The Other Side cut scene

Sep 23rd, 2013
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  1. “Yer move, honey.”
  3. You grin, closing the door behind you and making your way over to the bed, crawling onto the bad after her.
  5. She reaches over, grabbing your chin and pulling you into a kiss, not unlike the one that hot mare gave you earlier today, but this was happening right now. You could feel the breath leaving you lungs, as AJ pushes you over, deepening the kiss again as she lays on top of you.
  7. She breaks off, a strand of saliva connect the two of you, before looking down at the bed, which is still clearly slightly soaked.
  8. “Looks like you had a bit of fun there earlier today, if how you answered the door is any indication.”
  9. “Haha, yeah, I got a little carried away.”
  10. “Mmm, well I hope you get carried away again, I rather like my lays to last a long time.”
  12. She just gives you a knowing smirk, before slowly moving down your body, her hooves brushing across your curves, stopping at your crotch. She leans down slowly, before latching her mouth around one of your nipples.
  14. You moan, as she works the teat slowly, back and forth. She was a definitely more skilled then you though possible. She nips your teat making you arch your back as you cry out. She’s hasn’t even touched your lips, and you’re already moan and crying for more.
  16. After torturing you for a few minutes, AJ moves onto the main course, spreading your lips with her hooves before giving you a tender lick. You can feel warmth spread through your whole body, as her lips brushed past your own lower ones, her tongue delving deeper and deeper into you, lapping at your core.
  18. It wasn’t the same as with the toy, but it was something else, as she played you like an instrument, your hooves snapping to her head, grinding your pussy into her face as she worked.
  20. You can feel the tension building again, and AJ could sense it, as your body heaved again and again as she slurped, juices pouring past her muzzle as she worked.
  21. “Oh C-celestia!”
  22. Hearing you cry out, AJ pulls herself away from you cunt, spreading the lips again, before sucking on your sensitive nub.
  24. Everything exploded around you, your body going rigid as AJ rode out you orgasm, her teeth and tongue stoking you beyond what you thought was possible with an orgasm.
  25. “Heh, you’re a messy little filly aren’t ya?”
  27. You can feel a blush burn on your cheeks, as her dripping muzzle swam into your sight.
  28. “Now, how ‘bout you repay the effort there sugar, seein’ as turnabout is fairplay?”
  30. You point to your saddlebags, watching her cock an eyebrow before shrugging, making her way over. She reached into the filled bag, and begins to pull out your purchases one by one, a surprised look crossing her face as she works her way deeper.
  31. “Looks like yer a kinky lil’ filly too…”
  33. Her hooves settled on the vibrator you bought earlier, grabbing the toy and making her way back to the bed, the control unit trailing behind her.
  35. Sidling up next to you, she slides the toy into you, before her toned ass moved to hover over your face, her pussy lips puffy inviting. You need no explanation, your hooves grabbing her flanks, and diving in. The taste is something else, both sweet and tangy, with a taste of earthiness and apples.
  37. She tasted wonderful, and you wanted more, sloppily pushing past her lips and greedily taking more of her juices in your mouth, lashing her insides like your life depends on it.
  39. “Wo-oah thar’ partner, take it e-easy! Don’t want t-the fun to end too soon.”
  41. You heed her, slowing down, but still taking time to savor her taste. You hear a soft click noise as you continue to eat her out, as you feel a buzzing sensation in your crotch, crying out as pleasure flooded through you again.
  43. AJ lets out a low moan, her plot grinding into your face. You dive in again, trying to bring AJ to the same kind of scream orgasm she gave you. You try to mimic her earlier movements, and it’s clearly doing something for her, as she keep cranking up the toy, the buzzing toy driving you crazy, goading you into a more passionate attack on AJ’s pussy.
  45. You can feel the vibrator click to its highest setting, it practically shaking your whole body as you went, before you find AJs click, your lips pursing around on it, as you suck as hard you can. With a low moan, you feel AJ come, her juices rushing past your chin as her whole body shudders.
  47. You can feel yourself close, the knot in your stomach, before you feel the toy pull out of you, leaving you moans and whining for more.
  48. “Uh-uh sugarcube, I’m in control here, and I say we’re not done yet.”
  50. She reaches over, grabbing your bags and pulling out the strap on. She deftly snaps it to her crotch, moving the harness around until she felt it set right. Grinning, she advances on you, before flipping you over, lifting your flanks high in the air.
  51. “I hop yer ready for a ride, cause it’ll take something might righty strong to buck this cowpony off!”
  53. She slaps your tight ass, a loud cry ripping past my lip. You can feel the flat head of the fake horse cock rest at the entrance of your quivering lips, AJ hunched over you, slowly teasing you, trying to make you beg for it.
  54. “B-buck me, please!”
  56. She complies, slamming home into you hard and fast, filling you to the brim so suddenly you bite into the sheets before crying out, before she lays into you with a steady rhythm. A soft slapping noise fills the room as she fucks you hard and fast, her own moans echoing through the room as the ridged inside of the harness brushed passed her own sensitive pussy lips.
  58. She slams into you again and again, and you can feel your flanks begin to hurt from her rough treatment, and yet, you kept moaning, her pelvic thrusts bring your close and closer to the edge. With a heave, you feel your grip on the bed leave you, as AJ suddenly grabbed you and falls backwards, pulling you up and slamming hard into you as she fell onto her back, the strap-on burying deeper into your pussy, driving you over the edge.
  60. She keeps thrusting through the orgasm, her own moans intensifying as she begins to grind hard against the harness, her own peak reaching. You attempt to spin around with the toy buried in you, feeling yourself cum again as you do so, and falling snout first into AJs face.
  62. She moans loudly as you grind your crotch into the harness, driving her crazy, before her you feel her body seize underneath you. Seeing your chance, you pull her into a kiss, her tongue wrestling yours as she rides the waves of pleasure.
  64. After a short moment, you two just lay there, hugging each other tightly. With a smirk, AJ opens her eyes, and asks you a question:
  66. “Time fer round 2?”
  68. You can tell it is going to be a long night.
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