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  1. What previous experiences do you maintain? As said, I have good previous experience, ranging from Minemen Club, FaithfulMC and EliteKits to my own projects like StigmaHCF and PurePots. But I will list every single server that I think I learned the most from. EliteKits - The most recent server I have been staff on was EliteKits. It served from 2013-2017, and I was staff for over a month.
  2. I was a Moderator and it was all good. Then I got demoted back to a Trial Mod for the latter stages.
  3. Minemen Club - I was staff on here for about 2-3 weeks. In the time I was staff I went from Trial Mod to Moderator. As a Trial Mod I got tons of mutes.
  4. But as a Moderator I started slowing down on bans and I started losing access to my account here and there. And, cuz of this, I got demoted for inactivity.
  5. I do understand where you come from but I think it was kinda unfair. Anyway, I do respect your decision and I probably would have done the same thing
  6. if I was a Head-Admin. Anyway, Minemen Club taught me how to be a better person, and more professional under some circumstances.
  8. FaithfulMC - I was staff on FaithfulMC when Map 7 was going to get released.
  9. I was staff on there for over a Month or two and didnt get promoted to Moderator.
  10. My ign was Pammito and I resigned in January. I served as staff there from November till January.
  12. ExodusHCF - I was Moderator on here and it was all good. After a while things started getting tough and the server was beefing with another server.
  13. The server that I was staff on then, got advertised by Verzide.
  14. And it got to a point where the other server, their owner who had made plugins for the server, put a keylogger in there and he had access over the server.
  15. So the other server they griefed the server I was staff on and after a while the server I was staff on started dying out.
  16. Everyone started resigning so I resigned after a week or so. Then the Owner of the other server messaged me.
  17. He offered me Mod and I took it.I worked hard to get Manager. In the end the server changed name to ExodusHCF and I ended up resigning.
  19. Do you have any qualities that will benefit Minemen Club? Yes, I will list them right now: Maturity: I am very mature for my quite young age (15, even though my birthday is May 25th). Experience: And I am quite experienced with staffing. The longest I have been staff on a server is 5+ months, with PurePots (I did not list the server in previous experience cuz I do not think I learned stuff from there). Being calm: For a normal 15 year old, rage is obviously a big thing. Well, I do not really rage and if I do get angry, I would either hide chat, or log off the server completely. Or, once again, if it is someone in chat that is making me angry and calling me names that could get him or her muted, I would mute them. If not, I would ignore them and not talk to them. Support: I am always ready to support anyone at anytime I am on. being while I feel bored or not I would still help them. Chat: I am actually quite experienced with chat crowded chats and people being really angry. On EliteKits that was an occuring thing and made me learn a lot more. I think that many people dont know how to successfully moderate a chat.
  20. Another reason is cuz I have already been staff on here before so I know most of the punishments.
  22. Do you vow that if accepted onto the Minemen Club staff team, that you will not harm Minemen Club in anyway shape or form, but do good for the network and its players?
  23. Yes, I do.
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