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  2. juce!Today at 12:30 AM
  4. seoulfoodToday at 12:31 AM
  5. your disaster hair is nice fuck u
  6. it's actually a lot more toned down than i usually keep mine in the mornings
  7. juce!Today at 12:31 AM
  8. i take selfies in only the best most semi flattering lighting
  9. seoulfoodToday at 12:32 AM
  10. BOOD
  11. hum hum let's see.......
  12. uh..... at one point i borrowed a belt from a friend to just tie around the subby boy's wrists
  13. the problem with those (which i'm sure yk) is like that you gotta calibrate it or else they'll just slip out
  14. so i got frustrated and put it around his neck instead, like a makeshift collar
  15. juce!Today at 12:34 AM
  16. h
  17. i was gonna be like "slipping out of bondage in the heat of the moment ruins the vibe" but
  18. ngl collar distracting
  19. seoulfoodToday at 12:35 AM
  21. HE SEEMED TO LIKE IT??? i kept calling him "puppy"
  22. there are a surprising amount of people who are just hidden furries
  23. i mean petplayers.
  24. my ex was really into rabbits so No Fucking Lie i did a few things with her where i was like "where does the carrot go?"
  25. juce!Today at 5:11 AM
  26. i fell asleep bc i'm a loser and woke up to this and i'm crying
  27. where DOES the carrot go
  28. seoulfoodToday at 10:00 AM
  29. the BAGUBA
  30. you are valid don't worry
  31. juce!Today at 10:23 AM
  32. only nerds fall asleep jams
  33. seoulfoodToday at 10:27 AM
  34. ...
  35. there is nothing wrong about that statement :3
  36. juce!Today at 11:01 AM
  37. advnlf
  38. you're the worst
  39. seoulfoodToday at 11:02 AM
  40. Yeah I Am :3c
  41. also, like, we can move off of sex talk
  42. it's just what i default to but not necessarily the best for a wednesday morning/afternoon
  43. juce!Today at 11:03 AM
  44. oh mood
  45. it was very MMM cathartic i think maybe is a good word
  46. i had the biggest dumbest crush for a while bc my heart does not know what's up
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