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Nov 27th, 2020
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  1. ------The Witch of Rose Gardens' Minions' Song------
  2. "Those flowers are unknown to me."
  3. "They are also unknown to me."
  4. "Shall we cut them off?"
  5. "Let us cut them off."
  6. "We present the roses to our queen."
  7. "And the bad flowers go to the guillotine."
  8. "Yes! Cut them off."
  9. "Yes! Cut them down."
  11. ----
  13. (*The Anthonies' dialogue from Episode 1, originally written in Japanese. Same as what's written in the Production Note iirc.
  14. It might not have been listed in the MADOGATARI exhibition alongside the others-- hence why I and the original blog poster marked it down as just "the minions' song"-- but here it is for good measure.)
  17. ------The Witch of Darkness's Song: "Dreams Wrapped Up in a Blanket"------
  18. Munya munya, mui mui... Is it morning yet?
  19. "Don't worry!" "Mister Sun's still in a land beneath the frozen sea."
  21. Munya munya, mui mui...
  22. "Don't worry!" "Mister Sun is in the middle of his lunch right now."
  24. Before the time comes for the night to melt away, let us munch and crunch on just your dreams alone.
  26. Munya munya, mui mui...
  27. "Don't worry!" "Mister Sun was 'pshunk'-ed with a fork just now."
  29. Munya munya, mui mui...
  30. "Don't worry!" "Mister Sun is sleeping underneath a grave by now."
  32. The night drools on over that-a-way,
  33. and your dreams all sit atop a plate.
  36. ------The Witch of Sweets' Song: "One Solitary Cheese"------
  37. Cheese! Cheese!
  38. Where is the cheese?
  40. Cheese! Cheese!
  41. I'm right here, see?
  43. Cheese! Cheese!
  44. I'd like one, please
  46. Cheese! Cheese!
  47. Search for the cheese!
  49. Bitter cheese,
  50. blocky cheese,
  51. squirmy cheese,
  52. bad cheese.
  54. There's just one cheese
  55. that I really want.
  56. Cheese! Cheese!
  57. Search for the cheese!
  60. ------The Witch of Boxes' Song: "A Fun Day Out"------
  61. Heave! "Ho!" Heave! "Ho!"
  62. Carry it! "Carry it!" Carry it! "Carry it!"
  64. We had such fun. "We were ever so glad."
  65. We all went picnicking today.
  66. Let's go again. "Beneath the sky."
  67. Let's take a lunchbox with us next time.
  68. Stretch it! "Cut it!"
  69. Roll it! "Bend it!"
  70. Let's take lots and lots of lunch next time.
  72. Heave! "Ho!" Heave! "Ho!"
  73. Carry it! "Carry it!" Carry it! "Carry it!"
  74. Let's go picnicking tomorrow too.
  76. ----
  78. (*A close match for the distorted voice when Elly's Labyrinth appears in Episode 4. The Production Note's "minion dialogue" page only lists the bits that are heard in the episode, though, so I can't say whether this song was written before or after the in-show version.)
  81. ------The Witch of Scribbles' Song: "Crayon Rainbow"------
  82. *To be cheerfully screamed in some tune or another
  83. "Ruu~ Rot!"
  84. Rot Rot Rot Rot... Pomegranate!
  85. "Ruu~ Gelb!"
  86. Gelb Gelb Gelb Gelb... Honey!
  87. "Ruu~ Grün!"
  88. Grün Grün Grün Grün... Caterpillar!
  89. "Ruu~ Blau!"
  90. Blau Blau Blau Blau... Cat!
  91. "Ruu~ Violet!"
  92. Violet Violet Violet Violet... Asphyxia!
  93. Together, we are "Regenbogen!!"
  95. ----
  97. (*Each pair of lines is written in its respective color, with "Regenbogen" using all the colors (one per every two letters).)
  100. ------The Witch of Silver's Song: "Rollin' Tire Rollin'"------
  101. Pa-ri-ra, pa-ra-pe-re (*Onomatopoeia)
  102. "Outta the way!" Carrots! Our oil is a-boiling
  103. "Run 'em over!" Rucola! Our horns are a-howling
  104. Any cabbages who don't scram will get dragged along for the ride!
  106. Pa-re-ra pe-re-pa-re
  107. Pa-ra-ra pa-ri-ra-re (*Onomatopoeia)
  108. An echoing galaxy of asphalt!
  109. The whirling silver knows no rest!
  110. Grate all model examples and celeries to dust!
  112. ----
  114. (*The onomatopoeia is probably honking noises.
  115. I'm not sure if it's "galaxy (銀河) of asphalt" or "canal (運河) of asphalt"; the transcription is different between the two source blogs I've found. I went with "galaxy" from, since that one's more detailed/feels more likely to be accurate in general.)
  118. ------The Witch of Shadow's Song: "The Witch's Hymn"------
  119. O light, o prayer, o bottle-base
  120. Clinging bits of meat upon the Lordly bones
  121. Inside the shell are the coal lumps of virtue
  123. O Lordly power, submerge our sins
  124. This anger-- this sorrow-- they are
  125. The table scraps of the crowding cheers of joy
  127. Lick them up equally, one and all
  128. Those long coal shadows, to the very last drop
  131. ------The Witch of Dogs' Song: "Your Tail is Particularly Bizarre"------
  132. *In a voice like bad synthesized speech
  134. Ahahahahahahaha
  135. "Ahahahahahahaha"
  137. Plastic "Your eyelashes"
  138. Ceramic "Your pinky finger"
  139. Epoxy "A spoiled heart"
  140. Melamin "Just who are you?"
  142. Ahahahahahahaha
  143. "Ahahahahahahaha"
  145. ----
  147. (*Each of the 'eyelashes/pinky finger/etc.' lines is seven syllables long in Japanese. I tried my best to match that meter in EN?)
  150. ------The Witch of Mermaids' Song (Episode 9): "Auditorium Caution-Evoking Announcement"------
  151. Thank you for attending today
  152. despite the poor weather.
  153. We ask that you all refrain
  154. from eating, seeing, or begrudging
  155. on the train platform.
  156. Also, we would appreciate
  157. your cooperation in ceasing
  158. all heartbeats and respiration.
  159. The performance is about to begin.
  160. All skeletal remains in the audience,
  161. please sit and observe at once.
  164. ------The Witch of Mermaids' Song (Episode 10): "MAGICA"------
  165. *Letters shouted out in English from the crowd
  167. M-A-G-I-C-A "Desire!"
  168. M-A-G-I-C-A "Scream!"
  170. Hiii...! Before we fade away!
  172. M-A-G-I-C-A "Wail!"
  173. M-A-G-I-C-A "As one!"
  175. Hiii...! There's not just one miracle-- not yet!
  177. M-A-G-I-C-A "Mehr!" "Licht!"
  178. M-A-G-I-C-A "Mehr!" "Licht!"
  181. ------The Witch of Artists' Song: "Epitaph of Unreserved Praise"------
  182. "A Symbolic Archetypal Work"
  183. "A Revolutionary Ambitious Work"
  184. A pyramid, the one and only of its kind
  185. Mineral insigniae, three to the left
  186. The seven shields are cast in marble
  188. Sing praise! Build high!
  189. This truth is an honor for all eternity.
  190. (*Rapt applause)
  192. "A Traditional Maiden Work"
  193. "An Absolute Masterwork"
  194. The very first and very last, a high and mighty zenith
  195. Mineral insigniae, six in a row
  196. The granite goblets are six and nine
  198. This creation is yet unseen by even the moon!
  199. (*Rapt applause)
  201. ----
  203. (*In the PSP game, the OG Michaelas are listed as "Magnificent Archetypal Work that Symbolizes the Era", while the The Scream ghosts are listed as "Ambitious Work that Shoulders a Revolutionary Thesis".
  204. Isabel's page in the Production Note also has a note describing the Guernica floor as a conglomerate minion of its own (at least at that particular concept stage?), so I have a hunch that Inu Curry came up with at least one more minion concept for a total of four.)
  207. ------The Witch of Class Presidents' Song: "A School in the Sky"------
  208. Ding, ding, dong, ding. "Stand..." "And bow!"
  209. Any suspicious adults should be chopped to little bits
  210. And the transfer students, too, should be minced!
  212. Ding, ding, dong, ding. "Stand..." "And bow!"
  213. If you're still alive, then sit back down into your chair.
  215. Ding, ding, dong, ding. "Stand..." "And bow!"
  216. Chop the remaining students up-- leave not a seat to spare!
  218. Ding, ding, dong, ding. "Stand..." "And bow!"
  219. With that, the whole school is quiet and tranquil
  220. If the trash is burnable, the one on shift shall take it
  221. And if it can be fertilizer, to the flowerbeds we send it!
  223. The bell that signals school's end is yet still far away...
  225. ----
  227. (*This is another one where I really liked the Japanese meter/rhyming scheme, so I tried to reflect it in English as best I could.)
  230. ------The Witch of Birdcages' Song: "Our Most Beautiful You"------
  231. *In an extremely shrill voice
  233. CHIRP!
  234. "Our desire!" "Our master!"
  235. When standing, a Venus
  236. When sitting, a Muse!
  237. The sight of you walking: a yet-unseen Freya.
  239. CHIRP!
  240. "Our desire!" "Our master!"
  241. Those tiptoes of yours are ever so sweet
  242. And your heels are oh so SPICY!
  244. Our beaks, now, are all for thee.
  245. Our paper bodies burst into flame.
  248. ------The Witch of Salvation's Song: "Our Young Lady of Solace"------
  249. *Giant crowd of fairy-like whispers, heard faintly in the wind
  251. Lau, lau, young lady
  252. O, thy ray of light which guides us
  253. The miracle now engulfs the Earth
  255. Lau, lau, young lady
  256. O brilliance, exalt this new future
  257. Thy form stretches far to Heaven
  259. Lau, lou, young lady
  260. To the foolish, give a punishment of mercy and blessings
  261. Should they be criminals, a deeper mercy still
  263. Like a little bird, young lady
  264. Thy magic is our solace
  267. ------The Witch of Stage Devices' Song------
  268. Ladies and gentlemen, one and all
  269. Ye vermin and ye stray cats
  270. Please, by all means, drop by for just a titch.
  272. Countless generations spill out and fall away
  273. And the sins of the planet shall be visited upon the girls.
  274. The tail's memories shall serve no use
  275. Tonight, here, in this grand theater show.
  277. Drink your milk up while you still can.
  278. Come now, hurry up!
  279. The sky is long since captive to the crowd's applause.
  281. ----
  283. (*This song was first featured in Doroinu's Rakugaki Note illustration:
  285. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  287. Extended Pyotr description:
  288. "The witch of sweets' minion. Its duty is to search for cheese.
  289. They mill about inside the Labyrinth while emitting mouse-like squeaks.
  290. Their faces are stamps, which they use to mark anything that isn't cheese.
  291. The sight of them performing bodyslams while bouncing around like rubber balls may seem completely ridiculous,
  292. but if you get hit by one of them head-on, you'll end up with more than a couple of broken bones."
  294. ----
  296. Extended Daniyyel+Jennifer description:
  297. "The witch of boxes' minions. Their duty is to transport.
  298. Any objects that these minions touch will become extremely easy to carry.
  299. They take great initiative in spreading curses for their witch, and diligently drag humans into the Labyrinth.
  300. These minions always act in pairs.
  301. Since the Labyrinth is filled with liquid, they have no trouble moving around within it, but in any other location, they can only fly when two of them are paired up.
  302. The witch can't move around on her own, so she's carried around by her minions."
  304. ----
  306. Extended Albertine description:
  307. "The witch of scribbles. Her nature is ignorance.
  308. She loves hide-and-seek.
  309. Her minions strive to play hide-and-seek every day, but because none of her minions are very intelligent, none of them seek her out.
  310. When this solitary witch sees a human, she runs up to them and tries to invite them to play.
  311. If you're unwise enough to humor her, she'll playfully pull your heart out, but if you ignore her, she'll try to get your attention by stealing something precious of yours."
  313. Notes on Albertine's Labyrinth (paraphrased from
  314. -Things that enter her Labyrinth become tiny.
  315. -This causes her minions to look large, and the witch to look gigantic, which cancels out the "little girl" impression you'd otherwise get.
  316. -The deepest part is a "planetarium-like area," with the bottom part resembling the minions' corridor areas.
  317. -Big, fluffy yellow blobs move around on the walls. Bouncy balls (like Anja's?) come out of them.
  318. -There's eyes, eyebrows and mouths on the ceiling.
  320. (*I'm DYING to see this particular concept page!! I haven't been able to find pics of it anywhere, though. I wanna see the fluffy blobs... ;w;)
  322. ----
  324. Extended Gisela description:
  325. "The witch of silver. Her nature is freedom.
  326. Her Labyrinth moves along the top of overpasses at high speed.
  327. She has a gigantic body, and her personality is particularly violent even for a witch.
  328. If she sees anything that moves, she tries to smash it flat with her giant hands.
  329. During the time before her body became rusty, she was able to transform into a bicycle mode."
  331. ----
  333. Kriemhild Gretchen's minions:
  334. "The witch of salvation's minions. Their duty is to measure.
  335. By placing the hearts of those ascending to Heaven on their scales, they can expose the weight of their sin.
  336. The sinful ones will surely receive even more profound mercy from the witch."
  338. ----
  340. Witch of Despair:
  341. "The witch of despair. Her nature is forceful entreaty.
  342. The mouthpiece for all the unfulfilled hopes of all Magical Girls who've breathed their last.
  343. If a hope is born that can rewrite this universe, then at the same time, she is born from the mud of despair: an air-filled doll that continuously inflates her body with everlasting wailing.
  344. As long as the fate of Magical Girls continues to turn, this witch will continue to swell to tremendous size, and in the end, her body will surely crush even galaxies."
  346. (*I'm not sure if this one is supposed to be specifically Kriemhild Gretchen, or an Ur-Witch that represents literally every MG ever.
  347. The description sounds more like the latter, but she does pop out of Ultimate Madoka's comet Soul Gem, and the original script describes the scene as "Ultimate MG Madoka facing off against Ultimate Witch Madoka," so I say either's fine.)
  349. (*She apparently has a "lotus roots growing in mud" motif in her MADOGATARI art!)
  351. ----
  353. Extra Walpurgisnacht description:
  354. "All weight and friction in this witch's vicinity falls into disorder.
  355. Her exhalations become churning flames, and will surely reduce every last truth and lie to dust.
  356. The sight of her, acting as an extraordinary natural disaster, doth truly resemble the end of days."
  358. ----
  360. Candeloro and Du Polignac's extended descriptions are already on the wiki in English (though the Japanese text on their cards is still the PSP version-- might be good to include both in their own sections?).
  362. Footnotes on Candeloro and her Labyrinth (JP transcription from
  363. -"Long purple table in the witch's house"
  364. -"Design the furniture etc. bigger than usual, so the player is about child-size"
  365. -"Pendant form"
  366. -"How to wear Mami: tight butterfly bow behind the neck. Bring Mami's hair rolls forward from there, and it's done!" "Tada: a Mami accessory" "Only the ribbons (hands) left outside"
  367. -"Re:the Dress-Up Witch's skirt portion-- squash and stretch?"
  369. (*Also, I'd never seen this picture before!! Oh my gosh!! She turns into a little brooch that's so cute!! ;w;)
  372. ----
  374. Extended Ophelia description:
  375. "The witch of wǔdàn. Her nature is self-abandonment.
  376. A witch who eternally wanders with hollow footsteps within the fog.
  377. She holds a will-o'-wisp within her body, always quietly burning herself away.
  378. She can no longer remember what the horse that always accompanies her was."
  380. Extended Zoe description:
  381. "The wǔdàn witch's minions, whose task is to march.
  382. They continually walk through the fog in an orderly fashion.
  383. Are they in the midst of a pilgrimage to somewhere? Or perhaps it's a funeral march?
  384. Their master, the witch, never draws close to these familiars."
  385. (^ last line is same as PSP version but i slightly retranslated it here)
  387. ----
  389. Bonus: SHAFT, the witch of animation! Specially created for the MADOGATARI exhibition.
  390. More of a company gijinka (gi-majo-ka?) than a proper in-universe witch, but still neat.
  394. "The witch of animation. Her nature is occupation.
  395. This witch hurls herself into a swamp that doubles as her Labyrinth once every week.
  396. Her body turns into oil-like rainbow dreams and spreads across the water's surface, but the witch's true form is actually the ripples that appear as she splashes down.
  397. Also, those who've been swallowed by this witch's Labyrinth are only permitted to live by inhaling the rainbow dreams.
  398. With a body that doesn't sleep and time that doesn't melt away, this witch's desire was achieved together with a curse.
  399. For 40 years, this witch has plunged herself in time and time again, in order to meet her end with the rainbow dreams that will one day vanish."
  401. (Minions: SHACHIKU. (lmao)
  402. "Grants the witch's air to those who've fallen into the Labyrinth.
  403. They have bodies of glass, but wills of steel.")
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