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  1. Recording:
  3. Center          Start/pause recording
  4. Home            Split recording
  5. Up/down         Move between list items (as already implemented)
  6. Volume +/-      Alter list item values (alternatively/redundantly,
  7.                 also use left/right buttons for the same function,
  8.                 as already implemented - since it's the same as the EQ works)
  9. Power           First press action: stop recording. Second press action:
  10.                 exit recording screen (as already implemented)
  12. ---
  14. Up              Start/pause recording (same function as on the music playback screen)
  15. Center          Stop recording
  16. Home            Split recording
  17. Volume +/-      Move between list items
  18. Left/right      Alter list item values (as already implemented)
  19. Power           Exit recording screen (as already implemented)
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