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  1. Seha
  2. Hitbox reduced overall for Rush
  3. More pre-cast delay before cast for EX Shockwave
  4. Range decrease to level of normal Pulse Cannon for EX Pulse Cannon
  5. Restand removed and range reduced for Burst
  7. Seulbi
  8. FM2 CD being reduced from using EX Discipline Blade removed, more pre-cast delay before cast on FM2.
  10. Yuri
  11. Invulnerability removed from Shift
  12. Travel distance + travel speed decreased for Sonic Slash
  13. Super Armor on extension for Rolling Vulcan
  14. Range and speed moving forward in aerial use reduced for Yuri Spiral
  15. Invulnerability removed from Zone Control
  16. Instant invulnerability from aerial use removed from Yuri Star
  17. Pre-cast delay before cast removed from Yuri Star
  18. Other skills now cannot be used while being invulnerable during the cast of Yuri Star.
  20. J
  21. Hit range on cast reduced for Germanium Power
  22. Ground use dealing less damage than aerial fixed and damage ratio being more focused on multi-hit for Omega-3 Rush(Damage same as before overall)
  23. Range and speed of moving forward in aerial use reduced for Ocher Catch
  24. Damage ratio being more focused on multi-hit portion for FM1(Damage same as overall)
  25. Range reduced for Jade Magnetism
  26. Grab proc now only begins after the orb has traveled to the end(orb won't grab while it's moving forward) for Jade Magnetism
  27. Grab proc in aerial use slightly reduced for Chiropractic
  28. Force Cancel now usable during Body Massage
  29. Pre-cast delay reduced for EX Omega Rush
  30. 30% Damage Increase for EX Omega Rush
  31. Grab-resistant during EX Omega Rush
  32. EX Jade Magnetism's pre-cast delay reduced
  33. 30% Damage Increase to EX Jade Magnetism
  35. Mistiltein
  36. 30% Damage decreased in Lance Cruising
  37. All damage including the sword reduced by 40% on Laevatein.
  39. Nata
  40. Delay for neck slash portion of Sure Kill reduced
  41. Force Cancel now usable during FM1
  42. Hit proc removed from beginning of FM2
  43. Pulverizing Blade now has 1.5 sec set duration
  44. EX Punishment reduced in hit range
  46. Levia
  47. Location designation now set for Designated Sacrifice & Dimensional Singularity &Hell's Trap
  48. MS during use in the air reduced for Serpent Seal
  49. Hit proc being left over when the skill effect was gone fixed for FM2 & FM3
  50. Expert Cube no longer applies in arena for Hell's Trap
  51. Master Cube no longer applies in Arena for Mamushi Swarm
  53. Harpy
  54. Height when double jumping reduced
  56. Tina
  57. Chase proc from ground basic attack removed
  58. Range on ground basic attack halved
  59. Grenade's restand proc removed
  60. Launch on upward attack removed
  61. Invulnerability only during invisible portion for Dive
  62. Travel distance in y-axis decreased for Dive
  63. Pre-cast delay increased for Sharp Shooting
  64. Travel speed decreased for Sharp Shooting
  65. Grab-proc range decreased for Sharp Shooting
  66. Range reduced for EX Thunderbolt
  68. Violet
  69. Initial cooldown of 15 seconds for Burst Blade
  70. Attack range reduced for Exceed : Charge
  71. FM1's Shockwave no longer travels to either side, now only deals damage in an area around Violet
  72. Invulnerability after grabbing successfully reduced for Stinger
  73. Max duration decreased to 1 sec for Affront
  74. Affront now cannot be cancelled by any means for 1 second except with Force Cancel
  75. Advanced, Expert cube will not be applied in PVP for Affront
  76. Restand removed for Affront
  77. FM3's hit proc being leftover then attack was finished fixed
  79. Wolfgang
  80. Teleport removed from Page of Absorption
  81. Teleport removed from Phantom Arrow
  82. Hitstun reduced on extension of Phantom Arrow
  83. Pre-cast delay slightly increased for FM1
  84. Damage decreased by 50% on Cutting Iron
  85. Restand removed and hitstun reduced for Corrupted Charge in Cutting Iron
  86. Page of Sealing now procs grab after 0.5 seconds
  87. Hitstun for FM2 decreased
  88. Belial no longer appears in other skills through FM2 buff
  89. Hitstun and SAC for Extension on FM2 removed
  90. Only Force Cancel will now be usable during the cast of Page of Gluttony
  91. Hitstun duration reduced for Page of Fang
  92. Havoc Strike's restand removed
  93. Only Force Cancel will now be usable during the cast of Synchro - Darkmoon Slash
  94. During 'Nightmoon Slash', attack range will now be displayed and there will be additional movement available. (Synchro - Darkmoon Slash)
  95. Only Force Cancel will now be usable during the cast of FM3
  96. Travel distance decreased for EX Page of Manipulation
  97. Master cube no longer applied in PVP for EX Page of Manipulation
  98. Hitstun duration reduced for EX Phantom Arrow
  99. EX Havoc Strike's additional attack's hitstun reduced
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