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  1. Set 6: Party Animal
  3. 1. The Faux-Fox Shawl (Item Type: Accessory)
  5. A fluffy, wraparound shawl designed to resemble a red fox. It's incredibly fashionable, and so finely made that you wonder if the skin could be real. Regardless of authenticity and legality, the scarf is very warm, very cute, and captures body heat perfectly. The eyes of the fox remain firmly shut.
  7. This item expands the familiar of the wearer with 2 extra Power Points. This bonus is only applied to the first familiar that is drawn out in a particular combat.
  10. 2. Anklebiters (Item Type: Legs)
  12. A pair of tree-brown 3-inch felt-covered pumps with a broad heel and cute little fox-face designs on the toe. They feel indestructable, and anyone wearing them has no difficulty walking, to the point where they're even functional in combat. Talk about combat heels.
  14. This item allows the wearer to ignore ground-based hazards and take reduced effects from ground-based attacks. (2/3rds damage if the attack does damage, 1/2 effect if the attack is a debuff)
  18. 3. Commanding Cocktail (Item Type: Torso)
  20. A forest-green cocktail dress, ending just above the ankles. It's fairly high-cut, with leg up to the thigh being exposed as the wearer walks. The dress itself is "bandaged" in appearance at the torso, looking as if it were constructed from giant blades of grass, and the rest of the dress being smooth and flowing. It has only one strap.
  22. This item provides a passive bonus of +1 to Social checks.
  26. When all worn together, this set adds a pair of flowerbud ear studs to the wearer, wherever they may fit, along with perfecting the wearer's makeup for them, whenever required. Also notable is their increased tolerance to temperature, allowing them to remain comfortable in both hot summer and cold winter. If the wearer would like to take off the entire set, they simply remove the fox shawl, upon which the rest of the outfit is absorbed magically (transforms the wearer to prevent nakedness). When the outfit is stored inside, the eyes of the fox open, revealing glassy beads.
  28. As a set, the outfit provides the user with access to "Silver-Tongued Devil". If they user already has this advance, the effect of it is bolstered to an initial roll of 10 (Two 5s).
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