A Busy Mayor (NSFW, Mayor Mare)

Sep 11th, 2016
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  1. >Above your head you could hear the mechanisms in your ceiling fan grind and rub against each other as it slowly spun around
  2. >It wasn't quite fast enough to make your office temperate, but during this time of the year keeping a room cool with anything other than a modified refrigeration spell was next to impossible
  3. >Still, the fan at least kept the warm air moving, which gave you some relief
  4. >Every single paper on your desk, from notice slips to building permits to newly drafted regulations and laws that had just come down from Canterlot, were all strategically placed under pencils and staplers and various other papers weights to keep your fan from blowing them away
  5. >Every minute or two a paper would rustle, but this wasn't your first rodeo
  6. >You hadn't lost a slip of paper in years and you weren't going to lose one now
  7. >Leaning back into your chair, which creaked in protest under your weight, you closed your eyes
  8. >For a few moments you just enjoyed the feeling of the warm air tickling your slightly sweaty fur as you breathed in deeply
  9. >The smell of old paper and ink was in the air, as was the stink of vintage carpet and varnish that had been ever-present companions of this room since you had taken office twenty odd years ago
  10. >That, along with the scent of blood, sweat, tears, and diplomacy, was the usual fragrance that you had come to expect whilst sitting in this office
  11. >But there was a new smell that tickled your senses today
  12. >It was so mild that most wouldn't have even noticed it, but a trained nose like yours could pick it up as sure as sugar
  13. >It was a familiar stench; a heady, musky, hot, almost sweet smell
  14. >Arousal
  15. "Yeah... Just like that hon..."
  16. >Your arousal
  17. >You are Mayor Mare
  18. >And today you finally managed to talk your husband Anonymous into indulging a very specific kink that you've wanted to do for a very long time now
  19. >You were splayed out on your chair, a big old smile on your face
  21. >Your necktie was undone slightly, and your usually tied up mane hung loosely around your withers
  22. >One of your hooves rested on your desk, the other was pawing at your husband's hair as he nuzzled your inner thigh with a cheek
  23. >He might have complained about having to fit his large body underneath your admittedly tiny desk, and sure, you could have just locked your door and let him do this in a more comfortable position, but you wanted to do this RIGHT
  24. >Some of the greatest politicians who ever lived have had gorgeous stallions eat them out underneath a desk
  25. >Who the buck were you to go against tradition and try it another way?
  26. "Oh yeah... Oh, is this bucking hot..."
  27. >Anonymous, ever the tease, was taking his sweet old time
  28. >Even though he was a little upset about being crammed between your legs like he was he wasn't the type that half-assed things
  29. >When he ate a mare out he ATE a mare out
  30. >He liked to go slow; nuzzle and kiss and lick your thighs, turn your breathing ragged and shallow
  31. >He wanted to see you make faces, wanted to hear you gasp and moan
  32. >He wanted to make you want nothing more than to wrap your back legs around his head and squeeze that head of his until his nose was buried inside you
  33. >And sweet Celestia above did you love him for it
  34. >Your legs, at that moment, were rested on either side of Anon's head
  35. >His hands were digging into your hips, kneading your cutiemarks
  36. >You could feel his lips graze the the fine hairs on your inner legs, then above your marehood, then right above your teats
  37. >His kisses were quick, light, but even once in awhile he'd linger for a few moments, really press down until you could feel his canines pressing down against your sensitive flesh
  38. >And, as he did all of this, his gaze didn't leave your face for a moment
  39. >His beautiful green eyes were sharp and focused
  40. >He was watching your face closely
  41. >Seeing what you liked, adjusting his technique to better please you
  43. >And holy horse apples did it get your blood PUMPING
  44. >You shivered, trying, and very much failing, to contain your enjoyment
  45. "You like l-licking up that c-cum, don't y-you, you d-dirty boy?" you cooed, a low, husky hum escaping the back of your throat
  46. >Anon said nothing, only raising an eyebrow as he leaned up and rubbed his cheek against your teats
  47. >You hissed, your hips bucking as you felt his soft, smooth skin against against those hard, sensitive nubs
  48. "OhmyCelestia!"
  49. >A part of you wanted to continue with the dirty talk, maybe flesh out a little scene where he was the bright-eyed, eager young intern that would do ANYTHING you asked, but you couldn't
  50. >The moment that your husband, your Nonny, had entered through those doors he had been the one in control
  51. >He knew it
  52. >You knew it
  53. >The birds perched on the tree watching through the window knew it
  54. "A-ah~"
  55. >And that was fine
  56. >Fine as sweet, sweet wine and amazingly sexy
  57. >Your heart was pounding in your ears with each little kiss
  58. >You couldn't hold still
  59. >Your other hoof had left the table to also rest of Anon's head
  60. >You were biting your lip so hard that you could taste blood and your glasses hung awkwardly on your nose
  61. >All he had been doing was kissing, and he hadn't even TOUCHED your cunny, but already you were about to lose it
  62. >And still he looked up at you, his green eyes shining
  63. >...
  64. >When you got home you were going to give this wonderful, caring, loving stallion the night of his life, even if it KILLED you
  65. >M-Muh earth pony stamina > HMD
  66. "I l-love you so much, h-hon," you murmured in between pants. "I l-love you-- o-oh!~"
  67. >A flash of pink darted out of your husband's mouth, and you could feel it run parallel to your marehood
  68. >Your back legs clamped around his head with no small around of force as you opened your mouth and quietly began to scream
  69. >Ohthisbuckingcoltisgoingtobethedeathofyou!
  72. >You could feel his tongue drag against your fur, lapping up sweat and cum with each passing
  73. >As with the kissing, his pace was leisurely and thorough, almost as if he was bathing your lower half with his tongue
  74. >He cleaned your thighs, he teased your lower belly and teats, the cleft of your marehood, all the while his grabbers did what they did best
  75. >You were breathing heavily now
  76. >Sweat was dripping down your body and off your nose
  77. >Your mane felt frazzled
  78. >You wanted him to stop teasing, to get on with the show
  79. >You wanted to feel that little tongue slip inside of you, taste your essence from the source
  80. "Hmm~"
  81. >Your back legs were tightened around Anonymous's head, praying that would get him to hurry things along
  82. >Seeing, and feeling, your thighs mashed up against his cheeks, holding him in place like this...
  83. >This?
  84. >This curd right here was the BEE'S KNEES!
  85. >A low whine escaped your throat as you looked up at your door then back down at the GREATNESS before you
  86. >Anon grinned even as his tongue danced around your marehood, so agonizingly close yet so far
  87. >Your grip around his head tightened just hair
  88. "Anon, honey. PLEASE," you whispered. "PleasepleasepleasePLEASE!"
  89. >Kissing the space where your left leg met your hindquarters, Anon gave your rump a playful slap before leaning forward slightly
  90. >He was looming over your marehood now
  91. >You could feel his hot, moist breath on your puffy, aching lips
  92. >You began to paw at his head vigorously when you saw his tongue slip between his soft, full, pink lips
  93. >Another eager hiss escaped you as your body curled in upon itself just as Anon--
  95. CLICK!
  97. >You froze, as did your husband
  98. >Your gaze snapped up at your door just as the knob began to turn
  99. >Looking back down between your legs you looked at a now wide-eyed Anonymous, whose tongue was still dangling out of his mouth
  101. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk!
  103. >Ohbuck!
  104. >Codeblackcodeblack!
  107. >Horseapplesisabouttogodown!
  108. >Somepony'sbuckingcoming!
  109. >Gottagobuckingfast!
  110. >As the door began to open you became a flurry of movement
  111. >Your glasses were pushed up your nose, you scooched your chair up so you were sitting properly at the desk, you ran a hoof through your mane, and you did your best to wipe the sweat from your face
  112. >A horn poked through the crack in the door just as you grabbed a random piece of paper, sending the paperweight holding it down, along with a stack of other documents, to the floor below
  113. >Quickly grabbing a quill, you began to scribble nonsense on the... new tax reform policy
  114. >...
  115. >Buck
  116. >...
  117. >Just look busy...
  118. >Just look busy...
  119. >Try to look like you've actually been doing work and that you're alone and your husband isn'tunderthebuckingtableohshityou'reinsomuchbuckingtrouble!
  120. >A white muzzle now poked through the door as you quietly cleared your throat and did your best to compose yourself
  121. >Why hadn't your secretary said that she was letting somepony in?!
  122. >That was her job!
  123. >You bought her an announcer thingy and everything!
  124. >When this was over you were going to give her SUCH a boop--
  125. >"Good afternoon, Mayor."
  126. >You could feel your ovaries leap into your stomach as PRINCESS MOTHERBUCKING CELESTIA poked her head into your office and gave you a BUCKING SMILE
  128. >Calling upon all of your years of being a politician, you smiled back
  129. "O-Oh! Hello there p-princess!" you chirped just a little too loudly, setting down your quill. "What are you doing--I mean, what brings you in my neck of the woods?"
  130. >Pleasejustbeheretosayhello
  131. >Pleasejustbeheretosayhello
  132. >Please--
  133. >"I was actually here to see if you had anything that you wished to be seen by the court," the princess said, opening your door and stepping inside. "I was in town to see how my old student was doing so I thought it would be--"
  134. >She stopped in the middle of your office suddenly
  136. >Her small, majestic smile was replaced with a frown, and if you didn't know any better you would have said that her brow furrowed
  137. >Though you continued to smile on the outside, you were bucking screaming your head off on the inside
  138. >You were bucked
  139. >She knew that you had somepony underneath your desk
  140. >She could smell your stank
  141. >Were her nostrils flaring?
  142. >Was she--
  143. >"It is a little warm in this room, is it not?" the princess asked, looking around your office casually
  144. >You jumped, giggling nervously
  145. "W-Well, it is a very warm day o-outside, your highness! I've been running my f-fan all day but for most of the m-morning the sun is pouring through my w-window! So it g-gets a little hot in here until around d-dinner time."
  146. >Princess Celestia looked toward your window as you pointed it out
  147. >Her head cocked to the side for a few moments, as if she were debating something, before she turned her attention back toward you
  148. >"Is something the matter, Mayor?" she asked. "You seem a little... nonplussed."
  149. >You laughed again, and it sounded shrill and desperate even to your ears
  150. >You were SO going to get banished...
  151. "Oh, everything's fine, everything's fine!" you insist with a wave
  152. >Celestia's eyes narrowed
  153. >"Are you positive?" she asked, taking a step toward you. "Though I do not come to Ponyville as much as I would like I still very much consider us friends, my dear. So if there's anything wrong please don't hesitate to speak to me about it, whatever the issue may be."
  154. >Oh there's something wrong filly...
  155. >Oh sweet Luna's flaming teats there's something wrong...
  156. "It's just this heat. It's got me all FRAZZLED! You know how it is I'm sure."
  157. >You leaned forward, casually resting your elbows on your desk top
  158. >Don'tyoubuckingBREATHAnonmomma'sgonnasavethisshit!
  159. >Celestia stared at you for a few moments longer, humming quietly to herself, before nodding
  160. >"If you're absolutely positive..."
  161. "I can assure you that I'm perfectly fine, Celestia."
  163. >Though the princess didn't look all that convinced, she didn't press the matter
  164. >Her smile came back to her face as she took a deep breath
  165. >"Very well then. But if the heat has you so bothered then allow me to cast a few spells on this building before I leave to make your workplace a little more bearable."
  166. >Your smile became a little more genuine
  167. >You were going to get away with this shit!
  168. "Well, I'd really appreciate it if you--GAH!"
  169. >A warm, moist burst of air blew over your marehood, sending a wave of VERY unexpected pleasure racing up your body
  170. >Your hips bucked wildly at the sensation, which nearly threw you out of the chair
  171. >To counteract the movement your hooves snapped down and clasped the arms of your chair so hard that you were legitimately surprised that they didn't snap in half
  172. >To top it all off, you also found yourself kicking your desk in surprise as your eyes widened
  174. >Celestia twitched at the sudden noise
  175. >"Are you well, Mayor?" she asked, taking another step forward as you desperately tried to sit back up in a proper sitting position
  176. >You failed because a certain HUMAN was holding your rump so that you couldn't move it
  177. "I'm fine! I'm fine!" you said, laughing once again. "It's just that, that... MY KNEE! My knee! I hit my knee against the desk! That's it!"
  178. >You nervously giggled before quickly looking underneath the desk
  180. >Anon stared back up at you
  181. >His green eyes were sparkling in amusement, and he had a smile on his face that you didn't particularly like
  182. >...
  183. >Oh horse apples...
  184. >You knew that smile..
  186. "N-Now, what was it that you said before? You wanted t-to see if I had--"
  187. >A tongue, small but strong, ran up the length of your marehood SLOWLY
  189. >Your mouth twitched, but for the most part you managed to keep yourself composed
  190. "--If I had a-anything that the court's n-needed to see..."
  191. >Anon's fingers dug into your flanks, kneading the fat and muscle in a way that made you want to melt
  192. >His thumbs were always caressing your cutiemarks, drawing little circles as he began to tug and pinch at your fur
  193. "J-Just give me a moment! I'll see if I have anything here for you."
  194. >As you began to leaf through the papers on your deck you realized that you were in quite the pickle
  195. >You couldn't look down at Anon for too long without alerting the princess that somepony was underneath the desk
  196. >You couldn't push him away from you since he was already as stuffed underneath that desk as he was going to get
  197. >You most certainly couldn't SAY anything to him; THAT was a given
  198. >Anonymous had free reign to do whatever he wanted without a single repercussion
  199. >You couldn't do or say anything; the only thing that you COULD do was just sit there and take it and try to look like everything was normal and there WASN'T a stallion underneath your table molesting you
  200. >...
  201. >B-Buck
  202. "S-So, how's the court, Celestia? Are the n-nobles behaving?"
  203. >The princess smiled just as Anon planted a kiss on your lips, humming quietly while he didoirntglnlknfe!
  204. >"Actually, the royal court has been oddly calm lately," the alicorn said as you tried not to scream or bang your hoof against the table
  205. "O-Oh?"
  206. >"Around this time of year many of the more... difficult ones are off in their villas enjoying the summer sun, so there hasn't--"
  207. >Lips, tongue, and teeth toyed with your lower half
  208. >One moment you'd feel a tongue sliding across your mound
  209. >The next you'd feel teeth gently pulling on one of your lips
  210. >After that the tongue would busy itself by cleaning up the cum and the sweat and the spit that covered your legs and your pussy
  211. >Your breath was starting to quicken
  213. >You could feel your legs twitching no matter how much you commanded them not to
  214. >It was becoming difficult to keep the carefree mask on your face
  215. >You were beginning to close control of yourself
  216. >Each lick, each kiss, each every little thing that Anon did, brought you closer to ruin
  217. >Your eyes darted down toward your husband
  218. >His face was coated in your fluids
  219. >He was no longer looking at you, keeping his attention focused on the task in front of him
  220. >You watched, two parts bone-chilling terror and one part satisfaction, as his tongue spread your lips to reveal the tender pink flesh underneath
  221. "B-Buck..."
  222. >"Excuse me, Mayor. Did you say something?"
  223. >Jumping again, you quickly assured her that you, in fact, hadn't said a darned thing thank you very much you didn't say it like that before you went back to fruitlessly pawing at the papers in front of you
  224. >You were going to KILL this colt when the princess left
  225. >You were going to give him such a talking to that he'd never--
  226. >A pair of soft lips brushed against your sensitive button
  227. >You twitched, sucking in a lungful of air as your eyes crossed
  228. "Hfkgnfl."
  229. >A barrage of kisses, everyone of them as light as a feather and quick as lightning, were then placed up and down your marehood, then around it
  230. >When the princess looked away for a moment you quickly brought a hoof down and slapped your crazy stallion on the head
  231. >When he looked up at you, an unamused frown on his face at being interrupted, you began to angrily mouth words at him
  232. >What the BUCK was he doing?!
  233. >Had he lost his bucking mind?!
  234. >The princess was RIGHT THERE!
  236. >OR WORSE!
  238. >"So how has your husband been doing, Mayor? Has he gotten himself into any trouble lately?"
  239. >Another teasing lick, not hard enough for his tongue to slip into you but hard enough that IT WAS SO BUCKING CLOSE, made you shiver
  240. "Husband? Anon? O-Oh he's fine! FI-NE! Wonderful even!"
  241. >A hum drifted up from between your legs to your ears, which was then followed by a very loud, very wet, very lewd kiss
  242. >Your ears perked up for a moment before, still smiling at Celestia, you clamped your legs around your husband's head as hard as you could
  243. >There was a wet, but thankfully muffled, slapping sound as your thighs slapped against the sides of his head
  244. >Whatthebuckwashedoing?!
  246. "He's actually in the process of finding somepony to build an extension on our house if you can believe it!"
  247. >You laughed again, all the while twitching and tensing and trying not to moan
  248. >Though you were holding Anon in place as best as you could, your human was a crafty SOB
  249. >Using your excitement as lubrication, he forced himself forward slowly by wiggling his head back and forth
  250. >His pace was slow but, as the minutes ticked by he managed to work himself forward inch by inch
  251. >No!
  252. >BADANON!
  253. >BAD!
  254. >BA--
  255. >A low whimper escaped your throat when you finally felt his lips brush up against your lower ones
  256. >...
  257. >After this you weren't going to need to use hair dye anymore
  258. >This colt was turning your bucking hair greyer by the second!
  259. "I-I told him that o-UR! house was big en-OUGH! but you know how stallions are. Once they get some-THING! into their heads you need a stick of dynamite to get it--ha, ha, HAAAAAA!"
  260. >Your husband's tongue pushed against your marehood, wiggling back and forth
  261. >You tensed, trying to stop it, but it was no use
  262. >That tongue parted your lips and slipped inside, where it then began licking everything within reach
  263. >And, since this wasn't the first time your husband's been between those legs of yours, he knew where exactly to lick
  264. >EXACTLY
  266. >You hunched forward, slamming your hoof against the desk
  267. >Princess Celestia jumped in surprise, looking at you in alarm
  268. "A SPIDER!" you screeched as your glasses fell off of your nose and onto the table. "I SAW A SPIDER!"
  269. >Anon's grip on your rump was iron-tight
  270. >You could feel his cheeks tickling your thighs as he tried to push himself deeper and deeper into you
  271. >His tongue and lips teased and kissed and licked in ways that made a mare's heart weak
  272. >His pace was no longer slow or careful
  273. >It was impatient, aggressive, hungry
  274. >It didn't seem like he gave a horse apple if the princess heard him either
  275. >You could hear his tongue wetly sliding against your cunny
  276. >The sounds of him kissing and humming were loud and clear
  277. >Even the sound of his cheeks rubbing against your shaking, sweat-soaked thighs could be heard as clear as day
  278. >He no longer wanted to build up your pleasure
  279. >He wanted to force you over the finish line
  280. >He wanted you to cum, to soak his face with your excitement, to drink you
  281. "Buckkkkk...."
  282. >The chair squeaked as you leaned back, panting quietly
  283. >A part of you wanted to give into the madness
  284. >To place a hoof on top of your husband's head and start grinding yourself against his face until you were screaming
  285. >But you held back
  288. >Your hooves were shaking now as you frantically pawed at every paper within hooves reach
  289. >The cold, mind-numbing terror that had made its home on your belly the moment the princess had come through that door was being replaced with excitement
  290. >Right in front of you was the most powerful mare in the world
  291. >The littlest thing that she did caused ripples which changed the lives of every pony, gryphon, dragon, and what have you in not only this kingdom, but the whole world
  293. >If she but said the word you'd never, EVER see the light of day again
  294. >And there you were, sitting there with your husband's tongue wedged deep inside of you, trying to act like nothing was out of the ordinary
  295. >It was exciting, it was scary, but most of all it was arousing
  296. >...
  297. >You needed to get the princess out of here
  298. >You needed to get her out of her RIGHT NOW
  299. >RIGHT
  300. >NOW
  301. >Suddenly, your husband's tongue tickled a particularly sensitive bundle of flesh
  302. >Before you could so much as twitch his tongue slipped out of your marehood and began teasing your little nub
  303. >egkdjfndkjfndlknfdlknflskndl!
  304. >A moan nearly escaped your throat, but you stopped it by snapping your mouth shut
  306. >Grabbing a bundle of documents, you all but tossed them at the princess
  308. >Celestia looked at you in confusion, a little bit of concern, and maybe a little bit of amusement...?
  309. >"I'll make sure to look at these when I have the time, Mayor," she promised with a nod
  310. >Tucking the papers underneath a wing she looked over at the clock hanging on the wall
  311. >As she did that you slid a hoof underneath the table, grabbing a hoofful of your husband's hair, and began to gently hump his face
  312. >You were close
  313. >So close
  314. >So, so, so, so, so, SOOOOOOOOO close!
  315. >"Oh, will you look at the time. It appears that I need to be getting back to Canterlot," the princess mused, giving you a smile
  317. >Please leave
  318. >Pleaseleave
  319. >Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!
  320. >Anon groaned in between your thighs, making your eyes cross
  321. >PLEASE--
  322. >"I wish I could my dear, but duty calls. But next time I am in town I will make sure to clear my schedule so that we can sit together and have some tea with that husband of yours."
  324. >YES!
  326. >You could feel the heat building up between your legs with each kiss, each lick, each pulse-pounding, stomach-churning suck
  327. >It was making its way up to your belly
  328. >You knew that it would only be a matter of time before it boiled over and exploded
  329. >"Please make sure to say hello to that husband of yours, will you?" the princess asked, turning and making her way toward the door
  330. >Your mouth was partially opened
  331. >You could feel drool gathering out of the corners of your mouth
  332. >Your ears were ringing and you'd swear to anypony that'd listen you could feel the blood pumping throughout your body
  333. >A flurry of kisses on and around your marehood...
  334. >Teasing your nub with the tongue by tracing little circles around it...
  335. >Taking that nub and gently sucking on it...
  336. >Feeling those sharp teeth grazing your quivering lips...
  338. >Giving you one last smile, Princess Celestia opened your office door and made her way through it
  339. >The second that the door clicked behind her your other hoof found its way to your husband's head
  340. >You bent forward, slamming your forehead against the table
  341. >Your eyes snapped shut
  342. >Your mouth hung open in a silent scream
  343. >And then it came
  344. >A mind-shattering, body-shaking, world-spinning orgasm
  345. >Warmth exploded up your body as you lost all sense
  346. "H-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~!"
  347. >You didn't know if up was down or if down was up
  348. >It felt like you were floating
  349. >Your veins, your muscles, your bones,your cells; every part of you felt like it was burning
  350. >You couldn't breath
  351. >You couldn't think
  352. >Your sense flew out of your ears with enough force to leave holes in your walls
  353. >And still you felt that little wet pink tongue wiggling around inside of you
  354. >Your marehood clutched at the thing even as your husband's face, his neck, and his chest were coated in your cum, trying to pull him deeper and deeper into you
  356. >With each clutch you could feel every taste bud, every ridge, every little intend in that tongue, which only served to lengthen your pleasure
  357. "Hmmmmmmmmmm~!"
  358. >For what felt like hours you rode the waves of pleasure, but, eventually, you began to come down
  359. >Every one of your muscles went lax and you found yourself with your cheek pressed against your desk
  360. >You were breathing hard
  361. >You could feel the sweat dripping off your body
  362. >You had no doubt ruined half of the papers on your desk with sweat and saliva
  363. >Every few moments your body, legs especially, would twitch as little sparks of pleasure continued to run up and down your spine
  364. "Ohhhhhh..."
  365. >You felt bone dead tired
  366. >There were aches on your aches and you were pretty sure that your legs no longer worked
  367. >Your heart was still pounding in your chest and your mouth felt very dry
  368. >It had been a while since you had cum this hard
  369. >And it had been... an experience
  370. "Buuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkk," you hissed as your loon of a husband pulled his tongue out of you
  371. >He began to lick your overly stimulated pussy lips clean, making your gasp and squirm
  372. "Stop. Stoooooop!"
  373. >Anonymous ignored you, only stopping when you were sufficiently clean from thighs to teats
  374. >After that he gently pushed you away from the table, making sure to place a hand on your chest so that you didn't fall out of your chair
  375. >When he had enough room to do so, he stood up, leaning you back against your chair so he no longer had to hold you
  376. >Just like yourself, he looked more than a little frazzled
  377. >Because of you aggressively pawing at his head, his hair was sticking out all over the place
  378. >His shirt was covered in sweat and was terribly wrinkled
  379. >His face was flushed and, looking up at him, you noticed his mouth, nose, and neck were shiny with your gizz
  380. >That dirty little tongue of his was still out of his mouth, licking around his lips
  381. >...
  382. >Sweet Celestia, where did they MAKE this colt?!
  384. >"Jeez, I didn't think that you were gonna cum that hard," he confessed, producing a handkerchief and wiping his face with it. "I'm absolutely covered..."
  385. >You're bucking RIGHT you are...
  386. >You groaned, tiredly raising up a hoof to poke him in the belly
  387. "You bucking... dummy. She could... have heard... you," you rasped, letting your hoof fall to your side
  388. >Your Nonny just grinned, leaning down and kissing your nose
  389. >"That's what you get for stuffing me underneath that desk," he sing-songed
  390. >You couldn't help but smile
  391. >This stallion...
  392. >This bucking colt...
  393. "You're... lucky that I... love you so much," you tiredly proclaimed
  394. >That got a chuckle out of your husband
  395. >"I think you got that the other way around, hon," he said, wiping a bit of drool from the corner of your face with a thumb
  396. CLICK!
  397. >...
  398. >AGAIN?!
  399. >Both you and Anonymous looked at each other as the doorknob once again turned
  400. >Though you didn't say a word the message on your face was loud and clear
  401. >Bucking. HIDE.
  402. >Your husband bounded across the room in the blink of an eye
  403. >You scrambled to pull yourself forward so that you were once again sitting at the desk
  404. >You could smell your arousal in the air clearly now, along with sweat and shame, but there was no helping that
  405. >If you were lucky you could just blame it on how hot this bucking room was
  406. >...
  407. >Probably
  408. >Maybe
  409. >...
  413. "WH--"
  414. >You cleared your throat
  415. "Who is it?"
  416. >A bundle of documents floated into the room, which were followed by the smiling face of Princess Celestia
  417. >Ohherewego.jng
  418. >"I'm sorry to barge right in again, Mayor," the alicorn said, slipping into your office as you began to loudly sweat and curse the pony gods. "I just wanted to inform you that there is now a cooling spell placed on your building. I'm sure that you'll be feeling its effect momentarily."
  419. >Don'tcomecloserdon'tcomecloserPLEASEDON'TCOMECLOSER!
  421. >The princess stopped, looking to her left
  422. >"Oh? Is that a new lamp, Mayor? I hadn't noticed it before."
  423. "...Lam--"
  424. >Your husband was standing next to the wall
  425. >There was a lampshade on his head, and he was standing still and perfectly straight, with his arms pinned to his sides
  426. "--P?"
  427. >...
  428. >Despite realizing just how BUCKED you now were, you found yourself frowning
  429. >Where did he get the lampshade...?
  430. >The princess walked over to him, a small smile on her face
  431. >"This is quite the oddity," she mused, poking him in the stomach. "I've never seen a lamp like this before. Now tell me, how would one turn-- oh! There we are!"
  432. >Following the princess's gaze you saw her looking down at your husband's crotch
  433. >His fly was open, and you could see cock, covered with a pair of smiley underpants, poking out through the zippers
  434. >"What an odd place to put the switch..."
  435. >You could see a wet stain on the underwear, signaling that you hadn't been the only one that enjoyed themselves
  436. "...Um, C-Celestia? Why don--"
  437. >The princess leaned down and booped your husband's cock with her muzzle
  438. >...
  439. >Oh buck...
  440. >"Click," Anon said, not moving an inch
  441. >The princess looked up at the lampshade as if expecting something
  442. >When that something didn't happen, she frowned, booping his cock again, this time a little more firmly
  443. >"Click," he said again
  444. >"Maybe I'm not pressing it the right way?" the she mused to herself as you sat there visibly shaking
  445. >Ohbuckohbuckohbuckohbuckohbuckohbuckohbuck!
  446. >You could see that her nose was coated with a little dollop of Anon's pre
  447. "U-Um, your h-highness?
  448. >Not paying you any mind, Celestia leaned down once more
  449. >Her tongue slipped out of her mouth, and she began to drag it along your husband's fabric-covered shaft
  450. >Her tongue was long, and unnaturally thick, you noticed
  451. >With a few slow, careful licks she had his underwear absolutely soaked with spit
  452. > Anon's right hand twitched, and from ten feet away you could see his cock jump
  454. >"Click," your husband said again, though this time his pitch was a little higher
  455. >Drawing away, Celestia licked her lips, then the tip of her nose
  456. >"Hmm, it appears that you may need to replace the light blub, Mayor," she said. "The light doesn't seem to be working, no matter what I do to it."
  457. >Her smile turned into a knowing grin as she floated the bundle of papers over to you
  458. >"Also, my dear Mayor, I'm a little curious as to why you'd think that the court would need to know about Ponyville's upcoming pumpkin festival, if you'd indulge me."
  459. >...
  460. >FLYERS?!
  463. >As you sat there, trying not to shit yourself, Celestia extended a wing and plucked the lamp shade from Anonymous's head
  464. >A bead of sweat was running down your husband's forehead, and you could also see that his mouth was set into a VERY thin line
  465. >"I made sure to place a sound-proofing charm on your door so nopony outside can hear you... working, my dear. The smell and the noises that somepony may or may not make under your desk is a bit beyond me I'm afraid," she continued, looking up at your husband. "Good afternoon, Anonymous."
  466. >Anon looked down at the princess, his face an emotionless mask
  467. >"...Hello, Celestia," he said calmly. "It's nice to see you."
  468. >Celestia made it a point to look down at his throbbing shaft
  469. >"It's wonderful to see you as well," she cooed, her tone taking on a husky tone as her nostrils flared. "In fact, if I wasn't quite so busy today I'd show both you and your wife just how wonderful our meeting could be~
  470. >L-Lewd
  471. >"But! I must be getting back to Canterlot."
  472. >Without further adieu, she spun around and made her way back to the door
  473. >But unlike last time there was a sway in her step
  474. >While you never considered yourself a bi-curious sort of mare you nevertheless found your gaze glued to the alicorn's ample, perky backside as it jiggled and wobbled
  475. >Wew...
  476. >Wew filly...
  478. >For a moment, her tail flashed out of the way, revealing a smooth, soft, moist cunny
  479. >"Mayor, I hope you realize what a wonderful and ATTENTIVE husband you have here, and I hope that the two of you have a marvelous day. I'll be sure to come down as soon as I can so that we can talk again~"
  480. >...
  481. >As she slipped through the doors, making sure to give you a SMOLDERING look before she did so, and closed it behind her both you and Anonymous looked at each other
  482. >Neither of you said a word for several seconds, before you finally opened your mouth
  483. "A lamp? Really?"
  484. >Your husband's nose scrunched up
  485. >"Shut up."
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