Wii U/3DS Games List Entrypoint

3DSnice Mar 21st, 2015 1,520 Never
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  1. FIY (I don't know all the games but here most games I know that contain entrypoint)
  2. Btw you know that Data Management is interesting on 3DS ;).
  4. Wii U Games Contain interesting entrypoint:
  5. 007 Legends
  6. Super Smash Bros (without update)
  7. Injustice
  8. NBA 2K13
  9. ZombiU
  11. 3DS Games contain interesting entrypoint :
  12. Zelda Ocarina of times
  13. Cubic Ninja
  14. Dream Trigger
  15. Crush 3D
  16. Tales of Abyss
  17. Ridge Racer
  19. You check, you test, you figure out but most of them can't be fixed.
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