Anon - Traps

May 15th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >And you are in a pinch
  3. “Here you go, sorry if it did not turn out that great...”
  4. >Gemini sets a glass of juice down before you and then looks at you with hope glimmering in his eyes
  5. >It’s freaking cute
  6. >You take the glass and take a sip, and it’s the best juice you have drank ever
  7. >”Gemini, this is amazing!”
  8. >You start to drink the rest of the juice in hurry
  9. >Gemini smiles happily and skips back to the kitchen
  10. >You can’t help but to take notice of how his behind gives the ever so slight jiggle each time his hind hooves come in contact with the floor
  11. >Oh sweet unf...
  12. >The pinch in question: Gemini is starting to look more attractive to you than any mare in town
  13. >Gemini pauses and turns to look at you over his shoulder with a shy blush on his face
  14. “I’m really glad you liked it Anon, I was not that confident in this mixture I made, but hearing you praise it so much made me really happy!”
  15. >Gemini gives you a happy smile and your heart starts to flutter from bliss as he returns to the kitchen
  16. >You almost spit out the juice in your mouth from the shock once you realize what you are doing once again
  17. >Calm down Anonymous, don’t let it get to you
  18. >You quickly gulp down the rest of the juice
  19. >Soon Gemini returns from the kitchen
  20. “About that brushing that you offered...”
  21. >You almost facepalm at yourself from agreeing to that earlier today, Gemini was just looking so cute while shyly asking you to help him brush up his mane
  22. >The shy trap mothpony averts his gaze from yours as you stare at him
  23. >No, this is the perfect chance. You’ll use this as practice to try to not feel so much... various things... towards Gemini
  24. >You give your lap a pat
  25. >”Come here and I’ll brush it”
  27. >Gemini blushes a bit and then lifts up and flutters onto your lap and settles down
  28. >You now have a cute blushing mothpony trap with his front end on your lap and the rest of him on the sofa you are sitting on
  29. >He feels so warm and pleasant~
  30. >You can’t help but to develop a goofy smile onto your face
  31. “Umm... I’m ready...”
  32. >Geminis words bring you back from your bliss and you steel your mind once again
  33. >This is a stallion, there’s no reason to feel this way towards him. It’s just platonic brushing
  34. >You take the brush into your hands and gently start to brush Geminis mane
  35. “Mmmmhh...”
  36. >”I’m not doing it wrong am I?”
  37. >This is your first time brushing a pony’s mane and you are not sure if you are doing it wrong or right
  38. “No... it feels really good~”
  39. >GFFFFHbnF
  40. >Your mind lets out an intangible sound as your eyebrow twitches at Geminis cuteness
  41. >Geminis got his eyes closed and a slight rosy blush on his face
  42. >You gently take more of Geminis mane into your hands (Wow this is so soft) and brush some more of it with the soft brush
  43. >Gemini suddenly rests his face against your chest and you pause in shock
  44. >Gemini suddenly jolts his head back away from your chest in embarrassment
  45. “S-sorry, it just felt so good to be brushed by you so...”
  46. >”N-no, I don’t mind”
  47. >Gemini smiles softly and you mentally slap your ass for saying that
  48. >Well, it’s not like it bothers you or anything, but the growing bulge in your pants is a dangerous alarm that you are tilting towards the homosex
  49. >You glance at the happy Gemini in your lap
  50. >...maybe tilting there won’t be so bad...
  52. >You shake your head quickly, no Anon, stop thinking
  53. >You finish brushing Geminis mane
  54. >”There, all done”
  55. >Gemini seems a bit shy and stares at the floor
  56. “Anon...Could I... stay in your lap for a bit?”
  57. >Gemini turns to look at you with moist uncertain eyes and your heart feels like it melts and oozes right out of your chest so you give him an answer even before you can think about it
  58. >”Of course”
  59. >Gemini smiles happily and then presses his head against your chest and closes his eyes
  60. >You can feel the warmth radiating from his head against your chest
  61. >It feels so pleasant...
  62. >Yeah, who cares anymore, this feels so good
  63. >”Gemini... Do you want to cuddle?”
  64. >Geminis eyes shot open and he pulls his head away from your chest and stares at you
  65. >You seriously hope you have not been misunderstanding anything
  66. >But then Gemini smiles happily
  67. “Yes! I mean, I would really like that...”
  68. >You can’t help but to smile yourself as Gemini climbs off of your lap and you settle lying down on your back on the sofa as Gemini climbs on top of you and lies down on top of you
  69. >You place your hand on Geminis back, just above his butt and Gemini nuzzles his face lovingly against your chest
  70. >Gemini feels so soft and warm
  71. >Crap, you really love this moth deeply
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