Blocky the Slavepone 5

Apr 12th, 2019
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  1. >The sun beat down on you and Blocky as you walked about the open farmers' market, the hustle and bustle of the crowd encouraging you to shop faster and get back to the quiet comfort of your home.
  2. >For once, Blocky wasn't wearing her regular outfit, but she was still kept on a collar and leash.
  3. >As much as you trusted her not to run off, the security measure never hurt, and it indicated to the public that she was your property.
  4. >Much like some other passerby with their creatures on leashes. Usually they were ponies, but someone had a griffon, too.
  5. >"I'm glad you brought me with, Master! It's so nice to get outside every once in a while!" Blocky beamed at you, content as could be.
  6. "Didn't feel right to leave you at home alone. Unlike work, I can bring you with to this place."
  7. >There was a slight skip to her trotting while she moved as freely as her leash would allow her.
  8. >You and her stopped at a few stalls earlier, but at the most, you'd only gotten about a pound of produce.
  9. >You checked your bag again.
  10. >Carrots, potatoes, cabbage, apples, grapes.
  11. >Blocky insisted on the carrots. Maybe that's her horsey-ness speaking. She's lucky she's so cute, because you didn't really like carrots.
  12. >There had to be something here that'd really catch your eye. Otherwise the trip would feel wasted.
  13. "Is there anything else you think we need at home, Blocky?"
  14. >Her hoof went to her chin as she pondered.
  15. >"Oh! Can we check around for some sugar? I think we're out!"
  16. >Sugar and a few other spices sound pretty good to fill up your bag with.
  17. >The two of you ventured past booths of merchants, those without customers eyeing you and any other prospective buyers with eagerness.
  18. >You made sure to note anything else interesting while you walked to the spice section of the market, mostly to grab on your way back.
  19. >Once you'd arrived at the stall, the merchant flashed you a friendly smile.
  20. >"Sammy's Spices. What can I get for you?"
  21. >Blocky got up on her hinds, putting her front hooves on the stall so as to see the wares easier.
  22. >She lightly gasped. "Master, the sugar's on sale!"
  23. >Your eyes found their way to the price sign, and Blocky was right.
  24. >Only $.30 per pound. That was a steal.
  25. >"The little pony's got a good eye for shopping! I have a surplus of sugar right now, so I'm selling it pretty cheap."
  26. >Sugar had a pretty long shelf-life, right?
  27. >This might be prime-time to get as much as you could.
  28. "I'll take thirty pounds."
  29. >Blocky was gonna get to work with baking alright.
  30. >"Well, you're definitely taking a decent load off my shoulders! That'll be $9, sir."
  31. >The funds were exchanged, and then the merchant set to work getting all the sugar put into bags.
  32. >As you watched him, Blocky's face became quizzical.
  33. >"Wait, Master. How are you going to carry all of that?"
  34. >The merchant chuckled as he poured sugar into another bag.
  35. >"Your little pony's quite the thinker, sir."
  36. >To be honest, you hadn't really considered that fact until just now.
  37. "Uhhh..."
  38. >Your eyes darted about the market for an idea.
  39. "How long do you think you'll be, sir?"
  40. >"Just a couple minutes, but if you need to find something for transport, I won't mind. You already paid, after all."
  41. >As you scanned your surroundings, nothing really jumped out at you for a carrier.
  42. >Not until your eyes hit something at the end of this particular section of market.
  43. >Pony accessories.
  44. >Little wagons with harnesses and bridles sat at the side of the stall, and in that moment, all became clear.
  45. "Blocky, you're going to get a bit more exercise today."
  46. >"What?"
  47. "This way."
  48. >The spice merchant gave you a small wave as he continued his work, you and Blocky approaching that pony stall all the way at the end.
  50. >Be Blocky.
  51. >Master was taking you to a stall way further down in the farmers' market, but you didn't know which specific one he was looking for.
  52. >You just knew it was far because you were nowhere near the sugar merchant now!
  53. >He could take you anywhere for all you cared!
  54. >Being out in public for once was fun!
  55. >Seeing all the different humans, ponies, and even the occasional griffon or dragon just reminded you of the days when you were a free pony!
  56. >...not that your current life was any worse off!
  57. >You only hoped it was the same for all the non-humans you saw tagging along with their masters.
  58. >Some of them looked well off, but there were some that looked really sad.
  59. >You hoped their masters were nice to them at least!
  60. >Otherwise, you were amazed at all the neat things at the stalls around you, too!
  61. >Produce wasn't the only thing sold at the market, after all!
  62. >You had caught glimpses of all sorts of neat little decorations, tools, and-
  63. >"Quality Quadruped Tools," Master read aloud as you both stopped at a stall.
  64. >Oooo, that name interested you!
  65. >You got on your hinds to lean on the stall's front again so you could get a glimpse at-
  66. >...oh.
  67. >Oh my.
  68. >Littered about the stall were an assortment of bridles, harnesses, and blinders.
  69. >Humans may not have seen much in them, but back home these sorts of things were considered naughty when put together.
  70. >And it was harder for you because it looked like you'd be that much more of a servant.
  71. >You quivered as a chill ran down your spine.
  72. >Master wasn't doing what you thought he was doing, was he?
  73. >"How much for the little wagons you've got?"
  74. >"They're $15 a pop, and if you buy one with a harness and bridle, you get those two half-off."
  75. >"Works for me."
  76. "O-oh my," you squeaked out, a warmth gradually spreading across your face as you fumbled to get back on all-fours.
  77. >Master gave his money to the merchant, and in return the forbidden pony-wear was taken to a wagon.
  78. >He turned to the side just as the merchant rolled out a fitted wagon for him, its vacant harness looking just right for a pony your size.
  79. >Yes, Master was doing exactly what you thought he was doing.
  80. >"Strap in, Blocky. We've found our sugar transport."
  81. "Y-yes, Master."
  82. >Doing as you were told, you got into the harness and let Master strap it and the bridle onto you, your teeth chomping onto the bit.
  83. >Your hooves trembled as you got that funny feeling down there again.
  84. >Yes, DOWN THERE.
  85. >"Perfect fit. Alright, let's go get our sugar, Blocky."
  86. >Sweat formed on your forehead as you put one hoof forward, your new equipment starting to follow you.
  87. >No matter how much your hooves felt like jelly, you had to keep moving.
  88. >You couldn't disobey Master.
  89. >That being said, your breaths were noticeably quicker while you moved, and your throat was beginning to feel dry.
  90. >He didn't know how you felt about this whole thing, did he?
  91. >You tried swallowing to moisten your throat to no avail.
  92. >"Blocky?"
  93. >It was then you noticed you'd only taken one step.
  94. "Oh! Sorry, Master!"
  95. >Shaky as your hooves were, you managed to start walking, though the wagon wobbled a bit because of it.
  96. >Calm down, Blocky!
  97. >Just don't think about it, and it'll be fi-
  98. >A mare with her master passed you, a hoof to her mouth as she saw the state you were in.
  99. >Oh no, the other ponies here are thinking the same things you are!
  100. >Phase them out!
  101. >Close your eyes!
  102. >The world went black as you snapped your eyes shut, tilting your neck down to make sure nopony saw your face.
  103. >You didn't need to see. Master was right next to you!
  104. >It was just you and the ambient noises of a crowded market.
  105. >At least if you didn't see the ponies looking at you, you didn't have to think about it!
  106. >The sugar would be in the wagon soon enough, and then you and Master could go home!
  107. >*BONK!*
  108. >Your eyes shot open as pain flared in your head, your hoof instinctively rubbing the spot you'd bumped.
  109. >"You okay, Blocky?"
  110. >You'd walked right into the spice stall.
  111. "I'm fine, Master," you told him, a nervous chuckle escaping your lips.
  112. >Despite the mishap, this was good!
  113. >If you were here, that meant you were one step closer to home!
  114. >"I'm back with my transport, sir," Master informed the merchant.
  115. >The man behind the stall looked you over and smiled.
  116. >"Think you can handle it, missy?"
  117. "Uh-huh!" you confirmed with a nod.
  118. >The merchant chuckled, grabbing the bags and loading the wagon.
  119. >Your heart raced faster with each *thunk!* of linen hitting wood.
  120. >How fast could Master run?
  121. >How fast could YOU run with all this sugar?
  122. >*thunk!*
  123. >"That's the last of it, little pony. Why not see if you can pull that comfortably?"
  124. >Your hooves moved much faster than he or master had anticipated, but the load was a lot more heavy than you'd expected.
  125. >You could pull it, but there was no running.
  126. >"In a hurry, Blocky?"
  127. "N-not at all, Master!"
  128. >Your face kept getting hotter with each passing second.
  129. >Your head pointed towards the ground, you kept going, Master following by your side.
  130. >All the faces staring at you...
  131. >Even though you couldn't see them, you felt their eyes boring into you.
  132. >"Look at that mare," they'd think, "She's so promiscuous."
  133. >"So dirty."
  134. >"Her master must use her for such naughty things."
  135. >It was that last thought that struck a chord with you.
  136. >You were such an obedient pony, and Master could make you do anything.
  137. >Even dressing in something more lewd than your regular outfit.
  138. >In PUBLIC.
  139. >Such a good girl you were.
  140. >You couldn't say no.
  141. >And what you wore was so symbolic of that.
  142. >As your hooves hit the ground, they felt more and more shaky.
  143. >You could have sworn you felt a wetness in your backside, too.
  144. >You weren't sure what was going on, but you tried as hard as you could to cover it with your tail.
  145. >Master couldn't see whatever it was. What would he think!?
  146. >All you could do was keep walking.
  147. >Whenever Master stopped somewhere, so did you.
  148. >But the stress of all the eyes, the warm, tingly feeling from all these thoughts...
  149. >You really hoped Master would hurry up and get home!
  151. >Be Anon.
  152. >Once the sugar was loaded, it was pretty smooth sailing.
  153. >Strangely though, Blocky got really quiet while you two continued browsing the market.
  154. >And she wouldn't stop staring at the ground for some reason.
  155. >What was her deal?
  156. >You'd admittedly forgotten a bit about her as you browsed some more stalls, but each time you placed something else in the wagon, there she was again.
  157. >Maybe she was tired?
  158. >That was a good amount of weight she was pulling.
  159. "You ready to go home, Blocky?"
  160. >"YES!"
  161. >She stood still for a moment, then shrunk down and covered her mouth bashfully before restating, "I-I mean, yes, Master."
  162. >That outburst told you it really was time to go.
  163. "Alright, let's head out."
  164. >The squeaking of the wagon wheels grew louder as you two headed for the exit, Blocky keeping a pace mildly faster than yours.
  165. >Something was bothering her, but you wouldn't know what.
  166. >The short walk home was as silent as it had been for the rest of the market visit.
  167. >At least it gave you ample thinking time.
  168. >Did she just not like pulling the wagon?
  169. >If that were the case, it'd suck for her. She still was your slave after all.
  170. >But maybe it was something else.
  171. >Did something at the market set her off?
  172. >You couldn't imagine that to be the case. You'd gone past the same stalls you saw coming in while you went out. She didn't seem upset then.
  173. >There was one thing you could try...
  174. "Blocky?"
  175. >The pony's head shot upwards, as if shocked the silence had been broken.
  176. >"Yes, Master?"
  177. "Is something wrong? You've been pretty quiet."
  178. >Her eyes quickly broke contact with yours.
  179. >"I'm okay, Master. Really!"
  180. >So she obviously wasn't going to say.
  181. >You could just command her to tell you as her master, but truth be told, it felt like that was a bit invasive.
  182. >Slave she may be, but that didn't mean you should be allowed to prod her.
  183. >For now, you'll let this go and give her some space.
  184. >Besides, you were at the front door to your house now, anyways.
  185. >You'd have to focus more on unloading your cargo than anything else.
  186. >Her too. Maybe it'll be enough to get her mind off of whatever was bothering her.
  187. >All you could think about now was what nice meals you could cook with all these things you got at the market.
  188. >Blocky, despite her weird behavior, was gonna get something nice to eat as a treat for doing a good job at pulling the cargo.
  189. >She deserved it for being a good girl.
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