player.
  1091. - Reduced the max level of the mercenaries to 40.
  1092. - Moved the random encounter near Chillwater Mill a bit further
  1093. away.
  1094. - Rebuilt tree LOD as part of object LOD for the SSE port as the
  1095. Creation Kit wasn't packing the .lst files.
  1097. - Recorded new voice acting for Hulgard.
  1098. - Recorded new voice acting for Elmera.
  1099. - Recorded new voice acting for Daenlit.
  1100. - Recorded new voice acting for Thelma.
  1101. - Recorded new voice acting for Svenja.
  1102. - Recorded new voice acting for Lurius Liore.
  1103. - Recorded new voice acting for Alka.
  1104. - Remastered voice acting for Alberthor.
  1105. - Remastered voice acting for the Argonian NPCs
  1106. - Remastered voice acting for Athir.
  1107. - Remastered voice acting for Dunyick.
  1108. - Remastered voice acting for Geitrich.
  1109. - Remastered voice acting for Ja'Shavi-Dar.
  1110. - Remastered voice acting for Leone Laenius.
  1111. - Remastered voice acting for Lorumend.
  1112. - Remastered voice acting for Mudcrab Merchant.
  1113. - Remastered voice acting for Rose.
  1114. - Remastered voice acting for Shargam.
  1115. - Remastered voice acting for Shomara.
  1116. - Remastered voice acting for Ajira.
  1117. - Remastered voice acting for Signy.
  1118. - Remastered voice acting for Theodyn Bienne.
  1119. - Remastered voice acting for Ulfgar.
  1120. - Remastered voice acting for Bolmar.
  1121. - Remastered voice acting for Vulthurkrah.
  1122. - Added two new day exploration tracks.
  1123. - Added three new reveal tracks at various points in Wyrmstooth
  1124. Barrow.
  1126. Thanks to MeridianoRus for the following:
  1128. - Added multilingual variables to the MCM to allow it to be
  1129. translated easier.
  1131. 1.19.7 - Fixed an issue with Bolmar not being killable during A Priceless
  1132. Commodity.
  1133. - Fixed an issue with Geitrich not being killable during A
  1134. Priceless Commodity.
  1135. - Fixed an issue with the Spriggan Matriarch's model being
  1136. invisible.
  1138. 1.19.8 - Fixed some z-fighting in a bedroom in Krakevisa Midden.
  1139. - Removed the 'Marked For Death' shout from Vulthurkrah.
  1140. - Chaoswielder now uses regular ebony ingots for tempering.
  1141. - Added temper recipes for the Gauntlets of Dentistry, Draugr
  1142. Helmet, East Empire Company Shield, Marauder Shield, and Suleyk's
  1143. dragon priest mask.
  1144. - The dead Dark Brotherhood assassin in the abandoned sanctuary
  1145. should no longer have a grey face.
  1146. - The thalmor captive in Cragwater Cavern would sometimes break
  1147. free to join the bard audience.
  1148. - Fixed a roombound issue with one of the walls in Fort Moonwatch.
  1149. - Changed the Fort Valus guard template to fix an issue where
  1150. sometimes the guards would have the wrong voice.
  1151. - The guards at Chillwater will now defend Balmir and Yngfa if
  1152. they are attacked.
  1153. - Moved the Cragwater Cavern reveal trigger to the entrance of
  1154. the marauder town.
  1155. - Signy's sidequest is now only available once Barrow of the Wyrm
  1156. has been completed.
  1157. - Increased the mercenaries' follow package distance. Pretty sure I
  1158. changed this before already...
  1159. - Removed the asterisks from combat dialogue.
  1160. - Hulgard is no longer permanently angry.
  1162. 1.20 - Added a new sidequest 'The Naked Nord'.
  1163. - Fast traveling to Frostwolf Crag shouldn't place the player on
  1164. the mountainside anymore.
  1165. - Fixed an overlapping dresser in Fort Moonwatch Quarters.
  1166. - Added a fix to prevent an infinite loop in the phantom form script
  1167. if the player uses cheats to spam the shout very quickly.
  1168. - Thelma's topic 'Is there anything you need help with' now only
  1169. appears if the player has exhausted the previous two topics first.
  1170. - Ulfgar should no longer accept yields.
  1171. - Added an objective to visit the notice board when an NPC mentions
  1172. it for the first time.
  1173. - Alberthor's greeting dialogue as a falmer is no longer flagged as
  1174. a 'goodbye' line to prevent it from potentially being repeated.
  1175. - Bolmar should no longer be able to repeat his initial warning.
  1176. - Turning on the Spriggan Matriarch is now possible after agreeing
  1177. to help the spriggans. It's now also possible to advance the quest
  1178. by killing the spriggan matriarch before even speaking with her.
  1179. Note: Affects new playthroughs only.
  1180. - Lurius' comments about the outcome of A Priceless Commodity will
  1181. now only be made after Barrow of the Wyrm has been finished.
  1182. - Unique NPCs at Fort Valus no longer ignore all friendly hits and
  1183. can now become hostile. The guards however will continue to ignore
  1184. friendly hits since they're the most likely to engage enemies.
  1185. - Bolmar and Geitrich's 'dragon killed' dialogue should now have
  1186. more priority over other hello lines when a dragon dies nearby.
  1187. - Made some adjustments to the music and bard performance settings.
  1188. - Fixed a few minor object placement issues.
  1189. - Removed the .gid files from the Skyrim Special Edition port since
  1190. they aren't necessary anymore. This may also improve stability.
  1191. - Remastered more NPC voice acting.
  1192. - Improved the audio of the bard performances.
  1193. - Fixed a scripting issue that could occur if you started Malentis'
  1194. boss fight and left Krakevisa without killing him.
  1195. - If Erikur is dead, the Nighthunter's Locket will now be added to
  1196. his coffin during Daenlit's sidequest instead.
  1197. - Alberthor's falmer will be killed off during Vulthurkrah's dragon
  1198. den sequence if the player had somehow skipped the trigger and
  1199. dialogue outside the Luminatory in Dimfrost.
  1200. - Re-recorded Balmir and Yngfa's dialogue.
  1201. - Made a small change to Fort Valus to make the rooftop behind the
  1202. common house traversable by NPCs.
  1203. - Fixed an issue with the Chillwater Mill guards not arresting the
  1204. player if the player is caught breaking the law.
  1206. 1.20.1 - Fixed an issue where Gjalrunn would be hostile when you run into
  1207. him on the road later on despite helping him out.
  1208. - Fixed incorrect ownership on the beds in the Laenius household.
  1209. - Removed the smelting recipes for Wyrmstone and Brimstone.
  1210. - Lurius' response to 'The dragon is dead' is no longer set to Say
  1211. Once, which could potentially lock the player out of the ending.
  1212. - Fixed some minor object placement issues.
  1213. - Fixed an issue where starting The Naked Nord before completing
  1214. the miscellaneous objective to kill the Krakevisa Midden boss
  1215. would prevent that objective from being completable.
  1216. - Fixed condition issue on topic 'I was able to find your pants'
  1217. that would cause it to be available if you had already handed
  1218. the pants over or reverse pickpocketed the pants onto Gjalrunn.
  1219. - Fixed an issue that was preventing the golden pants from being
  1220. removed from the player's inventory during The Naked Nord.
  1221. - Fixed Frenzy enchantment learnable from Chaoswielder incorrectly
  1222. labeled as Fear.
  1225. *****************************************************************
  1227. 6. F.A.Q.
  1229. *****************************************************************
  1231. Q. What patch level is required?
  1232. A. You should be running Skyrm patch 1.8 or higher. No patch requirement for Special Edition.
  1234. Q. Do I need Dawnguard, Hearthfire or Dragonborn to play Wyrmstooth?
  1235. A. No DLC is required to play Wyrmstooth.
  1237. Q. Do I need any other additional mods or plugins like SKSE?
  1238. A. Wyrmstooth includes an MCM which requires SKSE and SkyUI, but it's not mandatory and
  1239. Wyrmstooth will function fine without it.
  1241. Q. Do I need to start a new game or can I install this mid-way through my playthrough?
  1242. A. You don't need to start a new game to play Wyrmstooth.
  1244. Q. Is the mod stable?
  1245. A. As stable as it can be. It has been tested extensively and, as of 1.19, as far as we're
  1246. aware it is not responsible for any CTDs. If you are experiencing instability please sort
  1247. your load order with a program like LOOT and ensure you aren't maxing out your VRAM with
  1248. retextures.
  1250. Q. How do I start the questline?
  1251. A. By default Wyrmstooth starts when you reach level 10 and have finished the main quest
  1252. 'Way of the Voice'. An imperial courier named Theodyn Bienne will track you down starting
  1253. from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. You can change these conditions in the MCM to suit your
  1254. playthrough.
  1256. Q. What kind of performance impact does Wyrmstooth have on Skyrim?
  1257. A. The overall impact on performance should be negligible. Most of the adventure takes place
  1258. in a separate worldspace and the only cell from the base game that Wyrmstooth modifies is
  1259. the interior of the Red Wave.
  1262. *****************************************************************
  1264. 7. Troubleshooting
  1266. *****************************************************************
  1268. Q. I can't find Lurius Liore at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun nor can I find Theodyn Bienne.
  1269. A. Firstly make sure you meet quest starting requirements. You can configure these conditions
  1270. in the MCM.
  1272. Mods that change the Bannered Mare interior may prevent Lurius and Theodyn from appearing
  1273. where they should be. If you have a mod like that installed, try unloading it.
  1275. Q. I can't speak to Theodyn; he doesn't say anything at all. Nor does Lurius Liore.
  1276. A. A few things can cause this:
  1278. 1. If you have Requiem installed, make sure you've installed the latest patch.
  1280. 2. If you have the mod 'Sneak Tools' installed, remove your hood.
  1282. 3. Confirm that you only have ONE Wyrmstooth.esp and ONE Wyrmstooth.bsa file in your Data
  1283. folder.
  1285. 4. If you have a loose Wyrmstooth.SEQ file in your Data or Data\SEQ folders, remove it.
  1287. 5. Try sorting your load order with a program like LOOT.
  1289. Q. I can't find the mercenaries on the road to Falkreath.
  1290. A. If the mercenaries can't be placed where they need to be you should be able to find them in
  1291. the Deadman's Drink in Falkreath.
  1293. You may have a mod installed that deletes XMarker 0008F648. This XMarker is part of the base
  1294. game and is used by the random encounter system.
  1296. Q. The game crashed after I arrived on Wyrmstooth!
  1297. A. Random crashes on Wyrmstooth can be caused by the following:
  1299. 1. If you repacked the Wyrmstooth.bsa archive or merged it with another archive, do not
  1300. compress it.
  1302. There is a bug in the game engine that causes a crash if the game cannot read an XWM
  1303. music file from a BSA archive compressed with Bethesda's archive tool.
  1305. 2. Make sure you aren't maxing out your VRAM with retextures or higher poly assets.
  1307. 5. Try sorting your load order with a program like LOOT.
  1309. Q. I can't seem to talk to the wolf Faelor.
  1310. A. Try fast traveling to a nearby location and return or use 'enable' and 'disable' console
  1311. commands on Faelor to reset actor state. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch also seems to solve
  1312. this problem.
  1314. Q. LOD mesh (super low-res objects/textures) aren't disappearing when I get close.
  1315. A. Install the compatibility patch for Warburg's Paper Map.
  1317. Q. I don't see any map markers for Wyrmstooth-specific quests.
  1318. A. This is a problem with the vanilla game if you have too many quests active at one time.
  1319. Try turning a few quests off in your journal that you aren't currently working on.
  1321. Q. I'm getting an infinite load screen!
  1322. A. Install Safety Load or SKSE.
  1324. If you've made any LOD z-fighting ini tweaks, reverse them.
  1326. If the ILS is occuring when traveling back to Skyrim, make sure another mod isn't
  1327. deleting XMarker 0004C488. Try unloading any mods that modify the Solitude docks then
  1328. check to see if that makes a difference.
  1330. If the ILS is occuring when starting the game (i.e.: main menu won't load) and you're
  1331. using Requiem, make sure you're using the latest compatibility patch.
  1333. Q. Lurius and the mercenaries are stuck at the mining settlement and won't move...
  1334. Alberthor isn't saying anything outside the closed gate...
  1335. The dragon isn't flying away after encountering him in his lair...
  1336. Things that should be happening aren't or there's a huge delay...
  1337. A. You're most likely experiencing script lag. NPCs will trigger certain scenes only at
  1338. specific stages of the quest, but if papyrus is lagging these scenes may be delayed or
  1339. may not occur at all. One solution is to tweak the priority given to papyrus using the
  1340. following Skyrim.ini entries:
  1342. [Papyrus]
  1343. fUpdateBudgetMS=800.0
  1344. fExtraTaskletBudgetMS=800.0
  1345. fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000.0
  1346. iMinMemoryPageSize=256
  1347. iMaxMemoryPageSize=512
  1348. iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes=153600
  1350. Q. I see floating rocks/grass in interiors or grass isn't showing up on Wyrmstooth.
  1351. A. This is an issue with the base game. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch appears to fix this issue
  1352. for the most part.
  1354. Q. I can't pick up a new word at a word wall.
  1355. A. Make sure you're not currently in combat.
  1358. *****************************************************************
  1360. 8. Compatibility
  1362. *****************************************************************
  1364. The following is a list of modified vanilla references and is provided for the benefit of
  1365. other mod developers to avoid any possible incompatibilities with Wyrmstooth.
  1367. Interiors: Form ID:
  1368. SolitudeRedWave A1793
  1370. Dialogues:
  1371. Shout03 13DFE
  1372. Shout02 13DFF
  1373. Shout01b 13E00
  1374. Shout01a 13E01
  1376. Infos:
  1377. Fiik... 68454
  1378. Lo! 684F4
  1379. Lo ... Sah! 68526
  1380. Fiik! 6884E
  1382. Navmeshes:
  1383. SolitudeRedWave DEB13
  1386. *****************************************************************
  1388. 9. Credits
  1390. *****************************************************************
  1392. Daniel Coffey (Lurius Liore up to 1.19.5)
  1393. David Bodtcher (Alberthor, Balmir up to 1.19.8, Hroldar, Sigur, Geitrich up to 1.19.4)
  1394. Tim Morgan (Theodyn Bienne up to 1.19.4)
  1395. Andrew Miller (Vulthurkrah)
  1396. Adriana Beals (Daenlit, Elmera (up to 1.19.5), Spriggan Matriarch up to 1.19.4)
  1397. Ben Britton (Athir, Vulom, Holmar)
  1398. Dan Marfleet (Shargam and Bolmar up to 1.19.4, Hulgard up to 1.19.5, Castus Arius, Ynglod Ironbender, Skonjar)
  1399. Randy Westbrook (Dunyick, Vontus Laenius, Nalion)
  1400. Cassandra Wladyslava (Ajira, Shomara, Svenja (up to 1.19.5), Lalaine Laenius, Gildan, Thelma (up to 1.19.5), Helga the Haggard)
  1401. Matthew Dixon (Ja’Shavi-Dar, Speaks-Many-Tongues, Plants-Bitter-Seeds, Sits-With-Beetles, Mudcrab Merchant)
  1402. Avery Smithhart (Yngfa up to 1.19.8, Leone Laenius, Rose)
  1403. Sienna Crichton (Signy)
  1404. Dinesh Alvis (Theodyn Bienne from 1.19.4 onwards)
  1405. Eli Harris (Shargam from 1.19.4 onwards)
  1406. Chuck Brown (Ulfgar)
  1407. Katie Burke (Lorumend)
  1408. Storm Watters (Spriggan Matriarch from 1.19.5 onwards)
  1409. Tim Wells (Geitrich from 1.19.5 onwards)
  1410. Jon Brattin (Bolmar from 1.19.5 onwards)
  1411. Andrew Dickson (Hulgard from 1.19.6 onwards)
  1412. Luna Freya (Elmera from 1.19.6 onwards)
  1413. Carly Danielson (Thelma from 1.19.6 onwards)
  1414. Elena Hark (Svenja from 1.19.6 onwards)
  1415. Jack Whitney (Lurius Liore from 1.19.6 onwards)
  1416. Timothy Banfield (Alka from 1.19.6 onwards, Balmir from 1.20 onwards)
  1417. Mia Jabara (Yngfa from 1.20 onwards)
  1418. Ken Marsiglia (Gjalrunn)
  1419. Nastasia Marquez (Glendora)
  1420. Amrit Sandhu (Krakevisa Ritual Mage)
  1421. Blary (Ingredients Wall Art resource)
  1422. Artisanix (Paintings and Frames resource)
  1423. Duncanlarsen1 (Wyrmstooth Paper World Map:
  1424. Jon Polenz (Project Lead, Story, Level Design, Quest Design, Alka up to 1.19.5)
  1426. León van der Stadt (Audio Director, Composer)
  1428. Soundtrack is exclusively composed and produced for Wyrmstooth by León van der Stadt
  1429. Copyright © 2013 by León van der Stadt, All rights reserved
  1433. *****************************************************************
  1435. 10. Uninstallation
  1437. *****************************************************************
  1439. Treat uninstalling Wyrmstooth the same as uninstalling an official DLC.
  1441. 1. Close the game.
  1443. 2. Remove the Wyrmstooth.esp and Wyrmstooth.bsa files from your Skyrim data folder. By
  1444. default this should be either of the following locations:
  1446. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  1448. or for 64-bit Windows:
  1450. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
  1452. 3. Load or restore from backup a save taken prior to installing Wyrmstooth.
  1454. *OR*
  1456. Refer to SuperSajuuk's document on manually removing Wyrmstooth script files from your
  1457. save file:
  1462. *****************************************************************
  1464. 11. Permissions
  1466. *****************************************************************
  1468. * You may share this mod privately.
  1470. * You may use the 3d assets I've made (with attribution) in any project you are working on.
  1472. * You may NOT use the music or the voice acting in another project.
  1474. * The sound effects are public domain so you don't need my permission.
  1476. * You may reuse any portions of papyrus scripting in your own projects.
  1478. * You may specify Wyrmstooth.esp as a master file in your own mod project or translation.
  1480. * You may use recorded footage of the mod for reviews, critiques, let's plays, screenshots,
  1481. and so forth.
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