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Buzbee Assignment 1

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  1. <html>
  2. <body>
  3.     <h1>Fantasy Football</h1>
  4.     <p>One of my favorite hobbies, or <q>games</q>, to play is fantasy football. I only play in a <em>few</em> leagues
  5.     and really don't get <em>that</em> involved. Ok, yes I do. For me, it's an <strong>extremely</strong> fun pastime,
  6.     and sometimes I might even win a buck or two!</p>
  7.     <h1>The Basics</h1>
  8.     <p>Each player in a FF league is considered an <q>owner</q>, and drafts a certain number of real-life football players.
  9.     These players make up a <q>team</q> and play against another owners team. The team with the most points at the end of the week wins.
  10.     A team typically consists of (mostly) offensive players, with a starting lineup that is similar to this:
  11.         <ul>
  12.             <li>1 QB</li>
  13.             <li>2 RB</li>
  14.             <li>2 WR</li>
  15.             <li>1 TE</li>
  16.             <li>1 K</li>
  17.             <li>1 Def</li>
  18.         </ul>
  19.         The 3 highest scoring posistions are generally Quaterback (QB), Running Back (RB),
  20.         and Wide Reciever (WR). Currently, these are the scoring leaders at each of these positions in one of my leagues.
  21.         <table>
  22.             <tr>
  23.                 <th>Pos</th>
  24.                 <th>Player</th>
  25.                 <th>Team</th>
  26.             </tr>
  27.             <tr>
  28.                 <td>QB</td>
  29.                 <td>Robert Griffin III</td>
  30.                 <td>Washington</td>
  31.             </tr>
  32.             <tr>
  33.                 <td>RB</td>
  34.                 <td>Arian Foster</td>
  35.                 <td>Houston</td>
  36.             </tr>
  37.             <tr>
  38.                 <td>WR</td>
  39.                 <td>A.J. Green</td>
  40.                 <td>Cincinatti</td>
  41.             </tr>
  42.         </table>    
  43.     </p>
  44. </body>
  45. </html>
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