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Dragon Teacher and Student

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  1. >be in History class in high school
  2. >the most boring of classes, but had to stay awake and pay attention, lest you suffer the wrath of the most infamous teacher in the school
  3. >dragon monster girl teacher
  4. >although she could breath fire, her demeanor was icy cold
  5. >anyone who fell asleep during her lectures would get their ears singed
  6. >late homework was turned into ash
  7. >the last person to goof around during class was defenestrated
  8. >all the girls loved her for some reason
  9. >you couldn't see why, to you she was just a cold hearted bitch
  10. >but you had to get her to sign your referral form, otherwise you'd never get into the college of your dreams
  11. >you couldn't risk asking her during class
  12. >she'd probably burn your referral form to ash without a second thought
  13. >instead, you chose to wait for her after school to confront her
  14. >strangely, she never did leave her office when the last bell rang
  15. >you waited for another twenty minutes but eventually curiosity got the better of you as you opened her office door to see if she was still there
  16. >she was
  17. >and playing with what appeared to be some sort of doll or action figure
  18. >it was toy knight, complete with shield and other accessories
  19. >you think your little brother had one of those back home
  20. >to your surprise, she was making sound effects and miming a battle, a gleeful expression on her face as she hunched over her desk playing with her toys
  21. >it was the first time you've actually ever seen her smile
  22. >but her giddiness soon turned to wrath as she finally noticed you starting at her
  24. >she was on you in seconds, pulling you inside her room and slamming the door shut as she pinned you against the wall
  25. >"How much did you see!?" she fumed, flames flaring between her gritted teeth
  26. >you feigned a confident smile
  27. >probably around the part where the knight rescued the princess
  28. >the luster of her scales suddenly drained as you felt her grip slowly loosen, until she completely collapsed on the floor
  29. >"My life...is over..." she began to sniffle, to your astonishment
  30. >you quickly keeled down and took a hold of her shoulders
  31. >there wans't anything wrong with playing with toys, it was nothing to be ashamed about
  32. >she began to wipe away her tears with her scaly fingers
  33. >"Thats easy for you to say. Your a child!"
  34. >you brush off the insult
  35. >Everyone's a child on the inside
  36. >and probably against your better judgement, you began to pet your history teacher tenderly
  37. >she didn't refuse or fight back to your bewilderment, but instead quietly sat there as you rubbed her head
  38. >you decided to break the awkward silence by asking what the knights' name was
  39. >you could feel her flinch as she looked away, a hue of red on her cheeks
  40. >"...gfried"
  41. >sorry, you didn't quite catch that
  42. >"Siegfried! His name is Siegfried!" she pouted, her fists pumply wildly as she asserted herself
  43. >you stifle a laugh as you helped your teacher up; you could ask her to sign your form later
  44. >she sniffled loudly as she took her place behind the desk and tried to recompose herself
  45. >but just before you left, you turned around and asked what was the princesses name
  46. >dragon teachers's face immediately flushed red
  47. >"Get out of my office Anon!" she screamed at you
  48. >but it was no scream of anger, but rather one of embarrassment
  49. >this year would be interesting indeed
  52. >be in History class in high school
  53. >notorious dragon monster girl teacher seems somewhat more haggard than usual
  54. >she’s absent minded, her lesson is all over the place
  55. >even misses one of the students sneaking food into the class
  56. >usually she gut punches them
  57. >the bell rings, signaling the end of class
  58. >you stay behind, waiting for the room to empty until its only you and dragon teacher left
  59. >she seems to be in a daze, staring off into the distance at her desk
  60. >you manage to bring her back to Earth by poking her cheek
  61. >she sputters, reeling back
  62. >”Ah!? Anon! What do you think you’re doing!?”
  63. >you could ask her the same actually
  64. >she was in no condition to teach, much less lecture you
  65. >”It…dosnt concern you” she said looking away from you
  66. >she squirms and fidgets in her chair as your continue to stare down at her, demanding an answer
  67. >finally she relents
  68. >”Fine...I havn’t been getting a lot of sleep.”
  69. >That much was evident, what you wanted to know was way
  70. >She suddenly looks ashamed as she mutters to you
  71. >”I might…smoke when I sleep.”
  72. >What?
  73. >”Not like that!” she said noticing your astonished expression
  74. >”It’s a dragon thing! Sometimes we can’t control it!”
  75. >”But it keeps setting off the fire alarm and I don’t know how I can turn it off.” she says dejected, slamming her head unto the desk
  76. >well that’s easy, you just had to remove the battery
  77. >dragon teacher’s head slowly turns towards you expressionlessly
  78. >”…what battery?” her eyes narrowed as if you had just told her a far-fetched myth
  79. >it wasn’t that hard actually, you offhandedly remark that you could do it for her
  80. >the realization of what you had just said slowly clicks in dragon teacher ponders the idea
  81. >oh god what have you done
  82. >”Good…I’ve noticed your grades have been slipping anyway. Make sure bring your text book as well.”
  83. >you couldn’t believe she accepted but your attention was diverted elsewhere
  84. >mainly, at her slowly reddening face
  86. >the next Saturday morning you told your mother that you were going to a friend’s house to study
  87. >she didn’t think twice of it as you hopped on your bike and headed towards your teachers apartment
  88. >surprisingly, she was actually close to the school in one of the newly developed apartment complexes
  89. >no wonder she always showed up to school so early in the morning
  90. >it was a gated community but it wasn’t that hard to sneak in
  91. >you easily found the apartment and knock hesitantly on the door
  92. >several minutes passed and for a moment you think you might have got the address wrong
  93. >but eventually you hear the sound of a deadbolt turning and the door slowly swung open revealing a very disheveled dragon monster girl
  94. >she wore a loose T-shirt and sweat pants, a scrunchy holding up her hair  
  95. >she rubbed her bleary eyes as she tried to focus on who was knocking on her door
  96. >”Wha- Anon? What are you doing so here early in…”
  97. >she never finished her sentence as she suddenly slammed the door shut in your face
  98. >you could hair the faint sound of scuffling behind the wooden door before it suddenly thrown open again
  99. >this time Dragon teacher was wearing a hoody, her hair hurriedly combed
  100. >you could make out a bit of tooth paste still left on her chin
  101. >”Ah! Anon! Good of you to show up so early. For a moment I thought you were slacking again.” She said pushing up her glasses confidently
  102. >You laugh hesitantly as dragon teacher allows you inside her apartment
  103. >Its rather stark; only a couch, a coffee table and TV was there, the kitchen was equally sparse
  104. >after glancing around the room, you notice that you don’t hear the sound of a fire alarm
  105. >dragon teacher coughs, brimming with pride as she puffs out her chest “I’ve solved the problem myself.”
  106. >you would have been impressed, if you hadn’t have noticed the hole in the hallway ceiling
  107. >she must have punched it to oblivion
  108. >”Never mind that! Let’s get started on your lessons. I want you prepared for the next test.”
  109. >She hurriedly pushes you on the couch and the two of you begin your remedial lesson
  110. >it’s the same as being in the class as she gives you a glare of death every time you make a simple mistake
  111. >lunch time comes
  112. >”Alright Anon, I’ll make you a peanut butter sandwich. Children like that, don’t they?” she chuckled condescendingly as went into the kitchen to fix you your food
  113. >You’re dismayed to see a sloppily made PBJ sandwich plop down in front of you
  114. >you could make food better than this
  115. >”Oh? Your saying you can cook?” dragon teacher laughed haughtily as you stood up and went towards the fridge to look for anything you could cook up
  116. >”No wait- don’t!” you managed to catch a glimpse of her fridge before she managed to slam the door shut
  117. > in it was only an empty pizza box, some take out Chinese, and a left over PBJ sandwich in there
  118. >you don’t know whether dragon teacher was angry or embarrassed as she pointed you back to the couch
  119. >your lesson continued again, but it was soon interrupted by a ringing phone, but dragon teacher paid no mind, and neither did you
  120. >until the answering machine kicked in
  121. >”Hey Knighty21, guild leader says if you’re not going to log on he’s going to give away your share of the loot to the-“
  122. >you couldn’t hear the rest of the message as dragon teacher suddenly leaped up and ripped the cords out of the phone base and throws it across the room
  123. >you’re wide eyed as dragon teacher smooths out her hair and recomposes herself
  124. >you hesitantly ask her what that was about
  125. >”Excuse me Anon, I have to go check on something. Continue reading the paragraph on page 128.”
  126. >she soon bolted down the hallway and into another room
  127. >you slowly got up from the couch and tip-toed down the hall, placing your ear against the door, trying to make out what was going on
  128. >”…another tank because I’m busy right now. Teroh has a tank too!... No, he’s still stuck on the final boss.”
  129. >no way, she couldn’t be
  130. >you twist the doorknob and throw it open to find dragon teacher wearing a turtle beach headset
  131. >she gapes in horror at you take in her room
  132. >Its covered in strewn clothes, empty food boxes, and stacks of games and action figures line the walls in huge book cases
  133. >you recognize the $250 limited edition collector’s box for a particular that was only midnight release  
  134. >you recognize the log-in screen to a certain MMO that was on her three screen battle station
  135. >you recognize the lacy black bra that was carelessly hung atop the ceiling fan
  136. >you don’t recognize the fist aimed for your face in time for you to dodge it
  139. >the next thing you know you know, you wake up on the couch, your head resting on something soft
  140. >a softened pair of amber eyes stares down at you
  141. >”Oh thank god you’re alive.” Dragon teacher said with a relieved sigh
  142. >you spring up from your position and rub your nose, which is sore to the touch
  143. >dragon teacher sure packed a wallop
  144. >”For a second there I thought knocked you out dead.” She said wiping her forehead with her wrist
  145. >”And then I’d get written up and sacked, and then black listed through the school system, and then I’d never be able to give that test on Wednesday.” Dragon teacher rambled on clutching her head
  146. >”If theres anything I can do to make up for what I did, let me know!” Dragon teacher begins to fidget in her seat uncomfortably.
  147. >”I have some ice cream if you want some.” She said trying to appease you
  148. >You laugh heartily that it was fine, you’ve taken her punches before; you still remember when she caught you copying off your neighbors test
  149. >it took the firemen two hours to get you out of that tree
  150. >but she seems to be taking it really hard; she’s nibbling on her finger with a panicked expression as she looks at you
  151. >well…as perverted thoughts begin to collect in your head…you decide to take advantage of this once in a lifetime situation
  152. >What are the chances she would punch you again?
  153. >probably high actually
  154. >but you decide to wing it and ask what color of underwear she was wearing
  155. >that’d earn you a good slap at least, right?
  156. >at least you would have released some tension with your immature joke
  157. >”….any.”
  158. >what?
  159. >She’s blushing, you weren’t expecting that
  160. >”I’m not wearing…any.” she says timidly to you
  161. >You weren’t expecting that either
  162. >you stare in amazement at her, unsure of how to proceed from here
  163. >but somehow your boyish mind does it for you
  164. >really?
  165. >dragon teacher didn’t say anything as her face slowly reddened
  166. >her eyes wouldn’t meet yours as you stared at her
  167. >then it suddenly clicks for you
  168. >the idea was impossible, preposterous even, surely it couldn’t be true
  169. >you scooted a bit closer to her on the couch
  170. >she immediately scoots away
  171. >you place a hand upon hers, which she immediately recoils back, clutching her hand excitedly
  172. >”What do you think you’re doing anon!?” she said in a high pitched tone, her cheeks blindingly red
  173. >this could only confirm your suspicion
  174. >she had a crush on you
  175. >at that exact moment, you both realized this
  176. >she suddenly flapped her wings, cartwheeling backwards off the couch and bolting down the hall and back to her room
  177. >you would have clapped at her amazing acrobatic skills, but instead you choose to follow her to her bedroom door
  178. >you try the doorknob only to find it locked, knocking on it proved useless as well
  179. >instead you tried to appeal to her through the door; there wasn’t anything wrong with having a crush on you
  180. >in fact, it was rather cute
  181. >”Its not supposed to be cute!” she roared
  182. >”Its supposed be immoral, and indecent, and… unprofessional!”
  183. >no matter what you tried you couldn’t get dragon teacher out of her room
  184. >you could only hear the occasional sound of her chastising herself
  185. >alright, time to try a different tactic
  186. >you offhandedly mention how were going back to the living room
  187. >you begin to talk exaggeratingly loud, making sure that she could hear what was going on in the room as you announced that you had found what appeared to be some scissors
  188. >gee, these sure are pointy
  189. >looks sharp too
  190. >would be a shame if you were to….start running with them
  191. >you felt her tackle into you before you even heard her open the door
  192. >the next thing you know dragon teacher is straddling you, pinning your arms down as she looks at you with a panicked expression
  193. >”Are you an idiot!? You could trip and poke out an eye! You’re old enough to know better!”
  194. >its funny, she doesn’t hesitate to hurt you, but the moment you endanger yourself she gets in an uproar
  195. >”That’s cause I care about y-!”
  196. >she clutched in her mouth, cutting herself off before she could finish her sentence
  197. >you both knew what she was going to say
  198. >you push yourself up with your elbows, coming to eye level with her as she rested on your lap
  199. >her arms become limp as you slowly pull them away
  200. >”We can’t…” she mutters
  201. >you gently caress her cheek as you peer into her eyes
  202. >”I’m the teacher and your my stu-"
  203. >she couldn’t finish her sentence as you suddenly took her lips for your own
  204. >the sensation itself was one you’d ever forget; you never she’d have a taste
  205. >minty
  206. >as you drew back, you were disheartened to see her on the verge of tears
  207. >oh god you goofed
  208. >she rested her head on your shoulder, the two of your in an awkward hug as you felt her tears wet your shirt
  209. >She sniffled loudly, wiping her snot off as she mumbled
  210. >”You were supposed to ask me out to coffee first.”
  211. >what?
  213. >confused, you could only listen to her continue on through her tears as she elaborated
  214. >”And then we’d go sneak into a movie and sit next to each other. And then we’d go to an aquarium where’d you buy me a huge stuffed whale.”
  215. >”and finally, we’d have a fancy dinner, and if anyone got suspicious I would say that I was your coworker.”
  216. >she continued on with her fantasy, describing in detail how the two of you would have romantically rendezvoused in the middle of the night and eloped
  217. >”But…but…” she sniffled again; your entire shoulder was wet now
  218. >”But I forgot you were coming, and you saw me with my bed head,  and I didn’t cook, and you saw my room, and now know you know I’m a huge nerd, and…and…”
  219. >You gently pat her head as she blew her nose on your shoulder again
  220. >it’s okay, to you, she was the most beautiful creature you’ve had the grace of witnessing
  221. >dragon teacher seemed to look up in awe
  222. >”R-really?” she asked, like a child who had just been given a dollar at a candy store
  223. >you nodded, rubbing your forehead against hers as you held her in your arms
  224. >”Heh..ah,  I got your shirt wet.” She said noticing the mess you made
  225. >It’d be bothersome to return home with a mucus and tear stained shirt, but dragon teacher was kind enough to wash it for you
  226. >it’d be awhile, but dragon teacher was kind enough to lend her own hoodie to you for now
  227. >for now, the two of you sat awkwardly on the couch, unsure of how to act having just confessed each others feelings towards the other
  228. >her hoodie smelled homely and had her scent on it
  229. >”Hmm…Anon.” dragon teacher chimed in
  230. >”If your cold…you could…come closer.”
  232. >dragon teacher held her arms out for you, trying to draw you in
  233. >you don’t utter a complaint as you scooted into her embrace, where she immediately wrapped her arms around you
  234. >you could feel her body heat permeate into you as well
  235. >dragons, you learned, were a natural source of heat
  236. >as the two of you embraced, you hands began to explore her back, tracing the ridges and scales that adorned her
  237. >eventually your fingers found the hem of her sweat pants
  238. >being a young man with high libido, you immediate quashed the rational and logical thinking in your head and slipped your fingers beneath the elastic waistband
  239. >the she made in response was something that you could only describe as a cross between a yelp and a sudden gasp
  240. >she was telling the truth; no underwear
  241. >your hands began to explore the supple firm ass of dragon teacher, whose breathing became more and more ragged as you touched her
  242. >she’d begin to roll towards you, giving more room for you to explore as you fondled and gently squeezing her bottom
  243. >tracing your fingers underneath her tail sent her over the edge as she suddenly grasped you tightly, pushing you down atop the bed, shivering
  244. >”Having fun Anon?” she quipped in a sultry voice as you began to pull down her sweat pants, revealing her thick tail and perfect mounds of rear
  245. >giving it a light slap caused it to ripple in such a way that no artist or savant could ever recapture it in any medium
  246. >and it was all for you
  247. >dragon teacher soon dived into your neck, as if her own draconic instincts had just kicked in
  248. >she nibbled on your flesh, sharp teeth just grazing your skin as her tongue tasted you
  249. >apparently she liked what she tasted as she began to suckle on your neck, wrapping her arms around you
  250. >by now something hard was poking into dragon teachers stomach, and the urge to set it free was great
  252. >you manage to unzip your already loose pants and shimmy them off
  253. >pulling off her shirt caused your dick to come into contact with her soft belly, the heat created by her draconic warmth only made you even more  eager to have her
  254. >you rubbed your dick against her, causing your precum to be used a pseudo lurbrication
  255. >but the real fun was about to begin as dragon teacher noticed your eagerness
  256. >”Young people are so energetic.” Dragon teacher licked your ear as she positioned herself atop your dick
  257. >you used a free hand to hold yourself upright as she slowly descended on you, each of her folds accepting your rod
  258. >you shivered in pleasure the entire time until she had taken the entirety of you
  259. >she winced as she dropped down on the last bit, causing you to grunt
  260. >”Give me a second. I need to…get used to you.”
  261. >the two of you would interlock fingers with each other, your free hand holding onto her hip  as she startled you
  262.  >as soon as she gave the nod, you thrusted up into her, softly at first, making sure to keep it slow for her
  263. >but you soon found yourself being led as dragon teacher began to speed up, causing you to match her forceful riding
  264. >clearly her monster girl instincts were taking over as she grabbed your shoulders and fucked rode you relentless
  265. >the sound of your flesh colliding into each other soon filled the room, along with your groans of pleasure
  266. >”By the way…”dragon teacher moaned as she nibbled on your ear, her words becoming spaced out as you bucked into her
  267. >”I’m a virgin…I hope you don’t mind.” Her lips soon claimed yours as you felt her tongue begin exploring your mouth, tracing your teeth, and battling your tongue for supremacy
  268. >that extra bit of information caused you to give it your all as you grabbed her haunches and proceed to fuck her with all her might
  269. >you were surprised you didn’t break her as she began to moan at every thrust you made, her nibbling becoming more of a biting
  270. >finally, she let loose a draconic roar she you felt her suddenly tense up, and her body spasm as you also came within her
  271. >orgasms collided as you released your seed into her, marking her as yours forever
  272. >on second thought perhaps you should have put on a condom first
  273. >the two of you would eventually rolled off the couch as it was thoroughly ruined with your bodily fluids
  274. >instead, dragon teacher would wrap you together in her wings as the two of you nuzzled into each other
  275. >her draconic heat keeping the both of you warm
  276. >you soon heard her giggling, causing you to look up at her curiously
  277. >” I took your virginity.” Dragon teacher taunted/ claimed pridefully  as she hugged you even tighter
  278. >being a monster girl, she could probably tell
  279. >In any case, you had taken hers as well, you reminded her
  280. >Dragon teacher blushed as she looked away
  281. >”I was just…in the moment,  was all.”
  282. >your constant staring caused her to fidget again as her heard her tail thump nervously behind her
  283. >”….but yes, you took my virginity too.” Dragon teacher finally relents as she rested her head atop yours
  284. >eventually, you would have to part, as night was eventually coming
  285. >a quick shower and fresh clothes soon erased any suspicions as you and dragon teacher exchanged cell phone numbers
  286. >you listed her under girlfriend.
  287. >on your way home, you passed by a very pregnant harpy with black hair sitting on a bench eating an ice cream with older looking gentlemen
  288. >Well, at least your love wasn’t that uncommon, you told yourself as you headed home
  289. >when you did return home, you discovered that you had left your text book at dragon teachers place
  290. >looks like you'd have to return Sunday to get it back
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