Tic Tac Toe in 1kb (uncompressed)

Sep 8th, 2020
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  1. assert(term.isColor(), "Color Needed.") local clr,cp,st,sb,p,d,win,board,combos,sprites,a,x,y=term.clear,term.setCursorPos,term.setTextColor,term.setBackgroundColor,print,0,3,"000000000","123456789147258369159357",{"x","o"}
  2. st(colors.white)sb(colors.black)clr()
  3. local function id(a,b) return tonumber(string.sub(a,b,b)) end
  4. local function draw() a=1 for i=1,3 do for j=1,3 do cp(j,i) p(sprites[id(board,a)]or"-") a=a+1 end end end
  5. local function cw() for i=1, 2 do for ii=1, 8 do if id(board,id(combos,ii*3-2))==i and id(board,id(combos,ii*3-1))==i and id(board,id(combos,ii*3)) == i then win=i end end end end
  6. draw()
  7. while win>2 and d<5 do
  8.     repeat _,_,x,y=os.pullEvent("mouse_click") until x<4 and y<4 and id(board,(y-1)*3+x)<1
  9.     board=board:sub(1,((y-1)*3+x)-1).."1"..board:sub(((y-1)*3+x)+1)cw()
  10.     if d~=4 and win>2 then repeat a=math.random(1,9)until id(board,a)<1 board=board:sub(1, a-1).."2"..board:sub(a+1) end
  11.     cw()draw()d=d+1
  12. end
  13. if win>0 then p(({"Win","Lost"})[win]or"Tie") end
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