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Dadonequus Discord Part 312

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  1. >And there you sat. in a circle with Chrysalis, Diamond Tiara, Rumble, and the twins.
  2. >"So, what are we doing exactly?" Rumble was the most confused
  3. >And quite frankly, now that the lesson had "begun". you were confused as well. What was going on exactly?
  4. "Um, I think we're just supposed to interact with each other."
  5. >"Well of course we are." Chrysalis says in a pleasant way "We're obviously being judged so let us all play nice so we can move on quickly to the next lesson"
  6. >"Not so fast!" Diamond Tiara raised her hoof to stop Chrysalis, her eyes pointed right at the twins. "I see an opportunity!"
  7. >Opportunity? Was that business speak? Why was she looking at the twins.
  8. >What's worse, she then looked at you with a smirk. What did you have to do with opportunity?!
  9. "Uhhhhhmmm....why are you looking at me like that?"
  10. >"Why do you think? If you're going to be my future husband. I need to see how good you are with kids since were gonna have a few of our own" She said in a near snooty tone.
  11. >Wait..wut?!
  12. >You were stunned. Was she telling you to be a father?
  13. >As you stood there, stunned. Rumble was giggling. He knew you had been told before by Diamond Tiara. But being a daddy? He may have found you cool before. But the cool factor was washing off.
  14. "Uhm, umm..I don't think that's the point of the class"
  16. >Chrysalis however, could tell this would turn into a never ending argument if you didn't comply. so she started to walk over to Pumpkin and Pound cake. "Anon, my dear brother, it's not that difficult. Here, watch this. Come here you precious little things." She neared Pumpkin first. but as she did, she started to crawl back and whimper. Chrysalis stopped, and quickly attempted to try picking up Pound. But that too caused an upset. "A-ahrm...hrm. I think they might be a little cranky today"
  17. >"Cranky?hmph" Diamond Tiara wouldn't accept any reason for you no to try and neared the baby foals herself. She then smiled at them and gave them a happy and motherly "Come here little guys."
  18. >And just like that. the twins giggled, smiled, and hugged onto Diamond Tiara almost like she really was their mother.
  19. >"Woah, that's weird. I thought Nymous would have been able to do something like that." Rumble commented.
  20. >"As I said, they were cranky. And only for a few moments it seems. Besides..." Chrysalis gave Rumble a very soft yet alluring look "I'm just a little out of my element is all. If it was you, say, who I was babysitting. You'd do everything I told you and be a good little trooper" She bats her eyes at him "Right?"
  21. >Rumble gulped, blushed, and saluted "Yes ma'am"
  22. >Diamond Tiara noticed Rumble's action when chrysalis spoke to him. She found it impressive. Before, when she was mean, she had to yell at ponies to get them to comply. "Wow Nymous, how did you do that?"
  23. >"The same way you did my dear" Chrysalis said with a gentle smile and a genuine tone "You just have to know how to be a parent. With a little skill in subtle persuasion. Well, now that we can all see we're getting along. Anon, why don't you show us that fatherly skill of yours."
  25. >Goddammit. Did you really have to do this?
  26. >You could just imagine it. Discord was probably going to tease the fuck out of you after this. Chrysalis may be trying to speed things along but she'll no doubt bring it up and...
  27. >well...
  28. >It would probably make Fluttershy and Diamond Tiara happy.
  29. "Alright, alright."
  30. >You stretch your legs about a bit to get yourself ready.
  31. "I got this!"
  32. >You walk over to the twins, smiling at them. Diamond Tiara points to you happily announcing "look Pumpkin, Pound. It's your uncle father Anon. Why don't you say hi?"
  33. >You sat right in front of them. With a cheerful smile.
  34. "Hey there little guys! Here I am, Anon the hero colt, here to bring smiles and happiness!"
  35. >The twins are silent. they look at each other. then back at you as stick their tongues out. "blllllffft"
  36. >W-what?!
  37. >Flurry Heart cried when she saw you. And these two won't even give you the time of day?!
  38. >Diamond Tiara stared at you with a hard stare "..what...was..that?" she said in a cold and distant tone.
  39. "U-uhm. Hold on, hold on."
  40. >You made a funny face and waved your hooves about.
  41. "C'mon fellas, don't you want to smile for your buddy Anon?"
  42. >But they didn't react the way they hoped. they just turned away and went back to Diamond Tiara. While Pound was fully sick of your shit. Pumpkin was shaking just a little in fright. Something Diamond noticed.
  43. >Chrysalis however, was just dumbfounded at how bad you were. Sure she failed too. But she only chalked that up to them being cranky for a moment. "Anon, not to sound rude, but surely you can do better than that?"
  44. >Wut?
  46. >Chrysalis didn't stoop to your level however, she merely looked to the side, ignoring your burst of anger "There's no need to shout. Especially since they were obviously not used to being in this class. they were cranky"
  47. "..for all of two seconds? If that's the case why don't you-"
  49. >"Anon!" Diamond Tiara burst out at you "Are you yelling at your sister?! WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE ARE YOU SETTING BY YELLING AT YOUR SISTER?! OF ALL THE NERVE!"
  50. >And that stops you dead in your tracks.
  51. "B-but.."
  52. >"Don't but me buster!" Diamond Tiara goes back to the twins and gives them all a hug "I'm so sowwy Anon is being a doody head. he just took sour grouch pills this morning. Do you both think you could do him a favor and try to put up with him? pwease?"
  53. >The twins just let out little baby noises and hugged Diamond with their soft baby legs.
  54. >Dammit Chrysalis. You make it really hard to be your friend sometimes y'know..dammit.
  55. >Rumble just sat there and cringed "..ohhh, this is worse than I thought" he said to himself "He's already like one of those old pony couples who just yell a lot. Man, being the hero colt is rough sometimes. No wonder he got all angry when we wanted to be one too."
  56. >You just stare at Chrysalis, annoyed. Not hateful. Just annoyed. You weren't THAT bad. Babies just hated you...for some reason. They hated her too! Why do you always lose these things?!
  57. >"C'mon Anon. I won't tolerate a bad father. Show everypony what you got!" Diamond Tiara half cheered, half commanded you to get your rear in gear.
  58. >..ok then.
  59. "Alright, here I go. I-I'll do it this time..."
  60. >You just walk over to the babies feeling rather defeated and sit right in front of them.
  61. "Hey, look. I know you both don't like me. And I know I stink. I mean, I don't know what to say or how to act to get you to like me but. If you don't like me, I understand. I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes and-"
  62. >And then...
  64. >They looked at you with pity. and crawled over to you and hugged into you. We're they hugging you because you did good? Or were you that pathetic?
  65. >"Well,erm. That's not exactly what I'd do if I was a parent. and I NEVER EVER expect you to say something like that to our foals but. A-atleast they like you now. Good job Anon. Just work on how you talk ok? Because I know you're no failure. I don't date absolute failures" Diamond Tiara did not fully approve of your approach. She can't really think of any time she's ever seen you so down. Infact as she thought more about it. It made her feel something awful. "I didn't make you feel bad...did I Anon?"
  66. "Huh? um..no no. It's nothing you said Diamond. There's just a lot on my mind. I just haven't been feeling myself lately."
  67. >That was only half true. Chrysalis treating you like dogshit and her following up on it did make you feel rather terrible.
  68. >And it really sucked because you thought Chrysalis would ease up on you at least for today. But perhaps she was also sore at you for asking this favor of her.
  69. >"Well see, this is where me as a wife comes in!" Diamond Tiara walks over to you and gives you a hug along with the twins "To help cheer my prince up whenever he's down. And, after class. I want you to tell me what's been bothering you. No secrets."
  70. >Ok, now you felt a little better. At least she cared. As for "No Secrets"...woo, you do wonder how long you'd have until eventually she knew. And would she still accept you when she did? No, for now you'd forget about that. She wouldn't have to know for a long time. Not until Chrysalis is reformed.
  71. "Alright. You got it."
  72. >As Diamond hugged you, she saw Rumble giving you and her an odd look "What are you looking at?!"
  73. >"N-nothing!" Rumble turned away, he was actually just wondering what the hell was so wrong and why you seemed so unheroic.
  75. >"That's right nothing! If you even think of one bad thing about my Anon then I'll make you regret it! You got me?!" Diamond Tiara barked as she continued hugging you. She hugged you tighter and tighter as she grew angrier.
  76. >Suddenly Rumble completely understood why you were like that now. Diamond's anger, expression, and the fact she's rich was terrifying him to no end now. "Y-yes ma'am"
  77. >"See Nymous? That's how it usually goes with me. Even after I became a nicer pony, some ponies sometimes need a little meanness so they stay in line" Diamond Tiara nodded, proud of herself for what she just did.
  78. >Chrysalis, as usual, enjoyed the method. It's probably why she approved of Diamond Tiara's coupling with you at some level. Her potential and ability to be so demanding and get her way was a positive in her eyes, "Indeed, terrific job Diamond Tiara. I'm afraid I am a little too frail to act in such a way. That's why I'm glad that you can handle yourself in ways I cannot. And protect my little brother from ones who'd take advantage of him or make him feel bad."
  79. >Diamond Tiara, of course, approved of such praise "Thanks Nymous, that's why you're an awesome future sis in law. You understand things and me so well." Diamond Tiara giggled triumphantly as she let you go to check on you "So, how do you feel now Anon?"
  80. >You fall over backwards. blue in the face as Diamond puts a hoof to her mouth in mild shock as she says sheepishly "O-oops. I think I squeezed too tight.S-sorry Anon"
  82. >Meanwhile, at the other end of the class. The parents and Mrs. Muffin Top observe.
  83. >You are Discord, the greatest father in the universe.
  84. >And as such, you decide to dial back the events through your perspective. If only to show how others feel about the whole thing.
  85. >That's a thing right?
  86. "So, what exactly is the point of this again? I already know my son, and I suppose by some sort of extension, my daughter are the best ones there"
  87. >"Discord, weren't you listening? This isn't about anything like that. We're going to see how all the children interact and um...what do we do again Mrs. Muffin Top?" Fluttershy was a little confused on the finer details of the lesson.
  88. >"It's very simple, don'tcha know. We observe the foals and see what they do, absorb it. Understand it so we can better raise them. While also getting to know one another. Hun, you'd be surprised how well you can get to know somepony you know as well as yourself with a little conversation." Mrs. Muffin Top said as she looked upon Anon and the other foals.
  89. >"I really don't see the point in all this. Yes, there may have been a few issues before. But I know my daughter, I know my husband, and I know myself. This lesson is pointless." Spoiled Rich stresses, you, mostly agreeing with her silently. You were pure perfection after all. Even had a lead on ole buggy mcinsectoid
  90. >"Well, I hate to sound contrary, but you didn't know I entered our real names" Filthy says, sounding pretty firm on his decision. As he should be.
  91. >"Yes...I suppose that's true. But my point still stands" Spoiled however, would not falter.
  93. >"Now hold on for a moment. As I am quite the expert on making points. If your point did indeed stand then there wouldn't need to be a correction from your husband. Therefore, I conclude that the validity of the point is quite incorr-" Time Turner, who lives on science and facts. It stopped cold in his explanation from Spoiled's death glare. She was not pleased that some pony she never heard of was correcting her.
  94. >"Finish that sentence. I dare you" She challenged him. A challenge even Time turner was aware enough not to take.
  95. >"Yes, perhaps I should in fact. Check my calculations again." Time Turner backs off. and keeps his mouth shut.
  96. >You found it odd of course. That this scientist didn't have interest in you at all. No surprise or anything. You'd think he'd be rushing up to you to study on the great king of chaos. Yeah, you could get behind Spoiled on what she thinks of him. He was rude.
  97. >"...scary" Thunderlane mutters under his breath before looking back at the foals, hearing the babys' cries. "Oh man, that's weird. Those foals don't really seem to like Nymous or Anon much. Weird, he's the hero colt, isn't he?"
  98. >"Oh dear. You don't think we should go to them should we? What if they need a diaper change or a hug?" Mrs. Cake was immediately worried when she saw her little ones whine.
  99. >But just as immediately as they whined. They stopped when they seemingly looked at Anon with suspicion. Well that's no good. How is he supposed to be stealthy in his chaos making if even babies can figure him out?
  100. >"O-oh. I guess it's ok now. Look, they stopped crying. I wonder what happened" Mr.Cake wondered. "Hrn, maybe we should...aww. Look at that"
  101. >When Mr. and Mrs.Cake saw Diamond get a nice hug from the babies. They found it adorable.
  103. >"Mrs.Rich, Diamond Tiara is really a natural born mother. Our little Pumpkin and Pound look very happy just being near her." Mrs.Cake commented, looking lovingly at her childrens' happiness.
  104. >Spoiled Rich was not expecting any kind of kind comment towards her at all. Especially how after she threatened Time Turner. "Well, thank you. She is my child after all. A natural born leader, future entrepreneur, and in years to come. A loving and wonderful mother. hrnnn..." Spoiled Rich continued to observe. She was considering it a good blessing that the twins loved her daughter so much. To her, it meant she'd be a good mother indeed. "Your children...they....If I had to compliment them. Well, they have excellent taste and are rather adorable"
  105. >"Thank you. We do our best to teach them what's right even if they are a little too young to understand" Mrs.Cake says
  106. >"I don't know honey, sometimes I think they understand a little too well. Which isn't a bad thing. I mean, just look at Pound Cake. He's going to either be an athlete, or a really good baker like us. And with these classes...erm " Mr.Cake said with a smile on his face. Any sense of danger gone now that his children seemed so happy. But when he noticed Mr.Rich being a little tense. He began to feel curious about it. "Is there something wrong Mr.Rich?"
  107. >"Huh? O-oh" He was staring at Anon, in his mind. He kept wondering how innocent Anon's and his daughter's relationship was. He wants to support it. It's a prime choice after all, oh yes. Anon is top notch. But it seemed he was just worried that one day. Things would move too quick, and it'd slip by right under his nose. As it should be really. "Nothing, just observing. Just as Mrs. Muffin Top suggested"
  108. >You looked over to Thunderlane, who was looking at Rumble. It was like a big ball of nothing. Just extras to fill in a number quota.
  109. "Are you going to say anything? Because I do believe we are supposed to be talking or chatting or something. I don't know"
  111. >"HUH?! Oh erm...umm..I..." This pony, Thunderlane, he seemed afraid of you. Good, might be a great target for later. SOMETHING has to come out of this disaster.
  112. "Oh come on. Out with it."
  113. >Was he really this boring?
  114. >"Umm...." But he wouldn't speak. Typical, couldn't handle your greatness.
  115. >"Discord...You don't have to be so abrasive. Here, try being softer. Like this!" Fluttershy walks over to Thunderlane and greets him with a gentle greeting. "Good Morning Thunderlane. I've noticed your little brother is getting along with Anon and Nymous and everypony else. Isn't that wonderful?"
  116. >Thunderlane immediately calmed down. Now Fluttershy? He could handle that. "Good morning Fluttershy. Yeah, It's pretty cool that he seems to be getting all friendly with your nephew. He's the hero colt, right? That's pretty cool"
  117. >"Oh yes. I don't know what to make of it at times. But as long as he's safe and happy. Then that's all that matters to me and-"
  118. >Suddenly, everyponie's attention is on the foals when Anon shouts something. You readjusted your ears to get exactly what it was.
  119. >But as things seemingly began to calm down with Anon hugging the foals and entering a depression. You now realize what was going on.
  120. >Chryssy. She was bullying Anon.
  121. >And Anon was just taking it.
  122. >That little filly was defending the bug while making Anon feel bad. Probably on accident of course, but all according to the bug's strings.
  123. >Why even? No wait.
  124. >You stop to look at Fluttershy, who was ignorant to what was going on. they all were. All they saw was what looked like Anon trying to be a father. And succeeding in a miserable way.
  125. >You felt it.
  126. >Raw anger.
  127. >How dare she?!
  128. >Anon was yours to mess with. She wasn't even doing it in a fun way. She was just ignoring her own faults while exploiting his.
  129. >It put you into thought. It put you into thought on how Anon could be such a doormat to her.
  130. >Did it...hurt you?
  131. >Maybe
  132. >But perhaps this class was teaching you something after all.
  134. >Anon, from your own experience anyway, was missing a lesson that if you had not learned. You'd be alone. Free, but alone.
  135. >Fluttershy...dear Fluttershy
  136. >She put up with all your shenanigans when Celestia let you free
  137. >She put up with so much. She only wanted you to be comfortable and happy.
  138. >And then you threw it all away for an ice rink.
  139. >You thought she'd fold
  140. >But she didn't
  141. >And that's when you realized having fun...alone...was never really fulfilling.
  142. >There's no point without an audience. Whether it be with a wonderful pony friend or a human, who deep inside, is capable of as much chaos as you are.
  143. >Anon, he was missing that one key element.
  144. >Oh, what is this?
  145. >What in the wide wide world of Equestria is this?
  146. >You were having a Twilight moment.
  147. >Ewwww
  148. >Let's call it a Fluttershy moment.
  149. >Yes, muuuch better.
  150. "Ahrm, Mrs. Muffin...thing. I hope you won't mind delaying the lesson for a moment. It appears I have to use the little Draconeequs's room. I won't be long"
  151. >"Oh, well. Alright. We don't really have a bathroom in the classroom. Couldn't tell you why. But if you take the door to the baking cla-"
  152. >You didn't have time for any of that. You just teleport into a dimension of emptiness.
  153. >And make a call on that human tech thing called a "Codec"
  155. >You are Anon
  156. >And you are still dazed from that hug
  157. >And still feeling like crap because you just couldn't win
  158. >...this sucks.
  159. >Why can't you just win?
  160. >"!"
  161. >wut?
  162. >"!"
  163. >what?
  164. >"!"
  165. >Was that. Was that thing still in your ear?
  166. >Even laying there. You instinctively bring your hoof to your ear.
  167. >It was Discord.
  169. >"Well well, Anon. Don't respond. Think of this as a message that I hope gets into your titanium skull. First and foremost. I'm disappointed in you. Are you ready for Chyrssy's hive to be reformed? Probably. But reforming her? Nope. You're terrible at it. And trust me. I know. See, like you. Good natured Fluttershy let me do whatever I pleased when she first started to "reform" me. I admit, getting her to promise not to use her element was genius and a pivotal part in my plan to rule Equestria. And, it would have worked if it wasn't for something else she did. Don't play coy. You are as big a fanatic of our world as every other idiot under you from that dimension. And trust me, right now? You're below even them. Simply for the fact that a crucial element to possibly reforming that contemptible bug has been in your memory this entire time and you missed it! You missed it Anon! Terrible really, I'd expect more from you. Anywho, since I can't stand watching you just lay over and give up. I'll give you the answer. When it came time to have a skating duet with Fluttershy. She instead put her hoof down. Oh, she did. She kept her promise, but without her to be entertained and laugh with. There really was no point in creating chaos for myself anymore. I mean, what good is messing with ponies if you don't have somepony to share it with? That's where you and me are Anon. I share my good taste of ruining days with you because I know you have the sense not to care about EVERYTHING like ponies do. And yet, when you finally have a chance to use a lesson you learned from our "show". You instead lay there and give up. I for one Anon. Am sick and tired of it. Grow a backbone! Or I'll shove one into you. And trust me. You won't like it at all. Anyhoo, before I go."
  171. >Discord's tone went from fatherly with a dark tone to gossipy
  172. >" I have one last thing to say. And I know you'll agree with this. But isn't Thundercrane and Bumble really boring? It's like you could just shove them in the background and nopony would ever notice. Why are they even here, really? Their parents? pffft. You have to be REALLY boring if your own parents have to send you into a dump like this. Nod if you agree. Or shake your head if you're just an idiot."
  173. >You slowly nod
  174. >"I knew you'd agree. Now then. Don't let this be a waste of breath Anon. If you don't push back where it matters. And just keep folding. Even once more. You'll never get ahead of the game. Now if you'll excuse me. I have a few pounds of soap to eat. I told myself that this was a Fluttershy way of teaching you something but it tastes oddly purple. Be back in bit"
  175. >And the line closed after that.
  176. >But he was right
  177. >No reason to even question it.
  178. >Sure, you wanted to be friendly to Chrysalis to teach her
  179. >You wanted to protect her
  180. >But, you knew Discord was right.
  181. >He was actually right
  182. >Chrysalis would never respect you if you didn't push back
  183. >Even with Celestia's plan. If you don't push back. You'd have no way of getting to Chrysalis in her eventual rage if she will never pay attention to you when you need her to the most.
  184. >Ok..fine
  185. >You knew what you'd do first. She said the twins were fussy when she tried to hug them. So, being a little deceptive yourself. You'd show her that you could outplay her if you so wanted to. But you wouldn't do it for fun. You'd do it to make a point. And most of all. you wouldn't let up. No matter what
  187. >You get up from your daze. Plan in mind.
  188. >First, you look over to a worried Diamond Tiara. Aww, she looked upset that she choked you in her hug.
  189. "Aww, come on Diamond. Don't look at me like that"
  190. >You give her a cheerful smile
  191. "If you thought you hurt me or something. Nah, you didn't. I'm the hero colt remember? I'm stronger than that. And besides"
  192. >You give her a boop on the nose
  193. "You're too cute to frown like that."
  194. >Diamond blushed deep after what you said. It was always a pleasure for her to be complimented like that. "Really? You think I'm cute?"
  195. "Well duh, come on. That's why we're together. And hey, given how you handled..."
  196. >Moment of truth number one. You grab Pumpkin gently and pull her over. You prepared yourself for her whining. But she didn't. She still gave you that look of pity though. Egh, it'd be fine. You had something in mind.
  197. "These little guys, I'd have to say you'll definitely be the best mom ever too!"
  198. >"oooohh!" Diamond Tiara was swaying to and fro as she brought her hooves to her cheeks "He'd think I'd make a great mom!" She squealed.
  199. >Adorable. You'd dare a kiss. But not in front of the riches. Instead, you then look to Rumble.
  200. "Hey, Rumble. You mind doing me a favor?"
  201. >"Y-yeah? What's up?" Rumble seemed a little reluctant. The whole situation caught him off guard due to how quick everything was. And, he was a little envious as well from how Diamond treated you compared to him. Though, if it came to mares. He so wanted to be cuddled by Chrysalis.
  202. "This is up. Mind holding on to her for a sec?"
  203. >You carefully pass Pumpkin to him. And hope she doesn't make a fuss.
  204. >She doesn't, as Rumble complies and takes her. She looks even happier than before. Perfect.
  206. "Awww"
  207. >You take a look at Pound as well. Who has crawled back to Diamond Tiara and began to hug onto her.
  208. >Now then.
  209. "Hey sis, why don't you get in on some of this? The babies aren't fussy anymore. And I bet Diamond would love to see your nurturing in action"
  210. >There we go.
  211. >You had an objective of course. If you were correct. Those babies were gonna get fussy again real soon.
  212. >It sucked you had to use them for this experiment. But Discord was right. He had to be. Season 3 said so.
  213. >"Keep calm and Flutter on" was circling your head. Just the mere mention and comparison to how you and Chrysalis are was giving you a sudden new drive.
  214. >This drive. This determination you now felt. It was sudden due to the fact that you didn't have much time left. And it was the only thing you had left that made sense.
  215. >Chrysalis took notice of the foals happy nature. Though she had no idea what you were thinking. She thought you were being serious. And Chrysalis, her pride rather, couldn't allow absolute failure like that when it comes to infiltration. She felt that this time. It'd work. "Thank you very much my little brother. Come here little one, mother Nymous is he-ahh!" When Chrysalis went to take Pumpkin from Rumble. She immediately started to wail and cry.
  216. >As she stepped back in surprise. Pound joined his sister in crying as he hid his face in Diamond's chest.
  217. >Well well....guess it wasn't the fact they were cranky or fussy.
  218. "Oh sis, I'm so sorry. I-I guess they don't like you"
  219. >You sounded like you felt sorry for her.
  220. >You didn't. You needed a certain reaction from her.
  221. >"Don't like me? I'm sure that's not it, in f-" But before she could even finish her sentence. They started to cry louder when she approached again. When she stepped back. They started to calm down.
  222. "Yeah, I'm sorry. It looks like they really don't like you. Dang, that must feel pretty bad. Huh?"
  224. >in all honesty. It probably didn't. But you had to make her feel something without looking insensitive.
  225. >"I feel something" But what you didn't realize is that she feeling she IS feeling is rage. Rage that a couple of brats somehow didn't see her as motherly as she felt she could be. A mother of a hive can't control two baby foals? She thought it was utterly ridiculous. She wanted to make another approach. But she could feel their feelings. They just didn't like her. They were making a conscious thought to not like her. She couldn't fathom why. "Surely it can't be that. Everypony likes me. You, small colt. You like me. don't you?"
  226. >....that was odd. She was talking like she'd talk as Chrysalis. No, did...was this working?
  227. >Or maybe. Getting caught by Twilight.
  228. >The domino effect that occurred due to that. Did it cause her to actually get annoyed if her disguise didn't work as it should? If she couldn't put up a convincing act?
  229. >That's a lot of arrogance she had. Wow...
  230. >Rumble gulped and blushed "M-me? Erm, yeah! I like you! D-do you like me?"
  231. >"Of course n-" But she stopped. She stopped because you and Diamond were still staring. She nearly slipped up. Enraged that mere babies seem to be able to look through her like she was glass. "erm, I do. I do like you."
  232. >Rumble nearly fell over "R-really?!"
  233. >"As a friend of course." Chrysalis regained her composure and patted him on the head "I like all good little colts who know how to listen and are good and kind"
  234. >To her anyway.
  235. >"Oh..." Rumble was still blushing. But his heart was devastated.
  236. >You looked back at the adults. Watching as Discord warped back in with bubbles coming out of his mouth. Wow, he was serious about the soap thing.
  237. >"Nymous, are you ok? You're acting a little weird. You're not upset because of the foals right? It's not their fault. They don't know any better" Diamond tried her best to console Chrysalis.
  239. >"Yes..yes I know. I'm alright. No need to worry" Chrysalis looks at you with a quick death glare. She figured it out that you did it on purpose. Not like it was tough.
  240. >at first, her stare frightened you.
  241. >But only at first.
  242. >Discord entered your mind
  243. >his words.
  244. >And all those failures. All of them seeming so much worse after realizing you fucked up such an important detail for so long.
  245. >Maybe...she would have been reformed if you had done it sooner.
  246. >Now all you had was hope that sooner or later. She'd realize she couldn't push you around anymore.
  247. >At least. You hoped she couldn't.
  248. >So, you return the stare right back.
  249. >And it surprised her. But only for a moment when she noticed the adults were stepping back towards the group.
  250. >Mrs. Cake and Mrs. Rich seemed to be conversing with each other about something. Odd, you didn't think those two would get along.
  251. >Only Time Turner hung back. Taking care to observe and listen to everything that was happening.
  252. >"Well now, I think today was a successful pair of lessons, don'tcha know. In just one morning, we've already made more friends than what we all started with." Mrs. Muffin Top said with a cheerful smile.
  253. >wut?
  254. "Huh? It's over? Wait, isn't this a parenting class? What does friends have to do with anything?"
  255. >"Well, that was the point of the first day hun. We can't very well have a class until everypony is comfortable with everypony else. I know it may sound confusing now. But think of it this way. Watching foals get along help stallions and mares get along. Especially when the foals are their loved ones. I'd like to think that most everypony here has learned that lesson." Mrs. Muffin Top gave a happy nod as she looked over to Mrs.Cake and Mrs. Rich. And then over to Discord.
  256. >Could she see that he helped you out? in his face? Nah, she can't be that good. Or she'd have mentioned something about Chrysalis.
  258. >"I admit. I didn't think anypony else here would have been worth my time. But you Mrs. Cake. And your husband of course. You seem to click very well to me. At least, given the interactions of your children and our daughter" Spoiled Rich said, in her dominant arrogant tone.
  259. >Mr.Rich felt like he needed to step in. And tone down her words a little "What she mean to say is that we would like to invite you and your wonderful family to dinner tonight. Maybe talk a little business on the side. Barnyard Bargains and all it's affiliates are always looking for the next big thing."
  260. >Mrs. Cake giggled, but declined the business offer "I'm sorry Mr. Rich. We do appreciate the offer. But I think we'd just like to be friends rather than business partners. Oh! And if you don't mind. I'd like to bring a few of our specialties along for dinner. That way, if you decide to have us cater any party she might have. She'll already have a favorite in mind"
  261. >"Yes of course, that would be mighty fine of you both" Mr. Rich agreed to that much.
  262. >"I'm just glad everypony got along so well. Oh! But Discord, did you learn anything today?" Fluttershy asked him, with a wide gentle smile on her face.
  263. >Discord stopped for a moment. It looked like he was conflicted on how to answer. But when he felt Fluttershy poke his belly. He looked down to see that she was still waiting with a smile.
  264. >"I know you learned something good. Come oooon. Say what it was. I really really want to know" Fluttershy was eager to hear what Discord learned today.
  265. >Discord groans as he looks to the side, rubbing his cheek "Can't I just write a letter or write in a journal?"
  266. >"Oh? So you did learn something then?" Fluttershy got him to admit he learned something. Not what it was. But that he learned it. And considering how he helped you. You knew what it was already.
  267. "It's alright Aunt Fluttershy. You know how Dad is."
  269. >The class ended.
  270. >It seemed the Riches got closer to the Cakes
  271. >Thunderlane and Rumble? They didn't really improve. They were barely noticeable
  272. >Chrysalis? Egh, she left without much of a word when class was over. But she didn't seem too pleased. For now, that'd be fine.
  273. >Fluttershy was of course, happy. She seemed pretty glad that Discord did in fact learn something. Even though it wasn't what she was expecting. She was a little worried for Chrysalis as well. She felt something may have been wrong. But Chrysalis assured her she was just tired.
  274. >Mrs. Muffin Top was heading back to the inn. She told everyone now that everyone were closer as friends. She could really step up the lessons for tomorrow.
  275. >As for you? Well, Diamond wanted to have a word or two with you before going home with her parents.
  276. >In fact. You opted to follow her along to her door at least. Telling Discord you'd meet up with him later. You wanted to talk to him more about what he had told you. You of course also gave Fluttershy a hug and a goodbye.
  277. >That should be everything right?
  278. >Huh...you hoped Time Turner realized class was actually over for today. Because he may have missed that.
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