Catti got your tongue?

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  1. Catti got your tongue?
  4. >My parents pay for this. That is single thought that goes through your mind as your literature teacher is currently trying to find whatever page the class is on. No don’t turn the book sideways that won’t help. How the fuck did that help find the page? Fucking spiders man, might as well check to the old idiot box. Oh Catti sent you a text...a lot of texts.....holy shit how much down time does she have in class!? Well might as well start at the most recent one “Read the rest first lazyass.” She’s evolving. Shit, well you’ll just message her back and read her wall at lunch or some shit. “Is your teacher fucked up too?” it’s perfect,and send.
  6. >The response was immediate “She’s scared shitless by anyone getting mad at her and is a huge weeb.” You snicker as you respond “That’s nothing, my teacher reads at a 3rd grade level, forgets what we are learning halfway through the lesson, but mostly she just sleeps on her desk while we do packets”. Another immediate response “Mine is currently live streaming gay porn on the projector.” You Choke on your spit, holy shit.
  8. > “What the fuck is wrong with our school!?” This text longer for her to respond “Like specifically?” The two of you went back and fourth like this until the class was finished. You really should read the rest of her texts later.
  9. >After standing in line to get your “probably not health regulated” brand of cafeteria food. You walk over towards your usual table, which tended to have a certain chubby cat residing there. Not surprisingly you see the goth cat attempt a lazy wave to you but she only manages to pat the surface of the table with her paw, holy shit she must be excited about something to get that worked up. Taking a seat you begin to check her messages knowing that she expects you to, yes you do it without saying anything to her it’s how she likes things. Alright let’s see what’s a bunch of links? You look up at catti in confusion who merely shrugs in response, she’s talkative today. You click’s a 8 second clip of someone getting hit in the face with a Capri sun.
  11. >Once again you look over at catti both shocked and confused, she shrugs, fuck she makes a good point. You send her a text “Are all of these just random clips you found amusing?” *bzzzt* “Yeah pretty much, I look at them when I’m bored in class.” You briefly wonder how either of you are getting straight B’s in your classes despite doing jack shit in either of them. Lunch was a trail of unfunny gags and clips, until you hit a certain link, a .png? This feels a bit out of place...fuck it!
  12. >Hitting the link you felt your heart stop for a couple seconds. It was Catti,without clothes on,posing with her arms behind her head. You look up at catti only to see her smiling as she texts on her phone. What does that-The ringing of the lunch bell interrupted your thoughts as Catti got up to leave. “You can keep that photo.” She has the smallest smirk as you sit there slack jawed. D-did she just hit on you?
  14. >You slowly get up from the table and decide to follow Catti, You know she won’t answer your questions immediately but you have a class together so it works either way. But as you take your seat next to catti you can’t get your mind off of that photo she sent you, you were never much of a chubby chaser but...damn it! Why did she have to fit your niche entirely. You cross both your legs and arms as you wear a visible scowl on your face.
  15. >You notice your phone go off, it’s a text “You look like your ready to go on the warpath, did the pic I send really disgust you so much?” Without thinking you respond in a slight panic “No it’s not that! You know I think your beautiful catti.” You feel your heart stop as you realize what you just sent her. You look over at catti expecting the usual stoic face however she now has her head turned towards you with her eyes not half-lidded for once.
  16. Damn it! You basically admitted to having a crush on your best friend. This was not how geometry was supposed to go, you just wanted to learn about shapes or someshit.
  17. >She turns her head back to her phone seemingly thinking about what to say in response “You really mean that.” Well shit might as well bite the bullet now, “Yeah I mean it, ever since we first met as friends I always saw you as attractive...No I thought you were beautiful.” Your fingers are on autopilot as the weird clam of a teacher rambled on. You were certainly no Shakespeare but you poured your heart out, over many texts describing her personality and body in detail, and you have no idea why.
  18. >Oh god she was gonna realize what a creep you are. You turn your head towards your likely now former best friend expecting the worst and feeling like a total idiot. She’s blushing, Your shitty texts are making her blush!? The bell rings signifying the end of the day. But neither of you move form your seats.
  20. >The two of you sit there in the empty classroom neither of you sure what to say to the other. It’s really awkward but you don’t want to look like you don’t care by walking away. Catti is trying her best to distract herself with her phone, and for once she’s failing. The sound of lockers being opened and slammed echoes throughout the school, you take this as a sign to man up. You stand up and walk over to Catti who’s trying to avoid eye contact with you.
  21. >“So uh.....want to...” you can feel your chest clench as you attempt to say something that would better calm her down. You stammer a bit, before using your patented “Fuck It Principle” and doing what your body feels is right. You put a hand on her furred arm and tug slightly. This got her attention as she seemed to notice that school was over.
  22. >She was now standing next you, uh,pretty close actually, as you both start exit the idiot house. Most of the students have already left,so it’s only you and catti on the stone steps of the school. The orange sunset covering the whole town in a mystifying orange glow, yeah it’s nice but you get used to the view after a while. You feel something move against your hand bringing you out of your thoughts. Her soft white paw had wrapped itself around your hand.
  23. >The tension in your chest returns tenfold, absentmindedly you caress her padded paw, it felt almost unreal how soft it was. “Want me to walk you home?” “Can you come with me?”
  24. >The two of you look at each other at the simultaneous question. Both of your grips tighten as you both walk through the small town. You don’t know why but the two of you can’t stop smiling, you couldn’t get used to this. But you want to.
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