[Action] Market

Aug 10th, 2017
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  1. 1) [Action]1. Barter at the market
  2. *By sending a member with a rank of courtier to the market you can sell or buy resources(check the market prices posted in thread). Note that the price may change as you interact with the market. For example if you sell 20 Ore to the market for the price of 25 each, the price may drop to 24 after you sold 10 ore and that means the next 10 ore pieces will be sold at 24 igold nstead of 25. The price may change several times while you buy/sell. There is a real economy formula the game is using to manage the prices which is based on the city needs and the amount in stock. The gold that the market is making will be delivered and divided between the political offices of the city to be used for the good of the city.
  3. Since the economy in this game is 'real' the values are real as well and the market only has gold if there are incoming taxes. Make sure to check how much gold the market has before you sell your resources, because in low seasons the market might not have enough.
  4. Note that laws made by the coinlords guild can cause prices at the market to drop or rise.
  7. [Action]2. Bid influence to become the new coinlord
  8. *Requirement#1 the character you are sending must be a courtier/guild leader in rank.
  9. You can pay the amount of influence(see current amount in thread, politics&laws pic) required to become a coinlord. Notice that if you own a tile neighboring the marketplace the required amount of influence you have to pay is halved from that written in the thread.
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