kunori - Episode 5 Commentary (SAO II)

Aug 4th, 2014
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  3. Glocken's administration, reached! It was once a bridge when it was still a space battle cruiser and still referred to as one now.
  4. So is there really a governor on the top floor…? Will you head for the governor's room, everyone?
  6. Talking to an dedicated NPC (mostly female)'s the standard to participate in official events, but GGO isn't rich, so it's done by machines.
  7. It would be nice if they actually localized those to Japanese…
  9. One can get real prizes by filling in one's real address and name. Like Sinon's model gun. Kirito's wavering, but I would do it right away.
  11. GGO's cashback system technically doesn't swap between in-game currency and Japanese yen, and sends it to an digital money account instead,
  12. so I guess it would be iffy whether credits in GGO would be subjected to the Payment Services Act.
  14. Expiry dates on virtual currency have been steadily adopted by online game portals these years, but that's influenced by that act.
  15. The Ha◯-coins and Gu◯◯Ho-coins I neglected have probably expired off too… (´・ω・`)
  17. Shino fought in GGO in the belief that she would get stronger as Sinon does, but she has been doubting that lately.
  18. And thus, she thought to wipe away those doubts through the incoming third BoB, but…
  20. Scared Kirito and calm Sinon at seeing those bruisers. The player messing with his shotgun's handgrip purposely really sets the mood, lol.
  22. Sinon! Pressed the Remove All Equipment button!
  24. The purpose of the changing room is to not forget to remove or wear anything when doing it one by one… or maybe it's just annoying, lol.
  25. Remove All Equipment → Change to Preset Equipment; it's just 2 buttons, see. Preset equipment are so convenient!
  27. That's just underwear on an avatar, who cares! I believe some people do think that, but when it's a VRMMO, it would be pretty miserable for
  28. even a guy to go into town with only a pair of undies on; rather, that guy just wouldn't… lol. Everyone, try it out if it's ever made!
  30. Well… it's in the city, so even if you take a harite to the face, your HP won't drop… (that's not the problem here)
  32. The《preliminary》written in the window means 予選. There seem to be other words that mean 予選 like《heat》,《elimination》, or《qualification》,
  33. but I don't understand the difference in nuance even after looking them up.
  35. Kirito's chasing Sinon for one of these reasons: ① There are still things he don't know, ② To apologize and be forgiven, or ③ Desperation…
  36. No, it's all of those! But still, to follow her even after being told "Don't follow me" three times, just as expected of his perseverance.
  38. Spiegel's here! He looks quite strong on the outside, huh. No, he truly is pretty strong, you know. He would have gotten far if he entered…
  40. The first fight of Block F in the prelims starts! The map's name,《Lost, Ancient Temple》would be《Lost Temple》in English and…
  41. No, I mean, there isn't any deep reason behind me pointing it out, but still…
  43. The opponent, 餓丸 (and read as Uemaru), uses the H&K G3A3 as his gun. One that's halfway between automatic and assault rifles…
  44. Or so I thought, but I'm not too sure what are the differences between those two in the first place.
  46. Assault rifles are categorized under automatic rifles, but I don't know if there's a clear boundary set there…
  47. Would it be okay to tell them apart simply based on their caliber?
  49. Anyway, Uemaru's G3 uses 7.62x51mm rounds, a size bigger than the 5.56x45mm for most assault rifles.
  50. The power behind each shot's high, but so is the recoil, making the spread far too large during full auto.
  52. Kirito's trying to pick up the sound of Uemaru moving through the grass from all the background noises in the field.
  53. It's a technique polished during SAO, used when he found the Ragout Rabbit too.
  55. The many red lines from Uemaru's G3 are the bullet lines of a full auto gun. Recoil, skill levels, and stats all contribute to the quavers.
  56. It's a game, so those can be determined. Strictly speaking, it's showing the path seconds after calculating them rather than predicting.
  58. Players can purposely fiddle with their muzzle to move the lines to make them hard to dodge, but there's no point if they can't hit anyway.
  60. Kayaba Akihiko once said, "The Dual Blades Skill is conferred onto the player with the greatest reaction speed among them all".
  61. That would be one's response speed, calculated by how fast signals are sent by a Nerve Gear (AmuSphere) into an user's mind,
  62. before being processed by the brain and sent out as commands for movement.
  64. This speed is determined by the time spent under a full dive environment and the user's brain's base affinity with the full dive machine.
  65. There are times when people with a low affinity would run into an incompatibility problem on the initial connection test.
  67. And so, the player with the highest score, totalled from both of those, among the ten thousand trapped in Aincrad happened to be Kirito.
  69. Even with prediction lines, it's questionable if those reflexes, capable of blocking bullets with a sword, are just plain player skill.
  70. There should be a limit placed on response speed if fairness were to be maintained in the game, but Kayaba chose not to do that.
  72. To Kayaba, SAO (and the The Seed Nexus) was not a mere game, but an entire world on its own, after all.
  74. And it's over with the Vorpal Strike that didn't get much chance to appear in the first season!
  75. …Well, I haven't been using Vorpal-chan much in Hollow Fragment either, though…
  77. Death Gun's behind! Scary, lol. That said, Kirito hasn't recognized this guy as Death Gun just yet.
  79. The《laughing coffin》emblem's back…! I love this scene, the BGM's synchronized so well that I end up watching it over and over again.
  81. It was "?" in the first episode, but Death Gun's role! Is played by the Hoshi Souichirou!
  82. It's a troublesome role full of heavy breathing between words and his performance truly portrayed its creepiness well!
  84. And episode 5 comes to an end just as Kirito's pupils narrow! Thank you for following along my commentary, see you again on episode 6!
  86. A defensive field, an equip to lessen the power of optical guns. They sorta have it just in case! QT What's on Kirito's and Sinon's waists?
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