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  1. Glob would stand there in front of the defeated saiyans and changling. He would walk back and forth and would rub the side of his head as he did this. He would stop walking in front of the changling and would smile a huge smile from ear to ear. He would squat down to him and point at him and poke his face.
  3. " Join my empire and be a good Lizard or...I will eat one of your kids simple as that. Same for you saiyans, join me or I will eat your kid."
  5. After that the saiyans would stand up and Glob would slap him back down and grab ahold of the kid  and would engulf him in the goo. He would then turn and look at the saiyans and point and laugh. As he laughed he would let out a big burp and would take hold of his stomic.
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