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  1. How are you today? I am Mr Jaimie Taylor, a delegate from the united nation office regrade of your Fund,your name and your email address is listed Three person to paid Win VICTIMS Compensation fund $4,500,000 million each and your Name and your mail address is listed approved to pay the Compensation fund,Mr Roy Martin said you have sent them to claim the fund as next of kins of the fund and He forwarded us address below to send the fund $4,500,000 million on your behalf to them? are you where of this person? or do you want person to claim your payment? get back to us immediately to avoiding release your payment fund to wrong person.
  3. Name..Mr Roy Martin
  4. ADDRESS..1121 Odena RD Sylacauga,AL - Florida 35150
  5. Telepone..1-296-080-6501
  7. Do you sent any person to claim your fund or not?i am writing to let you know if this is true or not.edited in this transfer is $4,500,000 million and is a huge amount of money and this man is getting us confusing on what he is saying.We wish to inform you that United Nation and the (ECOWAS) have instructed us to send you the sum of $4,500,000 million.from your winning VICTIMS Compensation fund,$5000 dollar will sent to you twice daily $10,000 dollar through Money Gram office as first collection of which you will be recovering every day until the total sum of $4,500,000 million is completely transfer to you.
  9. This is the final notice you are going to receive the payment from Money Gram office,do you get me? I hope you understand how many times this message has been sent to you or are you not ready to receive your fund? Which have been mapped to your name today,moreover reconfirm your full information to the Money GRAM office to pick up your first payment of $5000 dollar daily without delay,Contact Money Gram Agent ( Mr Tony Brawn ): on this Tel:+: +2296934673017.
  11. Kindly Contact Money Gram Agent:
  12. ( Mr Tony Brawn )
  13. Reply To This Email: ((( ))).
  14. Tel:+: +2296934673017
  15. Preferred Payment Method
  17. As result of the information we got I told them to wait until I hear from you today or tomorrow,to know if you are still interested or not to receive this fund.lets release your full Reference of your $5000 installment once we confirm your information's as soon as you receive this message response.
  19. YOUR FULL NAME:........
  21. YOUR COUNTRY:.....................
  22. YOUR MOBILE PHONE NUMBER:............
  25. IMF Agent
  26. Mr Jaimie Taylor.
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