Oh My Goodness (2)

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  1. ** MY'S NOTE: i literally wrote this like in 30 minutes or some shit on a whim so this is gonna sound weurd also this is like
  2. really fucking self indulgent (a literal self insert. fuck 12) so if you wanna be like hah you gay nerd then go for it
  3. OH M god here we go
  5. --
  7. ** Jolt, panic, cooldown. The three quick, but memorable phases after recovering from a vivid nightmare. Well, technically two, considering that even trying to forget the first one existed that quick would take a certain level of denial that's, definitely not available, at 2:14 in the goddamned morning. Nonetheless, here you are; scared shitless, and reasonably so. Could it have been some bullshit omen? The imagination going haywire??? CHEMICALS???!??!?!
  9. HARUN: shit you alright????
  11. ** It's not too out of left-field for your friend Harun to be up this late, given his often-inconsistent sleeping patterns, among other complications. Nonetheless, it's nice to have somebody else around. The only problem is that you're still visibly shaken by everything that went down. Fuck.
  13. DIRK: I...
  15. ** You struggle to gain your bearings. Oof.
  17. DIRK: You ever have one of those,
  18. HARUN: yep.
  19. HARUN: theyre all abstract and kinda bullshit which is even better like is it a curse or am i just fuckin w myself??
  20. HARUN: gigantic pink piece of shit ruins everyones day technically part two hundred onederfuck
  22. ** You somewhat laugh at his characteristically absurd style of "shit-joke humorbrand" as he tends to call it.
  24. DIRK: Alright, good, I somewhat figured but it's nice being on the same page nonetheless.
  26. DIRK: Should I just... explain everything?
  27. HARUN: its 2:14 in the morning if you dont get it out now its gonna brawl the fuck outta your entire shit for far too long
  28. DIRK: ...
  29. DIRK: Alright, here goes.
  31. ** You sigh, and explain...everything. From the first dream to the second, the regression into a self you feared being, the prompt ascension into having power nobody classifiably human should ever have, and the second dream, wherein the power trip is less a joyride and more a harsh rollercoaster, leading to your...self-initiated demise. He can normally take a lot when it comes to graphically described content (although putting on a show, typically to be entertaining, but only when appropriate,) but the shocked, perturbed expression present is definitely not an overexaggeration.
  33. DIRK: Really, I can't see myself turning into either persons I felt like I was in the current day but I...
  34. DIRK: I worry. When you're told an alternative version of you grew up to be an absolute shitpot of a person, to the point where they damaged a fucking friend of yours' life to the point where the goddamned end of the world felt more to be an escape than a grandiose tragedy, it..
  36. ** You look away, ...ashamed?.. Of what? You don't know.
  38. DIRK: I talked with Dave already. I don't think I've the capacity to be who "Bro" was, yet I find myself being haunted nonetheless by this reality. It freaks me the fuck out.
  39. DIRK: Likewise, I.. don't think I can say much about the latter dream that you probably already haven't either heard, or figured out for yourself.
  40. DIRK: No monumental development in character or anything, I'm just...
  41. DIRK: I'm scared.
  43. ** There's a small period of silence before he slowly goes over to hold you. You've certainly hugged before, but this is altogether, new...refreshing, and definitely needed.
  45. HARUN:
  46. HARUN: like on the real i
  47. HARUN: ok how do i say this
  48. HARUN: well first off the fact that the mere thought of u going off the deep end is frightening to shit is definitely a great sign you're less careening off a cliff
  49. HARUN: moreso steering toward the...
  50. HARUN: nice...view??
  51. HARUN: im no fucking canine but am i ever dog-tired what the shit
  53. ** You laugh, a bit. You also just now notice you started crying. Fuck, again.
  55. HARUN: but honestly its...
  56. HARUN: that guy wasnt you. was some other fuck. raised differently, born in a different fucking World altogether
  57. HARUN: even if the same codes there any massive deviation in function or whatever the fuck means its ........
  58. DIRK: Are you...referring to "forks?"
  59. HARUN: YEAH!
  60. HARUN: I probably fucked that up but my entire programming experience was making fake error messages say COOKIS!! :D and shit so im only the coder of all time
  62. ** You laugh, again.
  64. HARUN: either way its... not like youre even exhibiting any patterns. that shit starts early as hell in people and it Develops over time. you dont go from polar on one edge to on the other overnight like that
  65. HARUN: thered have been some noticeable shift in how you act
  66. HARUN: THAT I WOuldve Pointed OUt
  67. HARUN: need the outcome be You're Evil Now
  68. HARUN: but i mean. that shit wasnt canon
  69. HARUN: nothing can change that
  70. HARUN: and nothing can change you. but you.
  71. HARUN: remember this.
  72. HARUN: okay?
  74. ** You just, look at him. it's dark as hell, but not enough to not notice a faint, smile.
  76. DIRK: Alright.
  77. HARUN: yea!
  78. HARUN: plus fuck not like the god tier shits really gonna explode
  79. HARUN: how long has it been? years? Oosp, nothings even crept the fuck up on you yet
  80. HARUN: even so we can..set you up for therapy. if you're considering doing anything terrible to yourself in junction of this
  81. DIRK:
  82. DIRK: That sounds good.
  83. HARUN: hell yea!! i'd..get started now but Earth is just closed for business right now
  84. HARUN: well not really but you know you know
  85. HARUN: i say not really like remember those trolls? absolute nightlife lovers. theyre so Cool
  86. DIRK: Yeah, the way they act during nighttime has always interested me on a biological level.
  87. HARUN: the sun was so fucked up on their planet to be fair,
  89. ** The conversation trails off into whatever. It's nice. Shit's cool. ,gsnflbsdiojnfkbdfb
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