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  2.                 i::::i      E::::::::::::::::::::E     F::::::::::::::::::::F
  3.                  iiii       E::::::::::::::::::::E     F::::::::::::::::::::F
  4.                             EE::::::EEEEEEEEE::::E     FF::::::FFFFFFFFF::::F
  5.                 iiiiiii       E:::::E       EEEEEE       F:::::F       FFFFFF
  6.                 i:::::i       E:::::E                    F:::::F            
  7.                 i::::i        E::::::EEEEEEEEEE          F::::::FFFFFFFFFF  
  8.                 i::::i        E:::::::::::::::E          F:::::::::::::::F  
  9.                 i::::i        E:::::::::::::::E          F:::::::::::::::F  
  10.                 i::::i        E::::::EEEEEEEEEE          F::::::FFFFFFFFFF  
  11.                 i::::i        E:::::E                    F:::::F            
  12.                 i::::i        E:::::E       EEEEEE       F:::::F            
  13.                 i::::::i     EE::::::EEEEEEEE:::::E     FF:::::::FF          
  14.                 i::::::i     E::::::::::::::::::::E     F::::::::FF          
  15.                 i::::::i     E::::::::::::::::::::E     F::::::::FF          
  16.                 iiiiiiii     EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE     FFFFFFFFFFF          
  18.            This is our world now. The world of the electron and the switch; the beauty of the baud.
  19.       We exist without nationality, skin color, or religious bias.
  20.         You wage wars, murder, cheat, lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good,
  21.                                         yet we're the criminals.
  22.                         Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity.
  23.                                 I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto                                              
  25.   //=======Follow Us On Twitter;
  26.         //=========@Amenefus                                                            
  27.                 //=========@IsraeliElite                                                    
  29. ======================================================================================================                                                              
  31. #OpIslam
  32. Fuck ya Saudi ...... Love Amenefus [!!]
  34. Target;       
  35. Db;                     db_99b3e7_ntcc
  37. +------------------------------Admin---------------------------+
  38. Administrator   admin        9656387b6542bc9be1b8730b45b49fd8        Super Administrator     0       1       25      2013-04-05 06:46:01     538f379d89c3e5aec7100a1216f95f35
  39. +--------------------------------------------------------------+
  41. Other Tables;
  43. jos_award       id en_award_title ar_award_title en_award_details ar_award_details en_award_date ar_award_date image_path sort_order
  44. jos_banner      bid cid type name alias imptotal impmade clicks imageurl clickurl date showBanner checked_out checked_out_time editor custombannercode catid description sticky ordering publish_up publish_down tags params
  45. jos_bannerclient        cid name contact email extrainfo checked_out checked_out_time editor
  46. jos_bannertrack         track_date track_type banner_id
  47. jos_blog_comment        id user_id post_id comment_title comment_desc comment_date comment_update comment_ip comment_hit checked_out checked_out_time published post_lang
  48. jos_blog_myaccount      id user_id title description image dateadded dateupdated checked_out checked_out_time status published
  49. jos_blog_postings       id user_id post_title post_desc post_image post_date post_update post_ip post_hits checked_out checked_out_time published post_lang
  50. jos_career      id ar_position en_position ar_vacency_type en_vacency_type ar_working_place en_working_place ar_job_description en_job_description ar_job_responsiblities en_job_responsiblities ar_job_requirements en_job_requirements ar_posting_date en_posting_date
  51. jos_careerapplication   id application_name position contact_email contact_phone experience additional_information resume language
  52. jos_categories  id parent_id title name alias image section image_position description published checked_out checked_out_time editor ordering access count params
  53. jos_challenge   id ar_challenge_title en_challenge_title ar_challenge_message en_challenge_message challenge_image
  54. jos_components  id name link menuid parent admin_menu_link admin_menu_alt option ordering admin_menu_img iscore params enabled
  55. jos_contact_details     id name alias con_position address suburb state country postcode telephone fax misc image imagepos email_to default_con published checked_out checked_out_time ordering params user_id catid access mobile webpage
  56. jos_content     id title alias title_alias introtext fulltext state sectionid mask catid created created_by created_by_alias modified modified_by checked_out checked_out_time publish_up publish_down images urls attribs version parentid ordering metakey metadesc access hits metadata
  57. jos_content_frontpage   content_id ordering
  58. jos_content_rating      content_id rating_sum rating_count lastip
  59. jos_core_acl_aro        id section_value value order_value name hidden
  60. jos_core_acl_aro_groups         id parent_id name lft rgt value
  61. jos_core_acl_aro_map    acl_id section_value value
  62. jos_core_acl_aro_sections       id value order_value name hidden
  63. jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map     group_id section_value aro_id
  64. jos_core_log_items      time_stamp item_table item_id hits
  65. jos_core_log_searches   search_term hits
  66. jos_customer    id customer_company_logo ar_customer_company_name en_customer_company_name ar_customer_company_address en_customer_company_address customer_company_url
  67. jos_dbcache     id groupname expire value
  68. jos_eteam       id eteam_member_photo ar_eteam_member_name en_eteam_member_name ar_eteam_member_position en_eteam_member_position ar_eteam_about_member en_eteam_about_member sort_order
  69. jos_event       id en_event_title ar_event_title en_event_details ar_event_details en_event_date ar_event_date image_path sort_order
  70. jos_footerbox   id ar_footerbox_caption en_footerbox_caption ar_footerbox_message en_footerbox_message ar_footerbox_image en_footerbox_image sort_order
  71. jos_groups      id name
  72. jos_headerimage         id page_name image_path language
  73. jos_hello       id en_video_title en_video_details ar_video_title ar_video_details embeded_code thumbnail_url sort_order
  74. jos_jf_content  id language_id reference_id reference_table reference_field value original_value original_text modified modified_by published
  75. jos_jf_tableinfo        id joomlatablename tablepkID
  76. jos_languages   id name active iso code shortcode image fallback_code params ordering
  77. jos_menu        id menutype name alias link type published parent componentid sublevel ordering checked_out checked_out_time pollid browserNav access utaccess params lft rgt home
  78. jos_menu_types  id menutype title description
  79. jos_messages    message_id user_id_from user_id_to folder_id date_time state priority subject message
  80. jos_messages_cfg        user_id cfg_name cfg_value
  81. jos_migration_backlinks         itemid name url sefurl newurl
  82. jos_modules     id title content ordering position checked_out checked_out_time published module numnews access showtitle params iscore client_id control
  83. jos_modules_menu        moduleid menuid
  84. jos_newsfeeds   catid id name alias link filename published numarticles cache_time checked_out checked_out_time ordering rtl
  85. jos_partner     id partner_company_logo ar_partner_company_name en_partner_company_name ar_partner_company_info en_partner_company_info partner_company_url
  86. jos_photo_storage       id lang storage_type path en_caption en_description ar_caption ar_description
  87. jos_photogallery        id ar_photogallery_caption en_photogallery_caption ar_photogallery_message en_photogallery_message photogallery_image sort_order
  88. jos_plugins     id name element folder access ordering published iscore client_id checked_out checked_out_time params
  89. jos_poll_data   id pollid text hits
  90. jos_poll_date   id date vote_id poll_id
  91. jos_poll_menu   pollid menuid
  92. jos_polls       id title alias voters checked_out checked_out_time published access lag
  93. jos_pressrelease        id en_pressrelease_title ar_pressrelease_title en_pressrelease_details ar_pressrelease_details en_pressrelease_date ar_pressrelease_date image_path sort_order
  94. jos_sections    id title name alias image scope image_position description published checked_out checked_out_time ordering access count params
  95. jos_session     username time session_id guest userid usertype gid client_id data
  96. jos_stats_agents        agent type hits
  97. jos_templates_menu      template menuid client_id
  98. jos_testimonial         id personnel_photo ar_personnel_name en_personnel_name ar_personnel_degeignation en_personnel_degeignation ar_message en_message sort_order
  99. jos_users       id name username email password usertype block sendEmail gid registerDate lastvisitDate activation params
  100. jos_weblinks    id catid sid title alias url description date hits published checked_out checked_out_time ordering archived approved params
  101. jos_whyntcc     id whyntcc_photo ar_whyntcc_title en_whyntcc_title ar_whyntcc_details en_whyntcc_details sort_order
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