Pokemon Ruby All Ribbons prep FAQ

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  1. Pokemon Ruby All Ribbons prep FAQ
  3. Q: What are you doing?
  4. A: I am playing various parts of Pokemon Ruby in preparation for an All Ribbons run. I will stream the run on May 18.
  6. Q: What's All Ribbons mean?
  7. A: Acquire every ribbon in the game. Your Pokemon earn a ribbon for each of the following achievements:
  8. - Defeating the Elite Four + Champion
  9. - Winning 56 consecutive battles at Battle Tower's Lv. 50 division
  10. - Winning 56 consecutive battles at Battle Tower's Lv. 100 division
  11. - Winning all 20 contests
  12. - Winning a Master Contest with at least 800 points
  13. - Maxing your effort values at 510
  15. Q: Will you be using glitches?
  16. A: No, as it would remove some of the challenge that makes it fun.
  18. Q: What type of preparation is this?
  19. A: For starters, I'll be testing a team of Zangoose and Swampert for the Battle Tower, and compiling information about the Pokemon at the tower. I don't plan on using a third Pokemon because it would take about 4 hours to raise it to Level 100. As I progress, I'll work on optimizing EV spreads and the best ways to level up the team to 100. I'll do some contest routing as well, but most of that is done.
  21. Q: What movesets will Zangoose and Swampert have?
  22. A: Zangoose will probably have Swords Dance/Return/Shadow Ball/Brick Break, with a Lum Berry equipped. Swampert will have Surf/Ice Beam/Earthquake/Protect, with Leftovers equipped.
  24. Q: What strategies will you use for the contests?
  25. A: You give a ton of Pokeblocks to Groudon, and then spam the Sunny Day + Overheat combo. Overheat gets 12 hearts when it's used after a Sunny Day. This works well in every contest, producing a win rate of 80-90%.
  27. Q: Where can I read the route?
  28. A: My notes so far can be found here:
  30. Q: Has anyone done a run like this?
  31. A: Not to my knowledge.
  33. Q: How long will the run take?
  34. A: My estimate is 12-18 hours. It largely depends on Battle Tower RNG, as a death there loses an hour or so.
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