From Hell to Home 4

Sep 13th, 2017
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  1. >"Super water cooled, one-hundred-and-twenty-eight gig RAM, three video cards, two five hundred gig SSDs, ten terabytes of storage, and a 4k screen..."
  2. >With a sigh and a smile, Anon nuzzled the top of your head
  3. >For the past twenty minutes, the two of you had just been sitting there looking at Anon's brand new computer
  4. >It was a massive thing, with lights and tubes and things that spinned
  5. >And it looked... nice?
  6. >You had no Celestia damned idea
  7. >Why did a computer have to be so big?
  8. >And why in the ten hells would you put a bunch of tubes filled with water into a computer, something where water could ruin the whole thing?
  9. >You might not know anything at all about computers, but you didn't think that was a good idea...
  10. >Also, was the water in a fluorescent red?
  11. >Did that color make the graphics go faster?
  12. >You didn't know...
  13. >What you did know, however, was that Anon seemed to really, REALLY like his new, expensive computer, so that was good enough for you
  14. >And, since you had somehow found yourself in the big man's lap sitting in front of this thing, his arms wrapped tightly around you, it wasn't exactly like you could really look away from the thing...
  15. >"As soon as I get my first paycheck I'll make sure we get the fastest internet in your place that we can get, Sunset," Anon continued. "Then I'll be able to take this bad boy home and then I can play all night long just like I did back home. Oh! and we can get a Vapor account for you too so that you can play whatever you want on this monster! Then the two of us can just waste the nights away playing crappy twenty year old platformers and dating sims."
  16. >A happy hum escaped Anon
  17. >Both of his big hands brushed against your stomach as he shifted in his stool
  18. >You felt your already red face grow a little redder when you felt his hand accidently brush against the bottom of one of your breasts
  19. >Easy there, Sunny...
  22. >Easy...
  23. >Keep it together girl...
  24. "Y-Yeah, that'll be fun, Anon," you said
  25. >Thank Celestia that Twilight and Moondancer were off somewhere else in the store...
  26. >Anon nuzzled the top of your head with a giggle
  27. >His hands shifted again
  28. >This time they shifted upwards a bit, no so much that he was outright groping your boobs but close enough that he could have if we wanted to
  29. >He was right there...
  30. >Just a few more inches...
  31. >Maybe just an inch...
  32. >Your hands opened and closed on your lap
  33. >Your left arm was itchy but you didn't dare move a muscle
  34. >Anon wiggled again, his fingertips teasing your cloth-covered skin
  35. >You shivered, digging your fingers into your thighs
  36. >This boy was going to make you bust an ovary...
  37. >"Fun? It's gonna be a BLAST!" Anon said. "A year of having nothing to do but stare up at ceilings or reading shitty books and now I can play video games. VIDEO GAMES, Sunset!"
  38. >From your left, you heard a ladylike giggle
  39. >Reddening a hair more, you looked over at Rarity
  40. >Unfortunately for you, the fashionista hadn't been kind enough to leave the room once Anon had decided to get affectionate
  41. >And Rarity, being the dyke she was, seemed very tickled by the fact that you were being so emaresculated right now
  42. >The cunt...
  43. >Frowning, you stuck your tongue out at her, only to suck a lungful of air through your teeth as you felt Anon's nose brush against the back of your neck
  44. >Everythingwasfuckingfine!
  45. >"It is quite the machine, Anon," Rarity said, tucking her phone--which she had just used to take a half dozen pictures of you no doubt-- back into her purse. "While I'm not into this sort of... hobby, even I can tell it is a work of art."
  48. >"Yeah, and it'll play like a work of art too," Anon said. "If what Moonie said was true I got a one percent pc right now. That means I can play whatever I want! Hell, I could start playing shit in 16k if I wanted to! Or I could start streaming! Ohhhh! I haven't done that in FOREVER!"
  49. >This prompted some more happy wiggles, more frustratingly close touches
  50. >Despite yourself, you couldn't help but wiggle in Anon's lap
  51. >You’re a rock, Sunset...
  52. >A. ROCK.
  53. >You must have looked like something else because Rarity giggled
  54. >"Well, I'm very happy to hear that, dear. However, as much as I would enjoy sitting here looking at your computer, why don't the three of us take a walk of the town?" she said.
  55. >Anon slowly tore his gaze away from his new computer to look at Rarity
  56. >Though you didn't see it, you could feel that he was chewing on his bottom lip
  57. >"Go see the town?" he asked, his grip on you tightening just a hair
  58. >"Yes dear," Rarity said with a nod. "Even though it might not look like it, Ponyville is a good deal bigger than one would think. If we showed you around just for an hour or so that might help you if you ever needed to go out without your big, strong guardian here."
  59. >Well fuck you too, Rarity...
  60. >Anon looked down at you, then back at Rarity
  61. >You could almost hear the gears churning in his head
  62. >Finally, with one last lingering glance at his computer, stood up with you still in his arms
  63. >You bit back a yelp when you felt his arms settling under your boobs, causing your toes to curl and your thighs to snap shut
  64. >FatherfuckingcuntbagEVERYTHING'SAOKAYDAMMIT!
  65. >"Yeah, I guess that wouldn't be a bad--"
  66. >Anon paused, looking back down at you
  67. >"Oh shoot, sorry about that, Sunset," he said, quickly putting you down. "I almost forgot about you."
  70. >You were forced to grab onto the edge of the table to keep yourself from falling over
  71. >Even so, you were able to give Anon a thumbs up
  72. "I-It's alright. Why don't you go and s-see if Twi or Moondancer need anything else from you before we go?"
  73. >"That's a great idea," Anon said with a grin
  74. >He turned toward the door and made his way over to it
  75. >"Just give me a second and I'll be right back, ladies," he said, opening the door and stepping through it
  76. >"We'll be right here waiting for you, dear," Rarity said with a wave
  77. >Anon, the big puppy that he was, eagerly waved back before disappearing into the store's lobby, leaving you and Rarity alone
  78. >The moment he was gone Rarity turned toward you
  79. >"Are you alright there dear? You're looking a little flustered," she said with a smirk. "Do you need anything? A bottle of water perhaps? Or would a towel to clean yourself up be more useful? Maybe a new pair of panties would be the most helpful?"
  80. "Har, har, har, laugh it up you dyke," you said. "You wouldn't be smirking like that if you were the one he was rubbing up against."
  81. >"Oh you poor, poor dear. I can only imagine how HORRIBLE it must have been," Rarity said with a dramatic sigh, placing a hand on her temple as she looked up at the ceiling
  82. >You snorted, giving her the finger as you navigate yourself over to a stool
  83. "I swear to Celestia he's like a puppy," you grumbled. "The second he gets excited he's jumping all over you."
  84. >Rarity chuckled
  85. >"He's just affectionate, dear," she said. "Many men are like that."
  86. >You wipe a bit of sweat that was making its way down your face
  87. >You wished you could do something about the rest of your now sweaty body, as well as the uncomfortable heat between your legs, but there was no helping it
  88. >At least until you got home anyways...
  89. >Taking a few deep breaths, you looked over at the door Anon had just stepped through
  90. "You find me a guy that affectionate around here and I'll go to the spa with you," you said, fixing your skirt as best as you could
  93. >Rarity's grin widened a little
  94. >"Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't say no to a spa trip if we were able to have Anonymous come along," she said, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "Lotus and Aloe won't say no to a bit of gender-mingling in the steam room I'm sure. And seeing that large, bare chest of his, dear~..."
  95. "Oh fuck you cunt."
  96. >Rarity chuckled again
  97. >"I wouldn't tease if it weren't so easy darling," she said, walking over and giving your shoulder a pat. "Now, why don't you be a dear and tell me what Anonymous needs to make himself a little more comfortable in your home? I had tried to ask him when I was taking his measurements, but he was surprisingly content with what he already had, which is odd since I know you only have one bed in your apartment, and I don't believe your couch is big enough to fit someone of his stature..."
  98. >The blush, which had been slowly cooling on your face, suddenly heated up
  99. "You know I wouldn't do anything like that, Rarity."
  100. >"Oh I know, dear," she said, giving your arm a pat. "I would expect that kind of unladylike behavior from Rainbow or Applejack."
  101. >For a moment, her shit-eating grin returned
  102. >"However, that doesn't mean it WON'T happen if you play your cards right. Maybe, in the near future, all of that hugging will turn into--OW!"
  103. >You couldn't help but smile as Rarity rubbed her arm
  104. "Sorry, my hand slipped."
  106. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  108. >Be Anon
  109. >Be having a wonderful day
  110. >Not only had you gotten a job at a sick-ass computer store, you had a computer
  111. >A COMPUTER!
  112. >Something that you were positive that you'd never see again as long as you lived!
  113. >And not only did you have a computer, you had one that probably cost more than any rig that you had ever built!
  114. >You would be able to not only run any game you wanted, but you could do it in dat sweet, sweet 4k!
  117. >The only resolution to play the gamer's video games!
  118. >The thought made your smile--which hadn't left your face for most of the day--widen just a hair as you made your way down the sidewalk
  119. >A paved cement sidewalk that was right next to a cement street where CARS were driving on!
  120. >A giggle escaped you as you watched one of these cars drive by you
  121. >For more than a year all you had seen were shitty wooden wagons and candyland ass trains that needed fucking ponies to pull them
  122. >But now look at you, walking down a sidewalk with a pretty girl in each arm
  123. >Sure, as you were making your way down the street people were looking at you, but this wasn't the same way those fucking ponies looked at you in Equestria
  124. >No one was holding their kids tightly as you passed
  125. >No one was giving you a wide berth like they expected you to jump them or something
  126. >There were no looks of disgust, or fear, or any of that
  127. >You were just an overly large gentlemen amongst tiny not-humans
  128. >"--And over there is a WONDERFUL little cafe, dear. Their tea leaves something to be desired but they make some of the best sandwiches in town. The girls and I will have to take you there sometime."
  129. >You looked down at Rarity
  130. >Ever since you, her, and Sunset had left Twi Tech--which was the dorkiest, silliest name for a company that you had ever heard-- Rarity had taken it upon herself to be your tour guide
  131. >She seemed to know every little store and shop you passed, and had a story to go along with each one
  132. >And unlike Sunset, who seemed just a little bit stiff against you, she seemed completely at ease, hanging off you with a smile on her face as she talked
  133. >It was nice--you weren't lying when you said she was tons better than that marshmallow cunt back in Equestria-- and whenever you weren't gawking or marveling at some little thing you enjoyed listening to her, but you were a bit worried about Sunset
  134. >Maybe she was uncomfortable with all of the touching you were doing lately...
  137. >Maybe you should lay off the touching for a little?
  138. >Sure, you were excited and all, but making a girl you had just met a few days ago--and who had been nice enough to let you stay with her-- super uncomfortable by just touching her willy-nilly might not be the best idea
  139. >Your brow scrunched up at the thought
  140. "Hey... you alright there, Sunset?" you asked
  141. >Sunset's light blue eyes flicked up toward you
  142. >"Yeah, I'm fine, Anon," she replied. "Why, is something wrong?"
  143. "Well, you're looking a little... tense I guess?" you said, easing your grip on her
  144. >Rarity let out a giggle
  145. >"Oh, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, dear," she said, giving your chest a pat. "Sunset just isn't used to having the chance to walk such a fine gentleman down the street."
  146. >Sunset's nose instantly scrunched up
  147. >She threw a dirty look at Rarity's way, which just caused Rarity to stick her tongue out at her
  148. >A few minutes ago you would have laughed watching the two go at it, but it was big boy time right now
  149. "Seriously though, Sunset. Are you alright?
  150. >"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine big guy," Sunset said. "I'm just a little tired from sleeping on the floor all night
  151. >That made you crack a smile
  152. >You still had no idea why the hell she was snoozing in your arms this morning
  153. >It really didn't matter though; it had been funny enough teasing her about it when the two of you had been eating breakfast
  154. "Well, if something really is wrong, or if I'm doing something stupid just go ahead and tell me," you said. "And don't worry about hurting my feelings. I'm a big boy, I can take it."
  155. >"Oh I'm sure you can~" Rarity murmured, so quietly that you barely heard her
  156. >You snorted, giving the fashionista a nudge
  157. >Though you didn't see it, Sunset gave Rarity a disapproving look
  158. >What you did notice was that she pressed herself fully against you, which really did help relieve some of your concerns
  161. >The three of you turned the corner
  162. >"Now we're on the street where my boutique is, though I'm sure you remember that already, darling" Rarity said. "But there's quite a bit here that I'm sure you didn't see while the two of us were walking. You see, there's a--"
  163. >"UGH!"
  164. >The door to one of the shops right in front of you was suddenly thrown open
  165. >If Rarity and Sunset hadn’t thrown their weight back at the last second you would have been eating glass.
  166. >Out of the shop came this Goldilocks-looking little munchkin
  167. >He looked less than happy, one arm holding a load of shopping bags while the other held a phone to his ear
  168. >Both Rarity and Sunset sucked air through their teeth the moment they saw him
  169. >"Aw shit..." Sunset murmured
  170. >"I don't CARE what Summer Sails said, Time Stamp! We're wearing matching shoes to that party!" Mr. Goldielocks said, stepping out onto the sidewalk
  171. >He then whipped around, sending his bags flying in an arch around him right toward you and your lady friends
  172. >Sunset and Rarity were able to get out of the way in time, you, however, weren't so lucky
  173. >You let out a grunt of surprise as a bag hit you in the stomach
  174. "Easy there, big hoss. You're gonna smack someone in the face."
  175. >Goldilocks let out a disgusted sigh
  176. >"Hang on, Time Stamp. Some ASSHOLE is bothering me," he said
  177. >Hey now...
  178. >That wasn't very friendly...
  179. >Goldilocks looked up at you
  180. >His irritation turned to surprise for a second or two before his resting bitch face returned
  181. >"Um, EXCUSE me," he said, flicking his ‘fro to the side. "I don't know if you noticed, but I was ACTUALLY having a--"
  184. >He stopped when he saw the girls hanging on your arms
  185. >His eyes narrowed down to slits
  186. >"You two..." he growled
  187. >Both Rarity and Sunset sighed
  188. >"Anon, just ignore this dick, he's not worth the time of day" Sunset said, giving your arm a tug. "Come on, there's a--"
  189. >Goldilocks's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates
  190. >He then let out a gasp, nearly dropping his bags
  191. >"DICK?! Don't you call me a fucking dick, you bacon haired BITCH!" he screeched, marching over and jabbing a finger into Sunset's chest
  192. >Calmly, Rarity reached over and gently pushed Goldilocks's hand away
  193. >"Blueblood, while it is... WONDERFUL to see you again, the three of us must really--"
  194. >Goldilocks jerked his hand away from Rarity's touch
  195. >His face twitched up into a downright ugly expression
  196. >"Don't you FUCKING touch me!" he screeched, sending his phone careening through the air as he waved his arms around like some kind of flightless bird
  197. >He didn't seem to notice the loss of his phone, instead just hatefully staring at the girls
  198. "See, that's why I didn't want Rainbow to hang around any of you anymore! You can't keep your fucking hands to yourself!"
  199. >Sunset let out a groan
  200. >"Oh here we go," she murmured
  201. >"It wasn't good for her to stick around with a bunch of weirdos like you! She should have just stayed with me and my friends, and she’d have had everything she needed! But no! She HAD to "stick with her friends"! And now look at that flat, roasty cunt!"
  202. >Rarity raised an eyebrow, her expression full of disdain
  203. >She didn't say anything, but you could tell that she REALLY wanted to
  204. >And you had a feeling that whatever she wanted to say wouldn’t have been all that nice
  205. >"She lost the BEST thing she ever had in her fucking life!" Goldilocks continued with a huff, looking back up at you. "And who are you? Some mail order slut these losers bought online or something?"
  208. >...
  209. >Letting go of both Rarity and Sunset, you took two steps toward Goldilocks
  210. >He stood his ground, just frowning up at you even though you must have had two feet on him
  211. >For about a minute you and him had a bit of a stand off
  212. >But then, with a smile, you reached down and cupped Goldilocks’ face
  213. >Before he could do anything, you leaned down and planted a kiss on both of his cheeks like some filthy European
  214. >Gone was Goldilocks’ resting bitch face as you did this
  215. >A look of utter bafflement replaced it as you stood back up to your full height and held him at arm's length
  216. "Jesus Christ above are you a little faggot," you said
  217. >Giving Goldilocks cheek a pat, you turned back around and grabbed your two ladies, who looked just baffled as him
  218. >Still smiling, you walked around the little weirdo and continued down the street
  219. >Goldilocks made no move to stop you, and as far as you could tell she didn't say a thing
  220. >He just stood there, as if frozen in place
  221. "Hey look girls, the weather's all cleared up," you said, looking up at the sky. "I'm out on a beautiful day with a pair of beautiful women. Ain't I lucky?"
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