Legacy Co wars Winter Co

Apr 4th, 2019
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  1. It’s now been over two weeks since the NIP with Winter Coalition ended. It was clear leading up to the end of the NIP that there would be a lot of shooting, but we didn’t quite expect anyone would be interested in Southern War 2.0. While Vily and I have given Fraternity every chance to co-exist on our border for years, even going so far as to sign a NIP with them last year after they joined (and largely sponsored) a war to destroy our alliance, it’s clear that Fraternity has no intention of ever finding another enemy to shoot, as they have been obsessed with us since they fled Serenity. Recently we sat down with Noraus and gave him the opportunity to allow us both to focus on different enemies and enjoy a frenemy situation on our border that would sustain content while suppressing the threat of invasion for either side. Noraus took this good faith meeting and essentially spat on it, using the volunteered knowledge that we would not be invading him when the NIP concluded to make his own plans. In the past month we’ve seen Winter Co. rebuild and fully sponsor what is essentially the same coalition that we fought for survival against last year (though Horde as a replacement for Tri. is quite the improvement for them). The escalations over the past few weeks have been executed by our enemies with clear intent, and with Fraternity’s entrance into the high sec theater in joint operations with Horde we are left essentially with no choice.
  3. Today Legacy Coalition is officially declaring war on Winter Coalition. Of course we won’t just be fighting Winter Coalition, as Noraus has been begging just about everyone in the game to help him on his quest to finally defeat TEST alliance. For now the forces against us include Winter Co., Skill U, Black Legion, and Pandemic Horde, but we can also expect the rest of Panfam to help at times, along with any other entity that enjoys shooting TEST alliance, which is a solid majority of this game. In fact, it’s fair to say that the challenge we face is larger than the one we recently survived four months ago in the last Southern War. The weaker alliances from that last war are no longer among our enemy’s ranks, while the rest of our enemies are all considerably stronger than the last time we faced them. Both Skill U and Horde have absorbed a large amount of new pilots, and their supercap fleets are now quite substantial. The proximity of the southeast of the map to Geminate means that we should expect Panfam’s superfleet to get involved if a major TiDi battle goes down. Then there is of course the massive titan expansion that WinterCo. has been able to pull off in such a short time frame. While most groups in this game have at least some dubious activities generating them money (though usually only in their rental groups), it seems as though Fraternity has taken the culture of the Serenity server and imported it over to Tranquility in an attempt to catch up to the rest of the entities of EVE. There is no natural explanation for the number of titans WinterCo. seem to have now, but unfortunately it’s not up to us to enforce the rules of this game.
  5. We go into this war against enemies who are stronger in the aggregate than any we’ve ever faced before, and we can expect them to have nearly infinite money to fund the war effort between the farmers and their leader’s credit card reserves. The past six months of peace have allowed our enemies to buy themselves a substantial capital and super capital fleet that will be incredibly difficult to overcome. But they did not earn anything with that capital fleet like we did, and in the end this will be the critical difference that will see us victorious. You can’t buy experience, even if you can buy experienced FCs to run your alliance for you. For the past two years WinterCo. pilots have known nothing but ridiculous promises of invasion and grandeur that have been rebuffed effortlessly by us at every turn. They haven’t built anything, their space was given to them, and their continued existence has only been because we chose to allow them to survive. You’ve all spent the last two years building up this coalition from scratch to be one of the dominant powers in this game. We’ve defended our space against superior opponents, we’ve expanded our borders to now include seven regions, and we even managed to camp in a force of 140 titans for an entire week. There is nothing we can’t accomplish when we actually give a shit, and although we’ve been pretty lazy these past few months, I have no doubt that everyone in this alliance will show me the same effort you’ve shown us over and over again every time TEST has needed to take the next step. It’s time to get off our asses and get our war machine into gear.
  7. The actual details you need to know to be war ready:
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