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  1.  errEnterValidNum: Please enter a valid number
  2.   noPluginPerm: You do not have permission to use ClaimChunk.
  3.   claimNoPerm: You do not have permission to claim chunks.
  4.   claimLocationBlock: You cannot claim chunks here.
  5.   claimAlreadyOwned: This chunk is already claimed.
  6.   claimTooMany: You own the maximum number of chunks.
  7.   claimSuccess: Chunk claimed for %%PRICE%%!
  8.   claimNoCost: Free
  9.   claimFree: First chunk is free!
  10.   claimNotEnoughMoney: You do not have enough money.
  11.   unclaimNoPerm: You do not have permission to unclaim chunks.
  12.   unclaimNotOwned: This chunk is not owned.
  13.   unclaimNotOwner: You do not own this chunk.
  14.   unclaimSuccess: Chunk unclaimed!
  15.   unclaimRefund: You have been refunded %%AMT%%.
  16.   unclaimAll: Unclaimed %%CHUNKS%% chunks.
  17.   accessNoPerm: You do not have permission to give access to chunks.
  18.   accessHelp: Gives <player> access to interact with all blocks in your claimed chunks.
  19.   accessHas: '%%PLAYER%% now has access to your chunks.'
  20.   accessNoLongerHas: '%%PLAYER%% no longer has access to your chunks.'
  21.   accessToggleMultiple: The provided players' access to your chunks has been toggled.
  22.   accessNoPlayer: That player has not joined the server before.
  23.   accessOneself: You already have access to your own chunks.
  24.   nameClear: Your name has been cleared.
  25.   nameNotSet: You do not have a custom name set.
  26.   nameSet: 'Your name has been set: %%NAME%%.'
  27.   chunkOwner: Entering the territory of %%PLAYER%%.
  28.   unknownChunkOwner: Entering claimed territory.
  29.   chunkSelf: Entering your own territory.
  30.   chunkLeave: Exiting the territory of %%PLAYER%%.
  31.   chunkLeaveUnknown: Entering unclaimed territory.
  32.   chunkLeaveSelf: Exiting your territory.
  33.   chunkNoEdit: You cannot edit chunks owned by %%PLAYER%%.
  34.   chunkStay: Territory of %%PLAYER%%
  35.   autoNoPerm: You may not auto-claim chunks.
  36.   autoEnabled: Automatic claiming enabled.
  37.   autoDisabled: Automatic claiming disabled.
  38.   reloadNoPerm: You do not have permission to use that sub command
  39.   playerEnterChunk: '%%PLAYER%% has entered your claimed chunk'
  40.   enabledAlerts: Enabled alerts
  41.   disabledAlerts: Disabled alerts
  42.   helpTitle: ClaimChunk Help
  43.   helpCommandTitle: '%%CMD%% Help'
  44.   infoTitle: Chunk Information
  45.   infoPosition: 'Chunk position: &l%%X%%, %%Z%% in %%WORLD%%'
  46.   infoOwnerNone: '&5None'
  47.   infoOwnerUnknown: '&7Unknown'
  48.   infoOwner: 'Chunk owner: &l%%PLAYER%%'
  49.   infoNameNone: '&7None'
  50.   infoName: 'Chunk name: &l%%NAME%%'
  51.   claimsTitle: Claims for %%NAME%% in %%WORLD%%
  52.   claimsChunk: '%%X%%, %%Z%%'
  53.   claimsPagination: Page %%PAGE%% of %%MAXPAGE%%
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