The Eternal War, Session 07

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  1. 01[20:00] <Staffen> The guncutter can be heard, stalking close to the outer wall of van Schoorl's estate. Every once in a while you hear its guns purr as it strafes a few floors, but it doesn't seem to affect you.
  2. 06[20:01] * Varian holsters his autopistol and grenade, stands and straightens his flakcloak and suit before striding into the room next to him.
  3. 01[20:02] <Staffen> Across the building an intervox screeches with life. "Damn you all!" calls a voice, half-muffled as though the owner is stuffing his mouth with food. "Get me out of here or I'll have you all cut from your salaries!"
  4. [20:05] <@Ezekiah> "What a fat sinner. I shall enjoy thinning him!"
  5. 01[20:06] <Staffen> Horace arrives near the open doorway where Varian has just entered.
  6. 06[20:07] * Horace finds Varian and gives him a silent nod and raises his hammer
  7. 06[20:07] * Varian walks towards the throne, his muffled voice through the gas mask comforting the man, "Do not worry my Lord. I am here to take you to safety."
  8. 06[20:07] * Horace walks in after Varian, shield up
  9. [20:07] <Horace> ++Ezekiah isn't here yet.  He has the goading flamer.++
  10. 01[20:08] <Staffen> The blob of dough in the seat shivers, and a head-shaped protrusion pokes out from behind the neck of the throne. Funs van Schoorl screeches when he sees the two of you and drops the hand-vox.
  11. 06[20:09] * Horace clicks his tongue upon seeing the fat man's grotesque body, trembling with rage
  12. 06[20:11] * Varian walks around the throne, "Is that better for your neck?" an mockingly earnest look on Varian's face, "Now, would you be so kind as to direct us to the closest working vehicle my Lord?"
  13. 06[20:16] * Varian Whispers into the microbead, ++His legs are too small to move himself, he must have a purchased a means of moving himself if needed though.++
  14. 01[20:16] <Staffen> Van Schoorl quivers, his numerous layers of jowels jiggling. "D-don't--don't do anything irrational! I can still be of use to the Master, I swear!"
  15. [20:18] <Horace> ++Shall I try to question this fattened creature, or should we begin moving him ourselves?++
  16. 06[20:18] * Horace asks with contempt, hammer raising gently up and down with the angry flexing of his arm
  17. 06[20:19] * Varian crosses his arms, ++Search for a means of moving him while I question him.++, "What could you possible offer our Lord which cannot be taken?"
  18. [20:19] <Varian> possibly*
  19. 06[20:22] * Horace moves in hands-reach of Funs, his entire body trembling like the obese man's
  20. 01[20:24] <Staffen> The man's lips move as though he is trying out various words at once. "I- I can- the Master will be pleased to know I've kept silent! I've always been silent! And efficient! Don't forget that!"
  21. [20:28] <Varian> "Perhaps you can be of use yet my dear Lord. I was ordered to silence you permanently, perhaps something can be arranged. A second chance to prove your worth, for now you will come with us. I was not briefed on how to move you, only to silence you. How do I arrange for you to be... shifted?"
  22. 01[20:32] <Staffen> "Lord? You're very insisent on... you're not..." He frowns, then shakes his head. "No matter! Get me onto my litter!" he frantically points to a golden seat mounted on two long shafts. "Hurry! They'll be here any moment!"
  23. 06[20:35] * Varian turns his head towards the opulent lard shifting device before waving Horace over towards it as Varian approaches and takes one end of the shafts.
  24. 06[20:36] * Horace goes to the other side, placing his shield and hammer in their harnesses across his back
  25. 01[20:38] <Staffen> The litter seems light enough to carry.
  26. 06[20:39] * Varian is comfortable with the litter but eyes the fat man with a frown, his arms already feeling sympathetically sore from the feat to come.
  27. [20:41] <Horace> "...I don't think this is going to work.  At least, not for very long.  Maybe a hundred meters."
  28. 01[20:42] <Staffen> "How rude!" van Schoorl exclaims.
  29. 06[20:43] * Varian chuckles as he maneuvers the litter. "Do you have a powered vehicle to transport you?"
  30. 01[20:43] <Staffen> Light floods down onto the room through the long windows, and slowly starts to level out.
  31. [20:43] <Horace> "Are you poor, you fattened wretch? Why can't your bulk invest in an anti-grav litter?"
  32. 06[20:44] * Horace looks up
  33. [20:44] <Horace> "...Enemy is scanning for us via their searchlights."
  34. 01[20:44] <Staffen> Van Schoorl squeals. "Down in the garage! I've got a grav-sedan in there!"
  35. 01[20:44] <Staffen> The scream of the guncutter's engines grows louder.
  36. [20:45] <Varian> "Good, lets move him onto it."
  37. [20:47] <Horace> "Give us a little /help/, you disgusting pig.  Else 'Master' will be perfectly fine with leaving you here with our enemies."
  38. 01[20:49] <Staffen> Van Schoorl pushes against his throne uselessly.
  39. 06[20:53] * Varian help Horace's attempts to move the massive mess of flesh onto the litter.
  40. 01[20:54] <Staffen> Together the two of you manage to lift the fat man slowly, and unsteadily. "Careful! Careful of my!"
  41. 01[20:54] <Staffen> *"Careful! Careful of my sides!" he exclaims.
  42. [20:55] <Horace> "You're nothing but sides!"
  43. 01[21:04] <Staffen> You successfully manage to load the fat man onto the litter, just as the source of the twin stab-lights appears in the window. The gun cutter seems to be steadying itself as van Schoorl lets out yet another high-pitched scream.
  44. 03[21:07] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  45. 03[21:07] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Varian, Guncutter'
  46. 03[21:07] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Varian, Guncutter, Lardo'
  47. [21:07] <Horace> "...We should maybe get out of here."
  48. [21:09] <Varian> "I would rather not go back to the Lady empty handed."
  49. [21:09] <Horace> "Oh, I didn't mean drop this fool."
  50. [21:10] <Varian> "Oh, then I heartily agree."
  51. 06[21:13] * Varian turns his head and calls back to Schrool, "Point the way to the garage sir, its the least you can do."
  52. 01[21:13] <Staffen> "Out the door! Down to the left!"
  53. 06[21:14] * Horace follows Varian, taking the back of the litter
  54. [21:14] <Horace> "WHY ARE YOU SO FAT"
  55. 06[21:14] * Horace yells in exasperation and rage
  56. 06[21:15] * Varian hurries towards the left.
  57. 01[21:17] <Staffen> The guncutter's main weapons rev as they begin to rotate, and the craft opens fire.
  58. [21:18] <Horace> "Frek this.  I'm blaming you for this, fat man."
  59. 01[21:31] <Staffen> The rounds tear through the wall to van Schoorl's chamber, poking holes through and pummeling Horace.
  60. 06[21:31] * Horace screams like a baby man
  61. [21:31] <Horace> "GET TO THE GARAGE
  62. 06[21:32] * Varian hurries down towards the garage as dust and chips of the wall rain down on his back.
  63. 01[21:34] <Staffen> Van Schoorl is hysterically crying as you continue down the hall.
  66. 01[21:38] <Staffen> The guncutter opens fire again, clearly able to track your progress down the hall.
  67. 06[21:39] * Horace yells in anger and terror
  68. [21:40] <Horace> "RUUUUUUN"
  69. [21:40] <Varian> "ZEK!"
  70. 01[21:45] <Staffen> Up ahead is a right turn, heading away from the guncutter.
  71. 06[21:46] * Varian shouts "DO WE TAKE THE TURN?"
  72. [21:47] <Horace> "{h'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"
  73. 01[21:47] <Staffen> (I will have to censor that in the log)
  74. [21:49] <Varian> "Zek it!, take the turn!"
  75. 06[21:50] * Horace follows along, becoming as hysteric as Funs
  76. [21:52] <Horace> "Warbly beeps!"
  77. [21:52] <Varian> "I hear vox chatter down the hall."
  78. 03[21:54] * Staffen changes topic to 'Horace, Varian, new badguys, Guncutter, Lardo'
  79. 01[21:56] <Staffen> Through the gloom the two of you can make out two dark figures steadily passing along the hall, beady eyes glowing red. The two of them hold weapons with red-dot sights passing along the walls. They look your way and immediately notice you down the hall.
  80. 06[22:00] * Horace painfully shifts his right handhold onto balancing on his right knee, and uses his right hand to pull out his autogun
  81. [22:00] <Horace> "Die."
  82. 06[22:04] * Varian mimics Horace's action, smoothly pulling his autopistol from its leather embossed with gold holster and spraying down the hall. The heavy *clack* of the action repeats a deafening echo in the enclosed space.
  83. 01[22:07] <Staffen> The two gunmen drop to the ground to avoid the gunfire, and attempt to snap off las-bolts at you with no success.
  84. 03[22:23] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  85. 06[22:24] * Horace finishes off the gone-to-ground coward, smiling in his crowned-mask in justified contempt
  86. [22:24] <Horace> "You friend.  He's was a weakling, and died as one."
  87. 06[22:27] * Varian continues to hold down the trigger until the heavy *click* lets everyone in the hall that the magazine is dry.
  88. 01[22:31] <Staffen> The remaining gunman holds his ground and opens fire on Varian.
  89. 06[22:35] * Varian "Horace, HELP!", leans backwards and rolls his shoulders one after the other, the las bolts pass through the space he previously occupied before transferring their energies to the walls behind him.
  90. [22:38] <Horace> "Put your gun down. Or you die like your friend. I can respect a brave man who's willing to fight over the lives of his comrades dying."
  91. [22:39] <Horace> "Off with the gun.  Against the wall.  Now."
  92. 01[22:43] <Staffen> The man grunts, drops his hellgun, and slowly puts his hands aganst the wall.
  93. [22:43] <Horace> "Go to this man's dining room.  Have some food.  You'll want it."
  94. 06[22:44] * Horace whispers as lightly as he can into his microbead as he re-holsters is near-empty autogun, ++Young master, after he goes, load their hellguns on the lardman's stomach.  We'll want them.++
  95. 06[22:46] * Varian sets his part of the litter down and exchanges a fresh magazine into his autopistol.
  96. [22:48] <Petrus> ++How is everything going for you gentlemen?++
  97. [22:48] <Varian> ++Yes, other than the small factor of being hunted by armed guards and a gun cutter.++
  98. [22:49] <Petrus> ++I killed one of the mercenaries and I'm about to solve the gun cutter problem with the help of my new friend++
  99. 06[22:50] * Horace loads the dead man's armor and the two sets of hellguns onto Funs' stomach, quickly proving to be the only useful part of the man, as they sink right down
  100. 06[22:50] * Horace picks up his end of the litter and waits for Varian
  101. 06[22:51] * Varian picks up the other end and starts moving the litter once more.
  102. [22:52] <Horace> "Let's keep moving to the garage."
  103. 01[22:58] <Staffen> The lift control panel was unharmed in the attack.
  104. [22:58] <Petrus> A shot can be heard from the other terrace
  105. [22:58] <Petrus> ++Got him++
  106. [22:59] <Petrus> ++Does anyone know how to fly a gun cutter?"
  107. [23:00] <Varian> ++I used to race sky-cars on Malfi... Why do you ask?++
  108. [23:00] <@Ezekiah> ++What guncutter?++ This is the first time Ezekiah has said something. Anything.
  109. [23:00] <Petrus> ++I solved our problem++
  110. [23:00] <Horace> ++The one that was pummelling me with assault cannon bullets.++
  111. [23:00] <Horace> ++How so?++
  112. [23:01] <Petrus> ++Never mind about the piloting++
  113. 01[23:01] <Staffen> After a few seconds, you hear an explosion that is deafening even through the walls.
  114. [23:02] <Horace> ++...Hey Petrus, something I've been meaning to ask you.++
  115. [23:02] <Horace> ++That'd you take it down?++
  116. 06[23:02] * Varian ducks as the hall is rocked, hurrying on once more.
  117. [23:02] <Petrus> ++I killed the pilot of course++
  118. [23:03] <Horace> ++...How?++
  119. [23:03] <Petrus> ++With a rifle++
  120. [23:04] <Horace> ++That's it? You...didn't use an anti-tank missile or grenade or anything?++
  121. [23:04] <Petrus> ++No, I didn't have any.++
  122. [23:04] <Horace> ++Your technique do I say this...archaic when it comes to--to fighting airborne war vehicles.  Honestly, I didn't think that'd work on an STC design.++
  123. [23:05] <Petrus> ++What did you want me to say?++
  124. 06[23:06] * @Ezekiah comes out of a door. "About damn time!" He's speckled with blood and burns, his right arm holding a blood soaked sword. "Do you know how many sinners I had to hack through to find you two?" His right arm may be soaked with blood as well. It's hard to tell.
  125. [23:06] <Horace> ++You know, I once asked a hardened riot Judge once, if an Arbite had to take on an STC warship stolen by heretics one on one, how should he do it?++
  126. [23:07] <Petrus> ++What did he say?++
  127. [23:08] <Horace> "'Don't.'  He swore there's no way in the galaxy a single single infantryman could take one down himself."
  128. [23:08] <Horace> (that was vox)
  129. [23:10] <Horace> "I always suspected there was something crazy about you, master.  But hearing what you just I know it...  You're crazy!  Single-handedly taking out a gunship?  That's nuts!  That's insane!"
  130. [23:10] <Petrus> ++Is this your idea of a compliment?++
  131. [23:10] <@Ezekiah> "HA! That's nothing! I single handedly taken out many a sinner in this mansion! With sword and flame!"
  132. [23:11] <Horace> "Yes! You're the craziest, scariest, most deadeye badass in the sector!  Youre--the shit!"
  133. 06[23:16] * Varian continues to run down the hallways, perspiration rolling down his face and his arms burning with lactic acid buildup.
  134. 06[23:17] * Horace trudges along after Varian, his schola-forged body pushed to the limit to keep up his end of the litter while running at this pace
  135. 01[23:21] <Staffen> Eventually you make it down to a floor labeled "GARAGE". Van Schoorl is heaving on the litter, sobbing on occasion and clutching at his chest.
  136. 06[23:23] * Varian heads in and swivels his head left and right, looking for a vehicle.
  137. [23:23] <@Ezekiah> "... we should probably hurry."
  138. 01[23:26] <Staffen> Within is a classical grav-sedan resting at the lip of an opened runway out into the hive.
  139. [23:26] <Horace> "Oh...thank the throne.  Let's load him on."
  140. 06[23:28] * Varian runs over to the sedan, his feet feeling as heavy as ceramite as he approaches salvation.
  141. 06[23:30] * @Ezekiah will assist Horace and Varian in moving the fat fuck into the car.
  142. 06[23:31] * Horace sighs and breathes heavily, leaning against the wall of the grav-sedan after Funs is loaded
  143. [23:31] <Horace> ""
  144. 06[23:34] * Varian pants, "Ye... Yes" before opening the drivers door and slowly edging into the seat. "Its like flying but on the ground right?"
  145. [23:35] <Varian> (retcon 2nd part, its a flying car.)
  146. 06[23:36] * Horace grabs the two hellguns from Funs' belly and sits where he can in the car, waiting for Ezekiah to get in
  147. [23:36] <Horace> ++Petrus, where are you?  We're ready to pick you up.++
  148. 06[23:36] * @Ezekiah gets in as well. "Don't we have to grab one of ours?"
  149. 06[23:36] * Varian works his hands over the interior, following the basic start up procedure while muttering some half remembered/half rote learned phrases.
  150. [23:36] <Petrus> ++At the Doravis estate++
  151. [23:37] <Horace> ++...Where's that?++
  152. [23:38] <Petrus> ++Next door.++
  153. 06[23:39] * Varian raises the vehicle from the ground once everyone is aboard, coasting out into the hive and getting his bearings.
  154. [23:39] <Horace> ++Get out on the lawn.++
  155. 01[23:39] <Staffen> As you lift off the ground, the building trembles around you with a loud groan, deep and powerful. Dust showers from the ceiling.
  156. 06[23:40] * Horace looks over the hellguns and readies one
  157. [23:40] <Horace> ++Seems just in time...++
  158. [23:40] <@Ezekiah> "I think one of them were planting bombs."
  159. [23:40] <Petrus> ++Alright++
  160. [23:42] <Horace> "...Bombs.  I guess they weren't after just grabbing Van Schoorl."
  161. [23:43] <Horace> "Let's drive, if you're ready, young master."
  162. 06[23:46] * Varian angles the grav car upwards and accelerates towards street level.
  163. 01[23:47] <Staffen> As you take off, the building behind you explodes. Slowly the floors begin to fall in on one-another until the level you are standing on is crushed, and the structure is slowly and steadily demolished.
  164. [23:48] <@Ezekiah> "This is a nice vehicle."
  165. [23:49] <Horace> "...Let's keep it.  Seems too nice to hawk or 'give to the master'."
  166. 06[23:51] * Horace probes Van Schoorl's pockets deeply
  167. 06[23:52] * Varian turns his head as he clears the collapsing estate, his photo contacts giving a green haze to the surroundings that slightly reduces his ability to judge distance. "Does anyone see the sniper?"
  168. 06[23:53] * Petrus waves his arms at the car
  169. 06[23:54] * Varian whips the vehicle around and dives back down to hover next to Petrus.
  170. 06[23:54] * Petrus boards the car with his new prize and his old long las
  171. 06[23:55] * Varian rips off his gas-mask now that he is in a sealed vehicle, the mask drips with built up perspiration. Varians hair is a sodden mess while his suit's collar is drenched in sweat.
  172. [23:56] <Petrus> "So did you all have fun? I know I did."
  173. [23:56] <Horace> "...So...much...fat."
  174. [23:57] <Petrus> "I saw him land in his lander."
  175. [23:58] <Petrus> "He's quite a large one."
  176. 06[23:58] * Petrus pokes the man with the barrel of his gun
  177. 01[23:58] <Staffen> Van Schoorl appears to be passed out by this point.
  178. [23:58] <Horace> "His belly is grotesque, but it's fun.  Here, watch what happens when I drop a throne on the top."
  179. [23:58] <Horace> "See?  His entire body /jiggles/."
  180. [23:58] <@Ezekiah> "I had much fun! I slaughtered many a sinner."
  181. 06[23:59] * Horace holds up their new guns as proof
  182. [23:59] <Varian> as the door clicks shut Varian turns around once more and starts heading back to the space port. Switching the outboard and inboard lights off only the glow of auspexes and other small equipment light the interior. Varian sticks to sections of the hive that are occluded from outside view or are dark enough to cover their movement.
  183. [23:59] <Petrus> "So did we figure out who attacked us?"
  184. Session Time: Sun Jun 17 00:00:00 2012
  185. [00:01] <Varian> "The Schrool seemed to think it was some of the master's men."
  186. [00:01] <Petrus> "The master?"
  187. 06[00:02] * Varian breathing gradually slows to a more regular pace, "Were you listening in the briefing? Its the Lady's top target on her list of people to kill or capture."
  188. [00:02] <Horace> "Mmm."
  189. [00:03] <Petrus> "Oh him, yes I suppose I remember now."
  190. [00:03] <@Ezekiah> "It's going to be hell to get him into the lighter. We should contact her?"
  191. [00:04] <Petrus> "Aye we should."
  192. [00:04] <Horace> "Once we get to the port, there's probably her own people around to help us out."
  193. [00:04] <Horace> "Physically moving this wretch, I mean."
  194. 01[00:08] <Staffen> Varian flies you to the starport which you arrived at, and sure enough crewmen from the Inquisitors' employ are present. Rather than struggle with van Schoorl, they simply opt to load the entire sedan into the lighter.
  195. 01[00:10] <Staffen> A few hours later, you are in orbit again. The light freighter puts down in one of the vast hangars of a wholly new vessel.
  196. 01[00:12] <Staffen> As the freighter doors open, a man approaches your craft. He steps forward with the assistance of a cane. Numerous mechadendrites sprout from his back, equipped with various medical implements. One of his eyes is a glowing augmetic, and his face is a perpetual scowl. There are dark spots on his khaki-colored gown.
  197. 01[00:13] <Staffen> He glares at the grav-sedan as the crews begin to unload it, saying nothing as van Schoorl is pulled out screaming from the back of the vehicle.
  198. 01[00:14] <Staffen> The man looks to Horace, and the corner of his mouth twitches. "You are wounded," he declares.
  199. [00:14] <Horace> "Assault cannon, I believe."
  200. 06[00:14] * Horace returns
  201. [00:15] <@Ezekiah> "We are successful! We have retrieved the fat bastard."
  202. 06[00:15] * Varian slowly edges out of the car, remarking "I need some old crushed grapes."
  203. 01[00:16] <Staffen> "I can see that." The man gives van Schoorl a disgusted glance, before lifting his head back and peering at each of you. "You are the Lady's latest pets, I see. Ideally you won't go as the last one did. A tedious affair, putting that one back together."
  204. 06[00:17] * Horace looks to the others at the man's latest statement
  205. [00:18] <@Ezekiah> "The one with the skull helm?"
  206. [00:18] <Petrus> "I can shoot him if you'd like for him to shut up."
  207. [00:19] <Petrus> "His blubber should stop the round from going too deep."
  208. 01[00:19] <Staffen> "The Inquisitor surrounds herself with many icons of death." The man steps over to the cart now holding van Schoorl. "It suits one as calloused and irresponsible as her."
  209. 06[00:21] * Horace looks to the rest of the party, eyes widening behind his sunglasses, and steps back gently from the man, as if awaiting divine retribution to smite him for speaking of an Inquisitor in such a way
  210. 06[00:21] * Varian leans on the grav car while stretching his arms to help work out the pains, letting the man speak his mind at will.
  211. 01[00:22] <Staffen> The man takes notice of Horace, and a sickeningly hateful expression -- a twisted attempt at a smile -- plays across his face. "What? Do you fear I'll be burned at the stake for saying such things?" He makes a sharp hissing laugh. "She needs me too much for that. She needs me..."
  212. 06[00:22] * Horace makes the sign of the aquilia
  213. 01[00:23] <Staffen> he tightens a strap over van Schoorl's arms, and another over his belly. "To interrogate this atrocity of a human being, and to keep her precious... pathetic... insignificant worm alive and stable."
  214. [00:24] <@Ezekiah> "Can I help? I wish to melt that fat off his belly... the only proper punishment for such gluttony."
  215. 01[00:24] <Staffen> He looks back at Horace. "Wait in my office. I'll need to secure this pile of fat in one of the excuciation chambers, then I'll examine your wounds."
  216. 01[00:25] <Staffen> He leaves with the others and van Schoorl, and then you are alone in the hangar.
  217. [00:25] <Horace> "Before you go, Ezekiah, leave me the borrowed flamer."
  218. 06[00:25] * Horace takes off his gas mask and asks for the others from Varian and Petrus and Ezekiah
  219. 06[00:25] * @Ezekiah would pass it to Horace. "Of course."
  220. [00:25] <Horace> "These items have to be sent back down to the arbite house..."
  221. 06[00:26] * Varian tosses his to Horace, a quizzical look on his face.
  222. 06[00:26] * Petrus hands his unused gas mask off to Horace
  223. 06[00:26] * Horace gathers the objects in a pile, including the borrowed manacles and hands them off to a returning lighter to the planet
  224. 06[00:26] * Horace hands one of the men a note as to where it should go and some thrones
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