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Don't let Frank near the server

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May 31st, 2018
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  1. Thought I would share my horror story.
  3. I worked as a help desk technician for a medium sized manufacturing company. My supervisor (Stan), told me that his boss (Frank) was going to travel to our location for a week. Frank wanted to help us streamline our processes and install some new equipment. Around 3pm I saw Frank and Stan sitting in front of a production mail server. Frank was telling Stan how he knew all the tricks to get the best performance out of Windows Server. The next morning I showed up to work and both Frank and Stan were still sitting in front of that server. Stan told me that they had been there all night. It turned out that Frank's trick to get the best performance was to delete a bunch of random files from the Windows and System32 folders. Frank had sunk a mail server that hosted over 1000 active accounts. They spent the whole night rebuilding the OS and restoring the mail server from backups.
  5. We quickly figured out that Frank was a giant idiot. He spent the whole week wreaking havoc on our systems. It took months to undo the mess he had made. After that, when Frank showed up, we went out of our way to make sure he didn’t touch anything of importance.
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