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Jul 15th, 2020
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  1. Big Changes & Platform Switching! 2020-06-28 12:47
  2. I’m making this post against my financial judgement, but out of respect for myself and you all, who have supported me so much over the years. The large issue here on this platform is that they’ve recently attempted to exercise a scary amount of financial and public control over me. Keeping this site as my main source of income is no longer an option for financial AND personal reasons.
  4. Essentially, under the modern Terms of Service here, “slugbox” becomes a “project” that belongs to Patreon. Meaning they reserve the right to dictate where slugbox can operate, where slugbox can make money, and how can slugbox can make money, and then hold my success here as a hostage. If I make ANY income here, they own EVERYTHING I do elsewhere as well. Obviously this is designed to prevent competition from other platforms, where I am obviously also active. This is... really ugly...
  6. As per the rules, I do not directly link my other projects and never have, but I will be moving the VAST majority of my support system to SubscribeStar, as well as an idea to run my OCs over on OnlyFans. Might take on some commissions to fill the gaps...
  8. The fact I’ve never linked these sites from here wouldn’t matter anyway. There was a conflict with a service I used back in 2014. Six years ago. The service isn’t ACTIVE anymore. The link was HENTAIFOUNDRY, which I haven’t even used in... years and years...?? That’s not even this same site?? Last year they flagged Cteno, my own OC, as inappropriate because she doesn’t have any breasts. It’s why I haven’t drawn her as much here. That... that’s no way to live... I’ve been happy to bend my work to the needs of any singular platform to achieve success, but I cannot stand for a platform demanding 100% loyalty and control, especially in a creative field, and even more so in an adult content field.
  10. I’m doubtful of this post. I feel like I have a gun to my head and can only say nice things. If they‘re stalking my abandoned HENTAIFOUNDRY, of course they’re reading this. The past few days have been rough because of this. I do not feel able to communicate with you guys, my supporters who I love, ANYWHERE, let alone here. It’s a very “They’re watching” feeling. But this is no way to live or be creative, especially in a field like this. I feel like I have to lie to you all, and I have been forced to be uninformative as a result.
  12. But I‘m saying it anyway because you all deserve to know the truth, and if possible it’d be good if you guys went to SubscribeStar and got rewarded before the month ticks over.
  14. In an encourage-to-move measure, I’m going to drastically cut the content released here for the next month or so, assuming they let me stay, and then likely suspend this “project.” I can’t afford to just CUT it suddenly yet... But this policy is not something I can in good faith encourage. SubscribeStar will run as it always has, and you should move there if you can. I’ll have some revamped tiers there too while I’m making the best of this situation.
  16. I just didn’t want you guys to be charged another month without knowing what’s going on. Thank you for all of the support over the years! I couldn’t ask to work for better people than you all. 2020 is really bad huh?
  18. I definitely feel this is part of a purge of the midrange adult content. The big names aren’t going to have trouble yet, and the smaller artists aren’t worth going after yet... but here in the middle...?
  20. Pretty scared right now, abandoning all I’ve built is... a bad feeling... but it’s the right thing to do long term. And I want to be honest with you all about it. You deserve that.
  22. - slugbox
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