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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. 6RAAM6: i see ur int he cool beans discord server
  4. 6RAAM6: i just dont know how we know u
  5. In-Game
  6. 6RAAM6: had to shit
  7. 6RAAM6: sorry
  8. 6RAAM6: palau u friends with juulia?
  9. 6RAAM6: bro
  10. 6RAAM6: dont be toxic
  11. 6RAAM6: nigga ill flame u for ur 6 cs
  12. 6RAAM6: cry me a river u lil bitch
  13. 6RAAM6: rather be a rag head than a dirty nigge
  14. 6RAAM6: nigger
  15. 6RAAM6: cool
  16. 6RAAM6: u called me a rag head
  17. 6RAAM6: have a nice ban too
  18. 6RAAM6: ur going to get perma'd keep talking
  19. 6RAAM6: u joined the pussy ass navy
  20. 6RAAM6: stfu
  21. 6RAAM6: be a man and next time join a branch of the military worth a shit
  22. 6RAAM6: damn bro
  23. 6RAAM6: u suck  at the game and comebacks gj
  24. 6RAAM6: and ur black
  25. 6RAAM6: lmfao
  26. 6RAAM6: the trifecta
  27. 6RAAM6: do you also have a small dick
  28. 6RAAM6: black small dick and a pussy
  29. 6RAAM6: you just got hte shit end of the stick everywher ein life
  30. 6RAAM6: are you retarded too
  31. 6RAAM6: oopps u are u joine dhte military
  32. 6RAAM6: );
  33. 6RAAM6: your a waste of breaht
  34. 6RAAM6: why dindt u hang yourself
  35. 6RAAM6: in middle school
  36. 6RAAM6: you uncle tom
  37. 6RAAM6: imagine being such a pussy that you flame your teammates over chat and not on voice or in perosn
  38. 6RAAM6: over u losing ur own lane
  39. 6RAAM6: becuase ur salty u suck dick at the game
  40. 6RAAM6: how do i afk for 2 minutes and have more cs htan u
  41. 6RAAM6: trash
  42. 6RAAM6: range champ vs meelee
  43. 6RAAM6: still lsoing
  44. 6RAAM6: falmes mid laner
  45. 6RAAM6: yikers
  46. 6RAAM6: did u afk
  47. 6RAAM6: u whiney little bitch
  48. 6RAAM6: aw
  49. 6RAAM6: we were doing ebtter without u
  50. 6RAAM6: nice build
  51. 6RAAM6: big brain build
  52. 6RAAM6: that score
  53. 6RAAM6: nice build
  54. 6RAAM6: so good
  55. 6RAAM6: say what u want but atleast i can take ciritism and not be  abithc about it
  56. 6RAAM6: i grew past 3 years old
  57. 6RAAM6: holy shit
  58. 6RAAM6: the ape did it
  59. 6RAAM6: i guess monkeys might have an ok brain
  60. 6RAAM6: oook oook monkey
  61. 6RAAM6: Nice bm
  62. 6RAAM6: yea
  63. 6RAAM6: ):
  64. 6RAAM6: had to drop down to the level of the inferior race
  65. 6RAAM6: blacks
  66. 6RAAM6: Gg
  67. 6RAAM6: Im going there
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