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Nobles's Nekocore pt. 2

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  1. “How long does it take to usually wrestle down a Manticore, Bernard?”
  3. My long-time aide and confident took his time to reply as he poured me another cup of piping hot tea. Although he performed a number of duties for me and around the manor, I would never have called him my servant or butler.
  5. I think he’d give me a rather stern look if I referred to him as such.  
  7. That and the fact that I don’t think butlers are expected to kill people.
  9. “I don’t know, sir. I’ve never had to wrestle one before.” He said, pouring himself a cup as well.
  11. Meanwhile in the room adjacent to ours, some of my best knights, sworn in service to both my family to the kingdom, were in the process of discovering that very question. It must have been a horrible ruckus, with the mixed shouting of panicked men, clattering armor, and what sounded like a mad feral cat dunked in water, being tossed against the wall repeatedly.
  13. “I do hope they don’t ruin the carpets too much.” I expressed, genuinely concerned.
  15. “Should I send for more men?” Bernard offered.
  17. I shook my head, helping myself to another sweet the chefs had prepared earlier.
  19. “Oh no, of course not. This is good for them. Builds character.”
  21. Half an hour passed before finally there was nothing but the muffled sound of strained grunting. After a brief silence, the doors finally swung open. In clanked one of my knights, the once finely crafted metal now bore all manner of dents, scratches, and splotches of blood. If I had allowed them the use of their sword, no doubt the injuries would have been far less noticeable; but I didn’t want my prize being hurt in the process. He struggled to remove his helmet, but whatever strength he mustered quickly failed him, and instead he opted to lift his visor.
  23. “We did it, my lord. It wasn’t easy, but we managed.” He wheezed, clearly out of breath.
  25. I sprung to my feet.
  27. “And the manticore?”
  29. “Unharmed, as you asked, my lord. But she did put up one fierce fight. We have her restrained now.” There was a hint of pride in his voice. Funny how just this morning they were whining about how it couldn’t be done.
  31. “Any causalities?” I asked, wiping my mouth clean with a white linen napkin as I prepared to make myself presentable.
  33. “Just one. Gothred’s son took a slash to the throat. Two more were quilled, but we sent them off to their wives, just in case. Other than that, just some scratches.”
  35. “Excellent! Well, shame about Gothred’s son…but he has four more, so I suppose it’s no major loss.” I expressed. “Now than Bernard, shall we take a look at our new manticore?” I happily exclaimed, unable to contain my excitement.
  37. The manticore had traveled here by cart over the last week, and fed a steady diet of Moonroot. Folk legend said that Moonroot was the natural cure for Manticore venom. I wasn’t sure of it’s validity nor what affect it would have on the manticore itself, but various apothecaries I’ve inquired have assured me that it was a suitable remedy for “Manticore Fever”.
  39. But I suppose we’ll know for certain once those two other knights that were quilled report back to me.
  41. The next room however, was in quite a mess. Whatever purpose the room had served before was now impossible to discern. Several large gashes carved deep furrows into the walls, while most of the paintings and other ornamentation were destroyed and strewn about.
  43. “Oh, and the carpets too!?” I said in dismay at the sight of the utterly destroyed rugs, a relic that had been in my family for generations.
  45. A shame really.
  47. But what knelt down in the center of the carnage far outweighed any real concern of mine. Her arms were tied up with ropes and held by knights on either side of her, while her tail was restrained by two more knights that had looped a rope around her the trademark bulb and pulled it taught to keep it still. The bulb itself was missing almost all of its quills.
  48. Her body bore numerous scratches and scuffs from the ensuing scuffle but it was the first time I had ever gotten a good look at her. Her pinkish disheveled hair ran clumped down to her shoulders from neglect and her mane and fur was matted down, having not been groomed for some time. A ragged brown sack hung off her shoulders, most likely a vestige from her former slave life.
  50. Yet her face was something to truly behold. She had a look of a wild animal, one that was both cunning and dangerous, even when bound and on her knees. But it was the eyes; those red eyes filled with hate that darted to Bernard and I as we entered the room. She recognized me. She knew I was the one in charge.
  52. I took my place in front of her.
  54. “Do you know who I am, manticore?” I asked.
  56. She only fumed at me, her paws attempting to pull at the ropes tied around her wrists; but to no avail.
  58. “Well, my name is…well actually…that isn’t all that important to.” I thought, stroking my chin.
  60. “But I suppose you can call me…Master.”
  62. That got quite the reaction from her.
  64. A guttural, but distinctly feminine roar,  caused me to flinch back as she attempted to leap at me. But the knights held her, yanking the ropes towards them and forcing the multicore who had
  65. risen several inches back down on her haunches. She could only howl and hiss, baring her fangs at me ready to attack.
  67. I couldn’t help but laugh.
  69. “Yes! Perfect! Exactly like that!” I said excitedly to no in particular, clapping my hands. “Just like that!”
  71. “So much life in you. You. I like you.” I said kneeling down to her level, inches away from her.
  73. “Now, you may not believe what I have to say, but I want to extend a proposition to you.”
  75. Again, those hate filled eyes leered at me.
  77. “In one year’s time. I’m going to free you.”
  79. That got her attention. The look of hate and anger subsided for a moment, replaced with surprise and suspicion. I could tell from the sudden silence that followed that everyone except for myself was surprised at what I had just declared. Of course, that was all part of my plan.
  81. “That’s right. In one year, I will release you. No strings attached. No clever tricks. Just freedom. On my word as a Noble and on the honor of my family, of this, I will swear to you.” I placed my hand on my heart for emphasize.
  83. Her eyes narrowed at my declaration. Clearly, she didn’t believe me. I continued on with my proposal.
  85. “Otherwise, you can try to escape, maybe you could get lucky and kill us all and exact revenge for the humiliation you’ve had to suffer.” I said shrugging as a matter-of-factly to her, before
  87. I returned her gaze back at her.
  89. “But then I can guarantee that you, without a doubt, you will never make it out of this Kingdom alive.”
  91. Again, her eyes squinted at me, unsure of whether to believe my threat.
  93. “You’re near the heartland of the Human Kingdom, far away from your homeland. Before you could make it out of the Kingdom, before you could even leave the borders of my own lands…I’m beyond certain, you would die. Maybe by the hands one of my Knights. Maybe by one of the other Noble lords whose lands you’d have to cross. And even then, every single human you come across would be your enemy. And don’t get me started on the hounds. Isn’t that right, Bernard?” I asked out loud to my aide and confidant.
  95. “That’s right, sir.” Bernard replied.
  97. “Ever see the hounds bring down a fleeing man, Bernard?”
  99. “Yes sir, I have.”
  101. “Is it a pretty sight?”
  103. “No sir. It is not.” he chimed back ominously
  105. “Well…you get the picture.” I finished explaining.
  107. “Those are the terms. And all you have to do to avoid such a fate, and even get your eventual, guaranteed freedom…is to serve as my personal pet. For one year. After that year, you’ll be free to go. How does that sound?”
  109. Again she just leered at me. I was unsure of how to gauge her reaction. I could have sworn she understood me, and its not like manticores to speak a different language. Or Did they? Or maybe the words I used were simply too big for her to comprehend. Oh dear. This was an odd impasse I found myself at.
  111. “Meat.”
  113. I turned my head to the manticore, raising an eyebrow at the distinctly girlish voice she had.
  115. “Meat?” I asked, confused.
  117. “I want meat. Real meat. No more vegetables.” She demanded from me.
  119. I couldn’t help but smile. This had been a lot easier than I thought it would.
  121. “That can be easily arranged.”
  123. I raised my hand to attempt to pet her shaggy head, but she jerked away, apparently still wary of me.
  125. We’d have to work on that.
  127. I clapped my hands, signaling the knights to drop their ropes, releasing the manticore. She stared at her now unbound hands in awe before looking up at me through her disheveled bangs. In those red eyed pupils of her, I saw that the rage and hate that emanated constantly from them suddenly turn into surprise.
  129. And then the hate returned.
  131. Time seemed to slow down for me. Her claws twitched and her muscles began to spasm in her arm. I swore I could hear Bernard’s hand behind me reach for his sword. I doubt his sword wouldn’t have even left its scabbard before her claws had finished piercing my throat.  In a momentary lapse in judgement, I had just insured my own death.
  133. If not for the timely intervention of the maids.
  135. The house maids arrived in a surprisingly giddy mood, entirely disturbing the tense moment that had occurred and catching us all by surprise. They instantly wrapped the manticore in hot towels and began to tackle her hair with combs while they began to whisk her away.
  137. I coughed and ran my fingers through my hair subtly to regain my composure.
  139. “A warm bath and food for our new addition to our family, girls! And the softest bed as well!” I called out as they hurried the manticore out.
  141. I turned to Bernard, who wore a sour expression as his hand slowly left the handle of the sword he wore at his side.
  143. “I think that went well.” I casually admitted.
  145. “You nearly lost your damn head.”  He shot back. “That manticore is going to get you killed.”
  147. I raised my finger at him.
  149. “It’s fine! And I still have my head!” I declared happily. “Look. In no time at all, she’ll be slobbering all over me and begging for me to talk her for walks. Believe me, I have everything
  150. under control.”
  152. But apparently, I clearly didn’t.
  154. That night, she had escaped. It took Bernard and a group of men most of the night to successfully track her down and bring her back. Thankfully, she was re-captured before she intruded on anyone else’s lands, where the damage would have been much more severe. Once again, she knelt down before me, her whole torso wrapped in rope with her arms tightly bound to her sides. I tapped my foot in anger with my arms crossed as I took in the terrible sight. Although she had been cleaned and bathed before, her hair and fur was once again in a mess, with sticks and leaves clinging to her, and mud caking  her legs.
  156. I shook my head at the despondent sight.
  158. “Well that didn’t take long!” I finally blurted out sarcastically. “Where did you find her?”
  160. “Near the woods at the ferry crossing. The hounds found her first. She stopped fighting once we got to her.
  162. I shook my head again, letting out a long sigh.
  164. “Yes, the hounds are scary, aren’t they.”
  166. The manticore didn’t bother to respond as she continued to look away from me. What vigor she had before seemed entirely lost now. Indeed, coupled with the long journey to the manor, and the night time escape, she must have been exhausted.
  168. I stared at her for what seemed like the longest time before I snapped my fingers at Bernard and motioned for his sword. Wordlessly, he undid the buckle and handed me the sheathed sword. Immediately, the manticore seemed to spark to life as she followed the sword to my hand. There was an obvious look of fear in her eyes. But least her attempted escape told me one thing.
  170. She wanted to live.
  172. It was important to nurture that feeling, lest she give up; and then all I would have on my hands was a suicidal manticore who’d simply resign herself to death at the first opportunity she had. It was the whole reason why I had offered her freedom if she became my pet. I needed a strong, persistent manticore, so that I could at least break her to become my pet without breaking her will to live. That would be a tricky ordeal; but an interesting one.
  174. “I like to believe that I reward those who are loyal to me…with love.” I explained to the manticore, who peered up at me with a panicked expression.
  176. “I showed you my love yesterday…and you spurned it back in my face.”
  178. Gripping the sheathed sword tightly in my hand, I raised it high above my head.
  180. “So now I have to punish you with pain.”
  182. I swung hard into her side, causing the manticore to cry out and fall to her side as I began to beat her. It had to be done, of course. What do you do to a misbehaving puppy? You punish it. The same principle applied here. Using the sword as a club, I repeatedly smashed it against her. She writhed and yelled out with each hit, her legs and tail spasming with each blow. Again and again I hit her. And then I stopped. Her screams and yelps of pain soon turned into childish whimpering. Tears rolled down her cheeks.
  184. I dropped the sword and fell to my knees beside her, gingerly picking her up and holding the bundled manticore against me.
  186. “No. No, no, no, no, no, don’t cry. Master’s here for you.”
  188. I camly stroked her head, patting her head as she softly sniffled and whimpered.
  190. “I don’t want to hurt you, you know?” I whispered to her, “But you know why I have to punish you?”
  192. She didn’t respond. But at the same time, she didn’t resist trying to move away from me either. Taking a handkerchief from my breast pocket, I carefully dabbed her cheeks dry. She flinched at the touch but allowed me to clean her face. Poor girl. She had been through a lot today.
  194. “If you’re a good girl, I’ll reward you like a good girl.” I happily told her, shaking her gently to get her spirits back up.
  196. “Now. Do you want to run away again?”
  198. The manticore sniffled again, seemingly began to droop.
  200. “…No”
  202. I couldn’t resist hugging her from such a response.
  204. “There’s a good girl!” I happily said petting her once more.
  206. I rose to my feet and dusted myself off, leaving the manticore to sit upright in front of me.
  208. “Now under normal circumstances,” I began, “A person would normally kiss my ring, to show their loyalty to me…and as a sign of submissiveness.”
  210. I looked at my vacant fingers, unadorned because I had spent the whole night worrying about my new pet running away.  
  212. “But I think we can substitute something else for that today.”
  214. I pulled back my coat and undid my trousers, pulling them down to expose myself to her. Her eyes went wide at what she realized she had to do. Slowly, she rose on her knees and with trepidation, she brought her lips close to my cock.
  216. I reached out and gently grasped her chin. Those red eyes looked up at me again.
  218. “Whats your name, manticore?”
  220. “Myralette” she hesitantly responded. “Its Myralette.”
  222. I gently stroked her chin before letting go. Her eyes darted back to my shaft as I brought it forward for her. Hesitantly, she craned her neck forward and brought her lips to the tip of my cock, and upon closing her eyes, she kissed it. I shivered at the sensation of soft lips upon my head and lovingly petted her once more and smiled.
  224. “Well, Myralette. From today and onwards, I shall call you…”
  226. “Myrie”
  228. My pet manticore.
  231. Of course. There was still much training to do.
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