Project List

LuigiBlood Apr 7th, 2018 (edited) 72 Never
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  1. - Mario Artist Talent Studio Translation (64DD)
  2. - Zelda Ocarina of Time Custom Expansion Disk (64DD)
  3. - Kirby Air Ride Modding (GC)
  4. - Balloon Fight Disassembly (NES)
  5. - Mario VS Donkey Kong eLevel Editor (NDS)
  6. - BS Mario Excitebike Disassembly (SFC)
  7. - BS-X Disassembly (SFC)
  8. - BS-X Translation as ASM file (SFC)
  9. - SatellaWave (PC)
  10. - SimpleMAME (PC, one day?)
  11. - Solar Magic Advance (PC)
  12. - Larax & Zaco Editor? (PC)
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