Flight camp is shit (AnonxRD, safe, overprotective dad) WIP

Oct 29th, 2016
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  2. >"Ooh come on! We discussed it at least a BAZILLION times already!"
  4. >You are Anonymous
  5. >And you're keeping your precious little girl in your arms and away from the assailant.
  6. >Which happens to be Rainbow Dash. Her mother.
  7. >You just nuzzle the bundle of hair resting under your chin, getting some giggling and her pair of wings buzzing in response.
  8. >"It's just flight school! She has to do it Anon!"
  9. "WHY?! She can fly already!"
  10. >She groans.
  11. >"Flight school isn't only about flying. You learn tons of stuff there! And maybe she could even make some friends!"
  12. "She doesn't need friends! She got me already! I'm her best friend! I'm the best friend she could have!"
  13. >"That's true! Daddy's my super bestest friend ever!"
  14. >She throws her arms wide and hugs you as hard as she can.
  15. "See?! And you can teach her about flying stuff here can't you?! You're a damn wonderbolt!"
  16. >She rolls her eyes and sighs in defeat, seeing your daughter picking your side, again.
  17. >"I'm a performer Anon, not a teacher."
  18. "Yeah but-"
  19. >"No but! We talked about that and you agreed to it! And you promised to not make a fuss about it!"
  20. >You simply turn away, trying to ignore whatever the pegasus has to say.
  21. >She doesn't let go tho and fly back in front of you.
  22. >"Everything's gonna be fine!"
  23. "Fluttershy told me there were bullies there! W-What if they pick on her because of her hands and stuff?!"
  24. >"Psh, no way. It's not only for pegasi, there's a ton of other species going there. And half breeds are SO COOL, they're like divinities over there." She says reassuringly.
  25. >"And if anyone messes with her, I'm sure she'll be able to whoop their flank!"
  26. >Your little girl and her mother shares a knowing grin before hoof bumping.
  27. >"YEAH! Maybe I'll get my cutie mark in butt whooping!"
  29. >"Ooooh, that would be sooo awesome! You'll see, you're going to have so much fun, I can't wait for you to come back and tell me how your week went!"
  30. >You eyes widen in shock
  32. >They both blink silently.
  33. >
  34. "You're telling me you want to send her halfway across the country for a WHOLE WEEK?!"
  35. >Dash just rolls her eyes.
  36. >"Anon. I can get there in less than five minutes. And it's not even THAT far."
  37. "B-But, who's going to cuddle her to bed? Or tell her a story if she wants one?"
  38. >With tears starting to swell in the corner of your eyes, your mind starts racing a mile a minute, trying to find new excuses. Anything to keep your baby girl home, to keep her next to you.
  39. "And what if they force her to eat her crusts?! Or-"
  40. >"Dad!"
  41. >A small pair of hands cup your cheeks, forcing your gaze down.
  42. >"It's gonna be okay daddy."
  43. "B-But.."
  44. >"I know you're super scared and all, but if mom says it's going to be fun, then I really want to go."
  45. >A hoof pressing against your hand brings your eyes to her mother.
  46. >She just smiles reassuringly, giving you a silent nod.
  47. >"I'm a big girl now! I don't need stories to sleep and I can eat my crusts."
  48. >Maybe she's right.
  49. >It seems like it was only yesterday that you were checking under her bed for any monsters, or that she called you daddy for the first time.
  50. >A tear rolls down your cheek. A manly tear. SO SUPER MANLY AND VIRIL HOLY SHIT
  51. >Your offspring gives the droplet a worried look.
  52. >"Why are you crying daddy??"
  53. >You sniff and uses your left sleeve to wipe your eyes.
  54. "I-I'm not crying. Who's crying."
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