Dragon Warrior II - Falcon Sword Glitch

EvilAsh25 Jun 29th, 2015 (edited) 453 Never
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  1. This glitch allows you to beat the game at a much lower level, by allowing the Prince of Midenhall to attack twice with the power of the Thunder Sword (or Sword of Destruction). Previously the game was beaten around level 26-27 Midenhall, but can now be easily beaten at level 21 Midenhall, which will eliminate at least half of the grinding in Rhone.
  3. To setup the glitch:
  5. 1) Equip the Falcon Sword before entering Hargon's Castle.
  6. 2) Once inside the (fake) Castle, Equip the Thunder Sword (or Sword of Destruction).
  7. 3) Leave or use the Charm of Rubiss, the game will reset your equipment back to the Falcon Sword, but it will not recalculate your Attack Power.
  8. 4) The glitch ends when the Prince of Midenhall levels up, or you enter the Equip menu (it doesn't matter who).  Both of these recalculate Attack/Defence power.
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