Bubble Vision 2

Feb 24th, 2013
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  1. You stare expectantly into the plush's beautiful golden eyes, but all it can do is return that cute little smile and that adorable wall-eyed stare. After a minute or so of just staring back at it, your eyes reluctantly drift back to your computer screen, and the hours melt by as you begin your marathon of FiM, and as you watch, you begin to make a game out of spotting Derpy in the background, leaning dangerously close to the screen to spot her. By the tenth episode, however, your eyes begin to ache, most likely because of the bright colours bombarding your eyes. Before you can worry about this, however, your mobile rings, the screen lighting up to show your father’s face. You hit answer.
  3. "Hey dad. What's up?"
  5. "Afternoon, son. I just wanted to let you know that your mother and I will be away together for the weekend, so you'll need to look after yourself for a while, alright?"
  7. "Uhh, I guess that would be okay."
  9. "Okay, great. See you later, son!"
  11. Your father hangs up, and you do a mental fist-pump as you think about all the things you could do for two days without anyone nagging. You could eat fast food, invite some friends over, play your computer games without headphones...
  13. Turning back to your phone, you send texts to each of your friends, arranging for them all to come to your house to watch the new episode of FiM which is coming out tomorrow afternoon. It's the beginning of the fourth season, and you're the only one with access to the hub in your little group of brony friends, so you expect an enthusiastic reply. Within minutes all three of your friends have agreed to come so far, most likely because, just like you, they have nothing better to do.
  15. Your stomach rumbles angrily as you realise you haven't eaten anything since got home. Man, that plush has really thrown your schedule out of wack, hasn't it? You part walk, part slide down the stairs as you rub your eyes, trying in vain to expel the annoying ache. Your parents aren't going to be back until moday, so you pry open your ancient freezer and begin searching for the most delicious, unhealthy food you can find.
  17. Nothing really takes your fancy, so you pull out a pizza and set the oven, drumming your fingers against the the hard, wooden table as you wait for the oven to reach temperature. The ache in your eyes has pretty much stopped, but they stll feel kinda weird, and you rub them once more, your fingertips making circles over your eyelids as your palms press flat against your face.
  18. You've really got to stop spending so much time staring at that dang screen.
  20. 3 hours later
  22. You hunger sated and still no luck in finding who could have sent you the plushie, you pry yourself from your computer chair, knocking the derpy plush over as you do so. You lean forward and stand the thing back upright, stifling a yawn as you realise it's getting late. You don't want to, but you need your sleep, so you toss the plushie onto your bed and begin changing into your pyjamas. You can't be bothered with a shower, so you flick the lights off and practically fall into your bed, snuggling up with the plushie wrapped in your arms. You gently caress its soft, dandelion mane with a thumb as you think about the events of the day. Why would anyone send you a plushie like this? What's it meant to do? You need answers, but have no way of getting them. You sigh and close your eyes, trying to ignore the impending sense of doom.
  24. The next morning, the bright sunlight streaming through your window and onto your face rouses you from your slumber. You ease one eyelid open and yawn, reaching up with a hand to brush something big and yellow out of your face. As your eye comes into focus, however, you see something round and grey where your arm should be. You snap awake in shock and your eyes stretch unnaturally wide as you stare up at it, not willing to comprehend what you're seeing.
  26. "What the BUCK?"
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