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  1. ou start off as a normal derg, 8" or whatever
  2. your friend finds some growth pills online from some dodgy website for valentine's
  3. says 'worst case it's just a dud'
  4. you take a few pills in
  5. At first nothing seems to change so you resign yourself to your bed
  6. After a while you notice your boxers getting tighter than usual
  7. You pull your shorts down and see your dick slightly larger, about 2" and your balls slightly bigger too, the size of ping pong balls
  8.  next day you pull your shorts down, and see they've grown another 2" and your balls are now the size of chicken eggs
  9. with your new footlong sub you try stuffing it back into your briefs but they peek out, throbbing and leaking pre
  10.  2 days and a few pills pass, and you now have a 16" er and 2 tennis ball sized nuts. Your briefs are pretty worthless now with 1/3 of your length throbbing out. Dismissing it, you purchase slightly modified boxers and hope it works as a make shift solution.
  11.  Another 2 days pass, along with a few more pills. Your penis continues at its 2" per day growth, hitting 20". Your balls however have seemed to pick up the pace, now the size of grapefruits. At this rate your new boxers, though modified to knee length are barely hiding your thick throbbing length, which is now as thick as the trunk of a young sapling. Your pre no longer comes in drops but as small steady rivulets flowing down your knees.
  12.  2 days more pass, and you've hit two feet in length with nuts the size of small guavas. Boxers are pretty useless now and so are pants, unless they're modified to hide a bulge which isn't really hiding anything rather than highlighting it. Your thick rod is now as thick as rolled up A3, but as a comfort you're now also 6'8 so you can get some larger pants to try and hide those. Well, as much as you can hide a 2 foot dick and large ass balls anyway.
  13.  A week passes and you're now at 30", with balls the size of small watermelons. Your dick may as well be a baseball bat now and about twice as thick too. You've also grown to 6'10, though buying any pants that aren't extremely baggy are out of the question at this point.
  14. Your friend offers to do grocery shopping and housework for you instead, a duty you'd happily let them take. Housework isn't exactly easy when you're dripping pre like a faucet all over the floor while doing it, nor is it sweet to walk with a swaying baseball bat dick in your pants struggling to bust free.
  15. Another week passes and you're now at 3' long with watermelon sized balls. You also finally hit 7'. Wow. Your dick's girth has made even the baggest pants hard to fit in. Your friend suggests you move out with her to somewhere with less people in case any accident happens. You feel inclined to agree, but it's pretty difficult to want to stay when you can't move 7 steps without your boner swaying dangerously close to the cold floor.
  16. Your ride to her small but further more home is rough and bumpy.
  17. There may have been a few... accidents along the way, but surely a few large puddles of cum won't be that hard to clean up... Right? With your length, sitting in the front seat is an arousing and slightly painful journey, with your dick flying up to hit the dashboard every time the car goes over a bump in the road, inevitably arousing it and causing it to sway and splatter the mats on the car floor with seed.
  18. You apologise for the mess but she doesn't seem to mind.
  19. Finally, you arrive at her house with a sore and throbbing dick, eager for release after an agonising 3h long ride.
  20. She seems to be reasonably prepared with a cock milker which could fit larger than your size with different suction nodes, and storage tanks for emergencies.
  21. She passes you some thigh high socks, advising you to wear it on your cock. Helps keep it warm from the cold floors she says. You try it on reluctantly, the cute little pink bow on top in stark contrast to the throbbing blue masculine endowment it was on.
  22.  It fits well however, keeping it warm as snug. She passes some makeshift towels, suggesting you tie them up to make them into a ball sling.
  23. Surprisingly enough it works, holding the now almost exercise ball nuts slightly off the ground.
  24.  She leads you to your room, with a king sized bed made specially reinforce metal for your... Endowments.
  25.  A week passes at this quaint home, with you milking your now 3.5' dick off and her selling the proceeds to... God knows who. Businessmen in need of fertility aid? Those seem common enough.
  26.  Your balls are now exercise ball sized, but at least you're 7'3 now and they hover slightly above the floor. Your dick does the same, curled upwards by your large dominating balls.
  27.  It's been what? How many weeks now? The days seem to pass fast. You're now at a 4' length. Unfortunately, the height increment seems to have stopped, so your thigh thick dick now scrapes over the cold marble floor. Thankfully, it's insulated by the thigh high socks, though those seem to be straining to fit your cock in too. Your balls are yoga ball sized now, and you now have to utilise a very much reinforced trolly to wheel your nuts around.
  28.  Doing leisure activities is still very much possible, but tables now have to be elevated to avoid your dick slamming onto them upwards and breaking them. At least you can play games on the couch with the console I guess.
  29.  Any sport is pretty out of the picture though, especially any kind of contact sport since that flares up your thigh thick dick really fast.
  30. You do yoga now to retain some dexterity, though a lot of positions are... More challenging with balls and dick as heavy as you are.
  31. 2 weeks pass and you now have a 1.5m long dong, with balls as large as a coffee table. Any socks no longer fit, with your torso thick dick shredding them. Needlessly to say, cold floors... Are not very enjoyable
  32. At this stage, you're pretty much confined to this home. Your friend tries her best to help you, by milking your huge balls with her soft plush like feetpaws, while she grinds across your dick which is as tall as she is.
  33. With the proceeds she also got sufficient funds for hyper accomodating gym equipment.
  34. Running on a treadmill is much easier with a steel prong holding your assets in place, and those prongs assist you with about every gym activity.
  35. 2 weeks pass and your dick is now 1.8m long with dining table sized balls. It's almost as tall as you were before those pills. Crikey.
  36. At this point your friend has to ease you in by rolling across your huge balls, which take up most of your space and field of vision.
  37. It feels pretty intense and good though, at least that's what your body is telling you, through its bucket sized loads of pre and rivers of cum.
  38. You don't really move much now, what with moving your around 250kg equipment being an exercise in yourself, leading to pretty meaty thighs.
  39. Going to the washroom has also become much harder, and now you have to use a large pit as a dumpster to relieve your self. But hey, at least you can sit on your balls while doing it now.
  40. 3 weeks pass and now your dick is 2.25m long, thick as 1 1/2 torsos and balls as large as several cubicles. Movement is very much hampered now, but you're kept well fed by your friend. Your dick now towers over you, swaying and dumping buckets of cum wherever it pleases.
  41. With this in consideration, your lithe fox friend now has to use a rope to scale and around your genitals just to pleasure the greatly oversized tools.
  42. She zips around it, rolling in circles to pleasure as much mass as possible. This seems very effective. Well, you can't really perceive it through the mind numbing endorphins but hey it probably is good.
  43. 2 months pass and you're now the proud owner of a 4m long dick thick enough to compete with a car, with balls the size of a small car. Life is merely endless arousement, from your friend's teasing. She crawls around you, rolls around you, playing with every inch.
  44. At your very much painful and orgasming request, she bought a large hose which she had linked to a large scale watermelon farm. She questions this decision but goes ahead with it.
  45. It's been 9 months now and your growth seems to have finally stopped.
  46. Your balls are room dominating and your dick is 5m long. A hose is connected to your needy dick, pumping numerous watermelons into it.
  47. The melon sized bumps slide down your well lubricated urethra with ease, appearing as comparatively small lumps on your balls.
  48. Your friend presses on them as they pop up, turning them into fresh musky cum. Your ejaculate sprays across the compound, painting it in your abundance like a cornucopia of cum.
  49. She seems so tiny now, to your dick. Or is it really your dick? With so much dick, it feels more like you're attached to it not vice versa. Not like this bothers you in anyway, as shipments of watermelons are pushed in and converted to fresh alabaster cum, spraying in abundance. You lay on your back, immobilised by your ridiculously large balls, your paws massaging it for whats it worth.
  50. It doesn't really feel like much however, like a feather dusting over your balls. Even your lithe fox friend feels like a gentle rub when she's pressing her entire body over it.
  51. Your head lolling in endless pleasure, you try to imagine what it was before being an alpha cum producer, giving endlessly. You really can't. And who can blame you? You and your friends are merely willing pawns now, providing your balls and dick with pleasure and watermelons. And... That's completely fine with you.
  52. You rest, content watching the cum flood your surroundings.
  53. -fin-
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