lesson w sami

Dec 4th, 2018
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  1. Den Wills
  3. Striking
  4. DL BF PS preferred stages
  6. —get better at spawn
  7. — be better at engaging peach
  8. — falco just hold a position
  9. — don’t laser when things are already happening
  10. — reacting in scrambles; keeping it clean on one end
  11. — don’t keep trying to hit the other guy (eg when one of us is cornered)
  12. — be more ready
  13. — transition from bad situation to good situation
  14. — imagine how it would be like for a top player to be in my situation
  15. — aiming better matters in teams too
  16. — optimize how fast i get to him
  17. — try vertical falco horizontal sheik sometimes
  18. — “whoever’s in back, pretend you’re 1v1’ing the person in the front”
  19. — for needle laser, practice moving around each other. eg falco lasers while sheik shielding, falco lasers on the ground while sheik is charging needles on the ground, or falco shoot sheik jump, know when teammate needs to roll…taking turns needling/lasering
  20. — if one of them goes on the ledge (esp peach) walk towards the middle of the stage. swap 1v1.
  21. — know that the guy on the outside or in an awful situation literally can’t interact or do anything, so use that time to look at the person that CAN interact
  22. — shield when the teammate can help
  23. — think about our positioning and asserting our stage space
  24. — don’t be dajuan, stop trying to hit the other guy with jumps all the time
  25. — note: safety of the nair depends on timing of the nair and less on the height
  26. — just nair OOS vs good nairs
  27. — every single good teams player has been an outside player
  28. — teams edgeguards?
  29. — play the outside better
  30. — throw towards the ledge sometimes instead of trying to create interference with fthrow
  31. — wavedash into jump is bad. wavedash into needles when they’re close
  32. — fthrow —> SH aerial vs floaties from sheik
  33. — react the positions that i have, especially in teams
  34. — taking free things
  35. — “you guys just lost to a peach charging fsmash and the fox doing dtilt when i’m at 9%”
  38. analysis style — think about top players. also think about what it’s like to do your job and what the other guy’s job is. think about how clean/messy the situations look.
  40. sami notes
  41. -reacting in scrambles more
  42. -not trying to force hits when there's no reason (easy example: being in the corner)
  43. -keep the situation clean for your teammate. this includes both engaging the enemy and helping your teammate disengage (sheik engage peach at beginning made it awkawrd, falco didn't help sheik out of scramble)
  44. -make sure they're doing something actually good when they hit you. usually this invovles panicking/autopiloting after close range interactions
  45. - be careful how you 2v1, especially if you're sandwiched
  46. -falco move forward or move vertically to maintain space
  47. -person in back treats enemy aggressor as a 1v1
  48. -not tunneling on opponent who is in extremely useless position
  49. -shielding when you know your teammate can help
  50. -teams edgeguards?
  51. -play the outside!
  52. -sandwiches/positioning > hitting them
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