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  1. POST /service/update2 HTTP/1.1
  2. Host:
  3. Accept: */*
  4. Content-Type: text/xml
  5. Content-Length: 846
  6. Connection: close
  8. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  9. <request protocol="3.0" version="" requestid="{acd5ad63-bc1e-46b5-95ff-0aff36fc6612}" sessionid="{e01b7a60-d670-4fac-84df-6268aab42416}" updaterversion="0.4.2" installsource="scheduler" ismachine="1">
  10.     <os version="zg" platform="reMarkable" sp="" arch="armv7l"></os>
  11.     <app appid="{98DA7EF2-4E3E-4784-9DE6-EC931C86ABAB}" version="" track="Prod" ap="Prod" bootid="{fd598490-43df-4fd8-8d10-189f510cb65b}" oem="RM100-814-36437" oemversion="1.1" alephversion="" machineid="cdb1bda<---SNIP--->d0b85ff32fd1f" lang="en-US" board="" hardware_class="" delta_okay="false" nextversion="0.0.0" brand="" client="" >
  12.         <ping active="1"></ping>
  13.         <updatecheck></updatecheck>
  14.         <event eventtype="3" eventresult="2" previousversion=""></event>
  15.     </app>
  16. </request>
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