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  1. 18:14:45 -!- mode/#bitcoin [+m] by gmaxwell
  2. 18:14:45 <@gmaxwell> ...
  3. 18:14:45 <@gmaxwell> ...
  4. 18:14:47 <@gmaxwell> ...
  5. 18:15:00 <@gmaxwell> Again: Here is the current status.
  6. 18:15:35 <@gmaxwell> Bitcoin 0.8 and prior disagree on the chain. This is being resolved by mining pools and large miners switching to 0.7. Regular
  7.                      users do not need to do anything with their software.
  8. 18:16:16 <@gmaxwell> However you should regard all new transactions since block 225439 as unconfirmed, accept no payments un til this is resolved.
  9. 18:16:34 <@gmaxwell> You do not need to upgrade or downgrade anything (unless you are a mining pool)
  10. 18:16:40 <@gmaxwell> Thanks.
  11. 18:16:45 -!- mode/#bitcoin [-m] by gmaxwell
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