Feminization of the White Male: How to stop drinking from th

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  1. Feminization of the White Male: How to stop drinking from the poisoned well
  3. As you folks have probably noticed, a new species of White Male made an appearance in the 21st century. Paraded as the “modern man”, this species, despite outwardly possessing male genitalia, exhibits prominent feminine features: high-pitched voices, little to no body hair, low muscle mass, round flabby faces, scrawny limbs, thin necks, wide hips and sometimes even semi-developed breasts. Femininity is not limited to physical appearance, however - the “modern man” is soft, emotional, sensitive, passive-aggressive, cowardly and extremely submissive. Some of us call members of this species “nu-males”, the less polite among us call them cucks and faggots, while in Russia they are known as having “never lifted anything heavier than a dick”. They are the eloi of the 21st century – a weak, bumbling, narcissistic breed, consumed by petty distractions and utterly worthless.
  5. However, many people still think that this mutation has occurred due to purely non-physical reasons, such as cultural Marxist education and brainwashing as well as promotion of feminism and subsequent disruption of gender roles in Western society. They are not entirely wrong, but this mind-rot also has a powerful physical counterpart. The cause of mass mutation of normal, strong, brave and bold men into nu-males has a name, and that name is xenoestrogens.
  7. Xenoestrogens are chemical substances that imitate the behavior of estrogen, a female hormone, in human bodies. Natural or synthetic, today they can be found literally everywhere – in the food you eat, the water you drink, the clothes you wear and cosmetics you use. They are the reason why today’s 13-year-old girls develop watermelon-sized tits and asses, while male teenagers barely even grow pubic hair. You have consumerism to thank for that – ruthless profit-chasing has given producers free reign to sacrifice quality of their goods in order to cut production costs, leading to replacement of many ingredients with cheaper substitutes that contain xenoestrogenic compounds. On this day alone, you have probably ingested enough of them to kill a horse, figuratively speaking – and didn’t even notice.
  8. In the posts below, I will provide a small guide on how to avoid a lion’s share of xenoestrogens permeating modern daily life and provide a bit of advice on how to boost your levels of testosterone. Do not become a man trapped in the body of an androgynous nu-male. Also, whatever is written here does not apply to niggers, as their hormonal systems are a bit different and they can all go extinct anyway, for all I care.
  21. 1. Food and drink
  22.  - Avoid mass-produced meats such as beef, chicken, and pork, as well as dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream. To meet the immense demand, industrial farm animals, especially cows, are injected with somatotropin, a growth hormone. It persists in their meat after slaughter as well as in their milk. Upon ending up in your system, it not only boosts estrogenic activity, but also disrupts your general endocrine profile. Solution? Any country has farmer’s markets – go there, befriend a few farmers and buy your meat and dairy from them. Free range poultry and pork, along with milk from naturally raised cows are not only healthy, they are also delicious.
  24.  - Do not consume flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, dried fruit, alfalfa, fennel, yucca, dates, motherwort, clover and legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.), as well as all and any kinds of soy (tofu, soybeans, cheap chocolate and processed meats such as sausages, as they also contain copious amounts.) Why do you think most Asians are so scrawny, lack body hair and have feminine mannerisms? A steady diet of soy since early childhood. Also, be moderate in consumption of blueberries and cranberries.
  26.  - To compensate, expand your diet by adding things such as mushrooms, turnips, tuna, avocado, honey, nuts (but not peanuts), cabbage, eggs, citruses, shrimp, pumpkin seeds, coconuts, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and spinach. You can also knock yourself out on onions and garlic.
  28. - If you are a sweet tooth, drop all candy that contains licorice, anise, peppermint, spearmint or pennyroyal extracts. They have a powerful estrogenic effect.
  30. - Do not cook your food on sunflower, canola, cottonseed or safflower oil. Use olive or coconut oil instead.
  32.  - Sugar and caffeine. Two drugs most of the world is hopelessly addicted to, in addition to being genuinely unhealthy, also have an indirect estrogenic effect. The less you consume them, the better. Cheap/counterfeit coffee is quite dangerous in this regard, as it also contains dyes and other harmful chemicals. If you absolutely need that cup of coffee, find yourself some organic stuff and grind and brew it yourself. Also, drop soda from your life entirely and be careful with fancy teas that are so popular nowadays.
  34. - Stay the fuck away from beer. Hops is well-known for its estrogenic properties; there is a reason why habitual beer drinkers develop manboobs.
  36.  - Alcoholic drinks in general lower testosterone and increase estrogen production. Moderation is your friend. A bit of wine for your dinner or a shot of vodka with your friends from time to time will not do you any harm; chugging down whiskey every weekend night until you pass out will.
  38.  - Canned and packaged food (aside from tuna and olives) is generally unhealthy, but if you absolutely need to buy it, read the label. If it says “butylated hydroxyanisole” or “BHA”, you are better off leaving it on the shelf. BHA is a powerful food preservative that, aside from estrogenic effects, is also a carcinogen.
  40.  - If possible, buy your greens, fruit and vegetables at farmer’s markets as well. As hipsterish as it sounds, go as organic as your wallet allows. Pesticides and insecticides that are used in industrial farming contain xenoestrogens that are absorbed by the plants and eventually end up in your body. Yum.
  42.  - Do not under any circumstances store and/or heat your food or drink in plastic or styrofoam containers. Do not buy water in plastic bottles. In general, avoid plastic like a plague. Almost all modern plastics are made using Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA. It is a powerful xenoestrogen that is released into your food/drink when a plastic container is heated (by the warmth of your hand or by standing in the sun for some time, for example). Buy yourself a bunch of ceramic or glass bowls with lids and store your food in them. Use tinfoil instead of plastic wrap.
  44. 2. Personal hygiene
  45. Here’s the trick: when you ingest something that is not good for you (including hormone-influencing substances), your liver filters out most (up to 90%) of it before letting it into your bloodstream, allowing you to more or less harmlessly piss the garbage away later. When it comes to applying something to your skin, it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, long before the liver realizes that it has to bail your dumb ass out.
  47.  - When it comes to xenoestrogens in personal hygiene items, shampoo is the main culprit. A near-absolute majority of shampoos produced nowadays contain the following: parabens (methylparaben, butylparaben, etc.  that are used as preservatives), sulfates (sodium lauryl (dodecyl) sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, used as foaming agents) and glycols (propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol, used as fragrance stabilizers). These chemicals are bad for you. No, no. These chemicals are EXTREMELY BAD for you. Parabens have a very powerful estrogenic effect and are also carcinogenic. Sulfates are the worst – they are mutagenic in addition to estrogenic. Constant exposure was linked to fetal malformations; in addition, their way of “cleaning” your head is extremely abrasive and amounts to stripping away all naturally produced oils from your scalp, making your hair even more vulnerable. Glycols are the tricky ones – they destabilize your epidermal cells, allowing quicker and larger absorption of whatever is smeared on your skin. Basically, whenever you wash your hair with a typical shampoo, you are giving yourself a huge estrogen shot. Chuck your shampoo bottle into the trash and search for organic shampoos and shampoo bars by small producers; they are usually inexpensive. Alternatively, you can just wash your hair with good soap.
  49.  - Speaking of soaps, most of them are equally shit. This is also true for liquid soaps and shower gels. In addition to containing all the nasty stuff found in shampoos, they also contain phthalates, benzophenones (look for markings BP-1, BP-2, BP-3, etc. on the label), phenoxyethanol,  triclosan and/or triclocarban – all of them either strong xenoestrogens or disruptive for your body’s testosterone production. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – soaps also contain chemicals like toluene, which fucks with your blood and kidneys, diethanolamine (DEA) which slows down brain development, and dioxane, which is highly carcinogenic. Again, chuck your soap bar into the trash and go for something like Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap or any other organic soap. Just make sure there is no creosote in it.
  51.  - Toothpaste. Fluoride fears aside, most toothpastes contain parabenes and triclosan. If it says “antibacterial” on the label, it has triclosan, period. And “antibacterial” usually means jack shit – other toothpastes do the job just as well without poisoning you with a chemical that fucks with your testosterone and your sperm count in addition to accumulating in your body to an unknown (unresearched) end. Scour the web for a proper herbal toothpaste or ask your dentist for recommendations - as long as his name is not Ezra Shekelgrabstein, that is.
  53.  - When it comes to miscellaneous stuff such as hand sanitizers, single-use cleaning tissues, deodorants, antiperspirants, lotions etc., the same rule applies: read the bloody label. If there is something there that you do not like the sound of, do not use it unless in absolute emergencies. Also, avoid using sunscreens altogether.
  55.  - Cosmetics. I know, I know, wait before you call me a faggot. Some people use things like acne creams or beard oils and balms. Even if their labels say “organic”, it does not mean that they do not contain plant-derived estrogens, also known as phytoestrogens. It mostly boils down to oils the product is made of. Let me break it down for you: Almond, grapeseed, chamomile, fir, pine, cedar, coconut, citrus and jojoba oils = GOOD. Tea tree, lavender, apricot, clover, canola, eucalyptus and aloe vera oils = BAD. Especially lavender. Fuck anything with lavender in it. Effects of sage, rosemary and sandalwood oils have not been fully researched and produce contradictory results, so it’s better to avoid them, too. Also, do not fall for labels listing “essential oils” as an ingredient. This term can mean anything. If you do not know what exactly goes into your cosmetics, do not buy it.
  57. 3. Household items
  58.  - Your laundry detergent needs to go. It contains many of the chemicals listed above. Whatever you wash your clothes with, it leaves residue within them that persists even after drying, and eventually seeps into your skin. Use Nature Clean detergents for your clothes and bedclothes. Alternatively, if you want to go full green mode, use white vinegar, baking soda, or trisodium phosphate (TSP). They are all excellent cleaning agents that are safe for your health.
  60.  - Do you use a fabric softener? Don’t. If you absolutely need to, use white vinegar - it loses its smell once it dries.
  62.  - Air fresheners need to go – almost all of them contain phthalates. Try ventilating your house better instead.
  64.  - For your benis in bagina matters, do not use condoms with spermicide.
  66.  - I hope no one needs to explain why smoking is bad for you, but if you decide to be a huge faggot and go on smoking anyway, at least avoid menthol cigarettes.
  68.  - Needless to say, all sorts of hormonal medicine, HRT, birth control pills and the like are very, very bad for you, unless you are aiming to become a tranny.
  70.  - Sugar substitutes. Saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame-K and sucralose all affect your testosterone production – some more, some less, but the effect is there. Stevia, a natural sweetener, has an extremely powerful estrogenic effect, to the point of being prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in many countries. You might not have much of a choice here if you have diabeetus, but if you can overcome your sweet cravings altogether, you will do your testosterone a lot of good.
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