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  1. Kayle Irontail took a step forwards, his hulking mass creating an imprint upon the sands as his foot met the dusty road. His smoke grey eyes burning with a fire unlike any other, his hand coming towards his mouth to wipe away the blood that trickled from his lip. Running down the right side of his face and onto his chin. A twisted and sadistic smirk taking his face as he swatted his arm down, his eyes never leaving that of Rhubanion. A steely resolve in the man's eyes as yet another step were to be taken by him. This man, this King whom he had followed. The man who he had once looked up too. He had forsaken him and his race, had lead them into death. His tyranical rule had caused the Saiyan race to become the laughing stock of the universe. Looked upon as they were nothing but insignificant. By bowing to the whims of Tsufurujin and Heran alike.
  3. "You think that your power means anything to me, How long have we known each other now Rhubanion. How long have we been watching each other grow, watching each others short comings. For how long have you known that one day, I would surpass you and reach the pinnacle of Saiyan might. You looked down at us lower classes from your ivory tower as you let me and my soldiers do your bidding. Scared of spilling some of that Blue blood with in you. Scared of showing just how pathetic you Elite warriors truly are. You think your birth right makes you superior. That because of it you are some how special. Well let me tell you something......BOY.." Kayle snarled, his long winded speech appeared to only just be getting started as he continued to make his paces towards the 'Saiyan King'. Each one causing the ground beneath him to crack and wail.
  5. "You're nothing.."
  7. The world around them seemed to ignite with the same energy as Kayle did, obsidian light being drawn INTO him. An aura of sheer malice oozing from his very form as he snapped. The tension in the air so strung one could cut it with a knife. An overwhelming surge of strength pouring from Kale as the world became black. Or atleast his world. His mind shutting off as he caved into the madness. Succumbing to the voices in his head. The ones that screamed out for him to break every bone in his Kings body.  He had fought them for so long, but that could only last for now.
  9. A beast had been awakened by the overwhelming pressure placed upon the boys shoulders from such a young age. A maddening grief that drove him to become such an animal. Force to watch those around him die, forced to see his race become ants. Forced to see his planet die.
  11. The end was near.
  13. (Sneak peak of my RP capabilities)
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