The Night Raid Round 2

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  1. Kali watched from atop the plateau as her sleeping darkness rolled down the cliff and into the enemy encampment, frowning as it did not function quite the way she had intended. The torches seemed to dim but not go out, calling some attention to the darkening camp. The fingers of one hand twitched a bit with frustration, the effect making her wonder if somehow the ‘wiring’ was still wrong for her to channel her magics. It was definitely something to explore, for now, the spells still worked to a devastating degree against their enemies, putting over half of the encampment into a magical slumber, only to be nearly wiped out by the teleported troops.
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  3. Now Kali had never been known, in any of her lives, as overly viscous. In fact, she didn’t particularly like making a scene or even making ‘examples’ out of people. But as the remaining 500 Virtus forces gathered up back to back and started fighting back, taking out a handful of Fallen, she frowned. Realizing the only way to kill their resolve and make herself out to be a bit of the badass goddess she was expected to be, was to make a scene. And she had the perfect solution for making such a scene.
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  6. Kali moved to the edge of the cliff, her manifestation still glowing with the remaining 65,016 Sin Charges flowing through her frame. Even in the darkness of night she seemed to glow with an eerie purple aura at the top of the plateau. In the very center of her forehead, her third eye would open slowly as she pulled on knowledge from the book of Vile darkness, reciting a spell that seemed to whisper in thousands of echoing voices in every known and forgotten language. The very darkness stirred around her as swirling winds of energy formed around the group of Viruts fighters, in between them and the Fallen. The opaque energy and swirling winds would form quickly, taking on the shapes of giant, hideous mouths filled with razor sharp teeth. The winds roared with what sounded like the screams of the damned and departed. The mouths and teeth would chew and naw at those caught within, tearing apart (26%) 130 of the remaining 500 Virtus troops.  Those that escaped would run screaming from the area where they were initially attacked, straight into the hands and waiting weapons of the Fallen troops.
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  8. ((spell: Whirlwind of Teeth spellbook: Book of Vile Darkness Level: 7 complex casts: 1 charges consumed: 3 time to cast: 1 full action ))
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  10. Before the Virtus could reach the death that waited for them at the hands of the Fallen though, three giant fists, formed of pure umbric darkness would form in the sky directly overhead and begin smashing down on top of the fleeing troops, careful to avoid any of the Fallen. (fist smashes down onto a 5ft area only, so taking out small pockets of troops at a time and easily avoiding the Fallen) Kali stood at the top of the plateau, telepathically manipulating the crushing fists and taking out most of the remaining 370 troops (Rolls of 98/70/69  leaving 7/2/2 total:11) and leaving only 11 survivors to face the 1475 remaining Fallen on the ground.
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  12. (Spell: crushing Fist of Spite spellbook: Book of Vile Darkness Level: 9 complex casts:3 charges consumed: 9)
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  14. Charge count: beginning of round 2: 65,016, charges consumed: 12 charges remaining: 65,004 until end of turn, then 0 for start of round three.
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