5b speedruns backup

Jan 9th, 2020
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  1. BFDIA 5b speedruns
  2. moved from Notes on 10/31/18
  4. Individual Levels (ILs):
  5. Upload all PBs in one video (and segmented run) or up to 106 videos? Both? Blind run, few tries, or optimize a little?
  7. Minimum item/switch challenges?
  9. What is my sum of best level times?
  11. Full-game:
  12. change from IGT to RTA? Track RTA or RTA categories? Glitchless/no grab boosting categories? Rename 102% to 100%? 53 Level (I’m sorry) Any%, 100%, and 102% categories? 33 Level (The Drop) categories for base game/no updates?
  14. Rank system (like D to S) for how well the results are, taking into account Win Tokens, time, and deaths
  16. Write what day the run was played in the video
  18. Default best segment code: FFD8AF1F (RGB 216 175 31)
  20. Spreadsheet:
  23. Resource videos:
  24. 100% TAS 22:56.28 RTA/102% TAS 23:42.56 RTA (including slowdowns) by Dunkel Blau: (53 levels + 53 WTs)
  25. Level 1-30 TAS videos by Dunkel Blau:
  27. Videos to do:
  28. Skips tutorial
  29. How to speedrun BFDIA 5b and get on the leaderboards
  30. full-game and IL records
  31. Levels 1-52 no WTs guide
  32. Levels 1-52 all WTs guide
  33. Levels 1-52 Any% speedrun guide
  34. Levels 1-32 Any% run
  35. Deaths saved
  36. Reset exploit
  37. IGT runs
  38. No _ input runs
  39. What I would or would not want in a 5b update or remake
  40. Companion Cube box jumping
  42. Next I am doing:
  43. 100%
  44. research accurate timing method
  45. Any% IGT
  46. Grabboosting strats in Any% RTA + Zelo and Cary strats
  47. guides
  49. Skips:
  50. I try to credit who found out things first but sometimes it’s not known who found it first, it’s not well documented, or multiple people report it. So, some of the crediting could be inaccurate.
  52. Skips: 5, 6, 9, 13, 14, 16, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 40, 41, 42, 43, 47
  53. WT-only skips: 5, 16, 22, 28, 40, 41, 46
  55. Level 5 WT box jump skip, by Sergeant Snivy on 8/20/18 - a box jump with the crate can reach the Win Token without the large gray box.
  56. Level 6 box jump skip, by Sergeant Snivy on 8/20/18 - you can cross the spikes using two boxes by jumping off the large gray box then a box jump on the wooden crate.
  57. Level 9 box jump / button skip first done by Matokz - Throw the box and jump on it mid-air to reach the yellow switch without going for the button. (Meester Tweester found you can box jump at before the last spring to skip that.)(second box jump skip / box jump skip 2)
  58. Level 9 third box jump skip / box jump skip 3, by Meester Tweester on 2/16/19 - after the last spike ceiling section, turn around and face the spikes. Throw the box up and box jump off of it, and it’s possible to get to the top of that platform without going to the left section with the spring. As of 2/16/19 (the day of its discovery) it’s not known how much time this saves, likely just a little bit. (Call it better second box jump skip?)
  59. Level 13 box jump skip, by Sergeant Snivy on 8/20/18 - similar to the Level 6 box jump skip, you can cross the spikes using two boxes by jumping off the large gray box then a box jump on the wooden crate.
  60. Level 13 box skip, by Meester Tweester on 2/16/19 - just like other levels where you can grab boxes from below platforms, you can grab the wooden and metal boxes from below the platform, skipping the need to go up there. They can be reached from the second thin platform from the bottom. However, it is not possible to grab the cardboard boxes from underneath the platform, even if closer than usual.
  61. Level 14 Door Skip by many people, taopwnh6427 in a 2/16/13 video, (still_lava1115 (and Ni Hao Guylan?), WT by Jonce Krstrev) - jump from the right edge of the second floor of the tunnel to the door. You can use the top of the tunnel to reach the WT rather than waiting through the second floor.
  62. Level 16 treadmill skip, by Meester Tweester - once you went through both long treadmills you don’t have to go through them a second time for getting the WT. Land on the top one and drop down on the left then hold right to reach the end of the lower treadmill. In fact, you don’t even need the top one the second time, since you can maneuver Book to bounce from the lower spring to the lower treadmill.
  63. Level 19 and 22 Box Skip (19: Vangs, 22: Dunkel Blau) - grab box from below the platform
  64. Level 21 switch skip, by Meester Tweester - you can finish the level with or without the WT without going to activate the Switch. Throw a character onto the fourth platform, the rightmost one with spikes on the bottom. You can run from the second platform and jump towards the fourth and get picked up by the second character if they stand on the left ledge. Then you can carry them to the door. Either character can be the thrower but it’s easier to throw Book, Match jumps towards Book, then let Book pick up Match.
  65. Level 22 (Would you die for me?) by ming cheng - Spring Box Jump Skip - put box on the first small spring and jump on the box
  66. Dialogue skip bug, by Meester Tweester - getting through all the dialogue of a level then resetting makes the dialogue not trigger, which can be used to skip dialogue in IGT.
  67. Grab boost skip - speeds up a lot of levels.
  68. Level 22 Blue Button skip by Meester Tweester - after box skip, land on the green platform on the right and lean on the right edge then throw it. If aimed right the box will land on the blue button so you can go straight down to press the green button instead of going to the blue button. It’s also faster to do a running throw on the left side of the platform.
  69. Level 22 box throw skip, by Meester Tweester - This one is short. When throwing the box from the bottom right to the bottom middle, you can throw it over the yellow square so you don have to go down and get it over that way, which is slower.
  70. Level 22 pillar jump skip by Meester Tweester on 10/30/18 - A pillar can be grabbed from the bottom, then can be jumped off of when it’s bouncing on the spring to reach the platform, skipping the treadmill. Then jumping off of a thrown pillar can reach on top of the green box with just two pillars. This makes the level beatable without the treadmill. A pillar jump be used to reach the WT without the box, but needs a second pillar jump to reach the yellow switch.
  71. Level 22 Match’s pillar skip by Meester Tweester on 11/8/18 - Grab a pillar and place it to the right of the yellow block at the bottom of the level. Since Match can warp through single blacks when grabbing a pillar from the opposite side, she can warp through the yellow block, making the whole upper section unnecessary. (11/24/18: Since Match can now get out of the lower section, she can jump from the second middle trampoline to the platform underneath the green box, only needs two pillars to get on top of the green box, and doesn’t need any items to reach the Win Token from on top of the green box.)
  72. Level 25 death skip, by Andyman Animations - you can get WT deathless. Throw Match over the pit and turn around to land on the ground. Match can then throw an HPRC piece into the pit to cross it and use the other piece to reach the WT.
  73. Level 27 switch skip - Throw over the HPRCs to the right below the door and stack them to reach the door.
  74. Level 28 hole in one skip, by Dunkel Blau - Book can throw Match into the vertical hole without her touching the ground on the top to skip Match having to walk into the hole herself.
  75. Level 28 Match WT by Meester Tweester on 10/25/18 - Make Book press the yellow button by running of the platform over it then holding left to reach the button. Then Match can get the WT without the HPRC.
  76. Level 28 treadmill skip, by Meester Tweester on 2/2/19 - Grab boost from the platform below the treadmill onto the treadmill. Book jump can from the treadmill to the top left platform (which is hard but possible). Alternatively, both of them can reach the treadmill then they can use an aerial throw to get one of them over. Get one of them on the top left platform, have the other die, recover her, then have both drop down left to the door. Alternatively, Match can grab onto the large HPRC and bring it down, then someone can recover at the top, drop the small HPRC to the bottom left, bring the large HPRC to the left with the treadmill, then recover the other so that they are both at the door. This was notably the first skip assisted by grab boosting done outside of TAS, by Meester Tweester on 2/2/19.
  77. Level 29 single HPRC piece skip by still_lava115 - only one HPRC piece is needed at the top (MT method: if you select book then quickly press Space Z Space Up Up to jump as Book, switch to Match, jump as Match, pick up Book mid-jump and throw her. Book can now be on the top platform and can pick up a jumping Match if Match presses Space, releases it, then Z then Up is pressed so Book can pick up Match from below.)
  78. Level 29 left center section skip, by Meester Tweester - On the platform below the top platform, place the large HPRC on the right edge. Make Match place the small HPRC on the yellow button to reach the top. Jump towards Book and switch to Book and catch her in mid-air. Then the two can finish with just the large HPRC.
  79. Level 29 alternate left center section skip, by Meester Tweester on 2/16/19 - you can place the large HPRC on top of the spikes at the top right then jump left from on top of it to the platform below and to the left of it.
  80. Level 29 early middle left section skip, by Meester Tweester on 2/17/19 (I did get Book past the heater earlier though) - Get to the second platform then stack the HPRCs up on the left side of the platform so that they are near the platform above. Have Match spam throw on Book, then Book can get onto the platform. Then Book can grab Match jumping from underneath. Go to the top, right underneath the last platform. The HPRCs are left behind so the only way to finish the level is with grab boosting, but it is possible.
  81. Level 31 Match warp skip, by Zelo101 on 2/20/19 - Bring both to the top and make Match walk to the left and press against the wall of the section before the spikes. When Book returns from flipping the lever, she can get onto the first step, grab Match through the wall, then carry her to the door. This can happen since Book’s grab range can reach through one block size and can warp through walls this way.
  82. Level 40 Bridge Skip by Meester Tweester - after throwing the bridge to the second platform so both are on the second platform, Book can throw Match into the switch to activate it. At the end, Match can throw Book onto the final platform, then Book can pick up jumping Match from the bottom.
  83. Level 40 Lava Skip by Meester Tweester on 10/16/18 - Throw Book over the lava. Then make Match jump towards Book, then have Book grab Match mid-air. You can still do Bridge Skip if you catch Match before she touches the spikes, so you can finish the level without moving or even touching the bridge.
  84. Level 40 Match Bridge skip by Meester Tweester on 10/31/18 - Do the steps of the Lava Skip. Standing on the bridge, Match can be picked up by Book from underneath if she jumps. However, they can carry each other on the way there so its usefulness may be limited.
  85. Level 19, 40, and 46 regrab skip, by Dunkel Blau - drop someone over the Win Token then regrab them before they die to get the Win Token. This can let you get the Win Token on level 40 without using the bridge.
  86. Level 41 WT skip, by Meester Tweester - It’s not necessary to use a box to reach the Win Token. Have Book and Match stand to the right of the door and have match spam jump and throw on Book facing right to boost Book onto the platform above. Jump toward Book, switch to her, then grab Match from below. Have Match throw Book up, then Book can get the WIn Token.
  87. Level 42 first cycle, by Meester Tweester - If done quick enough at the start, you can switch to Match, pick up Book, then throw her onto the moving platform on the first cycle.
  88. Level 43 left side skip
  89. Level 44 Book heater skip, by Meester Tweester on 2/18/19 - have Match grab Book and walk toward the heater. Walk forward without jumping, then throw Book forward when Match is about right before the heater. Book is thrown fast enough that she can barely survive the heater. Once Match is out of the heater, jump to not burn up Book with Match. Match can reach the top then Book can switch the green lever for Ice Cube. this does not save a lot but skips Match needing to operate the lever for Book to get past the heater.
  90. Level 47 box skip, by Meester Tweester on 12/3/18 - Match can get over the spikes by herself, jumping on top of the left spike box in the plus-shaped spiked formation, then on top of the right spike block, then over the spring. She can jump from the moving platform at the end of the level to the ending section when the platform is right of the treadmill. Then, have Ice cube turn on the blue blocks as normal with Book flipping the gray switch. Once everyone is right before the end, Match can throw Book onto the platform with the door, then Book can pick up Match and Ice Cube if they jump towards her, although Z will have to be pressed twice to switch to Book in order to pick her up.
  91. Level 48 Ice Cube grab skip
  93. 2/17/19 - Level 37 wall clip to the left of the yellow switch?
  94. 3/11/19 - make the Level 9 spring jump on first jump instead of second jump with a well-timed box release
  95. 1/19/19 - single trampoline level 9 by Matokz
  97. Level 6 and 13 box jumps
  98. Skips by still_lava1115: Level 29 and 43? in Dunkel Blau TAS comments (, Level 24, 27, and 43 (Includes high Book throw?) here:
  100. TAS no grab boost L29. 11/13/19: Change Level 43 skip order?
  103. Glitches, bugs, and techniques:
  104. Discoveries not credited were usually found by me
  106. Grab boosting, by Dunkel Blau on Dec. 27, 2016 in TAS - mash Space-UpArrow-Z continuously when Book and Match are together to gain speed and height. Harder once Ice Cube is playable. It can be defined as grabbing and throwing the character who threw your selected character. (Does it not need space?)
  107. Grab boosts were first used in human IL runs by Meester Tweester in February 2019. In the same month, Zelo101 was the first to use a grab boost in a full-game run in his first Any%, in Level 30, albeit needing many attempts.
  108. Wall clip - Can happen on accident sometimes, and its usefulness is very limited.
  109. If you wall clip through an aerial platform one tile tall, you fall through it instead of bumping into the side. (Level 2 and 18 so far) This is bad if there’s spikes below but has opportunity for a skip. (You can clip through the last platform on Level 12 and still activate the door)
  110. There are some guaranteed wall clip setups, like standing inside switch-activated blocks like in Level 33, and the clipping caused by Book being able to grab Match through the wall next to the green switch on Level 35. The switch activated blocks in Level 24 can have Match or Book entirely inside. You can wall clip through the platform to the right of Book at the start of Level 28. You can also wall clip to the right of the spikes on Level 30, which was once thought to be the only way the level is completable without the up or down arrow keys. That was discovered by Meester Tweester on 10/31/18, and would be the first useful wall clip and could lead to other wall clip uses.
  111. Wall clipping can be intentional if you run towards the wall and aim to go at the bottom of blocks. In theory, any corner of a floor and a wall can be wall clipped through with enough tries. To wall clip intentionally, aim to enter in at the point where the bottom of your feet line up with just under the top of the block. You’ll hit the wall if too low, and land on the floor if too high.
  112. Items like the pillar can clip through walls too, as discovered by Zelo101 on 2/21/19.
  113. You can clip through the water into a wall in Level 49, as shown by Zelo on 2/20/19.
  114. High wall clip, by Meester Tweester on 8/6/19 - done without recording on level 20 with Match on the lowest right facing spike while the yellow blocks were off. Match wall clipped through while going up, hit the spike block above it, then dropped into the pit. Space was held the whole time, and it was while going through without holding next to the wall before hand. It had the same spacing as a low wall clip, except going through the very bottom of the block from the side instead of the very top of the block from the side. This could be useful for getting through low ceiling areas.
  115. Reset exploit, by Meester Tweester - IGT does not include time spent in the level before a reset if it is reset, so theoretically you can play levels while resetting if you play suboptimally, then only finish with good time added to the IGT. This does however makes it less of a “speed”run in real time.
  116. Item juggling - grab and throw two items alternating to move two items at once, like boxes. As found by Meester Tweester on 11/12/19, you can use your left hand to hold left arrow then two fingers on your right hand mashing the up arrow for fast juggling.
  117. Box/Item drop jump, by SergeantSnivy (works on wooden boxes at least) - with Book at least, throw (while running?), wait a fraction of a second, then hold space to buffer auto-jump off the box. Saves time on Level 13 at least, and Level 9 as shown by Matokz.
  118. Auto jump - hold space to buffer jump as soon as you hit ground
  119. Pivot - hold a side arrow, release it, then quickly press the opposite direction. You can press left before letting go of right if you are want to face left.
  120. Running pivot - while holding the right arrow key, press the left arrow key. It will not work vice versa.
  121. Extended dash dance - hold right and mash left. Pressing is in higher frequency makes a shorter EDD, but in lower frequency it can do longer EDD.
  122. Dash dance - mash opposite run directions back and forth. With fast mashing or TAS you can stay in place!
  123. Glowing - when only one playable character is alive, mashing Z can’t switch to anyone else so they rapidly glow. This can be done with only Book in Level 1-18 and part of 19 since she’s the only playable character until Match is introduced in 19.
  124. Head bonking, by Meester Tweester - auto jumping under a ceiling exactly as tall as the character rapidly bonks their head on the ceiling, like at the start of Level 5 or 22.
  125. Enter buffer - holding Enter before dialogue can automatically skip one dialogue box, but while holding enter you can either run or jump, no both. Then after the dialogue skip you can’t do either until you release Enter.
  126. Stretchy arms, by Eternal Algebra Class (David Waterstar?) on a BFDI wiki image added 12/20/17, a video by David Waterstar made on 5/26/18, and explored by Meester Tweester in late 2018 - On any level with an HPRC, Book and Match can hold onto the HPRC crank from a long distance, making the arms stretch super long. This is done when you crank to recover while the level is being reset. Press R to reset then up to crank so that the reset interrupts the cranking. Their arms now have infinite reach, but cannot recover anyone and can’t be undone by resetting going to the menu and entering back in, or even going to a non-HPRC level then going back to the original level. Also, after pressing up to recover with an HPRC, you can’t move, recover, switch characters, or cancel the recovering graphic. Sometimes characters can be modeled with no face, and as found on 10/26/18, Book and Match will be armless for most of their animations on levels without an HPRC, with some exceptions like the death animation and being the inactive character or a switched to character that hasn’t moved yet. However, the arms are merely invisible since they can still pick up items and other characters. Reloading the 5b page will remove the glitch and is to my knowledge the only way to remove the glitch. To beat the level without reloading, you can’t die even once or the level will be softlocked since you can’t recover, so you must reset if you die once. This a very broken visual glitch, maybe even the most broken glitch in the game due to not being able to recover dead characters and the major visual glitches.
  127. Invisible Ice Cube bug, by Meester Tweester - If Stretch Arms is activated when Ice Cube is playable, switching to her makes her entire body and face invisible, leaving only her legs visible. This is possibly due to a layering glitch or error, just like how stretchy arms are layered under neon orange lava. Ice Cube’s hurtbox does not change though, and even reappears in her death animation.
  128. Recover desync - when someone being recovered is coming out of a small HPRC on a conveyor belt, the small HPRC keeps moving but the character’s recover point doesn’t change, so it looks like they’re recovering from nothing.
  129. Standing on the side of an HPRC - Characters are always layered over the HPRC, even if standing on a platform behind the HPRC, so they appear they are standing on the front side of the HPRC.
  130. Behind grab - grab hitboxes are so lenient you can grab things behind your back if close enough. Either that, or Book and Matches’s hurtboxes are large.
  131. Ruby showing up in the HPRC recovery options?
  132. Auto drop, by Meester Tweester - at the start of Level 21, pick up Match and right as you drop off the right, turn around so Book falls down but Match gets caught on the platform. Match will automatically be released without pressing down. This may be because Book hits a wall on the right. You can also auto drop at the start of Level 35 if one of them picks up the other and holds right, making the carrier fall and automatically release the other on the next platform. There are probably many other places where auto drops can happen. On level 29 at the start if Match picks up the small HPRC then walks off the platform to the left, she will auto drop after 1 second (or when up or down is pressed) and die while leaving the HPRC behind. Trying to break free the small HPRC from below on level 48 also auto drops similarly.
  133. Eyebrow carry, by Meester Tweester - on Level 22 have Book stand on one of the squares at the bottom and face Match. Make Match jump next to the square, then switch to Book and pick up Match. Since the ceiling is low it looks like Book is holding Match by her eyebrows.
  134. Pick up warp - Sometimes trying to do the eyebrow carry makes them warp through the block instead, but unfortunately you can’t do a skip as far as I know. In fact, Book can warp through a full block horizontally if Book is on one side and Match is on the other.
  135. Rapid regrab throw - Holding an item underneath a ceiling as tall as them and spamming up can let them throw, regrab, and throw again without the item touching the ground.
  136. Block clipping / Book in blue blocks, by Meester Tweester - in Level 33, Book can be inside the blue blocks if standing inside them when they are activated. (In fact, characters can clip inside any switch-activate blocks.) She can walk against half of the block by walking out of the left half. She can also stand on one row of blocks if standing on top of both, then Match quickly turning the switch on and off. These should simulate a wall clip.
  137. Aerial regrab, by Dunkel Blau - after jump throwing an item in the air, you can jump again and regrab the item, or even throw it again and continue doing it.
  138. Shifting legs, by Meester Tweester - when leaning on a ledge next to a switch-activated platform, turning the switch on and off makes the character’s legs alternate between leaning and standing straight.
  139. Magic box carry, by Meester Tweester - on Level 41, place the two green boxes next to each other on the lava with the blue box on one of them. Pick up the blue one, and when standing near the green box you’re not directly standing on can make it bob up then down, knocking the blue box down and making it get carried magically under the arms. Dropping it down again will make it be placed behind the green box. Also, picking up and putting down the green boxes is an easy way for one character to cross the lava.
  140. Green box stuck, by Meester Tweester - trying Magic box carry can get a green box stuck at the bottom and never rises.
  141. Book Clip and Floating Match, by Meester Tweester on 10/16/18 - On Level 35, have match stand at the right side of the pit with the green switch. Make Book stand to the right facing her. Book can grab Match and clip through the wall since her grab range is that long. Pressing right will make Book face right, clipping her in further. Then if you press down as Book, then walk away, Match will stay swaying her legs, but trying to walk around as Match will reset the glitch. (10/26/18:) If Match grabs Book then press jump, she will be clipped inside along with Book, but can’t get out through walking to the right due to the wall.
  142. Level 42 no dialogue bug, by Meester Tweester on 10/16/18 - If you manage to get Match to activate Ice Cube as playable instead of Book by throwing her over the yellow spike block, the dialogue will not trigger and Ice Cube will be playable.
  143. Ice Cube going through Book and Match - If the second controllable character picks up the first then switches to Ice Cube so that they are still holding the other, Ice Cube will be layered between them, so she can move through the two.
  144. Falling stretchy arms, by Meester Tweester on 10/25/18 - Run off a ledge and while falling crank the HPRC to have stretchy arms that reach to the crank while falling
  145. Level 22 HPRC skip, by Meester Tweester on 10/31/18 - This doesn’t count as a real skip since you can’t finish the level with it, but it’s still interesting. You can reach the platform below the top platform with only moving the HPRC to the second platform. Stack the pieces on the edge of the left side then Rapid Regrab Throw Book onto the platform above. Book can then grab Match from below so they can skip the whole right section. They can also push the yellow button to flip the yellow switch together, but other than that, there’s not much else you can do. As far as I know, none of them can get on the top platform except with grab boosting, but if someone finds a way can do it, this skip can save some time.
  146. Level 5 no metal box, by Meester Tweester on 10/31/18 - You can beat Level 5 with the wooden box by throwing it close to the other side then picking it up and carrying it right. The wooden box goes farther when thrown so it’s easier to use. You can also box jump to the right to get out and get both boxes at the top, with can also let you throw a box in front of the door.
  147. Level 44 Book past the heater, by Meester Tweester - Running throwing Book right before she is in front of the heater can make her go by fast enough that she won’t burn. This can let Match help Ice Cube get up to the top right and it makes the treadmill direction frivolous.
  148. Invisible zombie carry glitch, by Meester Tweester on 11/4/18 - Pick someone up during their death animation, and then the carrier looks like they’re carrying nothing. They have the same jump height and physics as if they were actually carrying someone, but only have the height of themselves. Moving, jumping, and switching characters does not reset the glitch, but pressing up or down does.
  149. Stand inside spikes glitch, by Meester Tweester on 11/4/18 - On Level 48, get Book right next to the spikes next to the Win Token. Make Match stand to the left side of the spikes. Jump as Match, the quickly switch to Book, then grab Match. Book will not die inside the spikes. However, somehow flipping the switch kill Book, even though which way it was originally doesn't matter.
  150. Book swinging on air, by Meester Tweester on 11/4/18 - on Level 41, Match can die while carrying Book. Book will look like she’s being carried even though she’s actually leaning on the spikes.
  151. Drop through box, by Meester Tweester on 11/9/18 - If you pick up a box or character with just a low enough season to where there’s not enough height to be in that space while carrying the box/character, they will be forced downwards through a box they are standing on. This can happen on Level 5 with the boxes.
  152. Match talking while dead, seen in a BFDI wiki image by BFDIandMarioFan9000 added on 7/24/17 (previously by Meester Tweester on 11/10/18 - In level 33, have Match flip the switch then jump to move as right as she can without flipping the switch back. Then, activate the dialogue with Book. Lego brick will drop both of them down, but now since Match was over the green acid in the cutscene, she will be killed. This can make her die while saying “EEEEEEEE!”. Then, she can say “I’m scared” even though it’s after she died.
  153. Book talking while dead, by Meester Tweester on 11/10/18 - In Level 42, have Book trigger the dialogue by jumping and dying on the bottom of the yellow spikes. Book will then have a conversation with Ice Cube while dead.
  154. Navigating with Tab glitches, by Meester Tweester - Tab can be used to select buttons without the mouse, but it’s a little buggy. Pressing tab can highlight a button, then pressing Tab will cycle through them, and the arrow keys can also be used to navigate in the title screen and level select screen. Then, pressing Enter or Space will choose the selection. However, navigating the levels with Tab will not make them go in order, and will instead skip around going diagonally up-right or down-left. Trying to select levels with the left or right arrow keys below the top row will make them go diagonally up-left or up-right. So, the best way to choose level would be to use left or right on the top row to choose the column on the top row, then to press up or down to choose the row. On the title screen, LEVEL CREATOR and EXPLORE can be selected, and locked levels can be selected on the level select screen, but selecting them will do nothing and not access them. Hitting Tab during a dialogue box will make it impossible to continue the level, since Enter and Space will go back to the level select screen, and no other key can make the characters move.
  155. Match stuck in ceiling, by Meester Tweester on 11/11/18 - On Level 34, get to the HPRC and get both pieces onto the lower platform to the left. Stack the small HPRC on the large HPRC so that the small one is close to the ceiling. Reviving Match will make the very top of her stuck in the yellow ceiling, and she can die if she touches the lava through the ceiling.
  156. Book/Match/Ice Cube talking while dead, by BFDIdubita23 on 2/24/13 (previously Meester Tweester on 11/13/18) - On Level 46, if any of the characters jump over the spikes, then you switch to a different character who activates the dialogue, they will talk in the conversation while being dead. This will also happen if people are dead before someone activates the dialogue. BFDIdubita23 had a video of this glitch here:
  157. Running on air, by Meester Tweester on 11/15/18 - get to a platform near a wall, like on top of an HPRC next to a wall or the side of the screen. Get it in the right spot to where they can lean far but not drop down. Hold towards the wall and they will be running on air because they are close enough to be leaning on the platform, but the running animation doesn’t reflect that. This is hard for Match to do since there’s not a lot of room where she can lean but not drop through.
  158. Floating Match on the treadmill, by Meester Tweester on 11/17/18 - On Level 47, go to the first treadmill on the ground and have Book stand to where her head is directly under the ceiling and have Match near her in the box. Have Match pick up Book and press jump. Her feet will float like she is in the air, but she is still on the ground. She will stay in her aerial animation as long as she holds Book, and she can nudge Book a little bit by pressing the direction the treadmill is going.
  159. Twitching while holding NPCs, by Meester Tweester on 11/17/18 - On Level 47, if Tune or Waffle is under the low ceiling next to the first treadmill on the ground (you can do this by killing an recovering Tune), have Book or Match pick them up. If you hold jump, they will twitch up and down, with Match doing it the most.
  160. Momentum cancel, by Meester Tweester on 11/24/18 - If an inactive character is moving in the air then is switched to, their momentum will stop and will fall to the ground with gravity being the only acting force if left or right is not held. So if a character throws someone and the thrown character is switched to in mid-air, they will drop straight down if left or right is held instead of continuing to be moving horizontally in the direction thrown or continuing to be moving upwards with vertical movement. So, they will drop to the ground and have all of their horizontal and vertical momentum cancelled. This could be useful to stop in shorter distances. Also, inactive characters could have less momentum than active characters, as evidenced by their distance being pushed off treadmills with no input, like in Level 22.
  161. Carrying from a distance, by Meester Tweester on 11/24/18 but has happened before - Stack two items on a trampoline, like on Level 22. Carrying the top one will make the items still stack on top of each other, with both of them still moving. Holding jump with the character carrying it will make them jump their normal height even though the carried object is still stuck to the lower one. So, they will be carrying while looking empty-handed. Moving away can make the carried object move quickly into the carrying character’s hand.
  162. High throw / Aerial regrab throw, in a video by dabus dlugosz on 6/29/16 (where it’s name “highjump”) - If you throw something, then jump, regrab it in mid-air, then throw again, you can throw characters or items higher than usual. It is easier against a wall so that they don’t get throw away if you mess up. Holding Space and pressing Up repeatedly works. This can be used by high throwing Book onto a high ledge, then jumping as Match and grabbing her with Book in order to get both of them on high platforms. This can allow Match to thro Book on a platform five blocks up instead of four, which has some applications.
  163. HPRC stuck in ceiling, by Meester Tweester on 11/30/18 - On Level 35, place an HPRC piece inside unactivated yellow blocks to the left of them. Activate the yellow switch and throw them upwards. They will be stuck in the ceiling and cannot be taken out unless the switch is flipped back.
  164. Dying through the floor - For unknown reasons, characters can die to a hazard through the floor if they land on the block before a hazard, even if the hazard normally will not affect them if touched normally in that area, like sideways spikes or leaning over spike blocks.It might have to do with moving fast into it and briefly having the hurtbox reach underneath the stage and touch the hazard’s hitbox. This can be done with the right spike block near the ground on Level 34 (or not?), the sideways spikes on Level 44, and the left acid pit on Level 35.
  165. Match instant auto drop, by Meester Tweester on 12/2/18 - a different auto drop happens on Level 47, to the left of the gray switch. There is a pit one block wide the match can stand in. trying to pick someone up there will make Match look like she briefly look like she is picking them up with her legs looking like she’s in the air, but then instantly drops them.
  166. Floating Book, by Meester Tweester on 12/2/18 - On Level 47, go to the pit one block wide to the left of the gray switch. Make book face left over it and make Match stand in the pit, also facing left. Picking up Book will make them both float as if they were in the air.Pressing up, down, or Z enough times to switch back to Match will make her let go of Book while Book is still swinging her legs like she is being carried. Moving or jumping as Book will remove this, and interestingly enough, flipping the switch does as well. This could mean switches have an effect on the state of the characters, as seen before with the Stand inside spikes glitch, where flipping the switch can kill Book when she has clipped into the spikes and survived.
  167. Kill switch, by Meester Tweester on 12/2/18 - If someone is pressing up against the spike of a spike block instead of being far enough away that they aren’t touching the spike block from the side, flipping a switch can make the spike block kill them. This can be done on Level 47 with the top spike block to the right of the gray switch, or the spike block to the left of the door, and can make characters mysteriously die if they were pressing up on the spike at the end of the level then someone flips the switch.
  168. Dialogue reset glitch, by Meester Tweester on 1/21/19 - If you trigger a dialogue box while the level is being reset, the dialogue box will still be on screen at the beginning of the level after the reset. However, entering the dialogue trigger area will trigger the dialogue again, instead of skipping the need to press Enter entirely.
  169. Wall deceleration/bonking, first used in January 2019 and noticed by Meester Tweester on 1/21/19 - Characters will decelerate when hitting a wall. This can happen when climbings steps or falling while hitting a walling. This was first noticed when trying to optimize individual level runs, like on Level 3 and 4.
  170. Level 49 softlock, by Meester Tweester on 2/2/19 - If Book or Match is dead and the other stack the boxes up towards the Win Token area, they can get permanently stuck in there until the level is reset or quitted.
  171. Level 28 Book wall clip into automatic Match release, by Meester Tweester on 2/5/19 - Have Book clip into the first platform to the right. Warp a block to the right by grabbing Match through the floor. This lets Book stand in the hole area. Go as far right as you can then have Match stand just inside Book’s grab range to the right. Book will have to automatically release Match but Match will still go to the left, and it takes three grabs for Match to reach Book.
  172. Standing on air, by Meester Tweester on 2/21/19 - stand on top of a Book that’s burning and you will stay there even when it is gone. You can jump off of it and move a little, and it acts as if the collision box is still there (like you can lean on it), just invisible.
  173. You can also hold an invisible box if you grab a box while it’s burning up.
  174. Momentum drop (MT was told it on 3/4/19) - getting an HPRC inside a place with a low ceiling three blocks high is difficult and would require a perfect throw skidding underneath it. However, you can run while holding it, then press down once you reach the low ceiling, to drop it a little bit forward with momentum. This is enough to get it under the low ceiling. You can drop other characters and items under low spaces this way, too.
  175. Companion Cube box jumps - Here is a list of all the Weighted Companion Cube box jumps. Note that the Companion Cube only appears in Levels 8-10. I think all of these were first done by me, Meester Tweester, with the exception of Level 9 box jump 1, which was first done by Matokz on 8/29/18. The three Level 8 box jumps and Level 9 box jump 4 and 5 were discovered on 3/16/19. Full doc link
  176. Level 8 box jump 1 - face right, towards the wall of yellow toggle blocks. This is 6 blocks high so it needs to be frame perfect (throw and jump 2 frames afterwards) and the distance is important. You can also wall clip into it but you can’t drop down into the door area.
  177. Level 8 box jump 2 - get on the platform to the left of the yellow button. Jump down right in front of it while still facing right so Book’s back is to the wall. Or, place the cube up against the wall, go to the wall, tap right shortly so Book’s back is to the wall, and pick up the sube. This is important since this gives enough distance for the jump. Box jump up to the lower short gray platform. This is hard to make because it is 6 block high and there is not a lot of room to make it, only one block can be landed on. This means the perfect box jump is 6-7 blocks long as well.
  178. Level 8 box jump 3 - get on the lower short gray platform. The long gray platform is only 4 blocks high so it is easy to make (throw and jump 0-2 frames afterwards). But the enemies there makes it likely you will die immediately.
  179. Level 9 box jump 1 - pick up the cube and box jump from the ground up to the high red platform. It is 6 blocks high so it needs to be frame perfect. This is difficult but is necessary for speedruns, as it entirely removes the need for the lower right section or the purple button.
  180. Level 9 box jump 2 - from the red platform before the last spring to the middle gray platform at the top left. 5 blocks high, easier and saves a bit of time.
  181. Level 9 box jump 3 - turn right at the left edge of the same red platform. Throw the cube against the wall then jump onto the last red platform at the top center. 6 blocks high so it is difficult, but this saves more time than box jump 2.
  182. Level 9 box jump 4 - at the bottom right corner, toss the box against the wall to jump from the ground to the short gray platform 5 blocks up. Other than reaching the purple button the fastest, this is useless.
  183. Level 9 box jump 5 - stand at the left ledge of the longer gray platform on the bottom right. Face right and box jump onto the purple button platform 5 blocks high.
  184. Level 10 box jump - box jump from the yellow blocks to the red platform with the switch. It is four blocks high so it is easier to make.
  185. Backwards death, by Meester Tweester on 7/1/19 - by pressing backwards right before dying from something like a spike, you can die with the legs on backwards.
  186. HPRC jump with Match on Level 27, by ra1ndr0pp3d on 7/3/19 - Match can do an HPRC jump to get under the laser and to the other side on Level 27 without dying.
  187. Activating door from below, by ra1ndr0pp3d on 7/3/19 - Book and Match can activate the door from below with one HPRC piece by jumping and grabbing one of them. (Explore how to complete it?)
  188. Keeping momentum with throws - You can keep your own momentum after throwing something by releasing it as you are jumping. This is helpful to do Level 10 and 37 fast. It was pointed out by ra1ndr0pp3d on 7/13/19 but was known before to get Level 10 records.
  189. Ruby moving through ceiling, by ra1ndr0pp3d - if Ruby is in water under a ceiling, she can move through the ceiling up 1 block.
  191. 2/13/19: Level 4 3.49 theory by Meester Tweester: Level 4 using only a right arrow input the whole time will usually increase the timer by 3.5 seconds. However, every so often it will go up by 3.4. I think internally the level’s time is 3.49 or 3.49x, like 3.491 or 3.492, etc. That time allows it to only increase by 3.4 every so often. If this is manipulated so that the timer is going to go up by 3.4 next time or soon, the timer will be near x.x00 or something low like that. This can be used to save an extra 0.1 seconds on the in-game time or to make sure the hundredths place is low instead of high. A high hundredths place could cause the timer to go up an extra 0.1 seconds.
  193. guides:
  194. Reset exploit - the discovery, explanation, applications, and effects
  196. Other notes:
  197. L24’s script uses a Euro symbol in “Hand-powered” instead of a dash, making it appear as a box instead.
  199. L33’s code has unused text saying “poop”
  201. L47: Characters die offscreen near the end spikes?
  202. L27: large HPRC being on the second invisible platform after the small HPRC is under it?
  203. katyj98’s large screen URL
  204. explore .txt for level editing and more playable characters
  205. Move both characters by switching every 5 frames? Is that faster?
  206. Measure pixels of blocks and characters?
  207. Levels with text, and how much?
  208. Space minimum presses challenge?
  209. Start and end timing frames?
  210. Sometimes dialog skip isn’t necessary since it doesn’t trigger at all sometimes? Maybe once it happens once dialogue is never activated again in full-game runs?
  212. In level 22 Match can’t die but Book can, making it the only level where some but not all of the characters can dies
  214. On Level 40 I picked up Ice Cube as Match and when I melted her, Match was still doing the carrying animation but without Ice Cube. She could walk around like that but it reset when i pressed down.
  216. On Level 24 Book can stand on the left edge of the green platforms without leaning her legs. She just stands in the air.
  218. Sometime in 2013 Level 29 was patched to be easier, making what used to be three separate platforms on the top moving spike section combined into one platform. Cary noted this in a comment on a Ni Hao Guylan Let’s Play that took 26 minutes across two episodes to beat the one level:
  220. Sometime in 2013 Level 9 was patched, making what used to be a transparent green switch-activated platform turn into a permanent platform that can be travelled up through underneath. The platform is the middle one above the second spring.
  222. 11/9/18: Pressing Z might give a tiny height boost and could help solo Book levels
  223. 11/15/18: Level 44 - Try to throw Book past the burner without the treadmill
  225. 1/21/19: From the Level 3 Complete% 6.6 - bumping into walls slows down momentum or speed?
  226. In Level 18 and 19, there is a lamp just like the one on the first platform hidden behind the exit door, but only a few pixels of its light is visible. The code for the lamp, "p", is right next to the code for the door but gets hidden behind it, possibly meaning a lamp should have been visible on that platform. The lamps were first pointed out by Asinine on 6/10/19.
  228. Controller layout:
  229. Bind keyboard for ergonomics and M1/M2 binds?
  231. Keyboard binds:
  232. WASD - Move/Grab/Drop (arrow keys)
  233. Space - Jump (Space)
  234. J/M1 - Change character (Z)
  235. K - Grab/Throw (up arrow)
  236. L - Drop (down arrow)
  237. U/I - Scroll text (Enter) (Mashing optimizing?)
  238. R - Reset (R) (too easy?)
  239. Q - Left mouse click?
  240. E - Right mouse click?
  241. Tab - screen select (Tab)
  242. JKL as Space/Up/Z for grab boost mashing?
  244. Switch Pro/both Joy-Con/Wii U Pro:
  245. Left joystick/D-pad - Move/Grab/Drop (arrow keys)
  246. A - Jump (Space)
  247. X/R/ZR - Change character (Z)
  248. B/Y(?) - Scroll text (Enter) (Mashing optimizing?)
  249. + - Reset (R)
  250. Right joystick - Move mouse?
  251. Right joystick click in/R3/Y(?)/L(?)/ZL(?) - Left mouse click?
  252. L(?)/ZL(?) - Right mouse click?
  253. - (Minus) - screen select (Tab)
  254. (X/Y/B to grab and drop?)
  256. Gamecube:
  257. Control stick/D-pad - Move/Grab/Drop (arrow keys)
  258. A - Jump (Space)
  259. Y/R/Z - Change character (Z)
  260. B/X(?) - Scroll text (Enter) (Mashing optimizing?)
  261. Start - Reset (R)
  262. C-stick - Move mouse?
  263. X(?)/L(?)/Z(?) - Left mouse click?
  264. L(?)/Z(?) - Right mouse click?
  265. (Y/X/B to grab and drop?)
  267. Single Joy-Con(?):
  268. Joystick - Move/Grab/Drop (arrow keys)
  269. Right button - Jump (Space)
  270. Top button/SR - Change character (Z)
  271. Bottom/Left(?) button - Scroll text (Enter) (Mashing optimizing?)
  272. -/+ - Reset (R)
  273. Joystick click in/L3/R3 - Left mouse click?
  274. SL - Right mouse click?
  275. Left button - screen select (Tab)
  276. (Up/Left/Bottom button to grab and drop?)
  277. SNES:
  278. D-pad - Move/Grab/Drop (arrow keys)
  279. A - Jump (Space)
  280. X - Change character (Z)
  281. B - Scroll text (Enter)
  282. L - Grab (Up arrow)
  283. R - Drop (Down arrow)
  284. Start - Reset (R)
  285. Select - screen select (Tab)
  288. Context: BFDIA 5b is a Flash video game released in 2013. It is the second part of Season 2 Episode 5 of the animated web series Battle For Dream Island. The plot is: Book and her friends are trapped in Evil Leafy and must escape. My goal is to beat Levels 1-52 as quickly as possible, which is called a speedrun.
  290. Mistakes in runs:
  292. World record progression:
  293. Levels 1-52 Any% IGT:
  294. Italics means unrecorded, but have a screenshot
  295. 1:17:48.9 on Jun. 20, 2013 by katyj98
  296. 36:56.4 on Feb. 23, 2017 by luccdot
  297. 30:14.4 on Feb. 25, 2017 by luccdot
  298. 25:51.4 on Mar. 2, 2017 by Solarlake
  299. 24:44.0 on Mar. 10, 2017 by luccdot
  300. 23:56.9 on Mar. 14, 2017 by Solarlake
  301. 23:25.9 on Mar. 30, 2017 by Solarlake
  302. 21:53.1 on Sep. 18, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  303. 21:26.3 on Nov. 2, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  304. 20:52.2 on Nov. 4, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  305. 20:49.8 on Nov. 6, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  306. 18:50.5 on Nov. 26, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  307. 18:45.9 on Nov. 27, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  308. 18:42.2 on Nov. 29, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  309. 18:32.3 on Nov. 29, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  310. 17:58.4 on Dec. 2, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  311. 17:49.3 on Dec. 2, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  312. 17:24.4 on Feb. 9, 2019 by Meester Tweester
  313. 17:20.6 on Feb. 10, 2019 by Meester Tweester
  314. 17:15.3 on Feb. 19, 2019 by Meester Tweester
  316. Levels 1-52 Any% RTA:
  317. Italics means unrecorded
  318. 1:51:10 on Jun. 20, 2013 by katyj98
  319. 46:00 on Sep. 19, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  320. 43:10 on Sep. 20, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  321. 30:48 on Sep. 30, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  322. 30:13 on Oct. 3, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  323. 28:01.67 on Nov. 2, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  324. 27:22.33 on Nov. 2, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  325. 26:00.15 on Nov. 3, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  326. 25:03.73 on Nov. 3, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  327. 22:21.47 on Nov. 6, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  328. 22:05 on Nov. 26, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  329. 20:14.51 on Nov. 26, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  330. 20:03.71 on Nov. 27, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  331. 19:23.71 on Nov. 27, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  332. 18:58 on Nov. 30, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  333. 18:47 on Dec. 2, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  334. 18:29.000 on Dec. 16, 2018 by Meester Tweester
  335. 18:09 on Jan. 28, 2019 by Meester Tweester
  336. 18:01.766 on Feb. 14, 2019 by Meester Tweester
  337. 17:40.833 on Feb. 19, 2019 by Meester Tweester
  339. Timing idea for full-game runs:
  340. Timing starts on the first frame the “001” box turns dark to show it has been clicked
  341. Timing ends on the last frame the fadeout of Level 52 is completely opaque. The next frame will show Level 53, albeit with the high opacity white fade-in.
  343. Total playtime (Any%):
  344. 12/6/18: 12:42:57. Timer accidentally went to 15:52:31, which is 3:09:34 extra.
  345. 2/9/19: 21:15:20. Timer accidentally went to 23:41:55, which is 2:26:25 extra.
  346. Sum of accidental extra: 5:35:59
  348. Racing Extreme
  349. 6/15/19: Timer accidentally ran 39 minutes extra
  351. BFDIdubita23’s 2013 BFDIA 5b guide:
  352. Annotations on Youtube were discontinued on January 15th, 2019, so here is an archive for all the videos in BFDIdubita23's 2013 BFDIA 5b guide. The videos were uploaded on February 13th-25th, 2013, when the levels were a few days old.
  354. Playlist:
  356. Levels past 53 were not finished by the time animation were removed, so slots 53-64 were empty, along with the “next” button on the second video being empty due to levels 65-100 and bonus levels not being finished. There was no annotation for the incomplete Level 53.
  358. BFDI wiki speedrun section example:
  360. == Speedrunning ==
  361. === Guide ===
  362. * This level is simple and its speedrun is
  363. * Hold right as the level starts. Book drifts to the left before the dialogue boxes appear, starting you closer to the exit door.
  364. * Mash through the dialogue boxes as fast as possible.
  365. * Jump while making sure you don’t bump into where the ground rises.
  366. * Hold right until you reach the door.
  367. * No Win Token: Release the right arrow in front of the door, as continuing to hold it will run past it and not complete the level.
  368. * Win Token: Go until you touch the Win Token, then immediately turn around and jump back towards the door, then finish. Don’t stay on the treadmill. Holding Space will make you immediately jump once you hit the ground, which is useful for staying there for the least amount of time.
  370. === Level records ===
  372. These times are taken from the leaderboards and are calculated by the difference of the in-game timer before and after playing.
  374. * Finish% / no Win Token: 0:03.4 by Ianwubby on March 16, 2017
  375. * Complete% / Win Token: 0:04.5 seconds by Ianwubby on March 16, 2017
  377. ==== Record progression ====
  378. These records are the historical best times from the leaderboards on Here is this level’s page:
  379. ===== Finish% / no Win Token =====
  380. 0:07.8 by Gave2haze on February 25, 2017:
  381. 0:04.9 by Ianwubby on March 15, 2017:
  382. 0:04.5 by Ianwubbyon March 16, 2017:
  384. ===== Complete% / Win Token =====
  385. 7.8 by Gave2haze on Feb. 25, 2017:
  386. 4.9 by Ianwubby on March 15, 2017:
  387. 4.5 by Ianwubby on Mar. 16, 2017:
  389. History of BFDIA 5b speedrunning:
  391. Introduction
  393. BFDIA is the second season of the American animated web series Battle For Dream Island. BFDIA stands for Battle For Dream Island Again, named after its continuation of the first season. The fifth episode of Season 2 was conceptualized with a much longer plot than usual, leading it to be sectioned into parts, turning it into an epic spanning most of 2013. BFDIA 5a was uploaded on January 2nd, 2013. At the end of the episode, some characters were consumed by Evil Leafy. At the end of the month on January 31st, it was announced that 5b would be a interactive game, as opposed to a video episode.
  395. BFDIA 5b was released on February 11th, 2013, with 33 levels in its initial release. The game is an action and puzzle platformer, continuing the plot of the previous episode, with Book waking up shrunken down in Evil Leafy and setting out to find her friends and escape. The game has one collectible, a Win Token in every level, usually hidden in an area hard to reach safely.
  397. Fans excitedly played the game, as it was a continuation of the plot and the first time part of the series was an interactive game. However, the game got a reputation among its players pretty quickly. The puzzles were hard to figure out, some of the platforming was difficult, and many levels had Win Tokens players couldn’t touch or find. A large percent of the players did not complete all the levels, with even more unable to collect every Win Token. While it was a fun game and was the only way to play as some fan-favorite characters, one thing was clear: this game was hard.
  399. katyj98’s Speed Challenge - 2013
  401. No one speedrunned the game at first. Many players couldn’t beat every level, much less quickly complete them. However, there is one part of the game’s early history that’s important to note when considering the history of the game’s speedrunning.
  403. katyj98 is a YouTuber from Singapore that was prominent in the object show community at the time due to his BFDI Trivia series. He had the knowledge and skill to beat all 52 levels released so far. (Note that while more levels are planned to be made, no new levels have been updated into the game ever since Level 51 and 52 were added on February 25th, 2013.) Kat created the Speed Challenge, with a goal of beating all 52 levels in 1 hour. He streamed his gameplay on June 2nd, 2013 via Google+ Hangouts, saying he wanted to beat his record.
  405. However, he also tried to collect every Win Token he could, and die as less as possible. After all, Win Tokens collected, time played, and number of deaths are the three statistics shown on the level select screen. So, he set out with the goal of finishing with those statistics as good as possible. He used a formula to calculate a score, “(200 - Time taken in minutes) ÷ Unnecessary deaths x Number of Win Tokens you get.” So since he was playing to maximize his score and only collecting some of the Win Tokens (as opposed to all or none), the challenge didn’t quite align with what are the speedrunning rulesets today. However, it is still an early case of playing the game with the intent of speed, and the video of it is in fact the only time a playthrough of the whole game was done in a single video/seating before 2018.
  407. He told his viewers to see if they could beat his score while waiting for the next episode. At the end of his run, the final in-game time was 1:17:48.9. He didn’t reach his goal of 1 hour, but the run was still good at the time, and the video was met with good reception. As Bacon-lover101 commented, “Wow, you are a pro at the game. #VideoGameSpeedPros”. And after that, no one speedrunned the game for a few years.
  409. Dunkel Blau’s TASes - 2016
  411. Playing for - 2017
  413. The career of Meester Tweester in 2018
  415. Level editing:
  416. 5b with Bubble instead of Book
  417. 5b Easy mode
  418. 5b Hard mode
  419. 5b backwards: Return to Evil Leafy
  421. OBS:
  422. Firefox with livesplit
  423. Position -286.0000 -314.0000 (-193 before 2/14/19)
  424. Size 2941.0000 1654.0000
  426. Chrome
  427. Position -960.0000 -444.0000
  428. Size 3840.000 2160.0000 (exactly twice 1920, 1080)
  430. BFDIA 5b on iPhone:
  431. Adobe Flash famously does not work on iPhones. It was assumed 5b could not be played on mobile. But with some researching, I discovered some apps in the App Store do allow Flash in their browser! I downloaded Puffin Web Browser on January 28th, 2019 (where earlier in the day I got the 18:09 RTA Any% WR) and got BFDIA 5b to load! The keyboard on the phone did not work, but there was a gamepad on the screen with a joystick and four mappable buttons. At first I had space to the right, Z at the bottom, Enter at the top, and R at the left. But then I found the problem is that the joystick can not hold onto boxes very well. This made Level 5 very hard to complete, but I did it.
  433. Help getting started (for Phant0mInfinity):
  435. Yes, this is the current world record! That's great you want to try speedrunning it, because I'm the only one doing full-level runs now. I can help you get started. First I would try to beat the game again, or a few times. You may need to remind yourself how to beat certain levels. Next you should watch some of my videos (like this one) and see how I play levels. On my main channel I have a commentated video of my 18:29 here which I explain a few of the tricks I use, like skipping parts of levels or certain strategies that I found beat the levels the fastest. I have been writing a very long Google Doc on speedrunning 5b here , and it has skips, glitches, bugs, and techniques I have found. Some of them can help you while playing, but some might be useless, and some you might not be able to pull off. Even I can't pull off some tricks consistently, like the level 9 box jump. Once you think you're ready, you can download OBS Studio to record your gameplay here . You can choose whatever recording software you like, but I like OBS since it is free, has many options, and records in 60 fps. I don't like watching 5b with less than 30 fps so I recommend OBS. I think is a place to put your splits not the timer itself. There's quite a few timing software, but I use LiveSplit since it is free and is very customizable. However you can use whatever timer you want. You can even just use a stopwatch like on your phone; you technically don't have to use splits at all but it helps me and many others see if they are on pace to reach their goal time or beat their personal best. There is also LiveSplitOne , which is a website instead of a software, which may be more convenient for you. We actually do have a leaderboard, and it is here: There is also a Discord channel for 5b speedrunning , but it's mostly just me talking with the admin most of the time. Here is also's resources page, which has many options of software you may need.
  437. Hopefully that can help you get started. I was thinking of making tutorial videos on how to beat 5b and how to speedrun the game. Let me know if you have any questions. These past few months have been some of the most fun I have had with 5b and it adds lots of replayability to it. I also went from only a casual player to a to level speedrunner of 5b in only a few weeks, so maybe you'll improve quickly as well.
  439. Grab boost ideas:
  440. Levels 24 (+WT), 25 (+WT), 28, 29, 30, 35, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 (WT only), 53 (+WT)
  442. Longest levels:
  443. longest length - Level 36 and 47 at 90
  444. shortest length - several levels at 32
  445. highest height - Levels 7, 9, 22, and 41 at 50
  446. shortest height - several levels at 18
  447. most entities - Level 47 at 10
  448. least entities - several levels at 1
  450. Longest levels L1-33 (release day update):
  451. longest length - Level 16 at 80
  452. shortest length - several levels at 32
  453. highest height - Levels 7, 9, and 22 at 50
  454. shortest height - several levels at 18
  455. most entities - Levels 22 and 31 at 8
  456. least entities - several levels at 1
  458. Any% 17:40 soundtrack:
  459. Vince Dicola - Legacy 6:04
  460. Something-chapp 1:57
  461. Last Steps 4:29
  462. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer Piano Cover (Jackson Taylor) 6:31
  463. Longzijun - Apology 2:02
  464. Pictionary Title Screen Theme - 1:35
  465. Yes - Roundabout chiptune (FabulousReindeer) 8:31
  467. Yes - Roundabout 8-Bit VRC6 Cover (Loop) by FabulousReindeer
  468. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer Piano Cover by Jackson Taylor
  469. Vince Dicola - Legacy
  470. longzijun - Apology (So this song is literally nowhere on the internet no matter how hard I looked but it is used in this video)
  471. Jockson - Something-chapp
  473. Level 5 3-block ceiling jump TAS
  474. 3/12/19
  476. Set Book’s coordinates string from 01,01.50,02.00,10 to 01,11.50,08.00,10
  477. 0.016 speed (0.96 fps)
  479. Code, edited Book coordinates and removed dialog trigger (6)
  480. Small packages
  481. 50,18,03,01,L
  482. ...//////////////////////////...............//////
  483. .....////......../........../..................../
  484. ......///......../........../..................../
  485. ......../......../........../..../////.........../
  486. ///.....////....3/.4//....../..../0000.........../
  487. /////.../2......3/////.........../.............../
  488. //....../2.....///////.........../......../....../
  489. /......./2......./.://.........../.............../
  490. /.......////...../..//////////////.............../
  491. /......./......../../0000000//////....../......../
  492. /......./......../..............//.............../
  493. ......11/......///..............//.............../
  494. ......///......................./////............/
  495. ......../.......................//////////......./
  496. ........////...................................../
  497. /1.............................................../
  498. ///................//.......//.............../////
  499. /////////////////////1111111//////////////////////
  500. 01,11.60,08.00,10
  501. 37,10.50,04.00,06
  502. 38,47.50,16.00,06
  503. 02
  504. 99S Press 'UP' to pick up this lovely wooden box.
  505. 99S You can press 'DOWN' to set the box down, or press 'UP' again to throw it.
  506. 000000
  508. x=11.50
  509. Bump head on ceiling: Hold right and jump on frame 1-11
  510. Success: Hold right and jump on frame 12-14
  511. Dropped off platform: Hold right and jump on frame 15 onwards
  512. 3-frame window
  514. Conclusion: Jumping under a 3-block high ceiling successfully has a 3-frame window at this pixel position which is 1/20th of a second or 0.05 seconds. Also 5b is definitely 60 fps.
  516. x=11.60 and x=11.65
  517. Bump head on ceiling: Hold right and jump on frame 1-10
  518. Success: Hold right and jump on frame 11-13
  519. Dropped off platform: Hold right and jump on frame 14 onwards
  520. 3-frame window
  522. x=11.70
  523. Bump head on ceiling: Hold right and jump on frame 1-9
  524. Success: Hold right and jump on frame 10-12
  525. Dropped off platform: Hold right and jump on frame 13 onwards
  526. 3-frame window
  528. x=12.00
  529. Bump head on ceiling: Hold right and jump on frame 1-7
  530. Success: Hold right and jump on frame 8-10
  531. Dropped off platform: Hold right and jump on frame 11 onwards
  532. 3-frame window
  534. Next: wall clip or Level 5 last jump TAS?
  536. Companion Cube box jump TAS
  538. Full doc:
  540. 3/15/19: jumping 5 frames after throwing can box jump off of the Companion Cube
  542. The first box jump on Level 9 is toward a 6-block high platform. Book jumps 3 blocks high.
  543. x0.02 speed
  545. Fail: Hold right and jump 1-5 frames and 10 frames before throwing it
  546. Fail; Box jump at 2 blocks high, jumps 5 blocks high: Hold right and throw on the same frame as jumping
  547. Fail; Box jump at 2½ blocks high, jumps 5½ blocks high: Hold right, throw, and jump 1 frame afterwards
  548. Success; Box jump at almost 3 blocks high, jumps 6 blocks high: Hold right, throw, and jump 2 frames afterwards (Throw when the left side of Book is parallel with the left side of the second set of dotted line blocks.)
  549. Fail; Hold right, throw, and jump 3-10 frames afterwards
  551. I thought I got it when throwing and jumping 5 frames afterwards. The 6 block high box jump might have a 1 frame window, making it a frame perfect trick. Throwing and jumping 2 frames later does sound like the right timing for my runs, and a 1 frame window does explain its extreme difficulty. Momentum could be affecting the box jump.
  553. Hold right, throw, and jump 2 frames afterwards works for the third box jump, too. (It’s the one for the left side of the platform with the spikes underneath at the top.)
  555. Could Z-boosting help?
  556. Lab more frame data for jumps and jumpsquats?
  557. Lab Z boosting? I think it stalls in the air but doesn’t affect the position.
  559. Zelo101 analysis
  560. 3/18/19
  562. 43:24
  563. Level 33, 35, 39, 40, 41, 45, 46, 48, 51
  564. 48 wall clip?
  565. 49 wall clip in water
  567. 33: keep them more together
  568. 35: at the right spring hold right and get on the ledge
  569. 40: just jump across the top
  570. 41: don’t hold back on the first jump, throw Match forward while Book jumps forward. You can also carry each other across the lava
  571. 45: Book can jump in place then move forward. It is possible to get through with only one jump for the middle spike.
  572. 46: You can throw over the spike
  573. 48: Match can make it across without needing the middle yellow platform
  574. 51: Book can be thrown across to activate the switch so Match doesn’t need to go back
  576. 33:25
  577. Level 24, 34, 36, 44, 45, 50
  579. 34: At the end you can throw Match over the springs without dying
  580. 36: At the first spring you can curve left instead of having to go right
  581. 44: Match can throw Book through without burning up and ending on the left. Maybe face left then flick throw right helps?
  582. 50: alternate route of throwing Match across rather than Book. Could have less waiting.
  584. 29:40
  585. Level 16, 34, 40, 46 (did I mean 45?), 46 w/IC throw
  587. 16: Not helpful for Any%, but you can jump from the first treadmill to the lower right one when the wall is down
  589. Worlds
  591. L1-10: Red
  592. L11: Red/Green
  593. L12-22: Green
  594. L23: Green/Purple
  595. L24-29: Purple
  596. L30: Purple/House
  597. L31-32: House
  598. L33: House/Factory
  599. L34-41: Factory
  600. L42: Factory/House
  601. L43-46: House
  602. L47: House/Purple
  603. L48-49: Purple
  604. L50: Purple/Yellow
  605. L51-53: Yellow
  607. L1-11: Red
  608. L11-23: Green
  609. L23-30: Purple
  610. L30-33: House
  611. L33-42: Factory
  612. L42-47: House
  613. L47-50: Purple
  614. L50-53: Yellow
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