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  1. Q: I’m having troubles launching this.
  2. A: Attempt redownloading the file, typically it should be corrupted or one thing did not transfer properly.
  4. Q: This is not working!
  5. A: Well, most of the time it is a corruption drawback, but usually it’s thanks to the actual fact that it may be out dated.
  7. Q: This is fake!
  8. A: The workers at GTAV-PREORDER.COM pride oneself in our programming, and that we don’t produce broken programs, if you’re experiencing a problem you ought to contact us via our website.
  10. Q: The buttons are not operating.
  11. A: Well, typically some buttons are coded incorrectly and should be launching oddly, wait for a new update if the program is not operating correctly.
  13. Q:Why are there surveys?
  14. A:We have surveys to assist our server prices thanks to the actual fact that our hosting server isn’t within the America, and that we even have to take care of the server thanks to the big quantity of information measure used from file transfer mirrors.
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