Amazing New World - 25

Aug 10th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Characters in this chapter:

Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
[N/A] (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Jun Sook (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee
Nasori (Blonde) Employee Sugar's Girlfriend
[N/A] (Bun) Employee Married
[N/A] (Fringe) [N/A] [N/A]

Chapter - 25

Fmc's Office Fmc x Mc

Mc is surprised seeing the video and want to snatch the phone from Fmc's hand but she retracts her hand before he can grab it saying how it can't obtain it for free.. Sec suddenly enters in the office without no reason and close the door right away.. Fmc tells him how they can't discuss about it here because there is a lot of malicious eyes and ears here and MC asks her if they need to go to a quieter place looking at her ass..

Open Space Fmc x Mc x Glasses x Bun

Fmc is walking with Mc, they head towards the auditorium, they pass by Fmc's secretary, she looks at Fmc and made a gesture signifying her to fight for her love making Fmc slightly blush from embarrassment. After they left Bun sayss to Glasses how she is sad and if she's really doing something like this, Glasses is taken a back not really understanding what she's meaning by that. Bun tells her how she's disappointed because they promised earlier how they'd say everything to each other.. Glasses tells her how it's a really special case and how she didn't intend to tell her at first but..

Title Drop

Conference Room Fmc x Mc

They walk together in the auditorium heading towards the platform at the back of the room, she smiles and looks at Mc asking him if he too finds it funny that a sexual offender and his victim are together in the same room to have a lesson of sexual education. She shows him the platform and tells him how it'll be the place where this ironic scene will be play. Mc tells her to stop her nonsense and to give him the recorded video of Blonde x Sugar. She tells him how she can't do it without benefit, crossing her arms below her chest supporting and exposing her ample breasts..

Mc appreciates the gorgeous view and moves closer to her, put his left hand on her lower back hugging her, he lifts a bit her skirt and presses his right hand against her crotch.. He tells her how even after all this time she still didn't understand their rules, he tells her how he's the one giving order and she's the on obeying.. He didn't finish his sentence surprised by something.. Fmc's pussy is dripping wet.. Fmc's blushing, Mc's laughing understanding what she wanted him to do, he tells her how he misunderstood her and to tell him directly next time because he thought she was acting cheeky trying to disobey him..

He looks at his finger and at the warm pussy juice on it, he tells her how he should praise her to be this wet for him, she stays still overwhelmed by shame and the excitement she's only feels with him.

Fmc shyly tells him to wait, Mc tells her how he's okay to wait but asks her what's happening to her down there, she lets out a soft moan after MC begins to play with her pussy. He asks her how did she gets the video while fondling her breasts, he tells her how he's proud of her and says how she's like him (taking a video from another person and using it at BM material), he lets go of her pussy and begins to focus his attention on her giant chest, he tells her how is happy because he know she's enjoying it today she tries to deny this undeniable fact telling him 'No'. He take one of her breast in his mouth and suck on her nipple making her moan.
He puts his hand under her tights and her underwear and begins to finger her.. He lifts her and puts her on a desk, she's trying to recover her breath, too stimulated by Mc. He looks at her figure saying how there is still a lot of times before the end of the lunch break and tells her how he's satisfied with what she just accomplished (taking a video of Blonde and wanting his dick) and says how he'll give her a huge reward. He tears off her tights and eat her pussy in one gulp making her scream from pleasure.

On the street near the company Glasses x Bun; Blonde x Fringe

Glasses and bun are leaving the restaurant and Bun keeps pestering Glasses about what she knows on Fmc x Mc but Glasses tells her how she decided to not tell her.. They suddenly stop noticing Blonde with a man Glasses asks her if it's Blonde, Bun agrees and tells her on other hand she doesn't the guy who is with her. They see Fringe giving a basket of flowers to Blonde and wonder why Blonde is doing this because she's usually with Sugar (Ju Wan, the guy who fucks her) and Glasses thinks how she's cheating..

Fringe asks her if she's really okay with that, she is silent and smiles at him, he says how he doesn't care because he'll receive his commission and warns her about getting trampled in case she gets caught. She stands up and pick the basket of flowers telling him how he need to prepare well and to not worry because he'll receive some good news in the next quarter.

After seeing Blonde leaving the cafe Bun and Glasses wonder if they need to tail her, bun says how she's heading towards the office anyway..

Blonde enters in a back alley and pick up something in the basket before throwing it in the trash, it's a wad of money.. Bun and Glasses are spying her from the corner of the street and are surprised by what Blonde just did.

To be continued..
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